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In your household nothing was truly what it seemed; your mother was having an affair with her business partner, leaving your stepfather to work himself into a pit of denial. The only person who had real feelings under that roof was you. You felt disgust when your mother would blatantly lie to her husband, you felt overwhelmed and stressed because of university, and you felt the euphoria of your late night rendezvous with Taehyung.

Your stepbrother.

warnings: graphic smut, dirty talk, rough sex, dom!taehyung + sub!reader, degrading, humiliation, spanking + strong language

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The Lost Memories - Part 1

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I wake up next to Jungkook, the one that I hated wholeheartedly and let’s not forget that he claims that he’s my husband

◇ genre : angst & romance
◇ summary : you still in shock of the current situation and thinking why on earth you are married to jungkook?
◇ words : 4.1k
◇ author’s note : My midsem break is coming soon and I’m thinking to open a drabble request during that break. I’m drafting the drabble prompts now. Btw, thanks guys for reading this series, and I hope that I can update the next chapter soon. xoxo 

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This is bad, really bad.

Since those words escaped from Jungkook’s lip, there no sounds that can be heard except for the sounds of the clock ticking against the wall as its waves vibrating the sounds in the room accompanied by the sounds of their breathing; inhaling and exhaling the air into the lungs. The moments were so tense that, Jungkook tried to lessen it by escaping a giggle from his mouth.

“Stop playing, love. Do you think I don’t know that you’re pranking me right now? You know it doesn’t work on me. So where’s the hidden camera that you have been hiding from me?” He tossed his head around from the bed, to the cabinet and from the cabinet to the dressing table. He searched for the camera in every inch of the room as he is grinning from ears to ears, still can’t believe how childish you are to play this kind of prank to him because as long as he knows you, you are not this kind of person.

“Are you kidding me? Stop whatever you’re doing because right now, I’m totally serious about this things and I’m not in the mood to play with you, Jeon Jungkook!”

Jungkook immediately stopped after his brain finally processed your words. He knows that you really meant it as he heard his full name mentioned by you at the end of your words. Back then when you are angry or frustrated with him, you will called him by his full name as a sign that you’re serious at that moment. He saw a glint of furious in your eyes gazing intensely into him. He slowly steps toward you as he stretched his arms to you, feared of the assumption that lingering around his mind which might be true.

“Y/n. What’s wrong with you? Are you sick?” He asked, concerned over your sudden behavior while grasping your hands tightly into his. Your eyes traced down from his face to his hand before yanked it and shoved back your hands to its actual position. Your action does make Jungkook surprised as you could see the confusion started to plaster all over his face. It seems he is totally taken aback with your sudden action which makes him fell into silence while staring at your face in front of him.

“Don’t touch me! I want to go home. Please send me back to my home!” He stumbled over your words, bringing a frown to his face. A big lump formed in his throat and he swallowed it down as it insisted to stay in his throat, preventing the words to come out.

“This is your home, love.” He trailed off as his eyes gazing into yours hoping that you would believe him and apparently you’re not. Your eyes flickered to the portrait against the door, just glance at it because you know that this is not the right time to enjoy the beauty of the painting when you’re facing the biggest problem that you ever had in your life.

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Maybe a Hercules angst where the reader always helps Herc model his dresses and she is his mannequin, so she falls in love with him. But he never knows and doesn’t understand when she runs away when he asks her to model his fiancee’s dress

“Perfect,” Hercules told you, putting the finishing touches onto the dress that were modeling.

“It looks great Herc,” you said to your friend, hopping off of the stool that you had been standing on for the past hour or two.

“Thank you!” he replied, putting away his sewing supplies. “I just hope the customer will be pleased.”

You rolled your eyes.

“They always are,” you said cheekily.

He smiled at you, that gorgeous, bright smile. How it made your heart pound and flutter.

You left to change as he went up to the front of the store to greet some customer.

You had fallen in love with the man ever since you became his mannequin a few years ago when you needed the extra cash.

However, he never seemed to notice any of the light flirting that you sent his way.

It made your heart hurt in some ways, but you still tried to gain his affection.

But no matter how hard you tried, he was always just out of reach.

“See ya later Herce!” you called as you left the store.

Would you ever be satisfied?


A few weeks passed until you were due to go back to help Hercules with another one of his dresses.

As you walked into the little shop, Hercules came bounding up to you, barely containing his excitement.

