white female privilege

“I am a racist white girl stealing sacred objects from cultures I am privileged over. I am also presenting a hypersexualized image of native women, with additional use of Eurocentric ultra-thin beauty ideals. I am contributing to the rape and sexual assaults on native women daily. I am disrespecting cultures whose genocide I benefit from.


Charlamagne Tha Coon...I mean...God...Just released his New Book "Black Privilege"

He just now released his first book ever to the world in a way to help White people find new ways to counter anything Black people protest about or discuss about Black politics. So whenever you see a “White Nubian Queen” (As Charlamagne refers to White females) with a “Black privilege” T-shirt, That’s Charlamagne’s way of saying that they are blessed and highly favored…I’m pretty sure his favorite “White Nubian Queen” (Tomi Lauren) will definitely be wearing one and own a copy of that damn book. 


I’m taking physics this semester. I know my weaknesses so my first mission was to find the smartest kid in class and ask them to tutor me. I found him. So after class I slipped him a note for him to text me. He was hesitant but I said “just read the note” and he said “ok” and ran away. 20 minutes later he texted me “hey ☺️ your friend gave me the note to text you , yes I tutor”. I was confused but it came to me that he thought that I was the white girl I’m forced to sit next to. were not even friends I don’t even know her. I told him “ no friend just me, I gave you the note I need tutoring in physics, how much do you charge”. His tone changed immediately and he gave me some excuse of why he can’t and suggested I asked the teacher for help. I can’t help but to be jealous that a white girl can snap her fingers and get whatever she wants but I have to chase down a professor who works at 3 different locations. Maybe I’m just bitter over this class.

Scandal 703- All Roads Lead to Fitz

Okay. Not a review but just interesting things I noticed upon my viewing of scandal 703.  And I felt bad for not writing something for those who faithfully read my reviews but I promise I’m writing LAY now.

Okay back to swooning over a Fitz centric episode

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This episode was lovely. I enjoyed everything about it though at times I was frustrated with the repetition of Fitz’s character being lazy and ignorant and Marcus’s failing to acknowledge that a black women also held him down and why everyone is quick to highlight Fitz’s privilege yet Mellie is a white female and her privilege in society isn’t mentioned or said.That bothers me.

But I enjoyed the simple things that normal people do in fact do like grocery shopping and Fitz having to set up his credit card and learning how to take care of himself. I liked the struggle, I liked the honesty that came with him living in Vermont.

Some things I noted.

  1. While Olivia is most certainly not in Vermont, Vermont is most certainly still on her mind as evidence by the art hanging in her new office. The front door of their home is glass door with a tree, and every time that Olivia looks up from her desk she sees the image that resembles that same door. I find it telling about Olivia’s devotion and still possibly her dream to finally get there.

2. The episode focused on our unsung hero Fitzgerald Grant, who’s name and reputation alone has a almost king like persona, with previous and the current episode referencing his power and hierarchy in his blood. Marcus references in this episode that Fitz does not in fact have a crown and Mellie counters Marcus claim admitting that Fitz is special beyond his own belief. The reporters ask the question we all want to know? What and who will Fitz resemble out of office Bush or Carter…at the end of epsiode we got our answer.

3. Olitz is canon

When has your fav ship been mentioned like this! And I enjoy the role reversals that happened during this episode. Fitz no longer shielded from the press and reporters. He is now front and center to the onslaught of questions and reporters…the same way Olivia was when she was outed as his mistress and when they started dating. Nicely done and well executed and also how dare Shonda talk about my house with “olitz” written in christmas lights.

