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“there are no poor people on SPN” uh… Sam and Dean? like I agree the show has never really delved into ALL the consequences of this, even when they did it more than they do now in earlier seasons, but they lived out of their car. they had absolutely no stable home life and had to steal for basic needs. they’re poor.

My Sunday seven, aka, I promise I'm not complaining....

1. First of all, thank you to all of you who reached out and it and sent good karma for my post the other day. I apologize for complaining, as I know so many of you who are dealing with so much more BS than I am and it really is not very fair or cool of me to even mention it. But I love you all for reaching out, and believe me it is highly appreciated.

2. On Friday, I finally got in contact with an orthopedic Physicians office, and they will be contacting me tomorrow on a date for an appointment with them. This is great, because I need to get fixed… And I don’t mean snip-snip, no more Mommy Daddy button either! LOL so that in itself is absolutely awesome news.

3. Aaron and I played this weekend at the local Festival known as art walk, and it was a blast. We only played for an hour, and we might have had 20 people who actually sat on the bleachers and listen to us, but there were tons of people Milling around and tons of people who stopped and listened and moved on, but clapped at the end of songs. It was great to get Aaron back on the stage for the first time after he got sober, and I think it took a lot out of him to do it. He was super Brave about it, and I was grinning from ear-to-ear. During the beginning of one of the songs we covered, which is the Traveling Wilburys song called “Handle With Care”, I even made mention of the fact that it was great to have my best friend back onstage with me again. You know, we joke about stuff but he truly kind of is the Edge to my Bono. I’m the guy who thinks nothing of getting up in front of a crowd and singing and working a crowd, whereas he is the guy who kind of settled in behind his guitar and goes to work. It’s kind of funny, but it’s how I Dynamic is these days and probably always will be.

4. During the days performance, I might have also found us a drummer, or should I say someone who is more than willing to play drums for us. My friend Jacob is an outgoing, charismatic, nuttier than nutty commercial fisherman who also happens to be an immensely talented musician. He plays drums, he plays guitar, he sings, and he’s learning The craft. What’s great is that in my wanting to Corral him and put him into our orbit, as it were I have this vision of creating a band that is a bit like the eagles… And no, we’re not going to be that band that you turn off cuz you’re having kind of a rough night… LOL! What I mean to say is that Aaron has very much a Don Felder vibe going on, minus the ego. Jacob reminds me a lot of a singing drummer by the name of Don Henley, and that he’s very focused and is always working and looking two steps ahead. And then you have me, the songwriter, who is just as focused and is driven but is enough of a jackass that I’m fun that I could most definitely play the role of Glenn Frey in the band. Not that I’m comparing Us in town or musicianship to the Eagles, God no and never, but if that kind of rule. Now, if I could only find a another guitar player who is a little bit more like a reform Joe Walsh and a bass player who also sings like Timothy B schmit. A fella can dream, right?

5. So I got a whole bunch of offers over the weekend for paying gigs for this summer, which is absolutely great. It won’t make up the income gap for me not fishing, but it most certainly will help. And on top of all of this, we are having some great progress with the two big music festivals that I’m organizing out here in Westport and in Hoquiam later this summer. The one in Westport is definitely taking on a life of its own, as we are most likely going to be sponsored by a couple of very large surf companies, and some other very big names so that are artists performing can get a decent paycheck and have great exposure at the same time. I’ll keep you guys posted, it might be boring, but it also might be one hell of a ride.

6. So on a personal note, this week I’ve made and refashioned an idea for myself. I decided that part of my problem is that I need to go through a process more often than I am of rhe committing to my goals and dreams. Because I’ve come to the conclusion that it is not for lack of ability to do these things, but rather it’s that I don’t achieve them because I don’t recommit and honor the initial obligation to myself of following through with my ideas reaching their goal. Honestly, it’s not even the fact that I’m not following through, but rather the fact that I need to make sure that every day I make that commitment to myself. And maybe I’m wrong, but if I recommit to those goals for myself, I feel like I can Inspire others to reach their own goals, and within my own community we can reach our Collective goals together while helping each other up the ladder, as it were. For many years, I had a hard time committing to myself and to my goals because of a lack of self-worth. And while I sometimes still struggle with that lack of self-worth and self soothing and building my own ego from the feedback that I received from others, I know that it is important for all of us to sometimes sit back and say that we really truly do matter here and no matter how small of a contribution, it’s still a contribution. And those goals, whether they be lofty or just barely rising from where you are right now, are still important and necessary and just as amazing as other people’s goals. And in recommitting to myself, I feel like I honor those goals and those things about me that I truly do love and appreciate. I hope this makes sense, because I think it’s something that all of us do and maybe I’m just late to the bandwagon of figuring out that this is one of the ways that successful people succeed. And that we committing to one’s goals, and verbalizing and vocalizing that commitment everyday is super important to keeping your eyes on the prize as it were and keeping going. Does that even make sense?

