white dingoes


QUICK BUILD: 1/144 HGUC GM Command a.k.a. GM E-Rustler (Jimmy Rustler, get it?)

After building the Ma.K kits, which are awesome, I wanted to relax a bit and build a simple high grade- a cheap 800 yen HG GM was just what I needed! Of course I couldn’t help myself and do a little bit of modification- the back missile/flare launcher was made from a Unicorn Gundam bazooka ammo clip and the arm guns are just Ground Gundam/EZ8 rifles.

White Dingo decals as a tribute to the old Sega Dreamcast game (probably the best cockpit-view Gundam game I have ever played!) and painted with simple Tamiya Spray Cans and weathered with some enamels and Copic Markers.

Thanks for looking! More Gunpla coming soon! (And of course more Ma.K, I’m addicted!) And remember Ask is now Active, comments and questions welcome! Happy building!


January 2nd, U.C.0080 - The White Dingoes are quickly briefed on their final mission and sent out in GM Sniper II Mobile Suits to attack Zeon’s Launch Facilities at Hughenden in Queenland, Australia in order prevent Heavy Lift Vehicles from escaping into space with the Astaroth sample.

I recorded a play through of my old copy of Gundam Side Story 0079: Rise from the Ashes on Dreamcast for TweetsFromOYW and turns out I got 100% Total Control on my Battle Record! The playlist starts from the briefing of Mission 9 and has a little extra something in there between it and the mission - But if you want to see how I got the 100% on the game you can re-watch the playlist from the beginning(Total mission play time is under an hour but this doesn’t include the cut-scenes or briefing sections.)

It’s been fun, Spacenoids! Happy 2015 #GundamFTWest!

“We are soldiers.

For now, we will enjoy this time of peace,

because we know tomorrow may not be peaceful.”

HG 1/144 GM Sniper II [WD], my favourite grunt suit of all time. I worked really hard on this build and I’m really happy with how it turned out! 

This is one of the best HG kits out there, and this picture makes it look even better! Well done!

Edit: We actually didn’t submit this to ourselves guys, we promise