4. Fitz Governor grant photo

The episode centered around Fitz and often talked about his magic and power.  When Fitz looks at his photo he rebuffs and shakes his head at the thought of being ‘America’s great hope’ and possibly the naïveté of thinking he could accomplish such feat. This has foreshadowing written all over it. Will Fitz be our great hope and help Olivia, will Fitz influence policy and change in ways he never has before, Mellie refers to Fitz as the ‘ golden ticket’ to change the world; big expectations for one mere man even one as special and great as Fitzgerald Grant. Fitz is the audience’s and America’s great hope because things are about to get ugly. But rest assure this won’t be easy and he won’t be some savior. But Fitz is the unsung hero, Rowan comes to Fitz in help, in fear about his child or the ‘woman they both love’. Rowan tells Fitz during this episode that he thought he was raising a champion or as he likes to say it “America’s Hope” but Rowan admits he was wrong and sees instead that Fitz is “America’s hope”. Rowan confesses to Fitz that Olivia has killed Luna and is running b613 but how does Rowan know about Luna? In the end Rowan is lost and pleads with Fitz to save Olivia because he does not have power and Fitz does. How much is sincere and how much is manipulation we will find out, the question though is will Fitz rise to expectations, only time will tell but please know that Fitz isn’t a savior and this will not be pretty.

It’s interesting how Similar Olivia and Fitz are, and above everything else how extremely protective they are of their relationship and who knows about them. Both Olivia and Fitz opted to ignore the void from the others abscence and pretend that life is easy on them but at the end of Day they are both still lonely. And it’s hard. Fitz has said it several times that he never wanted anything in life until he met Olivia, she inspired him to be better, challenged him to face his fears and learn from his mistakes so to see Fitz flailing and uninspired isn’t shocking.

Of course  marlie paralleling olitz, as both Marcus and Fitz love woman who are “bad ass” but are currently working and not wanting men to distract them.

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Fitz and Marcus fighting and call each other out about their hypocrisy. Olivia actually helped and raised both of these men up from the gutter. The fight was all kinds of physical as Fitz gave Marcus a  Caucasian uppercut and Marcus returned the favor by giving Fitz some culture on a black men beating. both men learned a valuable lesson about underestimating the other and their fighting skills

Mellie surprised me in the most pleasant way possible but I caught her telling Marcus to ride Fitz’s coattails to power. When Marcus calls her to complain about Fitz, Mellie knows and surprisingly she defends Fitz and his character. Interesting that Mellie defines Fitz as the eye of the hurricane and Fitz sees Olivia as a tornado…ugh who would have thought that classifying natural disasters as people would be so romantic. 

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But with Mellie no longer in the eye wall of the Fitz hurricane she has a clear picture of him and his path and unlike a hurricane it’s not heading towards disaster or destruction, we will leave that to tornado Liv, but Mellie’s understands.  Kudos Mellie!

I loved Fitz’s cooking stages symbolizing the three stages of being in a relationship with him. Only Olivia never got out of stage 2 with him.

“Heaven Help Us All” this song. The words. The symbolism. In deed Heaven Help us all. 

Lastly Fitz returns to DC and encounters Olivia making out with Pryce but watch closely as Olivia slaps Pryce‘s hand away from her body. It’s going to be interesting to see how Olivia navigates her own weakness coming back. Dear lawd am I ready for some olitz interaction of any kind because I am parched. And Olivia isn’t going to take kindly to this change but I most certainly will. 

Welcome back, Mr. President.

Saddle up kids.

Oh and if you don’t know now you know.

Until Next time …Muse

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What's wrong with Blaire White? So she's anti-sjw, so what? She's expressing her opinion about topics she's lived through herself and has apologised when she has found out she's been wrong. If anything this makes her admirable. She speaks her mind and is apologetic when she's wrong. Isn't someone who speaks their mind better than someone who is vindictive and takes physical action on things rather than verbal debates?

From her Rational Wiki article:

- White asserts that “transgenderism is a mental illness” and that transitioning is ineffective for most people, which is denied by the American Psychological Association and soon the World Health Organization’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual.

- In the same video, she states she believes that there should be a “cure for transgenderism”, which is again denied by the American Psychological Association.

- White thinks that trans women who don’t pass shouldn’t use the bathroom of their preferred gender

- White doesn’t care much about preferred pronouns, referring to it as “policing someone’s behavior” and “being sensitive”.

