white corridors

Main Street, Houston, Feb. 4, 2017

                                                   In a long
undergrowth of wanting I creep        at night the sea is a dark room
I called and called      these white corridors are not
free from longing         Dear postman       Dear night-time, dear
dark mouth hovering over me        Dear knee bones
dear palms, dear faithful body       I have wants

Emily Berry, from “Letters to Husband,” Penguin Modern Poets 1: If I’m Scared We Can’t Win

Capitol Street, Houston, Feb. 4, 2017

Behind Closed Doors
Donald Pierce/Reader

Words: ~ 3k 
Warnings: Smut, like so much smut, unprotected sex, swearing

Transigen. You didn’t know what that company actually did, they said cancer research, but something didn’t seem right.

You only worked in an office or had to get files from A to B, so you never got to see any actual patients.

But you had needed a job and this was a job that paid surprisingly (and suspiciously) well. To be honest, you would’ve taken anything, because you were two months behind on rent and just really needed the money.

You had only really talked to a few nurses and through some small talk you tried to get information out of them but they were tight lipped, but the look in their eyes told you all you needed to know.

Something was off. Big time.

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Fanfiction - A Lifetime of Her (Part VII)

Part VII – “You bleed just to know you’re alive”


Why do sirens cry in blue and red?

Are they calling for help, for the crushing urgency, the need to rob time of time itself? Or are they warning us to look away, to prepare ourselves because tragedy is upon us – we might as well be next?

Even after many years, I’d recall their grieving sound. The way my hands pressed upon Claire’s belly, blocking the exit of her life with my palms. The screams around me, senseless, enhancing my growing despair. How her eyes never left mine – daring me to stay with her, to keep death at bay.

The paramedics came. They could have taken from seconds to a lifetime to reach us – I wouldn’t be able to say. Time skipped and jumped, a leaf on the fury of wind, fragile at the thought of flying.

“I need you to step aside, sir.” A small man told me with assertiveness, trying to dislodge me from my position, kneeled next to Claire on the ground. His gloved hands were already evaluating her pulse, placing an oxygen mask on her face.

“I will not leave her side!” I growled, ferocious. He gave me a serious look, but didn’t make any further attempts to take me away from her, certain I would strike and maim any man foolish enough to try. He was right.

They quickly bandaged her abdomen with a pile of snow white compresses, held tight against her body by a bandage skilfully applied. Claire tried not to moan, but I could see her pain in every ragged breath, in the sweat that dripped from her brow.

The ambulance flew across the roads of Edinburgh, transporting us to the closest trauma centre. The driver had opened his mouth – about to object my presence – but was shortly discouraged by my menacing glance and a shook of head from the short paramedic.

“Hold on.” I repeated to Claire, like a mantra, holding her band – being almost thrown to the opposite side of the ambulance as the vehicle raced to the hospital, jumping on speed bumps and sliding on the curves like a car in hot pursuit. “Dinna die on me, mo nighean donn. I won’t let ye, do ye hear me?”

“I’m… not… too keen…. on the idea… either.” She puffed haltingly, making a weak attempt of a smile, which almost broke my heart.

“Woman of thirty, victim of an armed robbery, gunshot wound to the upper right quadrant with no exit wound – she’s losing blood fast.” The paramedic announced, as they erupted through the emergency doors, a team standing by to receive them. “Glasgow fifteen, she has been responsive during transport. Her blood pressure kept dropping, the saline is wide open but ineffective fluid challenge.” He informed to a man with brown hair and olive eyes, who nodded in acquiescence, leading the gurney carrying Claire to a trauma room as I followed closely.

“Denzel.” Claire whispered to the young surgeon, as he started to unpack her abdomen to access her injuries. “Is that you?” He looked at her face, surprised at hearing his name, and his eyes opened in shock.

“Claire!” He touched her face in greeting, as nurses hurried around, preparing trays and drugs that might be necessary. “Dear God! What happened?”

“Do ye know her?” I asked, grabbing her hand in spite of a nurse’s protest, prepared to shoo me away from the secluded room.

“Of course.” He looked at me with concern in his calm eyes, as he started to palpate her belly. Claire hissed in pain and he pursed his worried lips. “I met Claire during medical school in Boston and was very pleased when she decided to return to Scotland and be a resident here, as I am. You really shouldn’t be here, sir.”