“What’s gotten into you?” you asked him, smiling.

“Come here,” he replied, grabbing your hand and dragging you into one of the back rooms.

You followed him in, seeing a big white dress laying on the table.

“A wedding dress,” you remarked. “What’s so special about it?”

It was certainly one of his best dresses, you had never seen him put so much detail and planning into one dress.

“I mean, you’ve made so many wedding dresses before, is there something really special about this one?”

He was grinning ear to ear, which made you even more confused.

“It’s my fiance’s wedding dress. I want you to model it for her, you’re both the same size,” you told you.

An icy shock ran through your veins and you froze.

His fiance.

He was getting married.

You had lost.

You felt a sob start to come up from your throat.

“I-I can’t,” you told you,

You ran from the shop, tears streaming out of your eyes, leaving a confused Hercules behind you.

You entered your apartment, slamming the door and sliding down the wall. Cries poured from your mouth and you heart was shattered.

He never even mentioned being in a relationship, why didn’t he tell you?

Did he even consider you to be his friend? Did he not trust you?

Or were you just his mannequin?

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ostinato || part one

summary: the road keeps bending back upon itself, and there’s nothing he can do to stop it. time loop au [part two]
warnings: canon major character death, copious amounts of sadness
word count: 4430


“Do I dare
Disturb the universe?
In a minute there is time
For decisions and revisions which a minute will reverse.”

–T.S. Eliot, “The Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock”

(He doesn’t know it yet, but it begins when he sees a glimpse of skull and bone and the universe turns on its side like a spinning coin.)

Time has never held much meaning for him until he felt the clockwork gravity of the earth settle low in his stomach. 

The decades of human existence were like seconds, centuries mere blips in his periphery. It was nothing to him but an endless stream, ceaselessly rushing forward with no significant value. He stood in the rush of it, untouched.

Maybe this is why, as he wakes up at 8:24 in the morning with his breath stolen from his throat, lifeless green eyes flashing through his head, he thinks it’s a fluke.

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80s Makeup - My First Big Bang Fic!

After El came home after a year in the Upside Down. Nancy started to teach the adoptive daughter of Jim Hopper and his fiancée Joyce Byers - Elle Hopper - how to do her makeup.

Mike always frowned whenever he and Elle would be happily snuggling on the basement sofa - at 14 and a half which some people would say is too young but neither actually give a flying monkey. Nancy would walk down the stairs to the basement and smile at her little brother curled up with his girlfriend.

“Come on,” Nancy held out her hand for Elle. Elle didn’t move from Mike’s arms, tightening her hold on her loving, boyfriend. Elle pouted, snuggled her head closer into Mike’s warm chest. Both were blissfully unaware that Nancy had taken Elle’s hand and pulled her away from Mike.

They both whined as Nancy took Elle away from Mike. Nancy didn’t want to take Elle away from Mike - but she knew that they were going on a date tonight. And she wanted Elle to wow Mike. Mike had told Nancy on MANY occasions that Elle was beautiful the way she is - no makeup, his beautiful Elle. She never did use that Noxzema stuff as it always made her break out in more acne.

Elle was sat down in front of Nancy’s pristine white dressing table. Elle admired how Nancy kept it clean and perfect. Hers was cluttered with scrunchies and bobby pins, the mirror was filled with cute Polaroids.

Her, Mike, Will, Lucas and Dustin; at the beach, at the Arcade with Max, on each other’s birthday’s - bright happy faces around a different cake.
Her with Joyce before the Snowball, as well as one of her and Will before the snowball and her and Mike - kind of awkwardly - smiling at the camera and the other after Mike made Elle laugh (a completely natural photo of them - bright smiles on their faces).
One of her and Will on a hammock in the summer of ‘84 (Will drawing, Elle snoozing the summer sun)
Her and Hopper watching the baseball cheering on the Indiana Hoosiers, both wearing Hopper’s baseball jersey’s - Elle’s from Hopper’s High School - that he’d given her for her 14th birthday, Hopper wearing a Hoosiers jersey. 
Elle and Jonathan making breakfast - the Polaroid took by Joyce.
And Elle’s favourite, her and Mike stood on the dancefloor (finally at the snowball), slow dancing to My Girl by Temptations, the exact moment he told her he really liked her and they became a couple.