- White only supports straight trans women (i.e. those attracted exclusively to men). She believes that trans lesbians are really just straight men, taking the liberty to call one “he” and “heterosexual.” Despite being a non-op herself, she criticizes said lesbian for still having a penis.

- White firmly believes that there are only two genders and calls non-binary gender identities “trans-retarded”.

- White believes that children transitioning is child abuse and “queer” is brainwashing.

- In her video “Triggering Trannies,” White freely admits that the LGBT community hates her for what she does, though she blows it off as “just the SJW branch”.

- White is blind to her passing privilege. She is 5'5" (1.65 m), her face is round, and her voice isn’t that deep for a woman. However, she scoffs at the idea of transphobia existing.

- “Rape: Anything. No, seriously, like, [feminists have] butchered the definition so bad anything can be rape now.”

- White is an antifeminist. Indeed, White calls feminism “cancer”. White frequently creates content of the type, “Feminism FAILS” or “Feminism is HYPOCRITCAL”[sic].

- White thinks rape culture doesn’t exist.

- White denies the gender pay gap.

- White believes female privilege exists and is an argument for antifeminism.

- “I recently tried a tanning lotion out and I really regret it, it’s not a good look. But on the bright side, I’m only a cornrow away from being able to demand reparations from you guys.”

- White frequently defends Donald Trump.

- Supports fat shaming.

- Against safe spaces.

- Not above casually hurling “retard” around among other insults related to mental illness.

- White argued that Islamophobia is reasonable.

- She routinely disparages Islam as a whole (rather than conservative or radical Muslims) while defending Christianity. (She herself is a Christian.)

- White (possibly nonseriously) suggested that gassing refugees would be a good nonviolent solution to the crisis.

- White had repeatedly opposed Black Lives Matter on video and frequently attacks them on Twitter. Infamously, White donned blackface to grossly misrepresent criticize progressives. She also routinely acts concerned about racism against white people while belittling racism in general. White participated in Milo Yiannopoulos’s “Privilege Grant” stream.

Nah, she’s a garden variety anti-SJW piece of shit and is undeserving of any respect or praise.

Asteroid Astraea

“Astraea is named for the goddess of justice, symbolized by the balanced scales.  She was last of the Immortals to withdraw from Earth and was turned into the constellation of Virgo.  The asteroid seems to be a symbol of integration and wholeness, whether in ideal state or the fragmentation that requires a restoration to the ideal.  There is something sublime about Astraea’s idealism, which seems to relate to Divine Order.  Unsurprisingly, it does not always sit comfortably in the ‘real’ world - just as true balance is hard to achieve and maintain.  Astraea brings things together, and also breaks them apart.  It gives intellectual acumen (like Pallas) and practical problem-solving skills.  There is a great intensity to Astraea, and it can manifest in a deeply concentrated way, both in personal terms and more mundanely, such as the concentration of energy involved in splitting atoms apart.  Astraea’s intensity sometimes means that it shows up as an obsessive streak, and a tendency to wait around too long for something to finish, or a willingness to put up with other people past a point of reasonable tolerance.  Another important point is that Astraea seems to relate to the realm of the very small – in material terms, to the cellular, atomic and sub-atomic planes, and to all the quanta of information that the mind processes in order to understand the wholeness of concepts and ideas, and various kinds of relationships.” –Source: Solar Fire Software