7. And as this is the last of my Sunday 7 today, I would like to reiterate how much I appreciate all of you and what you do for myself and for each other as part of this community. When I said some of the things that I said this last week, and questioned myself looking out at all of you and the amazing things you’re doing, I hope that that did not come across as angry at you for being amazing, because that’s not what I meant. I really truly do enjoy seeing each and everyone of you do well, or start the walk back to the road to Wellness and a recommitment to the joy that is living. I just got a little bit sideways, and I just wanted to make sure tonight that all of you know how appreciative I am of everyone of you being supportive in my journey as a Fisher poet, as a singer-songwriter, as someone who is actively looking to become more healthy, and as a human being. Y'all make this planet spin just that much better, and you don’t even know it!

Have a great week!

the “terrible woman” argument

ok this rant was long due so just pretend to act surprised that I decided to pick this topic up.

Apparently Sakura would be a terrible woman if she moved on from Sasuke to Naruto, because she has “loved” Sasuke for so long. Thanks for telling all women who moved on from loving one person to another that they’re terrible. Good job,

I know Kishmoto is sexist to an extent. Him dropping such comments is nothing new. But like, people actually defend his statement? That’s what I really do not understand.

“Ooooooh but you NaruSaku shippers don’t take into account Sakura’s entire character! You just want her to suit the image you have made for her! You’re completely ignoring the fact that Sakura absolutely loves Sasuke and by ridiculing her feelings you are disrespecting her character!!! You want her to stop loving Sasuke, you want her to make Sasuke live alone his entire life!”

And that, my friends, would make Sakura a terrible woman.

No, I’m not ignoring the feelings Sakura has for Sasuke. I’m not ignoring the fact that she wants to save him from his loneliness. That’s one of Sakura’s strongest character points: empathy. She has a soft side. A side she has shown to Naruto. I know that.

Look, by wanting Sakura to move on from Sasuke romantically, I don’t mean I want her to completely cut him off. Her biggest wish was to have Sasuke come back, to be saved from darkness. How could we possibly ignore that? Of course she’s going to love and care for Sasuke even if she ends up with Naruto. That’s the Sakura we know and love. 

I have said this time and again: Sakura’s love did not save Sasuke from the darkness. Naruto’s persistence did. The bond between Naruto and Sasuke is what “brought Sasuke to light”. If this bond (mind you, this is the strongest bond in the entire series) can be translated into something non-romantic, why can’t the bond between Sasuke and Sakura be the same? Sasuke didn’t need romance. He needed love. Love doesn’t have to be romantic.

Get this: Naruto and Sakura could end up together, and Sakura would still care for Sasuke. 

Gasp. Such unrealism. Can’t imagine!!

My point is, no matter what ends up happening in the romance department, Sasuke would still have two people in the world who love and care for him, no matter where he goes (three, counting that pervy white-haired dude). 

So no, Sakura wouldn’t be terrible woman if she moved on from Sasuke romantically. No, we cannot ignore the feelings she has for Sasuke. Yes, it’s realistic for a woman to move on from one man to another because she can love whoever she wants. 

[This isn’t an anti SS post even though I’m tagging it as one. This is just to bring to light that if NaruSaku were to happen, Sakura wouldn’t have lost the part of her character that loves and cares for Sasuke. NaruSaku shippers (well, at least some of them) don’t want Sakura’s character to regress in the way that she absolutely gives no shits about Sasuke.]

NaruSaku trash out.

Gay Disney???

How gay can a Disney movie get. Because like the thing is they’ve never actually had gay characters but imagine a full on gay disney movie. Mulan is trans now and Cinderella realized she wanted to marry a princess instead after meeting the prince. Fucking Anna turns out to be AroAce and just “fell in love” bc she’s never seen anyone but servants and doesn’t understand platonic feelings. That’s the fucking Disney I want. I don’t even like Disney it’s just I really want it to be gay. Then I might like it.

