white femenist


since day one, i have not like noora

sure, she has her good moments and i really felt for her in her season

but, i feel like she is always in these situations that make her the good person, like the most feminist girl ever and the one that is suffering the most. at times i see her being so selfish and i just don’t like it. why is she in like every fucking subplot? And now??? i really don’t want a fucking love triangle with this ¨good femenist, white, suffering girl¨ ending up this these amazing guy that our beautiful main has being in love since i don’t know how long…

anyway, i wanted to rant

anonymous asked:

That's not a femenist movement and what she is doing has nothing to do with femenism. She is a black woman protesting police killings and brutality against all blacks. Don't Make it a women's issue. That's a very iconic photo for the black lives matter movement. When white women gained their right to vote black women didn't get a damn thing because they were black. White femenists are so blind at times. They cry for equal pay for women, but there's an unfair pay gap between white & black women

I never said it was a feminist protest. None of the pictures are feminist protests. I know the full story of all the photographs…

Hiii, Ms. White Feminist!!!

Hi, Ms. White Feminist

I’m Mr. Black Man

Nice to meet you

It’s great that you have taken up the cause of feminism

Because it’s important

You’re fighting for the right for women to be treated as equals

And That’s AWESOME!

But do you also support the equality of other groups?

People that don’t look like you?

Do you even support the equality of ALL women?

Or Are you a feminist because it makes you feel good

And because you can protest something

I want to share a few things with you Ms. White Feminist

Of course you know that women get paid less than men for doing the same job

Many people know this fact

It’s not right, we shouldn’t still have this problem in 2015

But there lies inequality inside of women’s inequality

Women of Color (besides asian women) get paid less than white women

Black men get paid less than white women as well

The unemployment rate for black men or women more than doubles the rate for white women

White women deal with sexism

A hardship men cause and one men will never feel the effects of

However, women of color deal with racism and sexism combined

Women of color are being sterilized in prisons without permission

Black women are being beaten, sexually assaulted, and killed by the police

But they do not receive the news coverage

And I’m not saying this to justify the way you’re treated

Or to diminish your struggles

Because being a woman in a male dominated society is hard

But hey, look at the bright side

You’re still White