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Snake Skin part 2

He could hardly hear the older man calling out his name as he slammed through the front door of the bar, wood splintering dramatically.

Elizabeth Cooper. She was here, she was in Riverdale, Jesus Christ she was fucking here.

Why was she here? What was she doing back? He had given her up six years ago, he could still remember the way she cried, how she held onto him as he broke her heart. She had begged him
“Don’t do this.” “Please I love you” and he had just stared at her, told her he had to go, it was for the best. He had left his heart on that front porch all those years ago and his chest had been empty since, but hearing her name? Knowing she was here? Something inside of him sparked.

He ripped his cellphone out of his pocket, dialing the familiar number and pulling a cigarette from his pocket, lighting it with shaky fingers

“Yo.” The easy going voice came from the other line

“"Did you know about this? Did you know she was back, that she was in riverdale?” Jughead rushed out, his voice harsh and cold.

“Well hello Jughead, I’m doing great, the weathers beautiful, meet for dinner at Pops tonight? Sure!” Archie Andrews drawled playfully.

“Archie..” Jughead threatened, there was a deep sigh on the other end and Archie answered

“She’s opening a veterinarians office, Polly is having trouble with Rory, it’s been in the works for a while. I couldn’t tell you. I promised.”

Jughead inhaled sharply
“She’s staying?” He whispered.

“Yeah, she’s staying Jug.” Archie answered evenly.

The dark haired boy shut his phone quickly, stubbing the cigarette out with the toe of his boot.

She shouldn’t be here, she was made for bigger things, for better things

“I don’t want anything else, I just want you.”

Jughead winced as her words filled his head, he loved her, more than anything, but he couldn’t be enough for her, he just wasn’t and everyone knew it.

“Who cares what everyone thinks, it’s you and me isn’t it? The way it’s always been.”

“Shut up! Just shut up.” Jughead slammed his fists into the side of his head, trying to quiet the familiar voice in his head, it was always there, when he was doing something particularly dangerous Betty’s sugar sweet voice would wrap around him, consoling him, comforting him, protecting him.

“You alright son?” Jughead whipped around to see Viper standing behind him, the rest of the older Serpents watching him cautiously.

Taking a deep breath and pulling out another cigarette Jughead nodded
“Yeah sure, lets go.”

The mutual nod of the group had Everyone mounting their bikes and driving off towards the north side, driving off towards the one thing that could change his life with the tilt of her lips.

As soon as they arrived at the tiny yellow house right off of River road, Jughead stiffened, it was perfect and quaint and homey and… so Betty.

“You sure this is the place.” The long haired man named Bruce asked from his space in her driveway

“Sure enough.” Viper said nodding towards the door. Jughead stayed behind, nothing could prepare him for what came next.

After rapping on the front door a minute passed and the door opened slowly, the smell of fresh baked cookies and soft giggles came through.
Then she walked through.

Long tan legs in soft cream colored wedges, a perfect pressed white dress covered her curves as soft honey blonde hair fell past her shoulders in flawless waves, her bright green eyes were sparkling and her perfect pink lips were tilted up in a silly smile, she had the familiar two year old boy wrapped up in her arms as he laughed, his shirt was half over his head and he was flailing his arms.

“Can I help you?” Betty adjusted Noah in her arms and raised a brow, a confused smile still on her face.

It seemed her beauty had struck all of the Serpents speechless, finally viper stuttered out

“We uh, we came to check on the boy he’s one of ours.”

Noah buried his face in Betty’s neck
“No! I don’t go back! No!” He whimpered

Betty rubbed his back gently
“It’s okay, you’re not going back, I’m sorry he probably associates you with his parents.” She glanced up and looked at the six men. “Why don’t you come in? I made cookies. We can talk this through.” She stepped back as they all stared blankly.

It was quiet for a few moments and no one moved, until Betty sighed.

“I’m not gonna ask twice, you either come in and eat the darn cookies or you go home" She huffed as they shuffled in, surprised by the sass.

Jughead stepped in last, his eyes connecting with Betty’s as she gasped, gently setting Noah on the ground and staring at Jughead

“Ju..Jughead?” She whispered

“Hey bets.” He whispered back.

Nerdy Virgin Luke

Pairing: Y/N/Luke

Rating: NC-17

Request: No

Words: 10.000+

Summary: I wrote a song preference once and wanted to continue a part out from it. Would appreciate feedback and request if you want the other boys as well! ~ #61 End Up Here - 5 Seconds Of Summer | High School AU | His P.O.V

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Behind The Story S2 | Pt. 17

Summary: The reader and Jensen fly together back to LA,

Author: sleepywinchester {prev; deanwinchester-af}

Characters: Jensen, Reader, Jared, Gen and Cast Cameos.

Pairings: Single!Jensen x Actress!Reader (Nina Dobrev = Faceclaim)

Words: 1.3k+

Warnings: Angst.

Beta: @waywardlullabies


Note: Hope you guys like this one!!!

Title: For Our Daughter’s Sake


Instead of having your mother fly to San Diego with JJ, Jensen traveled back to Los Angeles with you. Having JJ around wasn’t the smartest idea with all the media that was in San Diego.

It felt weird being next to him for the short flight. There was so much history between the two of you, yet neither could form a non-awkward sentence.

“Do you think we can make this co-parenting work?” Jensen broke the silence.

You looked at him, “I mean… We have to. For JJ.”

Jensen’s eyes lit up at the sound of her name. “Yeah,” he smiled slightly. “I miss her.”

“She really misses you,” you said. “She always says da-da all around.”

He smiled, glad his daughter haven’t forget about him. You guys didn’t talked much the rest of the flight. Once in LA, you two drove straight back to your place.

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brother, let me be your fortress

Genre: Angst, Romance, Hurt/Comfort, Friendship
Word Count: 6,129 words 
Pairings: Rucas (major), Joshaya (slight) and Smarkle (slight) 
Summary: Riley goes into a coma on a Tuesday night, and for the first time, the rest of the group becomes the rock that Lucas can hold on to. (Lucas-centric-ish)
A/N: Yeah, this is a pretty long, angsty one. 


Josh sighs in relief at the sight of her in the Emergency Room, calling out her name in a strangled voice as he makes his way to her. She looks up, eyes glazed and wide as though she has finally realized where she is. Josh watches as she tries to say something but he does not give her a chance to. He wraps his arms around Maya and hugs her tight, not wanting to let go.

Maya is shaking, shock evidently consuming her as she leans into his embrace and buries her face into his chest. He can feel the wetness of her tears seeping through his shirt but he cannot bring himself to care less.

Maya is here. She is safe. That is all that matters.

“Riley,” Josh hears Maya’s muffled call for his niece and his heart sinks.

No. Maya’s safety is not all that matters because Riley is not with them. Riley is not freaking out at the sight of tears in Maya’s eyes. Riley is not here to cry about the patients in pain all around. Riley is not out in the waiting room with them because she is lying in the operating room as the doctors try to save her.

Josh pulls away from Maya gently, grabbing her face in his hands as he regards her. Bile rises in his throat at the blood that stains Maya’s dress. The once white dress is now covered in the dark angry crimson liquid. There is dried blood on Maya’s arms, probably from cradling Riley right after she was hit.

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Requested by fourtyninekirbygamzeegirl: Can you do a Sherlock x fem! Reader where the reader is a psychologist and lives in the basement apartment. She walks in on Sherlock and Irene Adler and it gets awkward. Jealous and fluff, please?

(gif not mine but writing is)

The Woman who was no Lady

You lived in the basement of 221B Baker Street in London. After 6 months of living there, you had become friends with your neighbours who lived upstairs, consulting detective Sherlock Holmes, Dr John Watson and Mrs Hudson who owned the building. Sherlock Holmes’ abilities astounded and enthralled you, he was truly a master of his craft. Sometimes you liked to think that he also respected your work. You were a psychologist and you’d moved to London as your skills were needed there. Sometimes you felt that 221B needed you just as much, as the people who you lived with were all damaged in some way. But it was a two way street, you felt like you needed them just as much as they needed you.

You sat in your apartment reading a detective novel, one of your favourites genres at the moment. Then it dawned on you, some key information about a client the boys had in yesterday. You chuckled to yourself. It was right in front of Sherlock’s face but he didn’t see it. Placing the book on the table, you smooth down your long white dress which was covered in a floral print. Excitedly you walked up the stairs, they creaked with every step you took. You could hear Sherlock talking. Great that means that John is home too.

Opening the door you see the familiar dark curls and chiseled cheekbones of Sherlock sitting in his chair. “I was thinking about yesterdays client and something occurred to me…” Your words trailed off as a stranger turned around in John’s chair. It was a woman wearing a short black dress that left nothing to the imagination. Her face painted with red lipstick and thick mascara, her dark hair pinned up. You stared at her slightly in shock. You knew that clients did not sit in that chair. Who is she? Studying her again you whisper “dominatrix” a smile flickered on Sherlock’s face. You must have been correct. “Sorry Sherlock, I didn’t realise that you were with a client.” you said nonchalantly as you started to back into the doorway.
“Come in we were only chatting. Besides we need someone to make the cups of tea. I’m parched.” said the woman with a smirk on her face. Sherlock did not know if her last sentence was meant to be a joke or not.