Mike sat on the sofa in the basement, pouting after his beloved Elle was taken by his older sister to put unneeded makeup on Elle. Just for the sake of waiting while Nancy was done with putting makeup on Elle - some that he has no idea what it does and nor does Elle - and using her weird crimpers on his other half’s hair.

Nancy knew that Elle hated Noxzema after it made her break out with really bad acne the first time she used it. Nancy had taken Elle to get makeup - but Nancy knew Elle didn’t know how to put on makeup and if Hopper found out Elle had makeup he’d flip… - so she kept it in a simple pale pink Caboodle.

Nancy took out the pale pink Caboodle that has Elle’s small amount of makeup in it - a small bottle of foundation, a small palette of pale and simple eyeshadows (Elle wouldn’t let Nancy come near her face with blue eyeshadow), an eyebrow pencil, eyeliner. And makeup brushes. And some pink lipstick, pink lipgloss.

Nancy took out Elle’s foundation and tipped a little out onto the back of her hand. The older girl then took out Elle’s foundation and started gently blending the foundation into Elle’s face.

Nancy then reached over and routed through her blushes and brought out her pale pink blush that she rarely uses and Elle’s blush brush. She then got Elle to smile and gently brushed the blush over the apples of her cheeks.

Nancy then got out the small eyeshadow palette that Elle has and put a peach colour on her lids, a pink colour on her crease and from the corner of her outer eye to the near end of her eyebrow. She then brought out a greeny-blue colour eyeshadow and Elle shifted back in the seat.

“No.” She said, moving her head away from Nancy’s hands.

“Elle. Trust me, it’s not going to be much. It’ll just tie it all together.” Nancy said, keeping the eyeshadow and the brush away from Elle’s face, she gently stroked the younger girl’s cheek. 

The curly haired girl took in a deep breath and shut her eyes, saying without words to put the greeny-blue eyeshadow on her. As the brush with the eyeshadow came closer to Elle’s face was stopped when Nancy’s little sister came in and plopped herself on Elle’s lap.

Elle’s eyes opened and looked down at Holly and smiled. Elle stroked the long, blonde pigtails that still sat on Holly’s head. As Elle’s stroked Holly’s pigtails, she shut her eyes and Nancy started pulling the greeny-blue eyeshadow under Elle’s bottom eyelashes.

Mike poked his head into Nancy’s room after her and his girlfriend had been in there for nearly an hour. He saw Elle sat in Nancy’s dressing table chair, Nancy pulling little bits of glitter on his Elle’s cheekbones and his baby sister sat on Elle’s lap half asleep. And the cheesy (yet classic) song of Papa Don’t Preach by Madonna playing on Nancy’s tape.

He saw Elle go rigid when the word Papa was sung. He made himself know and his older sister took Holly gently off Elle’s lap and tucked Holly into Nancy’s bed.

Mike came around the chair and crouched down and held Elle’s hands in his.

“Baby?” He whispered after she came back on Halloween night in ‘84 - he knew not to speak to her in loud tones as it makes her cry.

“Mike?” She mumbled and his arms came around her waist and brought her into his lap. She was shaking out of fright, almost reverting back into her 1983 state - a quiet, scared 12-year-old girl.

“Sh. I’m here, I’m not leaving you, I’ve got you sh.” Mike mumbled in her ear and started rocking her back and forth.

Sat in Holly’s room was the rocking chair that Karen uses to use (and most likely still does) to rock Holly to sleep at night. The same rocking chair that was used to rock her only son to sleep as well as her oldest daughter.

Nancy saw the cogs turning in Mike’s smart brain and went to Holly’s room and started to drag the rocking chair to her room.

“What are you doing?” The voice of her mother made Nancy stand up straight and look at the perfect Karen Wheeler.

“I was playing Papa Don’t Preach by Madonna and Elle went straight as a board. Mike came in to comfort her and she hasn’t calmed down yet. I thought using the rocking chair would help. And Mike said Elle loves dad’s La-Z-Boy, but there’s no chance of me dragging it all the way up the stairs without being grounded by dad.” Nancy explained and then started pushing the rocking chair back to Holly’s room.

Karen reached out and held her oldest daughter’s face in her hands and smiled at her. “My smart baby girl.” No matter how old any of her 3 kids will get, she will always call them cute little nicknames from when they were babies.

“Shhh, Elle. Come on, baby.” Mike continued to gently attempt to calm her. Never once will he ever get frustrated with her and simply tell her to calm down. He knew Elle had had a bad childhood and would give anything in his power to switch childhoods with her.