I’m kind of over this “if ur talking about leaving the country because of trump check ur privilege” argument? like someone I know on facebook posted “if you’re a cishet white dude talking about moving to canada what exactly are you fleeing from lol”

and I’m like…fascism. we’re (I’m from Canada, but I live in the US and *was* planning to for a while longer, now I’m kind of torn, so I’m like half in this category) talking about literally fleeing from fascism. the fact that Trump’s brand of fascism isn’t as bad for us as it is for other groups doesn’t mean we’re shitty people if we’re fucking scared of it??

oh, and for reference, a non-exhaustive list of groups Trump’s administration either has gone after or likely will go after that can include “cishet white men”:

  • Jews
  • atheists
  • people with disabilities
  • journalists
  • scientists
  • artists
  • socialists
  • immigrants

I mean yeah I get that the courageous thing to do is stay and fight and that there are people who don’t have the means to leave the country if they’re frightened but listen…you’re on basically the same ground as the people who say “lol refugees shouldn’t run away from the problems in their countries they should STAY AND FIGHT” and like…don’t be on that ground dude. do not

“I spend every waking minute of the day on rhinos,” said Dearlove, who called the animals the “closest thing that you and I will ever see to a dinosaur. … And it’s so big, and it’s so defenseless, and it’s so vulnerable.”

this dude (a white man from south africa who moved to australia and wants to airlift rhinos from south africa to australia) is gonna shit himself when he learns what birds are


I’ve been trying to come up with a comic or drawing to sum up all this shit I’ve been really pissed about, but am coming up kinda blank.  So for now, I’m just gonna post this rant I put on personal Facebook earlier today.
Oh hey! HERE’S some shit that’s been pissing me off:

It’s totally fucking lame that there are so many white people who will fight for a flag that represents slavery, or for a bunch of white men to be allowed to name their band “Black Pussy,” or to abolish affirmative action, or to be able to say “nigga” without repercussion.

That there are people fighting for that garbage is incredibly shitty already. What makes it even MORE incredibly shitty is that anybody who tries to argue with these freedom (-to-exploit)-loving white dudes will get hit with one or both of these dumbshit counter-points:

1) “it’s not racist, get over yourself” and;

2) “why don’t you attack REAL racists like the KKK and neo-nazis?”

First off, it IS racist. And if these fucking chuds would just stop the Dorito-eating typefest they call a life for a minute and do the math, maybe they’d see that. Maybe they’d realize that they’re never fighting for anything but WHITE RIGHTS. Then, from there, maybe they’d clue in that a white dude who fights for the rights of white dudes is one of those whatchamacallits… oh yeah: a RACIST.

It’s easy: If you fight for no one’s rights but the rights of the oppressor, THAT is racism and YOU are a racist.

As for these white dudes’ argument that “social justice warriors” (their idea of an insult; that’s how totally fucked these guys are) should focus on fighting the KKK and the neo-nazis, and leave regular “not a racist bone in my body,” “I have black friends” racists like themselves alone so they can keep appropriating, insulting, and oppressing minorities in peace:

The KKK and the neo-nazis aren’t really an issue. They have no sway. THEY’RE not the ones holding people of color back in society. It’s the white people who refuse to acknowledge their own privilege and who put fighting for their right to exploit and appropriate other cultures ahead of the emotional, physical, and social well-being of the people of those cultures. It’s the SELF-DENYING racists who are holding people of color back.

A lot of white people I talk to (or argue with) about this think it’s being over sensitive. A lot of these white privilege-deniers like to paint themselves as the tough ones, the “life’s hard, get a helmet” types.

There’s nothing tough about leaning on a white crutch and using AN ENTIRE ALL-ENCOMPASSING SYSTEM THAT INCLUDES COPS, ARMIES, AND BUSINESS AND POLITICAL LEADERS to maintain your top position. That’s some of the weakest, most sheltered, soft-handed shit I ever heard of. It’s like talking shit from a moving car.

While those white dude “tough guys” are whining and crying about some fucking JOKES they’re not allowed to make anymore and WORDS they’re not supposed to say anymore, other people are fighting the dominant system to willingly even the playing field, and eliminate their natural advantage for the sake of what’s RIGHT. How the fuck is THAT weak?

I have a lot of....thoughts about Avengers: Age of Ultron

Like, so many thoughts that until I see the movie again tomorrow its hard to even organize them all.

So here is my kinda spoilery not at all organized Avengers rant. Please feel free to reply and get a conversation going.

