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lol why do so many white christians have so much trouble accepting that a ton of hate/white supremacy groups have a christian backdrop? like, i’m not pulling this out of my ass. and that republicans have been catering p much 100% to white christians that favor oppressive policies for ages? 

kelly marie tran really is going to be the lando of the new trilogy: shows up in the second movie, the first major character of her kind, crucial to the storyline, exactly the kind of character that would be wildly popular if she were white, sidelined and ignored by fandom in favor of white minor characters, unfairly vilified because of one (1) thing she does

Colorism is real.

A new study from Villanova University found that white job interviewers viewed lighter-skinned blacks and Latinos as more intelligent than their darker-skinned counterparts. The study highlights the disturbing reality that the same biases that allow “white privilege” to flourish favor not only white people, but also those people of color who are in closer proximity to whiteness and white skin. We’re not doing enough to address it.

Someone mentioned that I never draw any dudes, and a friend asked to draw some hot guys from Fate/Grand Order. 

Decided to skip the black and white phase again in favor for sketch to paint to overpaint. Dunno how much time it saved but I seem to be getting the hang of it a bit more. Still need some more practice.

3.6 hour illustration of Ramesses II, Ozymandias, from FATE/GRAND ORDER


White Ranger actors + opening themes

Was just in my storage sorting things and rearranged my soda container collection. Yeah, it’s a thing.

So here’s what Mountain Dew has done over the years, minus a few which I may or may not have, didn’t see in the boxes when I was getting this photo set up (I know there’s one more can from their last flavor selection contest here somewhere), or they continue to make (White Out, Code Red)…

Distortion, Voltage, Sangrita, Live Wire, Pitch Black (1st and 2nd releases), Revolution, Baja Blast, diet Ultra Violet, and Typhoon.

And for what it’s worth, lime Distortion should have won that round but the competition was rigged to favor White Out… which is undrinkable IMHO.

Also for the record, saying you choose to see the white-washed Ghost in the Shell movie to “support women leads in film.” Is about the equivalent of those movie execs sitting in their offices and thinking “should we cast a woman in this? Nah, men sell better.”

In 2014, 26.5% of lead roles were women, while only 21.8% of leads were minority roles. While there is no statistic specifically for Asian leads, only 5.1% of characters (period) in films were Asian. You can pretty much extrapolate how few Asian female leads exist in Hollywood using those stats.

You aren’t a feminist if you’ll step over the progress of WOC in favor of white women. Period.

anonymous asked:

do you think that because there's a lot of anti blackness among non-black poc and white ppl tend to favor them more institutionally that there's non-black privilege that non black poc benefit from?

More like they benefit from anti-blackness and contributing to anti-blackness. Non-black “privilege” on the other hand? I’d say no.