“(Y/N) this is Miss Irene Adler. Irene this is Miss (Y/F/N) (Y/L/N).” said Sherlock though he predominantly gazed at you.
“Pleasure to meet you Irene.” you say to her, smiling politely. Irene looked at you intensely and then back to Sherlock as if you weren’t even standing there.
“Oh Sherlock, I didn’t know that you had a mouse problem.” she said with a smirk on her face as her eyes darted to your direction. Her words took Sherlock by surprise and a look of confusion appeared on his face. She had only just met you but her words were cutting as if she was spitting them at you. Sherlock was about to interject in anger but there was a smile on your face that stopped him.
“It’s alright, I can come back later. I didn’t realise that you were busy.” you say politely. It was clear that Irene did not want you there for some unknown reason.
“Run along sweetheart.” she said, confirming your suspicions. Then something happened. Something that you least expected.

“No stay (Y/N). Please.” Sherlock said as he stared at you. Irene looks at him slightly in shock. Even you knew that it was rare for Sherlock to say the p word. You pulled a chair close to where they were sitting so the chairs would form a loose triangle. Your face looked strained as you sat down. Sherlock could tell that you were biting your tongue and trying your best to be polite.

“Well this is cosy.” Irene said sarcastically whilst leaning forward. As she spoke she placed a hand on Sherlock’s knee and it slowly crept up his thigh. Her plan was working until Sherlock kicked her hand away. His eyebrows furrowing into a frown. You sniggered a little as her plan didn’t work. There was a moment of awkward silence. You didn’t really know what to say.
“Not sure why you are friends with this one Sherlock. A girl like this boring and plain. I mean look at her. Doesn’t even know how to hold a conversation.” Irene said looking at Sherlock as if you weren’t even there. He stared at you with a pained expression. Clearly you must not be the only one holding your tongue.

“Friends… Ah yes that reminds me I must text John to let him know that you have more information on yesterday’s client (Y/N). He’ll want to get home quicker.” Sherlock said whilst texting on his mobile.
“I wouldn’t think it would be possible for her to have more information than you already know. When I see how your brilliant mind works.” Irene’s breathing became heavier as she spoke. “Well the things I would do to you. Sherlock you would be too breathless to speak.”
You raised your eyebrows in disbelief. This must be the weirdest and most awkward conversation you have ever witnessed with someone you had just met.

Suddenly your mobile vibrates silently notifying you of a new text message. You read it discreetly. ‘It’s OK let her have it. - SH’ A smile grew on your face which was mirrored by Sherlocks who has noticed your change in expression. He must of been texting you not John. Now that you had permission, this conversation was going to be fun. The conversation up til now had been in her control. Maybe the power should go to somebody else for a change.

“What is the deal with your dress (Y/N)? They look like curtains.” said Irene, it was obvious that she wanted you to argue back.
“Classic” you say in an unmoving voice.
“What is?” Irene asks with a confused look on her face. You promptly answer whilst staring at her directly in the eye.
“Classic. What you are wearing. The thick dark makeup on your eyes and the red lips. Specially designed to draw attention to them, instead of where you are lacking.”
“How dare you!” she exclaims but you keep on talking.
“Must have been easy for you to move out of your family home. Sad to see that Mummy and Daddy didn’t love you. Is that why you are wearing big girl clothes?”
Irene flinched. You had obviously struck a nerve.
“I knew from the second I saw you what your profession was and your conversation confirmed it. Though I never would have thought that you were into that kind of thing Sherlock.” you say whilst playfully shaking your head at him.
Looking at him you could see a massive grin on his face. Sherlock was enjoying this. You picking apart a woman he could not read and deduce.

“I don’t have to listen to any more of this. Are you really going to let her talk to me like that? Sherlock, I thought you’d be more careful who you choose as your friends!” Irene growls as she stood up. Sherlock also stood and signalled for you to aswell. She was now boxed in and unable to move.

Sherlock stood looking at her as he spoke, with anger in his eyes. “Irene you couldn’t be more wrong. (Y/N) is one of the most intelligent people that I have ever met. Which is evident from the way that she picked you apart. She is never boring or plain because she makes the most interesting and eloquent conversations. She is intelligent but does not let it rule her head. A fault that I have myself. Her dress is beautiful not only the colours but how the fabric hugs her body. She is perfect.” a look of shock and realisation is etched on his face as he looks at you.

Irene pushes past you and storms out of 221B, slamming the door behind her. Sherlock is stood like a statue, staring into your eyes. “She is perfect.” he repeats. A hint of red fills his cheeks. You could also feel yourself blushing.
“(Y/N) you are perfect.” Sherlock said smiling.

N.E.I.G.H.B.O.R.S Pt. 4 // Fanfic

Modern Friend Au // Nessian 

 The One With The Heart to Heart 

 A/N: I don’t even know how to begin to thank you guys! All your comments and love mean so much to me and makes me want to write more! Also to those asking about a kiss…I want it to be perfect and Nesta throwing him out of her house after it would not be perfect. 

 The Day After the Late Night Baking “Date”: 

Cassian will never admit it to anyone but he was standing at his door looking out his peephole for thirty minutes waiting for Nesta to emerge from her apartment. He’s about to give up when he hears the click of a doorknob and her door swing open. He waits a second before he opens his own door. “Oh hey,” he says causally, locking his door behind him while she did the same. 

She makes a noise in acknowledgement before walking down the hallway, balancing a briefcase and two boxes in her grip. “Do you need help?” he asks, catching up with her and matching her pace. 

“I am good,” she replies, still not bothering to look at him. He scratches the back of his neck racking his brain for conversation pieces. 

“I am thinking friday I could make my homemade pizza and you could bake whatever you want to bake,” he says, as they reach the elevator. He presses the down button when he sees her struggling with it. 

“Friday? I am busy Friday,” she mutters. 

“It doesn’t have to be Friday,” he offers. 

“I am going to be busy for awhile,” she says as the elevator door opens and she steps into and turns towards him. He can see the distance in her eyes as she stares right through him. 

“Oh, well, I just realized I forgot my bag in my room so I’ll take the next one,” he replies with a slightly awkward wave as the doors close between them. 

A Couple Months After The “Date”: 

“I only signed up to be the best man so that I would be able to plan the bachelor party,” Cassian says, as he sits back in the cushioned chair. “I did not sign up to spend a day in a boutique wedding dress shopping.” 

Feyre laughs from where she is in the dressing room. “Elain couldn’t come up from North Carolina because of the baby and Nesta had to work again,” she says. 

“What about Mor?” he asks curiously. 

“She went to that conference she was hyping up this weekend and Azerial just happened to be out of town on “business” too,” she replies, opening the door and coming out in a puffy white dress covered in feathers. 

Cassian cringes when he sees the dress. “Unless the swan look is in fashion I give it a no,” he exclaims. She nods her head in agreement and disappears back into the dressing room. “So your sister had work on a Saturday?” 

“What? Oh, Nesta, yeah their was a crisis with one of the books she was advertising or something so she had to go in last minute,” she says, coming back out of the dressing room in a short white dress. 

“You look like I would find you on the corner of a street standing outside a strip club,” he says honestly. She laughs and closes the door behind her. “A crisis?” 

“Yeah, that’s all she said. Why? You live across from her you can just walk over there and ask her yourself. Aren’t you two dating?” Feyre asks. 

Cassian snorts, if ignoring each other was considered dating then they were practically married. “Not even close, I haven’t talked to her in…awhile,” he says, trying to think back to when he actually had a conversation with her. 

“Thats a shame, I totally saw you two together,” she retorts, her voice distant as she struggles to put on the next dress. 

So did I, he answers in his head as the door opens and she walks out wearing a sliming ankle length dress that had lace detailing on the bodice. “Wow, Fey,” he says, watching as she turns towards the mirror. “If you weren’t already marrying my best friend I would propose right now.” 

“Sorry, I am late. I rushed here as fast as- wow. You look wow,” Nesta says, standing behind Cassian. Her eyes hadn’t left Feyre. “Is that the one your getting?” 

“Yeah, I think so,” Feyre says, turning and smiling towards them. “All of a sudden it feels so real.” she laughs, wiping away the tears that were forming. “I should go take this off so I can buy it.” 

“Did you fix the crisis?” Cassian asks, she turns towards him startled obviously not realizing he was sitting there. When she doesn’t answer right away he adds, “The one at your work?” 

“Right, yes. It’s fixed, thank you,” she replies civil. The friendly tone she had used with Feyre just seconds ago gone from her voice. 