“Please…” Claire pleaded, closing her eyes for a second and licking her chapped lips. “Let Jamie stay…just a while longer.”

“Alright.” Denzel Hunter patted her hand in reassurance. “As long as he doesn’t faint on me.”

“How… bad… is it, Denny?” She asked, her eyes more unfocused and glassy. “I’m…fairly…sure…it went through…my liver.”

“And I’m sure you’re right - brilliant even in this situation, my dear. I’ll ask Doctor Myers to come in to operate.” Denny smiled, skilfully inserting a catheter on her jugular vein.

“I’ll be dead…before…he gets here.” Claire said sheepishly, raising her brow. Her face was hazardously pale, her whiskey eyes shining even brighter, her orbs dilated from pain and blood loss. “It has…to be you. I trust…you.”

Denny nodded, solemn, checking her pupils with a small flashlight, as she suddenly became unconscious – the monitors around them going crazy with alarms. “She’s bleeding out! Let’s move people, hang that saline wide open and two units of blood on the rapid infuser!” He commanded, concentrated in the wound’s trajectory. “Do you know her blood type, by any chance?”

I didn’t know her blood type – never had the chance to ask her, that information amongst a million other precious details of her that I knew nothing about. I didn’t know her birthday, even though I knew the position she slept in. I didn’t know her favourite dish – even if I was aware she preferred sneakers than high heels. I almost choked at the realization of the lifetime of things I could be robbed of, so devastatingly – left wondering, forever, because the time we had been offered hadn’t been enough. Knowing how much I loved her – and yet knowing so little of the one I loved.

“I dinna ken.” I admitted, gripping my fists, fighting the urge to curl into a ball and weep on the floor, stained with her blood.

“That’s alright.” Denzel assured me, throwing away compresses soaked in blood. “Let’s go with O-negative! I need a blood gas test as soon as possible and someone call the OR, let them know we’re coming! I want to be doing the first cut in less than five minutes!”

“Is she going to be alright?” I fearfully asked him, reluctantly letting go of her hand as a nurse took blood from her wrist with a fine syringe.

“She’s going into shock from the blood loss.” He explained in a steady voice. “I need to repair the damage right away, before she’s too unstable to endure the procedure. We’ll take her away now.”

I approached her, feeling numb as if my own blood had been turned to ice in my veins. I kissed her forehead, my lips hot against her perspired skin.

“Don’t leave me, Claire. This time I’ll beg.” I whispered in a broken voice. “Don’t leave me.”


I roamed the strikingly white corridors, incapable of sitting any longer in the waiting room outside the OR, where other husbands, daughters and mothers gathered, hope and fear lurking inside their eyes.

I came upon the small chapel, whispering of shelter and tranquillity in the half-light. I sat on the wooden bench, my hands entwined in prayer – I was ready to surrender to His will well enough, but was intent on offering a bargain.

“Lord, ye gave her to me.” I whispered, my eyes fixed on the cross where he had been martyr, symbol of the most loyal of loves. “I canna make sense of it in any other way. When my need was greatest ye set her upon my path so she could heal my soul. All along I was meant for her.” A warm tear streamed down my check, too raw to be contained. “And I intend to love her well the rest of my days – to care for her and make a home of her heart. I shall repay the gifts bestowed upon me by loving her to the best of my abilities. So I ask ye now – dinna take her away.”

I clenched my teeth, fighting against the sobs that threaten to wreck my body. “For if ye ever loved, ye know this – there’s this place inside me that only exists as long as she walks the earth. Once she’s gone, the part of me that lived in her light – the best, the one that makes me myself and no one else - will die with her.” My voice was unhinged, resounding in the naked walls, pulsing as the chambers of His heart. “I’m none so brave as I was before, ken?” I added very softly. “Not brave enough to live without her anymore.”

I heard footsteps approaching the door – I didn’t bother to clean away the tear tracks on my cheeks. I didn’t turn either – I knew who had come to bring me news.

“Does she live?” I asked aloud – the hint of pain, of shaped glass an inch away from shattering, creeped into my voice.

“She lives.” Denzel Hunter sat next to me, sighing in tiredness as his bones found comfort in transient rest. “It was touch and go for a while, but I was able to retrieve the bullet and repair the vessels – she lost a bit of her liver, but it will regenerate itself with time.” His outline was sharp, softness mixed with edges, akin to a bust of an angel descending from grace to speak of hope to the lost crowd. “It will be a slow recovery – but she lives.”

