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Admit It

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Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Summary: The reader has feelings for Bucky but he hasn’t realized it yet.

Warnings: Fluff, humor, kissing

AN: This writing was done specifically for @girlwith100names as a prize for winning the contest I posted like two months ago! Thank you so much for your support, you’ve been great and I am really thankful that you like my writings!  I’m so sorry that it has taken me so long to get this posted but I hope you like it. I didn’t like it in the beginning but by the end I was rooting for the two of them! Let me know what you think and if you guys have anymore requests let me know! 

Lost in thought I didn’t notice Bucky sneaking up behind me. Thoughts swam through my head as my hand tried to follow as fast as it could. The sound of pen scratching paper broke the silence that blanketed the room, my attention solely on what was in front of me. Sometime overnight I had a sudden rush of inspiration for a story I was currently working on so I had holed herself up in the living room of the tower. I settled  into the couch, blankets surrounding me and a small fire in the fireplace. The sun was just peaking over the horizon sending various hues of yellow and orange spilling into the room.

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Her Instinct - Chapter 20

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This chapter was inspired by the song “Mad World"by Jasmine Thompson. Feel free to listen as you read!

Chapter 20 - Curiosity Killed the Cat

Even though it had been thirteen days since I saw him, he haunted my mind. Every blink was a flash of his perfect face and every breath a reminder of the horrendous act he committed two weeks ago. It was stupid to follow him that day…The mere thought of him provoked the jarring memory of the blonde’s…ugh, I can’t even think about it. Not now.

Buzz, buzz!

I jumped, startled by the sudden noise. I turned my attention to my phone on the edge of my desk and grabbed it with uncertainty. I scrolled past the missed call and text notifications from Mr. Leto. There were about 31 and counting. My eyes landed on the notification I wanted.

New Message From Allegra Leto:

Kerri, this is my last text to you this time. You’ve been MIA all week, ignored me in class and now you won’t answer any of my texts. What’s wrong?! Look, I don’t care if you call my dad Jared, I just want my best friend back. Please call me! WE HAVE TO TALK.

Shame washed over me as her text reminded me of why she could never know this secret.

I squeezed my eyes shut; shutting the world out and trying to shut my thoughts off. But it was futile, the scene replayed over and over in my mind. They were both out in front of the house, once I arrived, taking a picture of her in front of it. She seemed so relaxed as they entered, a little too relaxed for a business meeting, and walked arm in arm through the door.

I slid out of the car and darted for the bushes lining the driveway. Peering through the window, I found them in an embrace, but something was different about this. I got a better look to see him gripping her so tightly against his body as she lay limp in his arms. It wasn’t until he slowly removed the crimson-coated knife from her side that it dawned on me. She was dead. His face remained calm throughout, almost detached. Like he’d done this before.

There was a rattle of bangs at the door.

“I know you’re in there, Kerri. Please, open the door.” The voice was muffled, but I knew it anywhere. It was him: Mr. Leto.

My heart quickened as excitement and fear trickled about my body, overtaking my bones. If I didn’t answer, he would get suspicious. If I did answer, it’d be my first time staring into the eyes of a killer.

Stick to the sick story, Kerri. You’ve just been sick with a stomach bug.

Anticipation trembled through my veins as I grasped the doorknob. I took a deep breath and opened the door.

Of course, he was breathtaking as always. He cocked his head up at me, “Kerri.” He breathed.

“Hi, Mr. Leto.” I said, evading his eyes.

“You’re alive! How have you been feeling? Can I come in?” Concern laced his voice. There it was, his Best Father of the Year act, right on queue. How pathetic. I was right the whole time, this man was one of the best liars in town.

I nodded slowly and invited him in the living room. “I just came to check up on you,” he said as he turned his head every which way, scoping the house before we entered the living room. “I assume your Mom’s at work and your brother’s at school? ” He asked.

Every one of my instincts screamed at me to lie, but it was always so hard to lie to him.

I nodded.

“Good.” He smiled as he stared into my eyes slyly. He pulled me into his arms.

I stepped away from him. I wanted my skin to crawl. I wanted my body to reject this awful man, but none of that happened. “I can’t, Mr. Leto. I’m sick remember?”

“Oh, right,” he said.

We walked into the living room. He sat down on the couch across from me. I stared down at the white-rimmed border coffee table between us, trying to buy time. My eyes wandered up to meet his and we both paused. A half-smile was written on his face.

The silence was deafening.