So symbolically, Astraea represents a synthesis between Libra and Virgo. We interpret her by saying, “what is holding you back in life?” as she acts out the downfalls of whatever sign she’s in.  What sign is Astraea in for your natal chart? This tells you which sign you are portraying with too much idealism, to the point of not viewing life realistically. The rationale of Virgo likes to categorize people and concepts, whereas the social nature of Libra realizes that division can cause disharmony. Let’s learn from Goddess Astraea, find the balance between necessary criticism and appreciation of others. If we are able to discern why two separate issues should not be compared, then we can move forward with more clearly thought out actions. Use the Libra spirit of fighting for justice, combined with Virgo’s ability to fully comprehend an issue! We could apply this dynamic to social justice issues, like when someone says, “If I can do it you can too” (which applies to environmental habits, being able to juggle a job and school, eating a certain way, skills at a job, and many other abilities) they are often unaware of ableism, white privilige, demographics, male/female privilege, and any other circumstance that may make it more difficult to excel at a given task. The virtue of Libra considers everyone’s special needs to make sure no one feels left in the dust, and Virgo is able to take into account all the little things that have such a huge bearing on an issue. If you don’t mind me getting controversial, I’ve heard others say they’re against universal healthcare, because they feel they shouldn’t have to pay for someone else’s medicine or appointments –they don’t consider that people who have conditions by matter of circumstance can barely hold down a job due to said conditions, let alone pay for the medicine and appointments they absolutely need! Libra would tell them to consider what others are going thru and that if we all cooperate with one another, we would live in a less harsh world! Ah Libra, such a sweet idealist!

I wrote this in September, when Astraea was in Libra, opposite to Uranus at in Aries. The chaos caused by standing up for justice!

As of Valentines Day, 2017, Astraea is now at 0 degrees Capricorn.

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hey, I just saw this in your ask "So I recently learned about the origins of intersectional feminism and why a non-black person claiming it is appropriative. " I had no idea.. i did a quick google search, but didn't come up with anything on appropriation. Do you have recommendations on articles/blogs/resources to read on this? If not I'll continue to google and see what I can come up with, but i want to be SURE I get the right resources from someone who knows.

Of course! This seems to be a hot topic right now, so I’m happy to provide you and anyone else with resources.

Tumblr user strugglingtobeheard wrote a piece about a year ago on how White women using the term “intersectional feminist” to describe themselves is appropriative. The general gist of it is that because the term “intersectionality” was coined by a Black woman seeking to discuss and analyze the intersection of oppression specific to Black women (gender+race), White women cannot use the term because they do not live at that intersection. Because White women cannot understand how it feels to be Black, they cannot do justice to the original intent of the word. 

Here’s an excerpt for those who cannot read the full post now:

intersectionality is meant as a bottom up approach, not a top down approach. those with power cannot be “intersectional”. you are also not living intersectional experiences. intersectionality was always about exposing the ways Black women are caught up in multiple systems of oppression, namely race, gender and class, but often many more. it is meant to help Black women understand their experiences in a white supremacist patriarchal culture like the U.S. or much of Western nations that have applied this model onto most cultures from the outside. 

Shortly after that post, theroguefeminist made a PSA about it, saying that White feminists shouldn’t use the term because they experience privilege and try to use the term as a shield from being called out, etc. 

Here’s a snippet from that post:

Some of us like to think if we call ourselves “intersectional” then we’re not like ~THOSE~ white feminists those ~non-intersectional~ white feminists, but that’s not true. We are white feminists–we have white female privilege. We benefit just as much from white supremacy as anyone else and we are just as able to be racist and exclude, talk over, invalidate or ignore woc.

Another blogger, timemachineyeah, was doing research on the topic (just like you), and drew from both theroguefeminist and strugglingtobeheard’s posts, and others. The post was answered by strugglingtobeheard, who made a very interesting point on white women wanting to call themselves intersectional feminists:

White women really are not hands on. they want to be saviors and they want to be named and praised for what they have said but not what they do. and i think the focus on the naming is really an extension of that reality. what do you do? for women? for women of color? how are you applying the knowledge that women have intersectional experiences to your application of feminism? is feminism just an identity or is it how you live and do things?

And finally, here is a post from gradientlair, commenting on how Black feminists’ work in the field is often erased, while the credit is given to someone else. 

An apt bit here:

Womanism. Intersectionality. Matrix of domination. Misogynoir. Four of the many concepts that are fought tooth and nail to not exist[…] Subject to the scrutiny of imperialist White supremacist capitalist patriarchy (this is bell hooks’ combined term) and how it shapes epistemology. Eventually once accepted, then they are disconnected from its originators often for the purpose of silencing other Black women. There’s people who use the terms and ideas to push their agenda (agendas that usually exclude Black women) yet none of the originators are anywhere on their sites. […] when they discuss modern issues in feminism, they refuse to name Black women currently doing the work. They gladly name any White woman they’re referring to.