“Thank ye.” I closed my eyes and bent my head, my body shaking from supressed grief, as I let go of the leash I had been using to keep myself together. “Thank ye.” I repeated. I didn’t know if I was thanking Denzel Hunter or God – but to me, in that moment, they were one and the same.

He squeezed my shoulder in silent acknowledgment and left me alone – to cry for joy and gratitude, for my heart had been saved.


I sat by her side as soon as she went to a room in recovery. I jumped each time a monitor bleeped, startled to the point of panic – but she slept peacefully, her lips still hauntingly pale.

I knew sleep wouldn’t touch me – my task was to watch over her. To guard her. To will her back to me.

I marvelled with each heartbeat – found terror in the infinitesimal space between each and every one of them. I talked to her in the Gaidhlig, the language of my dreams, in which I could best tell her all my heart. I brushed her hand with inquiring fingers, learning the lines of her to make sure they were still the same. I kissed her lips softly, remembering the promise of her laugh.

And as the moon rose outside, I watched the circuit of air inside her lungs, the tiny movements of flesh and bone, adjusting to the challenging rhythms of life. I watched her breathe again and again, until she opened her eyes to look at me – and I discovered that I too could breathe again.  

the dentist fic (a danisnotonfire smut)

based on me getting too flustered from this video. help me i’m in too deep.

WARNINGS: a mess, very strange, dk what I was thinking, someone book my baptism. daddy kink, scratching, some biting, pet names, spanking, the good shit 👌🏻don’t read if you’re like,, two. cool.

btw i had to edit this of course because I know you guys are kinky sinners who are ready for the most hardcore minion yaoi but I personally am not ready to share my deepest darkest thoughts with the entire internet.

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Are you killing me? (Gabriel x Reader)

Request: Hey I was wondering if I could possibly make another Gabriel request??? I know I already made one but I love the way you write him!!!! Plus who could get enough of him? Onto my request thing; Could you do one where the reader gets dragged up to heaven with him so he can do some business stuff, and Chuck keeps you company. While waiting you notice a lot of beautiful female angels flirting with him, and get jealous but also some self doubt? About you being a human and him an archangel?
Word count: 1132
Warnings: None. Jealousy and fluff!

Your name: submit What is this?

“What?” you asked in disbelief.
“I have to sort some stuff up in Heaven. I wondered if you’d join me,” Gabriel said again.
“In Heaven?”
“Am I dying? Are you killing me?” Your voice got higher and higher.
“No, silly! I just want you to come up and see what it’s like now, after Dad returned.”

It had taken Gabriel several tries to get you to finally agree. You were scared as shit, but also excited. Now you stood by the sandbox, ready - or not - to go. It lit up, and Gabriel took your hand and led you into it. The white piercing light forced you to close your eyes, and the feeling was inexplicable. But after a while, you opened your eyes and found yourself in a long white corridor. Gabriel must have seen your perplexed face, because he spoke.

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Sometimes when I’m doing my research… reading about this ship and her crew. About the passengers crowded around the boats. Walking down Scotland road or the stokers and the greasers…

I can almost see her rivets.

I can almost smell that fresh paint.

I’ve caught myself lost in her corridors, white paneling that I can almost feel.

The chill off the water as it invades.

It’s almost too​ much sometimes.

How can you miss a place you’ve never seen?
Long for the warm smile of a person you’ve never met?

AOS Fic - Finally

Originally posted by cindyctw75

My contribution to the Jim Kirk Birthday Bash.

Posting now because tomorrow is gonna be killer for me. 

No real warnings, just a blatant disregard for canon and shameless pseudoscience. I am a creature of consistency. 

McKirk, ‘cause it’s always McKirk.

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Demi-Gods | Jungkook x Reader | Chapter 1

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Angst, Smut(?)

Word Count: 2.6k

Warnings: Smut(?), Swearing, Violence

Mood Boards | Prologue | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | …

Summary: After waking up after an agonizing pain and confused, you’re taught about the history of the ‘Demi-Gods’ and how you need to learn to control your power.