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Challenge Fic: The Pizza and the Pun

written for @txf-fic-chicks challenge Post episode/ Missing scene

Rating: G

Summary: Missing scene for Essence

So this is my first off anon story on tumblr. Thanks to @baronessblixen for the beta, every mistake you’ll find is purely mine. Please be kind, english is not my first language.



What was wrong with her?

Pregnant, hostess of a baby shower and all she could think of was pizza. The crispy crust, the smell of melted cheese, tomatoes, spicy peppers…

Her son gave an approving kick while she could almost taste the Italian specialty on her tongue. Another gift was handed to her and she opened it up, hoping that a big, juicy, thick-lined piece of… a romper!

“Oh,” cooed the enthusiastic crowd of friends, unknowing to the struggle she was currently fighting. There was nothing worse than this deep, fervent desire for something edible. These cravings, which had started around her seventh month, drove her to her fridge again and again. Despite all her best and medical intentions, she found herself eating tons of ice cream  at half past three in the night giving her an extra set of excess weight she would probably never get rid of.

But nothing had her giving in to a craving as fast as pizza. She could eat two pizzas daily if it weren’t for her health and her medical reasoning.

“Dana, is everything okay?” Apparently, her mother had noticed that her daughter was not really paying enough attention. All worried eyes landed on her.

“Yes, I’m fine,” she explained quickly, “It’s just that I feel an insane craving for pizza right now,” she added, as the eyes did not lose their concern.

“Oh, I understand only too well. When I was pregnant,” said Joslin, a former study colleague, one of the few she was still in contact with, even if only fleetingly, “I could not keep my fingers off Chinese food. I had at least three spring rolls a day.”

“McDonald’s, four BigMacs every week,” said Carla, a friend of her mother’s, and everyone laughed.

“Really? I mean I could kill for a pizza with double cheese, tomatoes and peppers,“ she looked questioningly into the round.

"This is typical. When I was eight month along, Bob didn’t even dare to come between me and the fridge,” said Joslin. “It was probably better for him.”

“Believe me honey, that’s perfectly normal,” her mother handed her a new package, intending for this conversation to be over. But talking about it made Dana even hungrier. She saw herself mentally reaching for the phone to order a small piece of paradise, maybe two, or even two tons, because the day was still long and she had guests…

There was a knock at the door and all heads turned to look as they weren’t expecting anyone else. Dana was just about to get up, imagining the young, pimply pizza delivery boy on the other side of the door, however, Lizzy was faster. Oh, right she was supposed to accept help. Her mother would have to suffer for bringing this woman into the house. It was beside the point that she could actually use some help, she wanted to get it herself. After all, she was old enough to not be mothered constantly. For the ten thousandth time since her teenage years Dana swore to raise her child differently, knowing very well now that it was completely impossible.

Lizzy opened the door and revealed the sight of a very busy Mulder, who was trying to balance some bags and a big white box. His eyes focused on what was in his hands, he almost tripped into the apartment. “Hey Scully, I -” he broke off as he lifted his head and found himself confronted with a series of amused looks “forgot your baby shower” he finished his sentence. “I better get going again,” he was almost out of the door again already when she stopped him. Had to stop him. Because her focus was directed immediately on his right hand and the cardboard box in it and if her nose was actually right and she was not hallucinating, then Mulder wouldn’t leave again so soon.

“Mulder,” she struggled with her big belly as she tried to get up from the couch, which seemed to get harder from day to day. Probably because of all that pizza. “What’s the matter?” He turned to her and gave her a small smile.

“Well, I was just in the neighborhood and thought to myself that you would probably get your daily craving for pizza and” he kept smiling while holding out the box of pizza to her “so I just dropped by Alfredo’s, and got you a big tomato - bell pepper pizza with double cheese.”

Listening to his words, she could feel her stomach jump high in the air, then the smell intensified, and she felt like fainting out of sheer bliss. Praise the Lord for Mulder and pizza, she thought. Could life get any better? Of course, but only once she had a piece of pizza in her mouth.

“God, Mulder, you’re my savior” she grinned and took the box out of his hands and he gave a surprised laugh, happy to see her so pleased. “You’ve got to come in and at least greet my mom,” she said as she kicked the door shut and turned around. A little unsurely, considering what was waiting for him in the living room, he trotted after her. In a room charged with female energy every man had to feel unsafe.

“Fox, it’s so good to see you,” greeting him, Maggie stood up and embraced him warmly. “Pleasure is all mine, Mrs. Scully,” he replied to her hug and then threw a shy glance into the round. “Hi.”