As for my thoughts on it, I’m of the belief that because anti-blackness is pervasive in every group, only those who can call themselves Black should be able to lay claim to the term “intersectional feminist.” This way, the term will always bring to the forefront the origins of the word. Though I also believe that everyone should apply intersectional theory to how they analyze oppressive institutions in general. 

I know this is a lot to read, so for a quick TLDR;

If you’re white, don’t call yourself an intersectional feminist because-

  • you do not experience the type of oppression that the term was coined to discuss
  • it has been used by white feminists as a shield to avoid being held accountable for bigoted actions or words
  • some white feminists fixate on it as a way to separate themselves from other white feminists in order to seem less problematic without putting in actual intersectional work (again, avoiding accountability)
  • intersectionality is often used without proper credit being given to the creators of the concept (Black women)
  • claiming it as a white woman erases Black women and pushes away the issue of anti-blackness

Hope all of this helped! And fellow Black/intersectional feminists, if I got something wrong, please add a response or send an ask!

-Mod T

But one white female privilege had always been withheld from the girls of Negroland. Aside from the privilege of actually being white, they had been denied the privilege of freely yielding to depression, of flaunting neurosis as a mark of social and psychic complexity. A privilege that was glorified in the literature of white female suffering and resistance. A privilege Good Negro Girls had been denied by our history of duty, obligation, and discipline. Because our people had endured horrors and prevailed, even triumphed, their descendants should be too strong and too proud for such behavior. We were to be ladies, responsible Negro women, and indomitable Black Women. We were not to be depressed or unduly high-strung; we were not to have nervous collapses. We had a legacy. We were too strong for that. 

I craved the right to turn my face to the wall, to create a death commensurate with bourgeois achievement, political awareness, and aesthetically compelling female despair. […]

The first unapologetic black female suicide took place in a small Off-Broadway theater in 1964, in a short Gothic play by a fiercely imaginative Negro woman playwright. I wasn’t there, but I understood that Adrienne Kennedy’s Funnyhouse of a Negro was as much a demand for freedom as the Civil Rights Act passed the same year.

Kennedy’s heroine, Negro-Sarah, is a young middle-class woman, good-looking in a boring way; no glaring Negroid features, medium noise, medium mouth and pale yellow skin. My one defect is that I have a head of frizzy hair, unmistakably Negro kinky hair… She lives alone in an Upper West Side brownstone, longs to be bohemian and distinctive, fears she is merely drab and decorous. She mistrusts her white poet boyfriend: he is very interested in Negroes. She mistrusts her own passion for white culture. Its great works have no place for her; its great figures would deem her an insignificant cultural arriviste. […]

Negro-Sarah embodies our Negroland legacy of proscription and privilege, grief and achievement, a mingled love and shame for our people, a mingled love and terror of white culture. And then (as if the result of these others), despair and a furious will to extinguish the self. My people’s enemies have done this to me. But so have my own loved ones. My enemies took too much. My loved ones asked too much.

Let me say with care that the blame is not symmetrical: my enemies forced my loved ones to ask too much of me.
—  Margo Jefferson, Negroland: A Memoir (2015)

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What books would you recommend to people? (with descriptions please because I'm looking for new books to read)

Well, I didn’t realize my user name was goodreads but okay.

Chaos Walking series by Patrick Ness - boy learns that there are in fact females in the world but these assholes from his town keep trying to cock block him

Finnikin of the Rock by Melina Marchetta - Homeward Bound 3

The Girl of Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson-  whiny white men keep trying to kill fat brown girl

Deathless by Catherine M Valente - requires you to take a Slavic mythology course before reading or I don’t know googling shit because we no longer use encyclopedias

Seraphina by Rachel Hartman - half- dragon girl trying to keep her shit together

Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins - girl just wants to look pretty and be popular then some asshole dies on her and she has to save the world now and shit

The Parasol Protectorate by Gail Carriger - Sex and Hot Make out Scenes. But you have to read about half naked werewolves, gay vampires, and the main character doing the plot before hand.

