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Kakashi and the Inuzuka Clan

I swear Kishimoto forgot about this.

There were so many links between Kakashi, his dad (Sakumo) and the Inuzuka clan.

- The fact that Kakashi some how gained the summons of a Dog Squad

- The Fact that Kakashi had a better sense of smell than Kiba (pre-shippuden)

- The Fact that Sakumo was dubbed, “White Fang of the Leaf

These couldn’t have been coincidental.

There’s a connection between the Inuzuka Clan and the Hatake Family that was probably forgotten about. hmm any thoughts ?

I’ve had so many Kiba/Kakashi headcannons over the years because of these connections.


Naruto 30 Day Challenge

Day 8: Favorite Minor Character: Sakumo Hatake

This was a tough one, I was actually about ready to cross out minor and put supporting character instead, since by definition, a minor character is one that shows up once or twice and that’s it. While Naruto has plenty of those, none are memorable… but then I thought of a few characters that I’m curious about.

If there’s one minor character I want to know more about, it’s Sakumo Hatake. We know that he was an Elite Jounin greater than the Sannin, he used kenjutsu, abandoned an important mission to save his teammates, and his suicide messed Kakashi up big time… but we know nothing else about him.

But the one thing that really makes me want to know more is if he used summons like Kakashi’s ninken. Did he have wolf summons? seriously, is there anyone out there that heard his nickname, “White Fang of Konoha,” and didn’t immediately thing of Jack London’s novel about a wolf named White Fang? His hair color is reminiscent of Grey Wolves and his sleeve design is very native looking in my opinion. Put all these things together and you’ve got some wolfie head-canons.

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Yet another headcanon/plotbunny I'm throwing your way, because I'm a shameless enabler. Naruto as Nawaki's reincarnation. He's very confused the first few years of his life, and Academy doesn't help. He's crap at History, because how can it be true that Oro-sensei betrayed Konoha? And where's his neechan? Or Dan, or Shizune-neechan? Someone calls him a demon, and he's confused at first, but then he remembers Mito-baachan (and wants to cry, because she's gone too, and Uzushio's gone too) (1)

and he realizes what that seal on his stomache means. He freaks out a bit, but Mito-baachan used to talk about her burden, sometimes, and she’s always been one of his heroes, so he buckles up and says “If Baa-chan could do it, so can I!” He misses his sister dearly, but the one time he asked Tsunade-neechan’s sensei, Hokage-jiji, about her, the old man went silent, then asked him where he had heard that name. Nawaki-no, Naruto now, doesn’t tell him. He tells no one, because he doesn’t know himself how this happened, can’t explain it, and everytime he wants to tell someone his instincts hold him back. So he tells something about seeing Tsunade’s name in a book at school, and pretends not to notice the pain on Sarutobi’s face. He goes to the academy, but it’s boring because he knows most of the practical stuff already, and he doesn’t believe the history teacher most of the time, and he loses points in taijutsu because he’s doing the academy style wrong (he’s using the Uzushio one the one his baa-chan taught him), and he fails the fuinjutsu unit because his sensei can’t recognize the seal he created as an advanced, Uzushio-special flash bomb. He likes Sakura-chan because she reminds him of Tsunade-nee, and he hates the Uchiha… pretty much because he’s an Uchiha, but also because he’s an arrogant asshat and the teacher’s favourite when Naruto has to fight for every bit of attention he gets. Then he graduates, and he’s on the team of Hatake’s son (Nawaki might have been a Sakumo fanboy. But the White Fang of Konoha was the COOLEST. And he had been friends with Oro-sensei, so Nawaki had seen him around quite a lot) and it’s not enough, not even slightly enough to fill the holes in his heart, but it’s better. Less lonely. Then the Chunin Exams come around. And Oro-sensei is RIGHT THERE, but he doesn’t recognize him, he attacks him, and even Oro-sensei is more interested in the Uchiha than in Naruto/Nawaki. It hurts. And Oro-sensei puts a seal on top of the Kyuubi’s, and it’s Tsunade-nee’s pervert of a teammate that comes to take it off. Nawaki is done with this. He wants his Neechan to make everything better, and he’s not above running away during the one-month training part of the exams to find her. (I should probably have done this as a submission instead of so many asks ^^“ this thing escaped me, sorry)

God I have not read something this heartbreaking and fucking temptingin a very long time, damn it. Do want!

I was in a boring lecture so naturally I started to think about Kakashi and what he’s all about. Yeah, we know he can use the powerful and flashy Chidori/Purple Lightning. But like, this dude non-chalantly tells us that he knows how to perform the Rasengan, an A-rank jutsu, the one move the main protagonist has used a couple thousand times to defeat a couple hundred enemies throughout the series. And then he also has the knowledge of over a thousand jutsu? He was also famed for being Kakashi of the Sharingan, regardless of the existence of the Uchiha. You know, the ones who practically OWNED the Sharingan. He also has the knowledge of over THOUSAND jutsu. He’s the son of the White Fang who one of the most deadly shinobi in Konoha. He’s spent countless years doing dark-ass missions for the Anbu Black Ops. Kakashi can be SCARY AS SHIT if he wants to. What does he do instead?

Never uses the Rasengan in battle. Ever. Why? Who knows. Has never used his knowledge of a thousand jutsu on panel. Looks unmotivated 99% of the time. Reads porn in public. Spends nights rereading the porn. Porn takes priority over paper work. Pokes twelve year olds in the butt. Is late to everything.

Why is he like this

So I had a terrible shower thought: what if the villagers were right about what happened on Sakumo’s botched mission?

What if he failed, and failed spectacularly, because as good of a shinobi as he was, Sakumo was only human. (It’s just he had such a long way to fall.) Perhaps he miscalculated, or couldn’t pull off that crucial move, or perhaps he simply wanted to make it home to his son.

The Third put it about that the White Fang failed in order to save his comrades, because it wouldn’t do to have such a high-profile shinobi fail out of incompetence, or cowardice, or selfishness, but Sakumo’s teammates knew what really happened, and you know how word gets around.

And Kakashi, whether he shunned his father or declared his unwavering support or asked question after endless question of ‘But what really happened?’ and “Why is everyone so mad at you?,’ only drove the knowledge of that failure deeper.

So Sakumo took the only honorable course left to to a disgraced warrior.

Deep down inside, Kakashi believed the white lie about his father. He grew up simultaneously hating him and holding him on an inviolate pedestal: Sakumo, the White Fang of Konoha, the infallible hero brought down only by the noble desire to save his comrades.

It was a tall shadow for a young child.

A Warm Impression, a Naruto One-Shot

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Minato is only seventeen years old, and in no way prepared to face Konoha’s legendary White Fang. Particularly not if it involves explaining that his five-year-old son got hurt during an innocent training exercise. Or, the one where Minato meet Sakumo and finds something unexpected. Unadulterated fluff and family feelings. Background MinaKushi.

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