They sat in silence while they waited for Feyre to change and then stood in silence behind Feyre while she paid. “I am going to have dinner with Rhys, I’ll see you at girls night tomorrow?” 

Cassian watched as Nesta gave a curt nod. Feyre gave him a smile and thanked him for coming before disappearing to her car. He turned to say goodbye to Nesta but she was typing hurriedly on the phone. 

“Everything okay?” he asks when she lets out a noise of frustration. 

“Yeah, I am fine. My ride just bailed on me so I have to get an uber,” she says, continuing to type on her phone. 

Cassian doesn’t wait for his mind to tell him not before he’s already offering to drive her home. He remembered Feyre mentioning how her engine had fried and she didn’t have enough time to look for a new car. She looks up surprised, which irritates him. When has he not been kind to her? 

“I would appreciate that,” she responds, and he rolls his eyes at the formalities. The car ride is silent and awkward. He watches the road and she texts the whole ride. Neither of them bother with small talk. He pulls up to his designated spot in the garage and parks the car. 

“Wait,” she says, as he goes to open the door. “I wanted to apologize for the way I’ve been acting.” He sits back in his seat and looks at her waiting for her to continue.  “I’ve been a jerk to you and you don’t deserve that. I just didn’t want you think it was a date.” 

He laughs at that, “Message received.” There’s a pause. “Why exactly did you not want it to be a date? You were the one who woke me up in the middle of the night needing “sugar”.” 

She rolls her eyes and scoffs, “I did need sugar so I don’t know why you used that tone.” she pauses, and he can see the hesitation on her face. “I am sort of seeing someone.” 

“Oh,” was all Cassian could muster. 

“Yeah, he’s really nice. He’s known our family for awhile. He used to like Feyre but she’s getting married now so he missed his chance,” she says quickly. 

“He missed his chance with one sister so he’s moving onto the next?” Cassian asks frowning. 

“Well, no. I just- he’s inherit his father’s store so he has a stable career and he volunteers on the weekends at an animal shelter-,” 

“Are you trying to convince me that he’s a good fit or yourself?” Cassian interrupts. 

“I am not trying to convince you of anything. Feyre said your a good friend to talk to and I thought we were friends but I guess I was mistaken,” she says, stepping out of the car and slamming the door behind her. Cassian frowns as he watches her exit the parking garage. 

“Nesta,” Cassian yells, following her out of the restaurant. It was a week before the wedding and they had all met up for dinner before things got crazy with the wedding. She pauses midstep and turns towards him. “Whats up with your eye?” 

Nesta turns her face so he can’t see the black eye. A waiter had accidentally spilled water on Nesta while she was sitting at the table and it had washed away the make up she had used to cover it “I tripped,” she replies. 

“You tripped? Then why is it covered by make up,” he asks, stepping closer to her. He’s relieved when she doesn’t take a step away from him. 

“Because I didn’t want to have to explain to everyone how it happened,” she says, staring at something over his shoulder. He knew she was lying and he had his suspicions as to why. 

“Nes,” he says, his voice just above a whisper. She turns to look at him, their faces inches apart. “You don’t have to lie to me. Tell me what happened. Did Tomas do this to you?” 

She frowns at the mention of her boyfriends name and steps away from Cassian. “It’s not a big deal,” she replies. 

He frowns and clenches his fist together. She didn’t say no. She didn’t say it wasn’t him. “Nesta, tell me where he is,” he says through his teeth. 

She shakes her head, “No, it’s fine. He won’t do it again and if he does I’ll take care of it.” 

“Are you kidding? He hit you and your going to give him a second chance?” Cassian asks bewildered as he stares down at Nesta intently. The once independent fierce girl was gone.  

“Just stay out of it, Cassian,” she retorts, turning on her heel and leaving him behind. 

Update to come.  

BIGBANG - Mafia AU - Part 1

Summary: The most notorious mafia gang in the city, and you’re at the heart of it…quite literally! 

Based off of this request - “All of BB - MADE trailer. All hitmen. U r like a sister to them. All live together in a safe house (love ur cooking/adorable family). U get kidnapped & fucked up badly (ANGST!), they r PISSED. People get fucked up, killed while they save you. Fun ;)” 

AN: Surprise! I just recently got inspiration to do a bigbang mini series, and after looking through my requests, it was pretty obvious which one i had to do! I have changed it slightly, but hey! Bigbang Mafia is hot any way! ;) (Warning: This will not be a regular update like Voices, although i will update it a minimum of at least once a week!- this term has a hectic workload.) But Enjoy! :P x

Originally posted by ssonqs

Part 1

‘Ah! FUCK! Bae, just slow dOWn!’

Those were the first words you hear when you’re startled awake in the middle of the night, the sound of the front door slamming open rousing you from sleep.

'Ji, you are aware that you’re actually quite heavy?! I cant carry you all day! Now, hurry up.’

You listen to the two of them bicker quietly back and forth, sitting up in your darkened room as you hear their voices getting louder, but you know they wont come into your room.

It was like a ritual that happened most nights.

They’d come back at stupid o'clock in the morning- waking you up in the process- with one of them injured or knocked out. They’d make their way to Jiyong’s office hidden at the end of the corridor beside your room, and then they’d go in for a few hours before you’d once again be woken by Jiyong as he slides into bed beside you- his body normally covered in bruises, cuts, and sometimes bigger wounds, but his face clear of any abuse.

And if it was any other night you would have gone back to sleep like you usually did. But after talking with Jiyong earlier in the day before he’d gone out, and finding out that the meeting he had today was with one of the most notorious gang leaders in the area, you were more than slightly worried about what had happened. 

Which is how you found yourself slipping out of bed and pulling on the white, silk robe that hung over the back of the chaise lounge positioned by the window. It was slightly cooler in the room than you first realised, which made you slightly regret getting out of bed, but with the lingering worry in the back of your mind that Jiyong might have been seriously hurt, your feet automatically continue their path towards the door, and you quietly open it before beginning to make your way towards his office.

When you arrived in front of the solid oak door, you couldn’t help but hesitate. It wasn’t like you never went into the room, or that your visits to check he was okay in the middle of the night weren’t frequent… but it was an unwritten rule that Jiyong had put in place that when he was hurt, he didn’t want you to see him.

You’d asked him about it as you’d laid in bed one night at the start of your relationship.

He told you it was because you’d ran out to greet him in the hall when he’d got back one night, but when you’d opened the door and seen him with a bullet caught in his shoulder and a dozen cuts- both shallow and deep- across his torso, you’d frozen in shock, and when he’d seen your face-the utter fear and devastation there- he’d decided he never wanted you to see him like that again. He didn’t like scaring you, and with his line of work, although there wasn’t an aspect of it that wasn't scary, he gave everything in his power to make sure you felt safe in your home and as you went about your life.

However, as stubborn as you always were, that rule got broken a few times along the way- becoming more and more frequent as the weeks went on. But over the past month it had been pretty silent on the wound front; until tonight that was- which was partially why you were so worried.

You didn’t bother to knock before you opened the door, just making sure to be subtle and quiet as you entered the room, although you might not have bothered as you poke your head around the door to see both Jiyong and Youngbae already looking in your direction.

The room was modern…-ish. When you’d asked him about the design when he’d first shown you the room, he’d told you it was a 'classic-future’ fusion- the old wooden floor to ceiling bookcases lining the walls being the 'classic’, and the glass desks & tables and artistic chairs being the 'future’. It was cute and classy just like him, and every time you came in here- even if it was in dire circumstances- you always felt at peace, like you were physically inside Jiyong’s arms; nothing bad could happen here.

'Hey.’ you mumble as you close the door, folding your arms around yourself and biting your lip as your eyes focus on Ji and you see him frown a little as he looks away from you, moving to put his shirt back on where he’d been cleaning his wounds.

'Jagi, I thought you would have been asleep.’ he says, his face scrunching up in a wince as he slips his arms into the shirt, and you cant help but make your way towards him when you see the pain he’s in, Youngbae sliding off of his seat on the edge of the desk making you stop halfway across the room, your lips pressing into a line as you watch Jiyong continue to button his shirt.

'I was, but I…I heard you come in…I just wanted to check that you were okay.’ you murmur, rubbing your arms against the chill that ran through you- the cold having nothing to do with the temperature of the room at this point, but instead being a reaction to seeing the cuts on Ji’s arms.

'I’m sorry for waking you, Jagi… I’ll try to be quieter in the future-’

'Are you okay?’ you blurt out, anxiously looking between him and Youngbae, who raises his eyebrows as he looks at the floor, slightly surprised by your outburst- especially since it was in his company.

That was another one of the unwritten rules; always put on a strong face in front of Ji’s men.

'Jagi, I’m fine.’ Jiyong replies, his gaze burning into you telling you to calm down, but it was obvious from the way the two of you watch each other silently for a few moments that you were struggling not to say anything.