You stirred in your sleep, regaining consciousness as you propped yourself up on your elbows slowly. Even though your eyes were closed, the brightness of the room reached behind your eyelids. Taking in a deep breath, your eyes fluttered open. The whole place was illuminated, from the floor to the ceiling. Your eyes crossed to a table on which a silver tray was littered with medical implements. To the left a glass fronted cabinet was brimming with bottles with what looked like pills and fluids. Looking up, the ceiling-mounted surgical lights loomed over you like a giant praying mantis. You sniffed. The pungent and irritating odor of iodine hung heavily in the air. You were in a medical examination room.

Where is this place? you wondered, sitting up fully and carefully swinging your legs over the side of the bed. A small gasp escaped your lips when your bare feet came into contact with the cold glass floor, sending chills all through your body. When your feet adjusted to the temperature of the floor, you pushed yourself up from the bed and cautiously made your way, to the door. You pressed your ear against the door, to detect any sounds of life on the other side. Contented that the way out was clear, you turned the handle and opened the door. Taking a step outside, you were faced with a stark white corridor. Turning your head left and right, the corridor seemed to stretch for several meters. A shiver ran down your spine, the deserted hallway was decidedly eerie. The sound of a door clicking open held you riveted to the spot. What danger lies ahead, you wondered. Your heart began to beat against your rib cage, as the sound of the blood coursing through your veins pounded in your ears.

A male figure emerged from the doorway rubbing his hands on his jeans. As the door swung shut, you noticed the sign for the gents toilets. Looking up, his eyes locked with yours. Your breath hitched.

“Hey, you’re finally awake” he said casually. Panicked, you turned around and moved in the other direction. “Wait!” he called. His command quickened your pace, until you were almost running. From behind, you could hear his foot falls coming after you. Your eyes widened at what appeared in front of you. You halted. A shadow like figure materialized before your eyes. Once the figure solidified you backed up slowly, only to bump into your pursuer.

“Jungkook! I though Seokjin told you to keep an eye on her!” the taller males voice boomed. The boy stumbled over his words for a second.

“I-I just went to the bathroom, I swear this is the first time I’ve seen her move since Seokjin gave her the herbal tea,” the boy admitted, stepping away and allowing you some space. The other boys cold eyes traveled from Jungkook to you. They instantly softened.

“I apologies about Jungkook, he doesn’t really understand that people are freaked out when they first come here. I understand that you are confused, but please, if you’d like to follow me and we can tell you more about why you are here,” he smiled, his voice calming. He held on his hand. You hesitated. But then,took his hand. He gently tugged you along behind him. The suddenness of his movements, made you stumble. 

“M-may I ask your name?” your voice barely audible, but luckily the boy heard. He looked over his shoulder and smiled again.

“I’m Namjoon, and the boy behind you is Jungkook. Don’t worry, we already know who you are (Y/N), all will be explained shortly.” He lead you through the endless corridors until you came to a pair or large antique wooden doors. He released your hand. Using force we pushed open the doors with both hands. Inside was an enormous living room, which housed a impressive library.

You stared in disbelief at the vast number of books upon the selves. The room had a bloody appearance dew to the red lighting and the maroon wallpaper. The antique seating, looking luxurious. You squealed when you noticed a chair, flying through the air towards you. Instinctively, you raised you hands to protect yourself. You waited for the impact. Nothing happened. Lowering your hands you saw Namjoon standing off to your right. The chair suspended in mid-air, inches from his face. 

“Jimin! Taehyung! What has Seokjin told you about fighting! Enough, we have a guest!”  as he lowered his hand, the chair followed suit. Namjoon stepped aside, allowing you to step into the living room. One of the boys, who had the other in a head lock, and instantly dropped the other. 

“Sorry Namjoon,” the two boys said in unison. Namjoons left eyebrow quirked. Shaking his head, Namjoon continued. “Jimin, Taehyung, this is (Y/N), she’s new, so I expect you to be on your best behaviour, am I clear?” Namjoon glared. The boys swallowed hard and nodded.

“If you want to sit down, I can go get you a glass of water,” Jungkook suggested, who still stood behind you. Turning around slightly, you nodded and walked further into the living room, still admiring the details filled through out the room.

“Where am I?” you instantly asked as you spun around on the spot and faced Namjoon.

“You shall know soon, when the others have arrived.”

“The others?” you asked with an eyebrow raised. Namjoon nodded in reply.

“There are many people here, but there are seven of us, who were elected the leaders of the Demi-Gods,” Namjoon spoke. “So we must wait for the rest of the council to arrive, then we shall explain to you, what’s happening.” You gave a slight nod and cautiously sat down on one of the chairs, still unsure of the new people who were around you.