He heard his mom and Nancy talking in the hallway, he knew Nancy had caught on to what he was thinking and had started to drag the rocking chair from Holly’s room to Nancy’s room.

Nancy then walked into her room carrying the rocking chair with their mother. Mike smiled gratefully at the two older women in his life. Karen walked over and took Elle out of Mike’s arms. Elle started to whimper as she was removed from the warm and loving embrace of her other half.

Mike got in the rocking chair and held his arms out for Elle. As soon as Elle was back in Mike’s arms, she stopped whimpering but was still shaking slightly. Nancy went and rewound the tape, quickly took out the tape and put it back in its little case and back on its spot on her shelf.

Karen smiled at her little boy as he comforted his first (and only) love. The loving mom got her youngest daughter out of Nancy’s bed and padded away to tuck Holly in her own bed with her teddy bear that Mike got her at the state fair (while Elle was still in the Upside Down).

Nancy followed her mom’s lead. Nancy reached and grabbed her review for her last exam in a couple of weeks time and left Mike and Elle curled up in the rocking chair in her room. She smiled at the two curled up together and shut the door gently behind her. She went to the phone in the kitchen and rang the Byers - she had to revise and maybe working with Jonathan could work in both their favours…

Mike gently rocked the rocking chair, cooing soothingly in Elle’s ear, whispering her sweet nothings. Elle’s whimpers slowly turned quiet and Mike smiled down at her.

“Hey, beautiful,” Mike said, running his fingers through her hair. Elle’s head - which was originally rested in the crook of her neck, her jaw bone against his collarbone - lifted up and looked Mike in the eye, and (for the first time in a while) smiled.

Her soft fingers reached up from around his waist and stroked his freckles (’pretty spots’ is what Elle calls them which makes Mike’s cheeks flush red, and Elle then complains when she can’t see them, she’d always loved his freckles - since she first met him, when she ran away from the lab and found Mike and Lucas and Dustin and then Will).

Mike watches as small goosebumps appeared on her arms and he realised that Nancy’s bedroom window was opened and the cool winter/spring breeze waffled in.

“How about, instead of going out and getting something to eat and a movie. Instead, we go down to the basement and watch some old movies. Ghostbusters? Star Wars?” Mike said, smiling down happily at his loving girlfriend.

Elle nodded her head. Mike gently lifted Elle out of the rocking chair with him (he’s gotten strong from when he was 12 - not all that strong but strong enough to lift Elle without having to hand her off to someone else after like 3 minutes). He took her down to her blanket fort and put in the Ghostbusters Video. Mike looked around her blanket fort and remembered the first time she slept in the forth since she disappeared.

Mike kept up Elle’s blanket fort even after she disappeared into black ash. When she came back, she refused to sleep anywhere else, she was going to sleep in her blanket fort the night she came back - they’d have to drag her kicking and screaming before they could.

El was sat on the Byers’ living room sofa, Joyce’s comforter and Jonathan’s many blankets wrapped around her and you could still see the frightened little girl was still shaking - still cold but also out of fright.

The boys came up with the nickname of ‘E.T’ for El - because she has the same like powers as E.T but before this nickname was ‘Mapel’ as to where they found El but it reminded Mike too much of ‘The Weirdo on Mapel Street’ something Lucas use to call her.

Will saw El sat on the sofa and smiled. This was the girl that Mike has spent nearly a year crying and missing. This was the girl that Dustin exaggerated her powers - making her seem like Superman. And this was the girl that Lucas missed and said he was rotten to her when they first met her - and wished that if he saw her again, he would act differently.

“You’re El, aren’t you?” Will smiles, he already knew the answer. 

The little girl nodded, and by the look of recognition in her eyes, she knew he was the lost little boy that she helped his 3 best friend’s find him.

Will rushed over and grabbed his SuperCom. “Guys, come in! E.T is home! I repeat, E.T is home!”

The first to reply was (obviously) Mike - slightly out of breath, “WHAT?! Will, please tell me you’re telling the truth, El’s home?” The last part he whispered.

“Yes. She’s home.” Will said, smiling at El who was quickly demolishing a plate of Eggos. His mom sat at her side, gently rubbing her back - much like his mom does with him when he was sick. Jonathan sat at the other side of El and kept telling her to slow down with her Eggos.