Like…I enjoyed the movie? I laughed a lot and it was pretty and it was GOOD. But it was also really over stuffed, and its hard to forgive how they fucked with the Maximoff’s heritage for no reason (like, impossible to forgive really. Marks against), and some of the choices in the move were just….weird. 

And like…yeah, Weadon is still pretty mediocre compared to a lot of the other Marvel content we’ve BEEN getting and the Avengers line-up is still laughably white-straight-dude, but at the end we’re…moving in the right direction? But I’m glad the Russos are taking over from here? And there were moments where the snarky tone of the movie was FUN but like…out of place with the franchise as a whole?

And like…Black Widow is SO SO underutilized in this movie. But like, I ENJOYED her romance with Banner, but I didn’t like that her romance with Banner seemed to be her whole arc of the film. That and getting kidnapped and neeing to be rescued…by Banner. Ok? And the whole “I’ve been sterilized = I’m a monster” thing was REALLY REALLY gross. Because, yeah, ok, if you really look at the full context, as an assassin, she was forced into a horrifically invasive procedure against her will because her ability to kill was prioritized over any possibility of her having a future, and that could reasonably make her feel like she was a monster without any problematic aspects. BUT to represent that as “I can’t have kids therefor I’m a monster” has a lot of really…icky feelings attached to if that I’m having a hard time even working through. THE AbILITY TO HAvE CHiLDrEN NOR THE DESIRE TO IS NOT A MEASURE OF YOUR HUMANITY. Again Weadon is not a feminist, despite his work on Buffy. Just, lets all remember this.

And I’m just so mad that the twins were whitewashed, because I REALLY LIKED WANDA. I really, really liked Wanda! A LOT. She was like, the best part of the movie! But its hard to be TOO enthusiastic about her when I know she was whitewashed the way she was! -glares at computer screen- IMSOHAPPYSHESSTAYINGBUTMADTHEYFUCKEDUPANDIMCONFLICTEDABOUTIT.

Also, I laughed a lot at the ongoing “Steve “language”” gag, even though a guy in the army in WW2 would have cussed like a motherfucker. 

Also Vision. omg. Wanda is gunna fuck that robot. We are one step closer to a Young Avengers movie. I can feel it in my blood. 

And I liked that the climax of the movie focused more on SAVING civilians than it did even on defeating the bad guy? Like, we spent more time saving the people than fighting Ultron, or at least equal time it felt like? It serves as a nice contrast to Man of Steel I think. 

And Clint. Oh Clint. You got your moment to shine. Your nice family, and your nice speech to Wanda. Your nice “The city is flying!” line. It worked. 

Also FALCON showed up!

Also Hill’s little “Where are the ladies?” and “cough TESTOSTERONE cough” moments. Ahahaha I love you, Hill.


Ok, I have more thoughts about this film, but this is getting really rambly. 

anonymous asked:

her death is probably fake look at the theories

It doesn’t matter. I have seen theories both for and against and all sorts of stuff in between. 

I’m allowed to be tired. And if it is fake, its still lazy story telling. They did the same “its fake thing” before. Why do all the wlw characters have to have the “fake deaths”. Let the straight white dudes have some fake deaths (or real deaths there is plenty) to move the plot forward. 

Dear writers find a new way to move the plot/story forward. I am tired. 

How to deal with criticism as a white man:

Step one: Joke! Make light of the situation by making jokes and try to defuse the other person’s anger. It’s funny that they’re angry and maybe if you blow off their anger as legitimate, it might make them happier! And if that doesn’t work, tell the person you were just joking! Even if you really weren’t, it may make you sound better.

Step two: Deny! Ok, so joking didn’t get you anywhere. But that doesn’t mean the criticism is right! Try and tell them that’s not what you meant and maybe say that the same stuff happens to other people too. I mean, listening to them worked well, so they should listen to you!

Step three: Anger! Maybe some name calling or repeating your own point of view will get through that nasty criticiser. You weren’t serious when you said that bad thing! Why can’t this person understand that? And if you were serious, it’s just your opinion, right? Geez, tell that person to get off your back!

Step four: Cry! Your anger wasn’t taken well. Make yourself the victim instead! Rally your supporters and cry about how the mean person was criticising you - no wait! Not criticising! Bullying! That’s right, criticism is actually bullying and this person is harassing you! Maybe people will listen to your stories of woe instead.

