white coke can

acaecia  asked:

Do you think it's problematic for white people at the recent protests to yell "Fuck the police" and turn protests into a police-are-evil type of thing since it's not white people who are being targeted?

Yes. This is something I have witnessed. These white anarchist types are inciting things and getting in the face of cops in an attempt to provoke already tense situations. It’s also the MO of undercover cops. They do this because they know nothing will happen to them. It’s easy for them to be this way when they aren’t the ones bleeding and dying. Punishment will be dealt out swiftly to Black protesters when white people start trouble and disappear when shit pops off. They seem to think this is a game, where they can live out their “revolution” fantasies.

I saw a white kid throw a coke can at some cops at Foley Square last week. He ran behind a crowd of Black protesters who didn’t even know what he did. Cops were looking square at Black folks like they did something. Cooler heads prevailed though and they let it go. Imagine if it was a cop who wanted retribution. Who would receive that payback? These so called white allies don’t know how to act and their behavior is reprehensible across the board. Not a case here or there, but across the damn board. They are very disrespectful.