“Ah speak of the devil,” Jimin smirked as Jungkook, and three other boys entered the room. They didn’t wear anything fancy, instead they wore jeans, and white shirts. A smile spread across the features of the tallest.

“Ah (Y/N), you’re awake, I’m not sure if you remember me, but I’m Seokjin, the one who gave you the herbal tea to ease your pain. To which I must ask. How are you now?” he gently spoke as he walked towards you, followed by Jungkook and the two other men who stood behind him. 

“I remember,” you muttered avoiding his gaze.

“It seems you’ve met Jungkook, Jimin, Taehyung and Namjoon. This is Hoseok and Yoongi, and we’re all members of the council, and founders of this organisation,” Seokjin explained.

“I was told you’d tell me why I’m here?” you asked.

“Ah of course, allow us to get comfortable first,” Seokjin smiled again maneuvering himself so he now sat opposite you. Jungkook handed you the glass of water and took a seat on your right, Jimin on your left. The others scattered around the room, sitting on the arm of the couch or chair and folding their arms.

“Now, let’s get down to business,” Yoongi yawned, resting his cheek on his hand and closed his eyes. Seokjin rolled his eyes and faced you.

“Now as you know, we are the founders and council of the ‘Demi-Gods.’ We are a secret organisation that takes in the children and teenagers with, special abilities,” Seokjin’s emphasis on the last few words peaked your interest, making you lean forward in your seat. You placed your elbows on your knees, and put your chin on your hands.

“Please continue,” you spoke quickly, wanting him to continue quickly. A light sigh escaped his lips.

“Special abilities. People who are gifted, they are known as Demi-Gods, which is what we are, what you are,” he continued.

“W-what? That’s impossible, I think I would of known if I was special abilities,” you argued. Seokjin just shook his head.

“None of us knew. The transition happens between the time you were born, until your 20 birthday. The older you are when you go through the transition, the more powerful and dangerous your power is. We brought you here, because you were about to go through the transition.”

“How did you know it was going to happen to me though?” you asked, not believing his words.

“We have a special system that allows us to track and find young adults, such as yourself, who are going to go through the transition,” Hosoek piped up, making the others nod in agreement.

“Okay, so if you have special powers, show me… I find all of this hard to believe,” you said leaning back once again and crossing one of your legs over the other, arms now folded.

“Tch,” Yoongi spat as he stood up and turned his hand into a first. After a moment of concentrating, he slowly opened up his hand, to reveal a snowflake made out of ice. “Enough proof?” he snapped. Your eyes narrowed slightly at his tone.


“Good.” Yoongi sat back down.

“So, Mr. Arrogant over here controls ice. What do the rest of you control?” you asked.

“Oi!” Yoongi yelled, but you looked at him unfazed by his lack in intimidation.

“I control earth, the reason why I made the herbal tea, Jimin’s power is fire, Taheyungs is Lightning, Hoseok’s is light, Namjoon’s is air and Jungkook’s is Water. We’ve figured out that our power is related to out personalities in a way.

“Ah! So that’s why Yoongi is such a dick,” you smirked when he glared at you.

“If you want to put it like that, then yes that’s why Yoongi is such a dick,” Seokjin held back his laughter when Yoongi lightly punched his arm.

“So what’s mine then?” you asked tilting your head slightly.

“That’s for you to figure out on your own. Your power is normally revealed when a certain emotion is triggered, for Jimin and Taehyung it was rage. One of the many reasons as to why they always fight,” Namjoon growled, making the two boys sink in their seats.

“Alright, so if you just trigger most of my emotions it should work?” Seokjin nodded.

“I believe it will most likely be a negative emotion. Like hatred, or anger, because of how dangerous your power is,” he continued.

“Okay,” you looked away from the others to the books. “If you don’t mind, could I have a look at some of the books in here? I’d love to read some of them,” your eyes sparkled.

“Of course, the living room is for all of us to share, many people come in here for more information on how to control their abilities,” Namjoon explained. Instantly, you jumped out of your seat and headed to one of the selves.

“Oh great, now we have another nerd,” Yoongi sighed under his breath. Stopping in your tracks you turned around, eyes narrowing at him.

Got a problem with that?” you snarled. Yoongi stood up and walked towards you slowly.