Mike didn’t reply after that - most likely still in his pyjamas to go get on his bike (fight his sister or his mom) and ride as quick as he could to get to Will’s house.

After Will talked to Dustin and Lucas - who both said they were on their way over - and then there was a loud knock on the front door. This made El jump, her plate (with an Eggo still on it) crashed to the floor, breaking. She started to whimper at the loud knocking noise and now the echoing of the plate breaking on the floor.

Joyce wrapped her arm around El’s shoulders and brought her over to her lap. Gently rocking El back and forth - calming her down.

Jonathan got up off the sofa - after gently rubbing El’s arm - and went to go answer the door. Stood there, out of breath, was a teary-eyed Mike Wheeler as Dustin and Lucas got off their bikes and laid them next to the one Mike had dumped on the floor.

Jonathan smiled at the 3 younger boys and let them in. Mike stood by the entrance staring at El as she whimpered into Joyce’s shoulder. Dustin and Lucas quietly walked over to El and crouched down in front of her.

“Hey, El,” Dustin says, smiling at the little girl and smiles as he sees the pixie length curls around her head. He gets a short wave in return. Lucas smiles at her - guilt quickly bubbling up in his throat after how he treated her in November of the year previous.

“I’m sorry for the way I treated you last year.” Lucas apologises, and El nods - accepting his apology.

Mike then slowly made his way over to El and sat at the other side of her.

“Hey, El,” Mike whispered, reaching out and stroking her cheek. El’s curly hair flicked her hair and looked at Mike and smiled.

“Mike.” That was the first thing she had said since she got back. Since she said ‘goodbye Mike’ nearly a year ago.

Mike wrapped his arms around El and she was lifted off Joyce’s lap and was tightly cradled in Mike’s arms. They both started to cry into each other’s shoulders.

“Hey, El. Hey.” Mike smiled and hugged her tightly, he gently rocked back and ran his fingers through her curly, pixie cut. 

As soon as Mike put Elle in her blanket fort, she stretched her arms out for Mike as he went to put in the Ghostbusters tape.

“Mike,” She said, her hands doing the same grabby motion that Holly did/still does when she wants something.

“Yes, sweetie?” Mike said, looking over his shoulder - at his beautiful girlfriend - with the Ghostbusters tape in his hand.

Once again, she did the grabby motion with her hands. Mike put down the tape, walked over to his girl and crouched down in front of him. He easily saw the upset pout on her face, and the light trickle of sweat run down the side of her forehead.

“Elle? Baby, are you ok?”Mike said, stroking her curls. He wiped away the small bead of sweat that had trickled down her forehead. “Elle?” He watched as she slowly turned a shade of green and he instinctively reached and grabbed a trash can - and she suddenly started to throw up in it.

Mike frowned and gently stroked her back. After she came back from the Upside Down - it was quite often that Elle got sick after being raised in confinement for 12 years she didn’t have a very good immune system…

“It’s ok, this is normal,” Mike said, he knew Elle hated being sick - she absolutely despised it. 

Mike had tucked Elle into her blanket fort that he still kept up as she gently dozed - even that she now lives with the Byers and Hopper, even during the time she was missing in the Upside Down and that year he was a mess. He ran up the basement stairs.

He rooted through the linen closet and pulled out a washcloth. He ran to the kitchen and started running the washcloth under the cold tap.

“Michael? What are you doing?” Karen asked, watching her only son ring out the extra water down the drain. Panic was written over his face.

“Elle’s sick.” He says, continuing to ring out the water from the washcloth.

Karen then walked to the pantry (which was stocked with a lot of extra food in case they got snowed in) and walked out with two bottles of 2-litre Lemonade and two (rather large) packets of jelly babies,

“If she’s anything like you,” Karen handed Mike the two 2-litre bottles and the 2 bags. “That’s what she’ll be surviving off these next couple of days,” Karen said, placing a loving kiss on Mike’s forehead (as he’d grown considerably and was now taller than Nancy and Karen, he was now catching up to his father) and let him go down to the basement to nurse his girl back to health. Karen knew Mike hated it when Elle was sick.

Elle was awoken suddenly to the sound of 2 bottles falling down the stairs. Her head came out from between the blankets and saw two bottles laying by the stairs and Mike walking down the stairs - chasing the bottles - with two packets of jelly babies in each hand with a washcloth in his mouth.