A Natural History of Dragons by Marie Brennan -  privileged white female seeking dragons

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak — girl just trying to steal some books while Nazis fuck shit up

Sunshine by Robin McKinley  - girl learns she’s got sunshine in her blood

Stolen by Lucy Christopher - girl refuses to fall in love with her creepy but hot kidnapper, YA readers are outraged

Check my book recs tag, ton of different recs in there.

So we have this racist pair of debaters on the team

They’re in novice/jv and one is the MRA dude who said I was sexist against men, racist against white people, that female privilege exists, and he’s oppressed as a vegan and atheist. The other is a redhead republican.

So they were up against a team that was affirming black bodies meaning their case was about how the government was anti-black and it was basically #BlackLivesMatter

Then the redhead goes ahead and says “there’s actually video evidence that justifies Eric Garner’s death ” like they argued that shit and the judge gave them such low speaker points and called them racist

afterwards they were ranting about how they got called out as racists like how the fuck

How are you associated with this team who’s diverse as hell and who has a reputation for being critical of the government in our cases


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The point is not that some stores are cunts (which is true, but is part of a completely different subject and has nothing to do with feminism) but that this girl dares to complain about discounts on a product she uses (as shown in the picture) while there are girls in the middle easy with melted faces after having acid thrown at them. She has nothing to worry about at all, and yet she dares to act like she's making a difference by complaining about something so easily ignored.


I wish "feminism" would grow the fuck up, STOP being preoccupied with pop culture and *tee-hee* white women/girls "culture" as I derisively call it, and become a mature, collective, sociopolitical movement, with the end goal being the female sex on a global scale liberating themselves and abolishing the white-supremacist, Western-centric, capitalistic, imperialist Heteropatriarchy.

“Feminism” has devolved into a trashy, sophomoric article in Cosmo that you would see/hear vapid, bourgeois, basic-ass white women/girls gossiping about at a Starbucks, with high-pitch, dumb-as-hell voices. Last week they were gossiping about ::shudders:: how ~*totes*~ “feminist” their boyfriends/fiancées/husbands are. ::vomits:: The week before that they were bashing WoC, lesbians–particularly butch lesbians, tomboys, “oppressed” Muslim women, survivors and abolitionists of human/sex-trafficking and the porn industry, and crying about how a Hindu woman criticized them for wearing bindis. “Feminism” has become about as willfully juvenile–and depoliticized, deradicalized–as the characters from “Clueless”. Bring back the maturity and revolutionary fervor, a la, the Second Wave, the Black Panthers/Black Liberation Movements, radical lesbian separatists, the Brown Berets, the “Yellow Peril” who marched in solidarity with the panthers, the American Indian Movement (Wounded Knee ‘73, Occupation of Alcatraz, Free Peltier), the Palestinian Liberation Movement, the Young Lords Party, First Nations/Indigenous Rights Movements of Canada and the Pacific, etc. FUCK what “feminism” has become at the hands of suburban white women/girls, Hollywood, white celebutantes, the porn/sex industry, capitalism/the corporate world and of course [white] men.

to be honest, as a white female, I’m embarrassed with the whole #whitegirlsdoitbetter issue. yes, white females have more privilege than WoC, but that doesn’t mean we are better in any way - it just means that this society is fucked up. why does everything have to be a competition? as females we should be empowering each other, not tearing each other down. to any woman of color who is reading this, I’m so sorry you have to put up with this bullshit. you’re all wonderful and amazing

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So being born a white female makes me more "privileged" than women of any other race? Something that I had absolutely no control over makes me hated by "unprivileged" women?

Uh, yes. This is how privilege works. You get an unfair advantage in life because you happened to be born white, and gm women have all the right to point out this unfairness. You can either work to dismantle white supremacy from inside and correct the unfairness, which is the decent thing to do, or you can spill white tears all over my inbox, which is ridiculous and pathetic.