white conservatives

Calling gay sex sinful is literally conservative rhetoric so @ straight girls despite your shipping if you call ur gay couple smut fanfic a “sin” and talk about needing jesus im gonna need you to shut the fuck up because at this point ur no better than some old white conservative shouting that gay people are disgusting and dirty and sinful

sorry straight girls you dont get a pass on homophobia because u might think ur shipping is activism or you just love the gays but dont support lesbians or think about the other members of the lgbt community. @ straight girls perhaps instead of pretending like ur not homophobic just try and not spread homophobic rhetoric and actually call out homophobia in the fandoms ur in cause im real sick and tired of ppl calling gay couples and gay sex “sinful”

Last three “elite cosmopolitan liberal” presidents:
-From Georgia, *actual* peanut farmer
-Raised in Arkansas, poor, by an abusive stepfather
-Raised by single mom and grandparents in Kansas/Hawaii

Last four “everyman, white-working-class conservative” presidents:
-Hollywood actor from IL
-Son of borderline-royal Massachusetts family with banker/politician patriarch
-Literally the previous guy’s son
-NY millionaire at birth and later reality show star who probably owns a bunch of ponies but won’t talk about it or tell us their names

fuck the alt right, fuck nazis, fuck white nationalists and fuck conservative ideology as a whole.

im taking men in armor from their slimey history warping little fingers. good night alt right, knights are gay now so eat my shit and suck a dick.

You can’t say that violent nazis marching in our streets is freedom of speech if in the same breath you say a black athlete kneeling is disrespectful.

If you say this then your anger has nothing to do with patriotism, it’s just racism.


World’s laziest wolf tries to howl

Nazis, June 2017: The London Bridge terror attacks, where someone drove a vehicle into a peaceful crowd, are proof that Muslims are subhuman scum!

Nazis, August 2017: [drive a vehicle into a peaceful crowd of people they consider to be subhuman scum]