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- To see how the CGs broke it to Greg that Steven had given himself over to Homeworld for trial.
- To see Steven try to explain all of this to Lars’ parents and Sadie.
- For Rhodonite and Padparadscha to fuse. I really wanna know what their version of Sardonyx would look/be like.
- For Steven to question Pearl about Pink Diamond’s shattering. Specifically bringing up everything Blue Zircon brought up at the trial.
- To find out who Pearl used to belong to once and for all.
- For the Off Colors and Lars to make it back to Earth, but not for a couple episodes. That way, Steven has to travel back and forth a bit and maybe even learn the things that the CGs refuse to tell him. Because regardless of their reasons, it’s gone on too long to be anything but harmful to everyone’s best interests.



White Diamond has been a mystery to us for a while now. No one in the show talks about her. She hasn’t even been referenced to by the two known Diamonds!
She had a spot at the trial for Rose/Steven but why wasn’t she there?
Is she too important to mess with ‘trivial’ things such as a war criminal? If so, how is that?
Rose has been what Homeworld has wanted for more than 5,000 years. How come that their (I’m assuming) great leader White Diamond wasn’t there? Shouldn’t she be important as well and have a say in the trial for the Gem that shattered another Diamond?
Another thing, there’s a HUGE FUCKING MURAL/STATUE/????? DEDICATED to her.
How is she so important that she hasn’t been mentioned yet?
She seems even more important than Blue or Yellow Diamond themselves. So…why?

I’m sorry for this rant I’m just SHOOK


Looking at the way Zircon’s Body reacted to Yellows attack, could yellow diamonds ability litterally be an attack that effects only gems? I mean, its bassically a destabilizing laser! Wait…. That means Steven can only be stunned by Yellow diamonds non-physical attacks! This is soooo fucking important

Maaaan Everyone is gonna fuckin die-


Inside this place is warm, outside it starts to pour

A hell of a diamond theory

Idk if anyone else has noticed this but if you have a minute please read

of course there are spoilers for “Wanted” so I’ll put this under a read more

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Due to the recent Stevenbomb I’ve had reason to revise some of my personal theories.

Now I know it really seems like Yellow Diamond was responsible for shattering Pink Diamond, but I’m not taking it. It seems too easy to figure out, and I don’t think the Crewniverse would give it to us just like that.

I think Pink Diamond was shattered by our Pearl.

It would make sense, as it may have been hinted at. While the Zircon defending Steven was making her case after the recess, as she mentioned where Pink Diamond’s Pearl might have been, we had a few stressed looks from those in the court.

Pearl would be able to get close enough to Pink Diamond to shatter her, while Rose would not have. According to Zircon, Rose had been a threat for several hundred years already at the time Pink was shattered. However, note that it’s possible Pink wasn’t actually shattered, just bubbled and locked away. A sword can’t shatter a gem, as we learned from Bismuth. We don’t know. But anyway.

But why did everyone think it was Rose when it was actually Pearl?

Well why do we think Pearl doesn’t shape-shift?

It was because she shape-shifted into Rose Quartz to disguise herself when she shattered Pink Diamond. Pearl is more skilled and is always on the offensive, as opposed to Rose, who is usually defensive. This plan would work to protect Pearl, which is something Rose would have wanted. However, it could have very well been Pearl’s idea in the first place to shatter Pink.

However, I don’t think Pearl belonged to Pink Diamond. I suspect she belonged to White Diamond.

As for how Pearl and Rose came to be comrades, I haven’t worked out. It is very likely that Pearl fell in love with Rose and left her diamond, or that she was asked to check on a project or event that Rose was involved in and they met. That’s a little harder to figure out.

The earliest we ever see of Pearl is during the Answer, when she and Rose come to try and get Blue Diamond to leave Earth. Pearl is in all white, and even her hair is white.

Now hold up, Pearl’s hair is pink. Doesn’t that mean she had something to do with Pink Diamond?

I don’t think so. Gem placement is a very big deal, as we have seen with the Pearls, especially. They match the placement of their Diamond’s. From what we know, it appears that White’s Gem was on her forhead, as is our Pearl’s.

With that being said, maybe White Diamond had something to do with it, instead of Yellow, but we don’t know squat about White Diamond.

As for Pearl’s hair, maybe we can link that back to our most recent Steven Bomb. Maybe she was healed by Rose. She could have been shattered, or cracked, or somehow damaged beyond repair, and was healed by Rose’s tears.

But if that were true, wouldn’t there have been a second tree in Lion’s mane when Steven first discover Lion’s alternate dimension?

Lion isn’t a gem, and neither is Lars, so maybe it works differently for gems. Maybe Pearl doesn’t have a tree. Or maybe she does.

Er, did.

Any ways, it’s just a theory. Thoughts?


I am so SHOOK! I loved these episodes, the “Off Colors” were so cute!! I’m glad Lars’s morals finally changed, and the fact that he basically became like another lion is so cool!! I’m so excited for the new episodes and cannot wait to see what happens!!! Also White Diamond is trynna be slick in the background like girl we know it’s you.