Mike looked over and saw that Elle was awake. He then dumped the bags of jelly babies on the D&D table and padded over to his girlfriend and gently put the wet rag on her forehead.

“You’re gonna be ok,” Mike said, running his fingers through her hair. “You may not be able to eat Eggos for the next couple of days.” Mike continued and watched as Elle’s face scrunched. She didn’t like the idea of not being able to eat Eggos.

“I know, baby. I know. But your stomach might not be able to digest them right now. You may bring them back up.”Mike watched as Elle’s head cocked to the side.

“Bring them back up?” She questioned, she doesn’t know little things like that - but she can speak in full sentences but sometimes she reverts back to her 12-year-old self (which makes Mike’s heartache).

“When you bring something back up,” Mike was nearly sick when he said that. “It’s when you’re sick, it’s another way of saying sick,” Mike said, running his fingers through Elle’s hair. Small droplets of sweat were running down from under her forehead and he used the wet rag to wipe away the sweat droplets away.

Mike had once heard his mom say that combined body heat was one way of increasing a fever - it was something along those lines - and he climbed into the blanket fort next to her.

Her head came to rest on his striped t-shirt, small droplets falling under the washcloth and slowly (but surely) got wet. He rubbed her back and ran his fingers through her hair.

“It’ll be ok, Elle,” Mike whispered, whispering sweet little nothings into her ear. She slowly fell asleep on his shoulder.

He’ll never understand how Elle can sleep on him. He knows that it must be rather uncomfortable for his girlfriend. He’s gained some weight since 1983 but he was still as skinny as a stick. Elle grew to around 5ft 3" and stopped and then started growing outwards. After this had started to happen, Mike had been dating Elle for nearly 3 months (which he was over the moon with) and had taken notice of the way she was growing…he’s a teenage boy leave it be!

Mike smiled down at the girl laying on him and ran his fingers through her hair. As he smiles down at her, he remembers how lonely, depressed, upset he was during the time she was missing.

He had missed her so much while she was gone. He knew she had missed him too. He probably would have done something really extreme like jumping off the cliff and to his death if that meant her saving him and getting her back.

El’s Dream

Elle was walking through the water of Hawkins lake, watching as the water gently lapped against her shoeless feet. Her small toes painted a pale pink colour - the same colour that reminded her of the pale pink dress she wore the first time she was in Hawkins.

Elle looked up from watching the waves lap at her feet, she smiled at the dream version of her loving, adorable boyfriend. Don’t get her wrong, Mike loves her and treats her like a princess - the way she deserves, but her dream Mike still treats her like a princess like he does out of dreams.

Dream Mike smiled at her. She smiled back at him, seeing the stars on his cheeks, the sunshine in his heart and the midnight sky in his eyes. He walked to her and stood before her, in a usual striped t-shirt and a pair of jeans. His shoes were missing as well.

“Hello, baby,” dream Mike smiled, reached over with his realistic fingers and ran his fingers through her brown, curly, fluffy long-ish hair.

“Hi,” she smiled shyly at dream Mike. She, much like dream Mike was currently doing, reached over and ran her fingers through his realistic straight, fluffy, black hair.

Both Elle and dream Mike stared lovingly at each other and then dream Mike helped Elle out of Hawkins lake onto the man-made beach where a checkered blanket and a woven picnic basket sat on the man-made beach.

Elle smiled seeing the checkered blanket laid out on the beach.It was her blanket, that Joyce and Hopper had gotten for her when they went on a small holiday to California for a week - Jonathan, Will and Elle stayed at the Wheeler’s (Elle in her blanket fort, Mike on the basement sofa, Will in Mike’s bed and Jonathan in Nancy’s room) and on the last day before Joyce and Hopper came home, Will slept in the blanket fort and Mike and Elle slept in Mike’s bed. When the three Byers left after the week, Elle left behind (accidentally) her checkered blanket. It still sits on the end of Mike’s larger, double bed.

The woven picnic basket made Elle smile as the memories of tall the picnic’s her and Mike have had. All the different types of food that have sat in the basket. All the laughter and happy memories that they have shared.

She gasps as dream Mike pulled out two champagne glasses, a champagne bottle of pink lemonade, the leftovers from Karen’s breakfast casserole, some chocolate covered strawberries and some Marshmallow Pops.