'Bae, can you give us a minute?’ he asks with a sigh, sitting up properly in his chair with a wince, and your grip on your arms begins to ache as your fingers curl at the pained expression on his face.

'Sure. I’ll go and call the others and be back in 5.’ Youngbae replies, his eyes finally flickering up to look at you as he begins to make his way to the door, the slight breeze as he walks by you making you tremble in his wake, and as soon as you hear the click of the door as it closes, your gaze flickers back up to Jiyong.

'I’m sorry. I know you dont like me coming in here when you’ve just got back from work, and I know you dont like me seeing you when you’re hurt, but I just needed to-’

'Jagi, come here.’ he murmurs softly, cutting you off as he gets to his feet and grunting quietly as he straightens himself up. But as soon as the words are out of his mouth, you’re lunging over to him, flinging yourself into his arms as he holds them out to you, and you hear him grunt with the impact.

'Aish, Jagi, not so hard.’ he groans as you tie your arms tightly around him, loosening your hold until your hands are laid gently against his shoulder blades and your forehead is leant against the clean, non-bloody, side of his chest, being extra careful to make sure you weren’t causing him any pain.

'Sorry.’ you mumble, feeling his own arms slide to encompass you in their grasp, the warmth from his forearms sinking through your robe to your back and making you feel- as always- like everything was okay.

'You’re silly for worrying about me, Jagi…you should know by now that even if I come back battered and bruised, I’ll always come back to you.’ he murmurs, propping his chin on your head as his hand rubs gently over the top of one of your arms.

'I know…and I know you dont like me seeing you hurt…but-’

'Jagi, dont worry about it…as long as you’re not scared, then seeing it once wont hurt…besides I’m not even that badly hurt…I just dont want you to always be worried about me. I want to make sure you’re okay, and that you’re happy, because thats the only thing that matters.’ he explains, moving his chin so that he could press his lips into your hair.

'Tell me…how was your day?’ he says quietly, tilting his head to look down at you and smiling gently at you when he sees you looking up at him with wide, worried eyes, pulling you gently towards him as he backs up and sitting back down in his huge, importantly looking, desk chair, before guiding you to sit on his lap.

You couldn’t help but smile at his question as he pushes your hair back from your face, knowing that it was his way of asking you to distract him from the evening’s activities.

And so you do.

You tell him about how a new order of roses that you’d got delivered to the flower shop had been mixed up with a giant box of cactuses, and you’d had to call a bazillion people to get the mishap fixed. You tell him about how your friend Soolee had dumped her boyfriend John after he accidentally tripped her mother up at dinner and caused her to have to get a knee replacement. You told him how when you got home, you’d found a bill for the heating that told you you were in credit by over 800,000 WON, and when he chuckled you proceeded to tell him that you were going to turn the house into a sauna from now on, since you were usually always freezing.

'You are unnaturally cold for a normal person.’ he comments, grinning as he rubs your arms to make sure you were comfortable and you lean into his shoulder, immediately recoiling when he hisses.

'Aiy- its okay, its just…that was the one that I hurt earlier..’ he mumbles, turning his head to look at it and pulling down his shirt a little to reveal a very large white dressing covering the skin.

'How did tonight go?’ you ask before he can change topic again, knowing he wanted to forget about it, but also knowing that that wouldn’t be possible until he talked through it.

'Fine….’ he starts, sighing as if he wasn’t going to say anything else, but when his eyes flicker up to yours and he sees your patient expression, he carries on, slumping his shoulders in the process and hissing once again with the pain of the movement.

'I mean, we got what we wanted. But then Seungri decided he had to go and show off…riled up one of Hyung-won’s men, and then when he couldn’t control the situation left me to deal with the aftermath.’ he murmurs, his jaw clenching as he remembers something that you couldn’t see, but with the way his eyebrows smoothed out slightly, you knew he felt better after letting out some frustration.

'Seungri, does seem to cause you a lot of trouble.’ you mumble, reaching your hand up to wipe a smudge of dirt from Jiyong’s face and smiling shyly when he turns his head to press a kiss into your palm, holding your hand in place with his.

'He does…but I just cant seem to find it in me to get rid of him.’ Jiyong says, smiling slightly at you as his eyes roam your face, a content hum escaping him as the two of you continue to watch each other.

It was always moments like these, when a spark would appear between the two of you and you’d remember why you put up with everything the way you did. The way his large, yet gentle hands held your hips, sliding over your sides as he pulls you in to him slowly. The way his glistening brown eyes caught your gaze and held you captive beneath his, promising to keep you safe from anything. And the way his lips told you anything you wanted to know with a simple touch against yours.

It was all of those things and more that you craved in that moment, but just as your bottom lip brushed against his and you were making to close your eyes, you hear the heavy footing of Youngbae coming back down the hall and you sigh as you make to stand up- knowing Ji wouldn’t want one of his men seeing him with his guard down.

Which is why it surprised you when his hands that were still secure on your hips, refuse to let you move.

You look back at him, frowning in confusion as the door opens, but he simply holds you calmly against him as Youngbae walks in, the shorter man not outwardly showing his uncomfortableness with the situation- the only sign of this being in the way his eyes shift slightly between the two of you, which you see as you turn to look at him.

'Seungri and Daesung have just arrived back at the base, although by the way Daesung reported it, Seungri wasn’t all too happy about being dragged back- but the brat needs to learn a lesson. And Seunghyun has just called in to say the deal went ahead smoothly and Minhyuk’s gang should be ready to move in the next two days.’ he explains, ignoring you for the most part- which you dont blame him for- and focusing his address on Jiyong, who nods thoughtfully with the information.

'And Junmyeon?’ Ji asks, head perking up as he remembers something, his fingers squeezing a little on your hip in his excitement.

'Taken care of.’ Youngbae replies ominously, his eyes briefly flickering to you, and you bow your head as you pretend to ignore what he had said, but with Ji sliding a hand into one of yours and rubbing his thumb over your palm, you get distracted from the conversation anyway.

'Will you be able to sort Seungri out by yourself when you go back to the base?’ Jiyong asks a few moments of conversation later, the sound of the youngest gang members name making your ears perk up, and your hand in Jiyong’s tightens minutely in response, making him huff a quiet chuckle through his nose at your reaction.

'Yeah. I’ll make sure that little punk knows to stay in line next time.’ Bae growls, his frustration at the Maknae’s obvious faux pas, being a lot more aggressively apparent compared to Jiyong’s and even though you know you shouldn’t, you cant help but smile slightly at the passion of the shorter man.

'Thank you, Youngbae. Good work, as always for today- I’ll call you in the morning.’ Jiyong say, dismissing him as cheerfully as he possibly could and after a quick nod of his head and ’catch ya later, alligator’, Youngbae was gone.

'You shouldn’t laugh when he gets riled up, Jagi.’ Jiyong reprimands as he pulls you back into him, dropping a kiss to your cheek and grinning as he leans his forehead against your temple, his warm arms around you making you shiver happily.

'Sorry, Oppa.’ you mumble, holding your palm to his jaw and humming happily as Jiyong changes from 'mafia boss’ to 'caring boyfriend’ in the space of the 20 seconds it took for the front door of the house to slam with Youngbae’s departure.

'Yah, come on, lets go to bed. I’m exhausted.’ he murmurs, patting your butt to get you to jump up from his lap, and you smile as you get to your feet, casting your eyes affectionately around the room as Jiyong shuffles a few papers on his desk and re situates a few things before getting up with a grunt and grabbing hold of your hand again.

'So, what is it tonight?’ he asks, in reference to your usual ritual of whenever Jiyong returns home late at night and manages to wake you up, the two of you will watch an episode of the television show you were most recently watching, so that he could help you get back to sleep.

'The new season of Game of Thrones! I just started it the other day!’ you say excitedly, grinning at him happily as he smiles back at you, pulling you out of the office, and switching the light off and pulling the door closed as he goes.

'Is it any good? I dont think I ever got around to watching it.’ he asks, shuffling slowly down the hall with you as the two of you make your way back to your bedroom.

'Its okay so far…its very…bloody.’ you explain, shooting him a knowing look as you walk backwards through the bedroom door, and you receive a smirk from him in response.

'Dont you get enough of that kind of excitement from me, Jagi?’ he asks, as he shuts the door behind him, before making his way to the ensuite off the side of your room.

'Well yeah, but this show has hot guys in it!’ you call as you make your way to the bed after he’d disappeared around the door, turning when you sit down to catch him sticking his head back out to glare at you in response when he registers what you’d said, before dipping back into the bathroom.

'Is this not hot enough for you?’ he asks, coming back out from the bathroom a few seconds later minus a shirt and in just his boxers, battle scars crisscrossing a lot of his toned torso, but somehow his stomach area, the majority of his chest (other than a deep gash on one pec) and his face, remained unscathed.