“This is Fox Mulder,” Dana introduced him to the crowd as she sat back down without taking her eyes off the pizza box. “He is my” now she looked up and faltered, giving him an uncertain glance “well, we have been working together for the last few years,” she saw the pained shadow cross over his face and hurried, “and he is a good friend, the best, as you can easily see,” she pointed to the carton that still exuded the delicious aroma.

An appreciative “Ah yes” came the curious response from the choir, and all stared at the newcomer. All, apart from Dana, who had opened the box and was already chewing on her first slice; until the accusatory glance of her mother penetrated her happy little pizza universe. Hastily she swallowed down and gave the round an apologetic smile, “Where are my manners: anyone want some?” she pointed to the carton, but all of them shook their heads.

“Never get between a pregnant woman and her food,” commented Carla, and everyone laughed.

“But I should get at least a plate,” Dana put the box down on the coffee table where it safely came to rest between pacifiers, bottles, toys and rompers. Then she rose again, the nibbled on piece of pizza still in her hand. “Mulder, if you could?” she did not finish the sentence, but he followed her willingly into the kitchen. Lizzy was just about to remove dishes from the dishwasher, but left the room quickly when they entered the kitchen.

Scully took a plate from the cupboard and put the piece of pizza on it. She placed the plate on the kitchen table and wiped her hands on a towel.

“Scully, I’m really sorry that I forgot your baby shower. I’m going to go back and,” he stopped when she gave him a wide smile.

“It’s okay, Mulder. I never would have thought that unpacking gifts could be so exhausting. I’m glad you came by because I really needed a break from all the Oh and Ah. And thanks to you, I can spend that break with pizza.“ She took another bite, wiped her hands again, took some more plates out and put them on the counter.

“Do you want any?” She pointed to the half-eaten slice.

“No, I bought it for you.” He rejected.

“And that’s why you can’t have any?” She could not hide her amused smile.

“I’ll just be over here and enjoy you enjoying your food.”

“Fine, but don’t start complaining if you don’t get any later.” She took another bite, almost choking when she heard his next words.

“Actually I wasn’t getting any for the last couple of weeks,” noticing her shocked wide open eyes he quickly added “pizza, that is.” And they both smiled at the unintended pun.

"You do realize we are the hot topic in the living room right now?” She finished chewing.

“Why would we be? I mean, I’m just a friend,” he could not banish the hurt from his voice; the idea had hit him hard.

“Not just a friend,” she said, and came to him “the best.” She stopped in front of him, took his left hand and placed it on her belly “and we both know that you are so much more than that.” He couldn’t be angry if she gave him her most charming smile. Not that he could have been anyway. And the fact that he could feel his baby kick through the skin of her abdomen made it impossible anyway.

The moment ended when they heard laughter from the other room. Dana did not want to go back in there. There had been a time when she would have welcomed an afternoon with female friends. Now all she needed was in this kitchen. Well, maybe aside from the white paperbox on her coffee table. But with Mulder in the picture, maybe the day would hold a little more interest than just how to best use a milk pump and what to do about stretch marks.

She walked back to the counter took the pile of plates and gave it to him. Then she took her own plate, which was only holding pizza crumbs.

“Well, let’s get back into the shark tank. You can help me oohh and aahh at the right time,” she gave him an evil grin. “And maybe later when everyone is gone I can give you a whole other reason to oohh and aahh, Mr. not-getting-any.”

❝ Are you ready, Omega? ❞

Plot: Heechul ABO universe (Alpha, Beta, Omega)

Pairing: Heechul x Reader

Words count: 1,9k+

Genre: Drama

For zhao-jie-shanghai, I hope you like it!


Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner!

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Corporate business was a messy and busy thing. It was never slow and easy but quick and hard. You had to have the brain and skills to survive as well as the attitude to tell everyone who was boss. The elevator doors opened to reveal a tall male with feline eyes, flawless skin and hair that was dark at the roots and faded to a platinum blonde. This was Kim Heechul.

‘Reports on todays statistics?’ He barked as this employees shuffled for the papers, ‘NOW!’

‘Today looks to be a rise in all profits with only a decrease in one section.’ A black haired male with blue tips confirmed.

‘Which section was it, Donghae?’ Heechul glared at him as the younger gulped.

‘Lau Industries…’

‘Fire him!