“Thank you, Mike.” She knew if she called dream Mike ‘Dream Mike’ he would be offended.

Elle smiled sleepily, and rolled over and nestled her sweaty forehead into Mike’s chest. She murmured and continued to sleep happily.

Mike’s Dream

Mike was sat on a bed, watching his loving other half, dream Elle Hopper. She sits in front of a dressing table. His beautiful dream Elle, she looked a bit older than she is out of dreams.

There was a sparkle coming from her left hand and Mike nosed over dream Elle’s shoulder and saw a sparkling flower, diamond engagement ring and a plain, simple gold band (representing a wedding ring) above the engagement ring.

Mike guessed that from the rings, that in this dream, dream Elle was his blushing bride, his other half, the love of his life, his wife.

Dream Elle had a foundation brush (some product on the brush as well as the back of her left hand) in hand, she looked over her shoulder and saw (for this dream) her husband.

“Hello,” she smiles, quite shyly (of course she’s going to be shy - you idiot - it’s Elle, dream or not) up to Mike and then looked back at her reflection in the dressing table mirror and started to apply the makeup from her brush onto her face.

“Elle, you know you don’t need the makeup, right?” Mike said, calling dream Elle ‘dream Elle’ would cause the love of his life to burst into tears - and he hates seeing Elle cry, whether he is the cause of her crying or not. But he also knows that whether he is in the dream world or the real world with real Elle - he knows that she doesn’t need the makeup.

Elle just rolls her eyes at this and continues to put the little finishing touches to her foundation. Mike does the Wheeler sigh and reached over to dream Elle and took the foundation brush out of her hand.

“El, I am not joking - I have never joked with you, you seriously don’t need makeup on your face. You are beautiful and flawless without it.” Mike said, running his fingers through her realistic tight brown curls that framed her head.

Mike then picked up the packet of makeup wipes and proceeded to take one out of the packet and start to wipe the makeup away from her face (to reveal pure and simple dream Elle) and the back of her hand - because Mike knew from past experience that when he does help Elle take off her makeup off at the end of the day (or when she’s just put on her foundation) that there’s a patch where the foundation has sunk into the skin of the back of her hand.

“You really think so Mike?” Dream Elle asked - much like Elle would - and she let her (for this dream) husband wipe away the single layer of foundation - she didn’t even to her beautiful eyeshadow palette or her glitter-filled highlighter.

“I know so, baby,” Mike said after Mike had taken all of dream Elle’s makeup off. He wish that Elle (or dream Elle for that added point) could see how beautiful the way she was without any makeup,

“Thank you, Mikey,” Mike always blushed whenever he heard Elle (or dream Elle) call him the cute little nickname that Nancy and Holly originally came up with - he laughs when his two sisters call him that (Nancy teasingly and Holly when she was extremely happy and wrapped her arms around her only brother’s neck).

Nancy woke up the next morning and went to go see if her little brother (her only brother) has woken up in his own room or if he had fallen asleep in Elle’s blanket fort - most likely with Elle in the blanket fort snuggled up next to him).

Her head poked into Mike’s room seeing the Star Wars posters and the Back to the Future posters. Elle’s blanket laying over the edge of Mike’s bed, Mike’s action figures lined on shelves around his room. Nancy smiled when she saw the photo frame sat on Mike’s bedside table - the picture was taken from Dustin’s birthday (the same day that Mike finally asked Elle out to be his girlfriend and they have been stuck together like glue from that day - and probably way before). There were also little bits from photo booths.

Nancy let her slipper-clad feet pad down the stairs and saw her mom making pancakes and eggs and bacon and a lot of other food that Nancy would associate with her mom’s breakfast casserole.

“Morning, mom.” Nancy smiled at her mom before making her way around and walking towards the basement door.

“Good morning, baby.” Karen smiled as her eldest daughter made her way down into the basement - most likely where her baby boy and his girlfriend (the girl she has quickly become attached to) were sleeping in that blanket fort he kept up for the year he was snappy and moody and just completely wasn’t himself.

Nancy walked down to the basement stairs (those stairs always creak under any weight) and smiled as she saw her little baby brother with his arms lightly wrapped around Elle. His t-shirt stained with sweat, dripping off Elle’s forehead and the unpleasant smell of sick in the air -from a bucket. 

Nancy worked out that poor Elle (most likely her future sister-in-law) was sick and Mike was doing everything he could to make her feel better.

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