You felt your mouth water at the sight, your body flaring with heat as it usually did when he presented the smoldering look on his face that he was currently wearing, and your hands trembled excitedly as they grip at the bed sheets on either side of you, eyes roaming his body all the while.

'Mmmmh, always.’ you mumble, eyes flashing up to his and you grin at him as he quickly stalks towards you, jumping onto the bed and straddling you as you fall backwards, the action making you giggle happily.

'Then how about we forget about the t.v show, and have some fun instead?’ he asks, his large shoulders eclipsing the soft lamp light that flowed through the room, and his plush lips drifting over yours make you forget about the rest of the night’s events almost immediately.

'Sounds like a plan.’


The Carriage

Race x Reader

“I can’t believe I’m letting you do this,” Race muttered, shaking his head.

You rolled your eyes. “Oh please, Race, with all you do for me, the least I can do is buy you lunch.”

He looked at you incredulously. “What have I ever done for you?”

“You sell me my paper every morning.”

“You pay for them!”

“Fine!” You threw your arms up in the air with a giggle and stepped off of the curb to look up at Race. “I’m buying you lunch because you’re my friend. Now, come on!” And with that, you turned around with a swish of your skirt and began to cross the street.

“(y/n), look out!”

You ignored Race’s frantic voice, thinking he was just trying to stop you again. Oh, how wrong you were. You didn’t realize your mistake until you were pushed extremely hard from behind. Your hands caught you just before you could land face-first in the dirt, and you gritted your teeth at the sharp pain that shot up your wrists.

But then you hear the squealing of wooden wheels and the panicked whinnying of a horse. It all happened so fast.

A man came and helped you up, looking at you with concerned eyes and asking you if you were alright. “I’m fine,” you said, shaking your hands out of his. You glanced around frantically, looking at the upturned carriage and the horse that was running freely through the street with men chasing after it, trying to calm it down. Three more men were climbing on top of the sideways carriage, reaching down through the window to help whoever was inside out.

Then you noticed the small crowd gathered around the other side of the carriage, and somehow, you just knew. You pushed away from the man who picked you up and ran around to the other side of the carriage. A discarded newsboy cap laid just outside the small crowd, and tears welled up in your eyes. You walked forward slowly, as if in shock, and picked it up with shaking hands.

Oh my God.

“Let me through!” you screamed, pushing through the men and a few women. “That’s my friend!”

When you finally got to the front, you immediately burst into tears. Race laid with his legs under the upturned carriage, blood matting his blonde hair on one side. His arms were scraped up, and you couldn’t imagine what’s wrong with his legs. You ran forward and fell down next to him, cupping he face in your hands. He was unconscious, and your heart practically stopped when you realized his breathing was erratic.

And now you sit in a chair next to his bed at the Lodging House, tears streaming slowly down your face as you look at your friend. His head is wrapped in white dressing, covering one of his closed eyes. Romeo sits on the other side of the bed, elbows resting on his bouncing knees as he shakes.

You know the rest of the boys were told to wait downstairs, but you can practically see them lined up on the stairs, listening to Jack and Katherine talking to the doctor she called. The doctor said Race would be fine. He had a broken leg, arm, a bad concussion, and his lungs are bruised. He said it’s a miracle that Race made it out of that accident in as good of shape as he did.

That doesn’t make you feel any better, though.

“This is all my fault,” you whisper, feeling another tear slip down your cheek.

Romeo looks up, for once absent of his normal witty remarks. “(y/n)-”

“If I had looked where I was going-”

“(y/n)!” You gasp and look up from Race’s hand in yours, making eye contact with Romeo. His brown eyes are more concerned than you’ve ever seen them. “It’s not your fault. It was an accident. And you know Race will kill you when he wakes up if he finds out you’re blaming yourself.”

You hold back another sob. “I’m so worried, Rome.”

The younger boy gets up and comes to sit next to you, taking your free hand in his. “Me too.” He lays his head on your shoulder, and you lean yours against his.


You awaken to a hand stroking gently through you’re hair. “Romeo,” you sigh and readjust your head where it lays next to Race’s legs, “now is not the time.”

“Damn, you got somethin’ ta tell me about you and Rome?”

You shoot upright in a split second, blinking as your eyes try to adjust to the early morning sunlight streaming through the window across the room. Race grins at you and wiggles his fingers. “Race!” you scream, throwing yourself forward and hugging him gently. He winces, but otherwise doesn’t let you know that it hurt.

You pull away and cup his cheeks, relieved tears streaming down your face. “Oh my God, I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry, I didn’t-”

Race frowns, his one blue eye that isn’t covered by dressing squinting up at you. “It’s not your fault. You just-” His eyes move past you, and you follow them to see Romeo standing at the foot of your bed with wide eyes. “Hey, brother,” Race mumbles.

“Dammit, Race.” Romeo offers a shaky smile. “I’m supposed to save the damsels in distress.”

Race chuckles, and you’re glad to see it’s barely strained at all. “Yeah, well, the real prince wasn’t around.” Romeo grins and jumps forward and onto the bed, crushing Race into the mattress. “Rome!” Race wheezes, “that hurts!”

“Sorry, sorry,” Romeo winces and jumps off of the bed. “I’ll go get the guys!” With one last blown kiss to you, he sprints out of the room yelling: “Guys! He’s awake!”

You giggle and turn back to Race, sitting back in the chair next to his bed. Your face falls as you notice his state again. I’m so sorry, Race. If I had listened-“

“Hey,” he interrupts you, taking your hand. “It wasn’t your fault. I would be trampled by a horse for you any day.”

You blush and giggle at his antics, squeezing his hand. “Thank you.”

He smiles softly. “Any time.”

Part 2

| Mirror | Bill Cipher

Your best friend’s name is Sally in this because shut up it was the first thing that came to my head.

“Hurry up, Y/N!!”

You took the time to fix the makeup on your face again. It wasn’t anything too extravagant as you weren’t really that kind of person, but your best friend had practically forced you to wear it. You got off with only wearing lipstick (thank god). After all, ‘today was the day for you to get turnt up’, as she so eloquently put it.

What was today? Oh. Halloween.

Whereas you’d rather be scaring kids that came to your door and gorging on candy while watching Netflix, your friend had other plans. She’d been invited to this haunted house, a.k.a a bunch of teenagers going to a crappy attraction then most likely go and get drunk afterwards and go to an actual party.

Yeah. You didn’t feel like doing that last part, if it wasn’t obvious. The only reason you’d agreed was because you’d never been to an actual haunted house.

“What’s the harm?” You muttered, dragging the red lipstick down the sides of your mouth to your chin in makeshift fangs. Yeah, yeah you were a vampire. Cliche, right? It was the only costume at Walmart that wouldn’t make you look like you were slack - the others only covered your most important parts and otherwise disgusted you.

Along with a long black cape, a jagged red shirt, ripped jeans and some knee length boots, You had on a white mask that covered the top half of your face, the material unique so that you could see out of it but that no one could see your eyes.

It was kind of sick actually. In a good way.

“Y/N!!” She whined once more. You rolled your eyes, capping the lipgloss and putting it down.

“Coming, coming,” You shouted back, running out the bathroom to meet her expectant eyes. She gasped and clapped her hands together, grinning.

“You look amazing!” She danced around, grinning cheekily. You rolled your eyes again but smiled a bit.

“You don’t look too bad yourself,” You glanced over her Tinkerbell costume. Way too flashy for your liking, but she still looked beautiful. It suited her.

“Damn right,” She scoffed, hooking her arm with yours at the elbow. “Now let’s go show the city who’s ready to rock.”

“You mean the boys,” You responded, teasing. Your friend could get quite boy crazy.

She chuckled nervously, scratching her cheek. “Same thing, right?”

“Woah,” Sally breathed, looking up at the large establishment in front you. Beside her were about ten other teens in your little group. They were all from your school as you vaguely noticed the faces, but otherwise you didn’t think you’d ever even talked to one of them before. A couple of them were staring with the same awe, one looked completely bored out of their mind, and two were locked into an intense make out session, with no regards for PDA. You shivered, disgusted, and pointedly glanced away.

The house itself indeed did look, haunted, you thought. Large intimidating structures lit up in silver, courtesy of the moon, and covered in shadows. Contorted faces of monsters greeted you as you all walked up the pathway. There was a long line to go in and you sighed just as everyone groaned.

“This is gonna take forever…” One of your groupies mumbled. Well the universe must have heard the complaint because as soon as the words left his lips, a shout was heard.

“Is there a group containing more than ten people?” One of the guides shouted over the crowd. “We’re taking in the large groups first!”

Immediately your group started calling out, jumping and making noise. A minute later you found yourself walking into the entrance.

“Ooh…I’m so ready for this!” Sally fidgeted. You huffed. You were a bit excited too, but you wished you could have spent this with only her or more of your close friends.

The double doors closed behind you as soon as the last person stepped in, enclosing everyone in total darkness.

