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Detective Conan: The Darkest Nightmare Storyline Part Two

Here’s the second part. Also at the very bottom is next year’s movie announcement. 

ALSO: Please do not post out of tumblr without my permission. ASK FIRST. 

Warning: This storyline contains major spoilers to the entire movie. If you don’t want to be spoiled and want to wait to see it yourself, PLEASE DO NOT READ IT AND SCROLL PAST THIS POST. I will not be held responsible for ruining your movie experience.

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What Chance Did I Stand Against Kismet?

Modern AU One Shot – Katniss didn’t think her week could get any worse, but she was wrong.

Author: @peetaspikelets

Rated: M - Adult themes and language.

Trigger: (Including this just in case) – Discussion on break-ins/robbery.

A/N: I started writing this hoping to contribute to the Disney prompt, but I ran out of time so I dropped it. However, I’ve been able to incorporate one of this week’s dialogue prompts ‘What’s in the bag?’ So I hope that’s alright moderators.

Please note, there is a scene/idea towards the end (I won’t spoil it so see my A/N at the end) that some people may have seen briefly as a prompt in this year’s ‘Everlark Fic Exchange.’ Please don’t think I took someone’s idea, as the prompt actually originated from me and I asked the lovely JavisTG, if it could be removed, which she was happy to do.

A huge thank you to @sponsormusings who pre-read and beta-ed this in under 2 hours! You’re a legend and I appreciate you so much my friend. 

Thank you and please don’t be mad at me at the end LOL.

‘Be Our Guest.’

Katniss’ eyes narrow as she stares up at the words glittering on the white banner draped across the front door of Annie’s apartment. That’s weird.

“Hey! Why have you stopped?” Madge, her friend and roommate, asks, coming up behind her. “We’re already late.”

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