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White Collar 4x16 (AKA "OH GOD WHY?")

I think I’ve been spoiled when it comes to White Collar. Pun intended. I mean, I came into the show late, and even though I didn’t actively seek out spoilers for the main plot stuff in the first few seasons, I didn’t avoid them, and as a result I found out about a lot of the twists and cliffhangers ahead of time. And I’m glad, because I think “Judgment Day” would’ve made me too sad if I didn’t go into it forewarned.

This is my first experience of seeing a major White Collar cliffhanger without warning, and I have to wonder, is this how fans of the show always feel at the end of a season? Is my reaction of staring wide-eyed at the screen and wanting to say, “No! What the fuck?” just par for the course?

I want to do a proper breakdown of this episode, but I’m afraid the ending trumps everything else. Still, I’ll give it a try.

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White Collar episode 4x02

Now that I’ve got my i_reversebang fic finished and posted, and my workload is a little lighter, I feel like I can write up a reaction post with a clear conscience.

On a personal note, watching WC these past couple weeks has made me really glad I booked an appointment with my eye doctor. I haven’t watched the TV in my living room much since Fringe and Supernatural’s seasons ended. So…mid-May, I guess. I think my eyes must have gotten even worse in that time, because sitting more than a few feet from the screen now involves lots of squinting.

But anyway, onto the episode:

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