Squeaks and cries were heard while you just raised an eyebrow. Sally clutched onto your arm.

“Well that’s just great,” You spoke, sarcasm dripping from your tone. “How are we supposed to know where to go?”

As if switched on by your words, a trail of lanterns suddenly lit up, one by one, leading down and down into the house until you couldn’t see anymore, emitting a green, sickly light.

There were words painted on a sign hanging from the ceiling. It was only supported by a tiny string and looked like it would fall any minute. “CoMe” it spelled.

Ok. That unnerved you just a bit.

The group of you started making your way down the path.

Long story short there was a bunch of scares. Some funny, most cheesy, and a few special ones that made you jump.

(What? You absolutely did not scream that one time a skeleton hand grabbed your shoulder out of the shadows. Definitely not. Tell anyone that and you’re dead.)

You could tell that you were nearing the end as the scares got few and further apart.

“The Man in the mirror?” Sally mumbled. You all had stopped before a large painted over sign that pointed to the mirror below it. You looked at the person in the glass and for a second your heart jumped.

“Woah,” you breathed, for the first time intrigued. There was indeed, a man in the mirror. There was a grin on his face, though there was something wrong with it, something  not quite….normal. His wide dark eye was glazed over, the other covered by an eyepatch. He was adorned in a white dress shirt covered with a yellow brick pattern jacket that matches his boots. His teeth were gleaming white, his gloved hands behind his back and holding a cane whilst a… top hat? A top hat floated above his head. He seemed to be frozen in the position.

Weird. But intriguing.

“Say something and I’ll answer it….if you dare~A talk box was beside the mirror. It was funny how it tried to sound intimidating, and you sighed. Just when you were interested it had to be ruined with something corny.

One of your groupies 'ooo’d, even Sally looking scared and you just shoved your hands in your pockets. Disappointing.

Some of the guys elbowed each other to say something till you just spoke up.

“Hello,” You said, the boredom leaking through your tone. Your group held their breath in anticipation.

“Hello. You may not want to look into your mirror tonight…just a warning.”

One of the girls jumped. “Oh jeez! Looks like I’m not looking into my mirror ever again.”

“Are you being serious right now?” You mumbled. “That was about as scary as a baby panda.”

A chuckle.

Well it was more like a giggle, but nonetheless it startled you, making you worry they had heard your stray comment. But none of them were laughing. In fact they weren’t even paying attention to you.

Then who…?

You dismissed it as a lame sound effect of the house.

“Well let’s go,” Sally hushed everyone along. You pursed your lips.

“Actually,” you interrupted. “I think I’ll stay here. I’m not really feeling up for any more fake scares.”

“But..” Sally frowned.

“I’ll be fine,” you reassured. “We have like fifteen minutes left in here anyway.”

“…ok,” She said cautiously. You watched till they disappeared into another room before letting out a breath, leaning against the wall.


Your eyes couldn’t help but stray to the attraction again. It seemed like his gaze was boring right into you.

You chuckled. “I can’t believe they got scared in here,” you talked to yourself, rubbing your head. “It’s all a bunch of crap. I should’ve just stayed home.”

“Say something and I’ll answer it….if you dare~” the box spoke up again, responding to your noise.

“Is there a way to turn this thing off?” You muttered. You were starting to get a headache and it wasn’t helping. You kicked it as a little joke, but jumped when smoke started coming off it.

“Did I just break it…?” You blinked. “Hah…whoops.”

Your eyes went back to the man’s again and you narrowed your eyes. “They couldn’t have done better with you? At least have your mouth move when you talk.”

You walked closer to the mirror till you were right in front of it. “Then again,” you titled your head. “I must say I’m loving the bowtie. Very dapper looking.”

You tapped the mirror absentmindedly. “I wish I could have this permanent smile. How do you do it?” You mused, closing your eyes out of frustration. “Having to deal with these stupid people? Sometimes I just want to smash their heads in I swear.”

You rested your head on the cool surface, snickering. “Well not literally. Don’t think I’m crazy enough for that yet.”

“It’s harder than it looks. Dealing with these meatbags.”

You jolted, opening your eyes.

Only to find him looking right back, head turned in your direction.

You backed up, eyes wide. His eye followed you as if actually seeing you. You swallowed then let out nervous laughter.

“Oh you can move! Thought you just stood still. Scared for a bit.” You shook your head. “And talk with a different voice too. Cool.”

The man just leant forward, bringing the cane from behind his back and leaning forward on it, floating top hat following his movements.

“I’m talking to an inanimate object, great,” you slapped your forehead.

“Depends on what you’d call inanimate, Little Bat,” He hummed. You frowned.

'You know what?’ You thought. 'To heck with it.’

“Little Bat?” You harrumphed. “What, because of the vampire outfit? Real original.”

He shrugged. “I do try.”

You put your hands on your hips. “Okay there’s no way that’s a mechanical response. How are you doing that? Is there someone listening and sending you the answers? If so not cool, man!” You shouted to whoever was controlling this.

The man giggled, turning upside down, blonde hair floating around. “Cute. But I’m afraid not, love.”

You pursed your lips. “Then how…?” You got an idea and went around the mirror but there was no projector or man standing behind it. Just the smooth back of the silver mirror. You went back around.

“Tell me how this works,” You couldn’t help your curious nature, eyes gleaming.

The man shrugged. “I’m trapped in here. That’s all.”

You snorted. “Yeah right. You want me to actually believe that?”

“I mean you can believe whatever you want, little bat,” he crossed his legs indian style, still upside down as he bored his eye into yours. “I’ve been stuck here for years. Sucked right out of the dreamscape because of some stupid teens trying out an incantation. Forced to watch every tiny little human walk by here on this holiday. It never surprises me, the stupidity of the human race.” At first his tone was light and comical but as he continued it started to get dark, his smile widening. “Sometimes I wish I could just go out there and rip the smiles from their puny little faces. Splatter these restraining walls with their blood.”

You took another step back, eyes wide.

He snapped out of it at your action, laughing and flipping back right side up. “Ah, did I frighten you?”

You swallowed on a dry throat. “Uh yeah. Definitely…definitely a bit frightened. And normally I’d be running down the hallway by now and screaming but you still intrigue me, and I’m not taking that stupid faux story of yours for the truth. So spill.” You crossed your arms.

Instead of giving in he just laughed hard suddenly, holding his stomach.

“AHAHAHA!!” He kicked his legs in the space. “I knew there was a reason why you interested me, kid!”

You could only watch as he continued his hysterics. “Excuse me?”

“Come back here tomorrow,” He said. “Early.”


You were cut off by a shout.

“We’re leaving!” You heard the voice of your best friend distantly. “Get over here!”

You blinked. How did he know you were about to leave?

“…I won’t be coming back,” You said.

“Yes, you will,” He said without a beat.

How dare he act like he knew you?

“I won’t,” You stressed. “Now if you excuse me, I have to leave.”

He only stared at you expectingly, resting his chin on his fist. You relented, turning around so you wouldn’t have to look at him.

“…what’s your name?” You muttered. He snickered and you glared at the ground. “It’s only so that when I tell my friends not to come here to be assaulted by a man in the mirror I have a title.”

There was amusement in his voice when he replied. “You can call me… Bill.”

You mentally tucked the name into the back of your mind before taking a step towards the exit. Two steps. Three. When you were at the door and he still didn’t say anything, you couldn’t help it.

“Don’t you want to know my name as well?” You looked at the painted wood of the door. You heard a click of a cane against the nonexistent ground of the mirror.

“But I already know it.”

You stiffened.

When he didn’t say anything else you opened the door and just as you were about to swing it closed, a whisper echoed in the space.


You slammed the door shut.

When you finally met back up with your friends, you tried to ignore the way your heart ferociously beat against your chest.

You couldn’t sleep.

Trust me, You tried.

You read a book. You visited every single social media account you had. You drank some tea. Hell, you even took a pill at one point.

But no matter what you tried, you couldn’t sleep. Every time you closed your eyes the name 'Bill’ appeared behind them, teasing you, inviting you. You were sick of it. You were tired, anxious, and you absolutely could not get a wink of rest.

There were so many questions. Was someone just trolling you? Was it really possible he was trapped in there? Why hadn’t he told anyone? How did Bill know your name? Most importantly….

Why did he want you to come back?

“I’m not doing it,” You stopped that train of thought, scolding yourself harshly. You rolled over on the bed, stuffing your face into the pillow and pulled the sheets over your head. “I’m not going.”

As the clock ticked four thirty a.m. you found yourself heading out the door.

Thankfully you were sleeping over Sally’s house that night. Sally lived with only her grandma, her grandma that wouldn’t wake up if someone was blasting the radio next to her head.

It was easy enough not waking up Sally as well, though it almost gave you a heart attack how cautiously you got out of the bed she and you were sleeping in. You swore she almost woke up like ten times.