Kim Corporation was run by four men. They were all partners with Heechul being the head of the corporation. Slowly he and the others took over smaller companies and flipped them to make a larger profit. As a leader, Heechul had one rule: remove the weak. It was simple and he lived by it and no one questioned it. Adjusting his suit, he nodded before walking into his office and grabbing a remote to frost the glass of his see-through office.

Heechul slumped in his chair and let out a deep sigh before a knock came at the door, ‘What is it, Donghae!’

‘Don’t you yell at me, Kim Heechul,’ The person stood at the door ‘Your alpha powers don’t work on me.’

‘I thought you were Donghae, Leeteuk,’ He rolled his eyes, ‘Come in.’

‘I heard you fired Henry.’ A tall man with sandy brown hair took a seat in front of the large wooden desk.

‘He was causing a lose and I don’t need the others whining about letting Henry go, so keep your mouth shut Jungsu.’ Heechul pointed a finger at him.

‘Show some respect,’ Leeteuk said with a raised brow, ‘But I have come to see you for other things.’

‘What is it, I have a corporation to run.’ The younger male growled, playing with a pen.

‘It regards family.’

‘Which I don’t have so next question.’

‘I am talking about you starting your own family, Chul.’ Leeteuk sighed, ‘You are not going to be around forever, you need an heir.’

‘Why can’t you get the others to do it. How about Jongwoon? Or even that brute Yongwoon?’ Heechul rolled his eyes.

‘You are the alpha, Heechul, it has to be your bloodline.’

And Leeteuk was correct. In the realms of the animal kingdom, an alpha is established and the same is done in the human kingdom. An alpha was person with a strong personality, good leadership and blessed with charming looks. Heechul ticked all boxes to gain him the right to the title along with the drive to succeed and not being afraid of confrontation. For a man of small built, he struck fear into many people just by looking at them.

‘I have no interest in love and you know that.’

‘You are the number one most eligible bachelor in Korea, Heechul!’

‘I know that,’ He pinched the bridge of his nose, ‘That brat from Cho Industries sent over a copy of the magazine this morning, he is number three with that Choi fellow at two.’

‘Go out and meet some ladies,’ Leeteuk urged, ‘I hear that socialite Jessica Jung has an eye on you.’

‘To clingy for my liking,’ Heechul dismissed, ‘I have no time to find a mate.’

‘You are a man Heechul and an alpha male at that, your body will have a craving.’ The dimple cheek male pointed out, ‘How about I find you a mate?’

‘If I agree to this, will you leave?’ Heechul massaged his temples.


‘Fine, now leave!’

Leeteuk bolted from his chair and out the office as Heechul let out a disgruntle groan. Not wanting to think of the disaster he put himself into, he got back to doing some paperwork. Leeteuk got his personal assistant, Hyukjae, to hold all his calls while he was out scouting a partner for Heecul. The alpha had given specifics he wanted in a women which made Leeteuk’s search harder but also saved his ass from picking someone Heechul didn’t like. The next week he searched high and low for both alpha and omega woman.

Omega’s served for being used. They were seen as something as a play toy to the alpha males. They were submissive. You worked a normal 9 to 5 job at the local cafe and life was okay. Your income wasn’t as much as you wished but it was enough to get you through bills and food, even though you wished you could get a little more. Serving an americano to a man, your life flipped upside down.

‘So this is them.’ Leeteuk gestured to the five woman as Heechul walked pass.

‘To tall, to short, ugly hair colour and please, you call that fashion?’ Heechul looked the last girl up and down, ‘You may all leave but you.’

The girls filled out as Leeteuk had an open mouth shock upon him, ‘I picked those girls all to your specifications!!’

‘Which you clearly didn’t follow that well. Did you see that last ones fashion!’ Heechul exclaimed, ‘Your head was clearly in the clouds, Park Jungsu. Sora must be keeping you busy.’

‘Wipe that smirk off your face! That is my wife you are talking about.’

‘There is no shame in having sex, hyung.’ Heechul cackled before looking at you, ‘Now what’s your name?’

‘Y-y/n‘ You stutter.

‘Speak up!’


‘Pretty name,’ He circled you as if you were a piece of meat, ‘Now has Leeteuk explained the terms to you?’

‘I thought I would leave that to you,’ Leeteuk admitted, ‘Would be better coming from your mouth.’

