white fire witch

🌷~The Forest Witch~🌷

•The forest witch roams around the forest she lives in, picking flowers and herbs for later rituals or potions. She lives in a small stone cottage covered in moss and scrawlings, she uses an old large tree trump as an alter. Right at sunset, when the sun lays it’s orange light on the forest ground, she lays in the grass and asks Mother Nature to help her heal the trees and plants that have fallen. Her book of shadows is mostly filled with information about herbs and how she can use them to help people or animals. She has a great liking for animal companions, she’s kind to every single person or thing she meets. She wears flower crowns using only the freshest of flowers she has in her basket, she wears a long white gown that travels to the ground always making the bottom of the dress dirty but she didn’t mind. She always has a smile on her face and a bright light in her heart.