You tapped against the mask you wore, biting your lip. No you still weren’t in your vampire outfit, just the mask. Why did you wear it? Well that’s what you met Bill with. You saw his face but he didn’t fully see yours. It gave you a sense of….security.

By the time you reached the haunted house you were already regretting your decision. Nonetheless you steeled your nerves and went forward.

You dropped down from the window you had crawled through, swaying on your feet to regain balance. The darkness hit you all at once. It had been dark before but without the lanterns it was pitch black.

Well. You came prepared. You took out your flashlight. It flickered a bit before you slammed it against your hand and the bright light shone out in a wide, strong beam.

You made your way through. There were no people hiding in the dark to scare now, and the traps you had stepped on earlier you maneuvered around this time. As an effect, it was just silent. The only sound you heard was the dusty shuffling of your feet as you walked. Eventually you got to the room where Bill was.

You took in a deep breath, strengthened your grip around the flashlight and opened the door.

Bill was in the pose you had first seen him with, staring off into space. You felt your stomach tighten at just the sight of him. Nothing strange really ever happened in your life and this, just his existence, made your adrenaline spike.

Your eye caught a switch on the wall and when you flicked it, light flooded the room. Thank god you wouldn’t have to be in the dark anymore.

“Hello?” You hit yourself internally for stuttering as you stepped closer. “Uh, Bill?”

Silence. He didn’t even move.

You tapped the mirror after you crossed the room, wondering if you had to wake him up or something. When he still didn’t make any signs of movement after a while you deflated.

“Of course he’s not on,” you pressed a hand to your forehead, feeling yourself get angry. “He’s shut off like everything else in here.”

You bit your tongue to calm yourself down, shutting your eyes tight. How had you really been so stupid?

I wasted my time. “It was all just a stupid-”


You made an embarrassing squeal and snapped your head up. Bill was grinning at you, twirling his cane. You couldn’t even say anything, your mouth opened wide. He burst out laughing at your expression.

“You should have seen your face! That was too good.”

If you were angry before, You were furious now. Somewhere deep down there was also relief that he was real, but mostly anger.

“I can’t believe you-ugh!” You almost tore your hair straight out of your skull.

Bill just watched you calmly. He leant on his cane, waiting for you to calm down. When you did, he smiled.

“Ah Little Bat, you’re hilarious. So, how’s that not sleeping thing going for ya?” He mused, stretching.

“How did you know I hadn’t-” you cut yourself off, shaking your head. “Forget it.” You had no time for that. “Why did you want me to come back?”

“Because I was lonely?” He tried, shrugging. You narrowed your eyes and he sighed dramatically. “Fine, fine. Because I want you to let me out.”

“Let..let you out?” You repeated, stunned. Something blue flashed in his eye and he nodded.

“Yes, let me out. Your hearing’s just fine, don’t be annoying.”

Um. Rude much?

“I don’t think that’s the way you should be speaking to someone you’re asking a favor from,” You crossed your arms. He had an uncanny way of pissing you off. “And besides, how were you so sure I’d come back today? What would you have done without me?”

In a split second his face was right up against the glass of the mirror, so close to yours he would’ve been touching you if not for the thin separating material. Your eyes widened and you froze, unable to move. His grin had widened, showing teeth. His eye was now coated over with a deep madness that bored straight into your soul.

“Because you’re curious,” He slammed his palms onto the glass as well. “And it’s that curiousity that kills cats such as yourself. I’d advise you to run, but would you heed the warning?”

You tried to swallow but found that you couldn’t. Your tongue was too dry.

When you finally managed to speak it was without thinking.

“I thought you said I was a bat?”

Bill blinked, looking surprised for the first time. Then he started laughing again, so hard you expected tears to start streaming down his face.

“Of course!” He knocked a fist against the glass. “How could I make such a mistake, Little Bat?”

You watched him lose it. “You’re insane.”

He stopped laughing creepily fast, shrugging as he returned to normal in a blink. “Sure I am, what’s your point?”

You opened your mouth before closing it. “You’re going off track. Why in the world should I release you? Not going to lie, people normally trap things if they’re causing chaos. How am I even supposed to in the first place?”

Bill just hummed, tapping the spot where your nose was in front of on the glass. You backed away, somehow feeling assaulted like he had actually touched you.

“You’re asking the wrong questions, dear~” He twirled the cane again. “What you should really be asking, is why I chose you to ask.”

“Alright then,” you caved. “Hit me. Why did you choose me?”

Bill didn’t even hesitate. “Because I like you.”

You almost choked. “You w-what?”

“I like you,” he repeated. “You interest me. From the minute you walked in wearing that ridiculous getup, I could tell you were different than the rest. That feeling only increased the minute we were alone.”

You could feel your body heating up, cheeks flushing. You forced it down, licking your lips. “And…You want me to let you out?”

“Thought I’d made that clear, little bat.”

“What’s in it for me?” You bit your lip. He tapped his mouth as if thinking.

“What do you want?” He asked.

“You,” you spat out.

His eye widened just as your jaw dropped as you realized how that sounded.

“N-Not like that!” You clarified, face now steaming as you shook your hands and head.

“That is a bit misleading,” Bill mused. Then he smirked, eye lidding seductively. “Though I’m happy to abide by your circumstances, kid~”

Oh. My. God.

You looked away as to not embarrass yourself further. “What I meant, was that you stay. Not just leave as soon as I let you out. I have so many questions…”

Bill seemed excited. A bit too excited. “That sounds fair. First, take off the mask.”

“Why?” You were taken aback.

“I want to see your face. It won’t work with a barrier like that.”

You took in a deep breath. “Fine.” You slowly removed the white accessory, smoothing your hair back and looking away so as to not see his reaction. When you inevitably looked back he had on a possessive smile that made you blush.

“Beautiful,” He purred.

“Get to the point,” You snapped, blushing harder. “What, w-what do I need to do?” Everything in you was screaming what in the world were you doing but your selfish desires were whispering in your ear for you to continue.

“Just put your hand here,” He pointed to the mirror. You shakily pressed your palm to the surface. His own hand lit up blue, enchanting you as the bright flames licked at his glove, but didn’t seem to burn. “Now repeat after me: θα σας απελευθερώσει, Bill Cipher, Δίνω την ψυχή μου.”

You repeated the syllables as if in a trance, the unfamiliar language rolling off your tongue. Bill grinned.

“Then it’s a deal,” He pressed his hand to where yours was. A blinding light flashed. The glass seemed to be melting as he started to step through. His hand passed through the mirror and pressed to yours, gripping your fingers. You gasped at the leathery soft feeling of his gloves as he shook your hand, electricity tingling through you at the contact. The last thing you saw properly was the bobbing motion of your arms and his last foot stepping out before everything happened at once.

Something exploded above you, deafening in your ears and plunging you into darkness. It took you a second to realize that it had been the lightbulb. Bill’s hand slipped from yours and you heard laughter, gleeful, mocking. You twisted on your spot round and round but you couldn’t locate the origin of it as the sound bounced round the darkness.

“I’m free!” He yelled.

“What are you doing?” You asked, starting to panic.

“'I like you’” He repeated the words he’d said to you, laughing. “What a joke! More like you were the only person gullible enough for me to win over their complete trust. You’re such an idiot!”

You felt a strong blow to your heart. What had you done?

“Though I suppose I should thank you for setting me free.”

Before you could register it, He was knocking you down to the floor. You could see his lone eye glowing yellow in the pitch black.

“And you do still interest me, believe it or not,” Hot breath hit your ear. His hands pinned yours to the ground, forcefully straddling you and pressing your bodies together. “So considering that you’re now bound to me for eternity-”

He bit down on your bottom lip.

“Let’s have some fun, Y/N~”

θα σας απελευθερώσει, Bill Cipher, Δίνω την ψυχή μου.

I release you, Bill Cipher, I offer my soul.


A Little Persuasion

Gif Not Mine

Hello fellow Tublermites, this idea kinda popped into my head when I was listening to Heaven in Hiding by Halsey which is what I recommend you listen to while you read this. This is also another smut fic which I rarely do and probably suck at so be easy on me. Anyway, you all enjoy :)

Warning: This contains mature themes involving sex. If you don’t like then don’t read.

Word Count: 1934

The sweet buttery scent of popcorn wafted from your kitchen into your small living room as you quickly threw together a simple pile of pillows and blankets. The soft hums from the other room filled you with a sense of excitement. You had been waiting for this day for weeks now, and finally, Star City had calmed down, and you could spend a Friday night with the man you loved without him running off to save the city. Oliver had wanted to take you out to a fancy restaurant and treat you to a night of luxury however you opted to spend a night wearing one of Oliver’s long dress shirts while cuddling on the couch watching cheesy Rom-Coms. The perfect date you had explained.

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Walk The Line

This is part Three to the “Devil’s Backbone” series.

Read part Two here

A/n: Let me know what you think!

Warnings: Language, Some Angst, little bit of blood.