‘Fine,’ He huffed, ‘I am Kim Heechul, alpha boss to the Kim Corporations. That duck over there is Leeteuk and he is the biggest pain in my ass. Now I have been informed that I need an heir for this company, which means I need someone to produce it.’ Heechul walked to his desk and picked up a folder with your name on it, ‘It says here that you were an all A student, captain of the debating team and a swimmer.’ He looked up from the fill and looked you up and down, ‘Your body clearly reflects that, omega.’ He closed the file, ‘Now why do you want to do this?’

‘I work a job that doesn’t pay well and I need money to get through school, and I was informed that I will be paid.’ You gulped at this shameless act.

‘So why not become a prostitute?’ Heechul’s question was blunt

‘Don’t be rude, Chul!’ Leeteuk scolded.

‘It’s basically the same thing.’ He rolled his eyes before looking at you, ‘Fine, you aren’t so bad on the eyes so here’s the deal. When are you ovulating?’

‘Next week…’

‘Come by my house then, my assistant Zhoumi will give you the information on your way out.’ Heechul instructed, ‘Be there on Wednesday at 7pm and lets get this sex over and done with.’

‘Why are you so vulgar?’ Leeteuk asked.

‘Because I am Kim Heechul,’ He clarified before turning to face you, ‘You are dismissed.’

Before you knew what was happening, you were led out the office, handed a file by a tall man who looked Chinese and now stood outside the large building, ‘God help me now…’

The days flew by and Wednesday came. You wore a simple red dress with black heels and hair up in a messy bun. Looking at yourself in the mirror you were torn from your train of thought by the sound of a car hooting. Looking out your one bedroom window, you saw a long sleek limo. Sighing, you walked downstairs and was driven to the location of Heechul. Weaving up the long roads, you found yourself in the upper east side of the city and standing before the door that had Heechul on the other side.

‘You can do this, just breath.’ You calmed yourself.

‘The doors open, Omega!’ You heard Heechul’s voice shout out, ‘So stop talking to yourself and come in.’

Stunned, you pushed the heavy door open and stepped into the elegant apartment.  The floor was wooden with a varnished finish, along with a large chandelier of crystals suspended over it. On the furthest part of the room lay a large black and silver staircase that curved up to the loft bedroom. By what you could see from the bottom, you spotted a large wooden four post bed with red drapes. And open space lounge lay close to the stairway with a blazing fire which was accompanied by a white rug and glass coffee table. There was a patio sliding door close to the lounge, indicating a balcony. Walking deeper into the apartment, you marvelled with an open mouth.

‘You look as if you have never seen an apartment before.’ Heechul chuckled.

‘I have but not one as big as this.’ You gapped.

‘You’re funny, omega.’ He smiled.

‘My names Y/N’ You corrected.

‘I like Omega better, cuts out the personal feelings,’ His answer was cold to you, ‘I made supper well my chef, Dongwoon, made it’


‘I wouldn’t want you to be on an empty stomach. I want this to be the one and only time to create this child.’

Heechul then turned on his heels and walked towards the large glass table that had eight white chairs around it. Gulping, you juts cleared your head of his words and followed him. He was right, this was all business with no emotions attached. You needed the extra money and if this was the means, then so be it. Supper was as awkward as anything. You both practically ate in silence with it being filled with the sounds of cutlery on crockery.

‘The foods great.’ You pipped up.

‘Dongwoon is a great cook, eat up and lets get this over and done with.’ He finished his food, ‘Are you sure you ovulating?’

‘Are you questioning me on my own body?’ You asked with a raised brow.

‘Watch it Omega.’ He growled, ‘Go upstairs and strip down. I will be there soon.’

Biting your lower lip, you just nodded and went up to the bedroom. Your feet sunk into the plush carpet as you unzipped the back of your dress. Looking in the mirror you felt this being wrong, but it was to late to turn back. Letting the dress fall to the ground, you removed your jewellery and sat on the edge of the bed and draped a blanket over you. The sound of footsteps echoed as Heechul entered and gazed upon you.

‘No need for modesty here, Omega.’ He witnessed

‘I-i was just cold.’ You lied as he sighed and started to remove his watch.

‘You remember the rules?’ He asked as he walked into his walk in closet and started removing his clothing and walking out in nothing but his red boxers, ’No kissing, biting, sucking or touching, unless I state it, okay?’

Your eyes travelled up his body and you mind ran rampant. You never imagined him to have such a toned body, yeah he was small built man but he was pretty lean and fit. He ran a hand through his platinum hair as he licked his lips unconsciously and looked upon you.

‘Are you ready, Omega?’