white coca cola can


Nice and cozy Toy Day sweater to keep you warm this December and get you in the mood to help Jingle deliver presents. You have the option of black or white Santa in case you can’t shake the Coca Cola image of Santa in your mind. (The real Saint Nicholas was Turkish and almost definitely had dark skin)

If you have any suggestions or requests please send me an ask, IM or contact me on twitter at LockeAndKei. I do what I do for a love of art and fashion and it won’t cost you a bell or a cent.

Fact: jack and meg white only ever drank red or white wine in order to not deviate from their motif. They notoriously regretted the lack of a black wine variety.
Bonus fact: jack white had an integral role in the design of the coca-cola zero can, relentlessly insisting on a simple black-white-red design.