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Life before Hell: hard enough. Life after: even worse.

Day in and day out was consumed by terrifying daydreams, nightmares, and all the gruesome thoughts in between. Nobody understood it, no matter how many unique ways they tried wrapping their minds around what had happened. They weren’t in your position. They weren’t living with everything you were. As much as they tried to relate, to understand, they couldn’t. And they never would.

Dean kept a watchful eye on you. Like an eagle would it’s baby from a distance. Watching. Waiting for something to go wrong so they could swoop in and “save the day”. Oh but things had been wrong since you rose from the literal grave almost a week ago.

Sam tried his best to let you know he was there for you. Part of you, mainly all of you, thought (more like knew) he felt as though this was his fault. You’d died to save him. Gone to Hell for him. Now you were fucked up seven ways to Sunday, and you knew he carried the guilt on his masculine shoulders. But even a man of his strength couldn’t hold onto such a heavy weight. It weighed him down. Held him underneath a sea of regret and feeling of failure.

Bobby did all the research he could on a daily basis. Some nights the bags under his eyes grew so deep and distinct you dragged him away from the books and to his bed. His tired and old mind worked to it’s maximum power, trying to find out what the hell got you out of Hell. What the handprint was. What it meant. And most importantly, who it belonged to.

Everyday morning you cracked open the upstairs window, waltzing slowly into the sunlight. It’s warmth calmed you. Weird how you were afraid of heat but it calmed you at the same time. Maybe it was the thought of flames surrounding you that sent you into a panicked frenzy.


“Hello?” Bare feet walked carelessly on sharp and thick metal spikes.

You were in nothing but a beautiful short white skill dress, barley covering your shoulders with the spaghetti straps. The feeling of the material brushing against your bare skin hidden underneath was cool. Unlike the hot temperatures that lurked on the walls. Seeping into your pores and under your skin. Warming you to the core in an unpleasant way.

The endlessly tall stone walls had a red background glow to them. Though the color never faded into your sweating skin as tips of your fingers brushed its mysterious surface. Looking upward, a dark, lightening filled sky struck your attention. Every crash that filled the air was normal to your ears by now. No longer startling you. This time your dream felt…different.

Uncertainly, you rounded the corner into the main room. The room with a huge metal door and a giant lock on it. Glancing down into your small pale hands you noticed something being clenched in your right fist. A key. Metal and disfigured. Your eyes popped forward, looking directly at the lock.

Lifting your right foot to step forward, the familiar and dreadful loud banging rang through every aspect of the building again. Pounding deep into your chest and going into sync with the beat of your heart. Each time the pounding grew louder- and the door grew closer.

With every muscle in your body you pulled away from it. The tips of your fingernails tried gripping onto the walls but they just flew by as if they didn’t exist.

Finally, you were less than an inch away from the door. Reaching your right hand down for the door, your fingers brushed it’s cool metal surface…


“Hey, Phoebe.” A friendly call came from behind you. “You comin’ kid?” Bobby stood in the doorway of your temporary bedroom as you sat right outside the window on the roof.

“Yeah,” you tried your best to smile as if nothing was wrong. “I’ll meet you guys down there in a minute.” Standing up, you watched as he turned away and left you alone once again.

Naturally, your instinct was to climb back through the window and head down the stairs. But your mind- something in your damn troubled mind told you to walk to the edge of the three story house.

The lighting in your eyes faded into a fog as your pupils grew to a misty size, making everything look like a blur. You were practically a zombie. Walking in one direction as your mind tried pulling you in another. Just as you were about to reach the edge of the rooftop…

“Phoebe? What the hell are you doing!?” The sound of Dean yelling upward at you snapped you out of whatever haze you were in. Whatever trace took over.

The tip of your foot stopped just before you tipped over and plummeted to the dirt ground below. You’d just caught your bearings when an unpleasant snapping sound came from below you. Eyes looked downward at the sparkling black rooftop just before the gutter fell, causing you to loose your balance and fall with it.

“Son of a Bitch…!” Footsteps came running up beside you, but you were too busy looking up into the blue sky while laying on your back.

Surprisingly you felt good. Despite falling from the top of a three story house. Like nothing, your feet swept under your body and stood you up straight.

“I’m fine. Really.” Both of your hands began brushing off the areas of dirt on your shoulders.

“No,” Sam came up beside you, pressing his hand to an unexpectedly tender area. “You’re not.” His fingers came to your line of view, showing you cool blood on his fingertips. Yours.

“Sam, go get some bandaids. We’ve got to-” the deep voice coming from behind you stopped suddenly. “What the…”

The pounding in your chest grew to a loud painful thump. Something wasn’t right. Reaching behind you, your fingers felt the area Sam indicated was where you were injured.

“Where is it? I don’t feel the cut.” Your body turned, eyes scanned their own. Looking for a sign. Something.

“It’s gone.” Bobby’s face held the same smooth shocked expression your brother’s had.

“What do you mean it’s gone? It can’t just up and walk away.” Your hands reached back and repositioned your shirt to cover the ‘wound’.

Dean began to look irritated, possibly with a bit of panic flowing on the edges of his jaw.

“Gone. As in not there. It’s just gone, there’s not even a trace of an injury, Phebe’s.”

The pair of legs beneath you felt like jello walking over to Baby. Both of your hands steadied your body on her hood while you sat just on the edge of the shiny black exterior.

What the hell am I?”

Day seven after rebirth- life was beginning to split apart at the seams.

Princess Treatment II

Originally posted by thegavelcorrupts


Princess Treatment:

12:35 AM

Tig laid in his bed staring at the white ceiling letting him wind wandered to (Y/N) thinking about her date, thinking about her in the arms of another man, thinking about her smile, her innocent eyes and just as he going to turn over and fall asleep he heard a knock on his door causing him to jump up from the bed and make his way hastily to the door as he swung it open to reveal Chibs. “Oh. Whats up Chibs?” Tig said sighing disappointedly as eh made his way back to his bed “Tig, why are ya in here? The party is out there.” Chibs said walking further into the room leaning against the closest crossing his legs over as he started at his upset friend.

“You’re thinking about the lass aren’t ya?” Chibs said smirking, he’d never seen his friend so worked up over a woman before, he never bothered with stability, only easy pussy for the night. “I’m just worried for her that’s all. She’s going on a date with a guy who stood her up, what if worse happens.” Tig said checking his phone to see if he had received any message from (Y/N) but he was met with an empty screen that stated the time and date, sighing. “Well if you’re so worried, why not have Juicey Boy check the lasses whereabouts?” Chibs said walking towards the door waving to his defeated friend as he joined the party. “Dammit (Y/N), just call me or something. I’m a fucking wreck here.” Tigs whispered softly to his phone as he placed it on the end table.

Calling a quits he decided to give up and take a shower, seeing as you must have been enjoying your date. He took his towel and ran the water from the shower but the minute he was going to step inside and wash away his pathetic scent his phone began to ring. He ran to the end table nearly tripping in the processes, he picked up the phone not even bothering to check who it was “Doll?” he said softly, silently praying it was (Y/N), for a while there was nothing but wind and quiet sniffles “Alexander, can you pick me up, please.” he heard her broken voice which broke his heart “Where are you Doll? I’m on my way.” he said holding the phone between his shoulder and ear as he began to rapidly dress up making his way to his bike “I’m in the next town.. Some place called Zoom, I’m scared Alexander..” she said softly into the phone. “Stay inside the place, I’ll be there in 5.” he said hanging up and quickly hopping on his bike going 100mph on the open road and all he could think about was the idea of you being alone and in tears.

12: 55 AM

He had pulled up into the front of Zoom seeing her crying in one of the booths, he had seen a lot of sad shit, but nothing broke his heart more than watching her try. He walked into Zoom and as the bell chimed her watched her look up to meet his gaze causing her to exit the booth and ran into him wrapping her arms around him tightly as he sobbed a bit more, people had now started to watch what was going and Tig being protective over her he then kept one arm rooted at her waist while he snaked the other arm to pick her up from her legs walking her outside in his arms

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Love at First Video Part 21: Meeting the Gang

Misha Collins x Reader

1350 Words

Story Summary: You were a babysitter, but you wanted to be more. Deciding to create a cooking video, you were shocked when it garnered the attention of a well known actor. Soon the attention becomes something neither of you can ignore.

Catch up Here: Masterpost

You stared around your room, amazed at how big it was, how luxurious it seemed. “Are we sure this is our room? Did they give us a suite instead?” You asked Misha, spinning in circles, trying to take it all in at once.

You heard him chuckling, and you stopped, staring at him with your hands on your hips. “What?” You asked him, watching as he came closer and closer. Grabbing your hips, he pulled you in until your bodies were touching. “You. You are so damn adorable.” He whispered before leaning down and crushing his lips to yours. Standing on your tip toes, you laced your arms around his neck, pulling him as close to you as possible.

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