white faced monster


Please say hello to Hanako! :)

Ever since I remade a Draculaura doll in Decora style, I’d been wanting to revisit the world of Japanese fashion. Shironuri style is incredibly inspiring. A little bit Victorian, a little bit ghostly and dreamlike… Ideally Ghoulia’s face would’ve become pure white for this style, but I liked how she looked in gray enough. I’ll be revisiting this style with white faced dolls, for sure. :)

The dress was made by my friend TheQueenofKawaii - etsy.com/shop/tqokstudio  -  I made Hanako’s sweater and accessories, and repainted her incredibly detailed shoes. All the lace and trims used on her are very old; they came from my sister’s boyfriend’s mother, who said they belonged to her mom! Her best estimate of their origin was around the 1940′s, or perhaps even earlier. I love old things. :)

I’m in love with Hanako, and can’t wait for her to find the perfect new home! :D