white crowned pigeon


The Weekly Squint—
Detail of the White-crowned Pigeon page in John James Audubon’s Birds of America: From Original Drawings, 1827–38, on view in the permanent exhibition “Remarkable Works, Remarkable Times” in the Library Main Hall.

Squint is an every-Thursday post that features snapshots of small, obscure Huntington details that catch our eye. It’s a little window into some of the delightful minutiae that bring a smile to our collective face.

Ok, so this one is a big deal. we have been trying to get a sighting of the White Crowned Pigeon for months now. This little guy is a common resident in the Florida Keys, but they don’t like people and they are extremely shy. Not only was I able to get a sighting today, but I was able to fire off a picture. Not a great shot, but it is a shot, and now I am tasked to get a better one. Shot taken at Harry Harris Park. Tavernier, Florida 05/16/2013