“Yoongi what’re you-,” Jungkook was cut off by Seokjin, who shushed him.

“Actually I do. I haven’t really liked you since I saw you, and now considering I’ve figured out your bitchy attitude, you’re certainly someone I hate,” Yoongi spat. You growled under your breath.

“Looks like we’re on the same page then,” you spat stepping on his foot slightly, making him wince. “Woops,” you smirked. Out of no where a snowball hit you in the shoulder. Shocked you looked at Yoongi, who was now smirking.

Woops,” he mimicked you in a high-pitched voice. “You act all tough, but all you are is weak and pathetic, honestly I’m surprised your a Demi-God,” Yoongi laughed. That comment sent you over the edge. Holding up your hand you twisted it, making Yoongi stop and cough up blood. Staring at his wide eyed, you put your hand down and covered your mouth.

“That was much easier than I thought. Your an emotional person (Y/N), which can be a good or bad thing, just don’t allow things to get to you too much, otherwise you’ll be in for the worst,” Namjoon spoke.

“We’ve figured out your power though. It’s clear that you work with blood, meaning that you’ll be able to cripple your enemies from the inside,” Seokjin explained.

“What enemies?” Taehyung sighed.

“About a year ago, there were two females, known as Hwasa and Lisa, one of them controlling metal, the other controlling darkness. While they’re powers could of been used for good, they decided to use it to hurt people. They were greedy, and threatened to kill us if we didn’t join them. It was seven against two, and we had won. But they’re still out there, and everyday, they try and find recruits, powerful people such as yourself, to join them and try to wipe us out,” Taehyung answered.

“Which is why you must stay here, train with us, make this your new home,” Namjoon stood up.

“But my family!” you protested.

“If you went back to your family, you would put them in danger. Hwasa and Lisa also have trackers allowing them to find people in transition, if you left the institute you would be found, and forced to join them. They’d threaten to kill your family, and even if you did join. They would most likely kill your family anyway,” Seokjin answered. Sighing in defeat you looked at the ground. Yoongi cleared his throat.

“I would like to apologies for my rude behavior, I only provoked you, so we could figure out your ability. I honestly didn’t mean any harm,” Yoongi apologized making you smile softly.

“I figured that out after I made you cough up blood. Sorry about that by the way,” you sheepishly said, avoiding eye contact and scratching the back of you head.

“Also, we have hidden powers that come along with our abilities. Like Jungkook, he controls water, but he has the ability to heal not only himself, but other two. We all have one, including you. But it will only be activated at the most important of times,” Hoseok continued.

“Okay, I think I’ve got it. In short we’re basically the X-Men?” you asked.

“I-I… Yeah… If that’s how you want to put it,” Jimin sighed as he internally face-palmed.

“I think we should call it a day. And besides, you have training tomorrow (Y/N),” Seokjin stood and up faced Jimin.

“Jimin if you could be so kind and escort (Y/N), to her room,” Seokjin ordered. Jimin bowed and stood up.

“Please follow me,” Jimin demanded. You followed closely behind him. Once out of the room you decided to have small talk.

“So you control fire, that must be cool right?” you asked unsure of what his reaction would be.

“I guess it’s pretty cool, but it’s dangerous. I sometimes wondered how someone as clumsy as myself got fire. I was genuinely surprised when I figured out my ability. I never would of expected something so cool,” Jimin spoke as if he was a child getting a toy for the first time.

“What’s your hidden power?” you asked.

“Hm? Oh I’m allowed to extract fire. So I can take it away. It’s actually really helpful, I’ve set so many things on fire accidentally that I can just pull it away and pretend nothing happened. Even though it’s normally burned,” Jimin chuckled.

“I wonder what mine will be,” you mumbled.

“I also wonder, you have an very incredible power, and if used wrongly, there will be great consequences I hope you understand that.” You nodded in reply. “Ah here we are, your room,” Jimin smiled as he opened the door and allowed you to enter. “If there is anything you need, you can just think it. Jackson, another person who is here, has telepathy, allowing all of us to communicate with everyone in the building. Just think of the person you want to send a message too, and then say what it is after, okay?”

“Alright,” you replied. “Thank you and good night Jimin,” you smiled. Jimin nodded and closed the door behind him. Sighing you laid down on your bed and closed your eyes, not bothering to change. As your consciousness slipped away from you, you wondered what kind of training you’d be doing the next day.