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Story Time

So in my English class, we are planning a cultural celebration where everyone brings in food from their culture (I originally wanted to bring baked mac and chains 🙃, but I decided on Candied Yams). So at the end of the update my teacher gave, she goes “feel free to wear clothing from your culture. I’m wearing a dashiki!!!” That’s when I started to side eye her cuz 1) You are a White-American. You have no business wearing a dashiki ?!?!?!?. But I decided to let it slide because it was gifted to her by a classmate (they’re Black) who recently vacationed in Africa (not sure which country).

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Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse she goes “ooh! Does anyone want to braid my hair? You know, I can’t just a wear a dashiki with *moves hands around head* nothing on top!” I KID YOU NOT. Meanwhile, Black telepathy kicked in, and every Black person in the class looked at each other like:

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Now this a woman who co-supervises our Intersectional Feminist club, but she just so happened to be absent the day we had a meeting on cultural appropriation. Boy, how I wish she had been there 😒.