Step five: Move on! You’re a white dude! All this criticism doesn’t matter anyways. You’ll be successful no matter how much sexist, racist, etc, stuff you say or do. Those bullies don’t matter to you because you can just ignore them and move on in life! Who cares if they’re inundated with this stuff all the time? It doesn’t affect you! Your life as a white dude is great!

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what was the australian rabbit incident???

As with all problems in our world today, we can easily and with very high accuracy lay the blame for the Australian Rabbit Incident directly on the doorstep of rich, upperclass old white dudes. In this case, rich upperclass old white dudes who moved to Australia and found it sadly lacking in good old-fashioned shooty-type sports.

I can only assume that wombats and wallabies are not nearly so exciting to chase with guns a-blazin’ as foxes and rabbits, because in 1859, 24 European rabbits were released on private property for hunting purposes. Within sixty years their descendants had reached a population size of over ten billion, and were a serious threat.

Not only did the rabbits get up to the usual invasive species shenanigans - driving local competitor species to extinction, supporting invasive predator populations, etc - they were also responsible for absolutely destroying farmland in with their insatiable hunger, eating many plant species to near-extinction, and causing dangerous erosion in the land they’d eaten bare.

In a hilariously terrible (but also desperate) attempt to keep the rabbits from spreading throughout the entirety of Australia, The Great Rabbit-Proof Fence was built, crossing the entire length of Western Australia, and successfully accomplishing absolutely nothing but accidentally killing a lot of emus and kangaroos. 

Further attempts at controlling the population were similarly doomed. A bounty was offered, and then discontinued when the program was in danger of bankruptcy due to too many rabbits being brought in. Myxoma virus was introduced to the population, decimating the problem for a short time, until the now-huge populations of predators finished off the few surviving herbivorous marsupial competitors, died out from lack of food, and left the way even clearer for the new, myxoma-resistant rabbit population to grow. A nearly textbook case of What Not To Do.

I wish I could say that a miracle solution was found, but as with basically every invasive species problem in the world, it’s still a problem. A serious problem, in fact, since invasive species are probably one of the biggest factors responsible for extinction in Australia - which, not so incidentally, has an extinction rate higher than anywhere else in the world. The importance of Australia’s flora and fauna, which is one of the most unique in the world, is precisely because placental mammals never made it there - until we brought them. 

For example: If every species in North America was wiped out, we’d still have almost every single one of those genera represented somewhere else in the world, if not even the same species. If every species in Australia was wiped out we’d have…opossums. In an entirely different order. Which is sort of like all the bats in the world vanishing, but someone telling you not to worry, because we still have horses, and those are pretty much the same right??? 

star wars is far from perfect, but as we play witness to yet another instance of marvel’s undying love of/complete refusal to move beyond white dudes, it is so refreshing to think about how captain phasma was originally supposed to be a man and was changed because of the outcry over the lack of female characters and how the sequel trilogy not only stars two non-white men, but also recently cast a vietnamese woman in the sequel.

also how rogue one has a wonderfully diverse cast (and how, as far as we know, none of that diversity is going to be covered in funky colored body paint/cgi) and how the new novels and comics have consistently presented a galaxy that isn’t lily white.

allofthefeelings replied to your post:licoriceplease replied to your post:I have to…

not to mention that the American hero killing Nazis was written by Jews during the Shoah.

Yes.  Yes, he was.

For those who don’t know, Captain America was created by Joe Simon (born Hymie Simon) and Jack Kirby (born Jacob Kurtzburg).

They weren’t working alone, the history of Jewish creators in the comic book industry in the United States is long and storied.  Many other iconic characters, such as Superman (created by Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel) and Batman (Bob Kane, born Robert Kahn and Milton “Bill” Finger).  Among Iron Man’s creative team were Stan Lee (born Stanley Lieber), Larry Lieber, and Jack Kirby.

That being said, the history of characters allowed to be Jewish within comics is significantly smaller.

I’m a little bitter about “X-Men: Days of Future Past” being refocused entirely on Wolverine and a bunch of white dudes when it was Kitty’s story for a legit reason, because the whole “recentering racial and religious persecution stories on a bunch of cis het white dudes” is still a dick move. X-Men is notorious for it, of course (It’s the civil rights struggle!  But with attractive white people!) but that was legit Kitty’s story BECAUSE OF WHO SHE IS.

And she’s in exactly one fleeting image in the trailer.  One brief shot.  Hell, you see Quicksilver longer than you see Kitty.

Erasure at it’s best, ladies and gentlemen.