white chocolate peppermint bark


Ingredients1 block white chocolate
1 lg. or 25 sm. red, white, green striped candy cane, crushed into sm. pieces
  1. Heat white chocolate in double boiler over low heat until all is melted.
  2.  Add crushed candy cane to white chocolate. Make sure white chocolate stays warm. 
  3. Pour mixture onto wax paper-lined cookie sheet, spreading very thinly with spatula. 
  4. Place cookie sheet in freezer until the mixture has hardened. 
  5. Take out of freezer and crack bark into small pieces. 
  6. Remove from wax paper and store at room temperature. Do not refreeze.

Hershey’s Hugs and Candy Canes. Fresh peppermint swirled with white and milk chocolate.

Salt And Peppermint Bark is a solid scrub and a shower gel. It has exfoliation as well as cleansing ingredients, a great all-in-one. Depending on how sensitive your skin is (especially to sea salt), this bar can be either very abrasive or quite gentle. If S&PB is too harsh for you, all you need is a lighter touch and more water. If, like I, you find the exfoliation to be barely-there, rub onto drier skin and apply more pressure. The bar as a whole melts fairly quickly in my opinion, only getting about 10-ish uses. However, depending on how you store and use it, S&PB can melt slower or quicker.

obsessions-and-dreams  asked:

Strawberry, guava, tangelo which I'm gonna Google as soon as I'm done typing this, kiwi, star fruit!!

Strawberry: Favorite Desserts? Oh man, i love me some dessert so this is hard. But i gotta say, ice cream is sort of where it’s at? Like, there are just so many different flavors and it’s awesome. But like, also peppermint bark (and white chocolate in general) is a thing that exists and i love it?

Guava: Dark & Dramatic Makeup or Natural Makeup? This one i think really depends on the situation. Cause my skin is so pale it’s really easy for dramatic to look ridiculous on me, so i’m very sparing about when i use it. Can’t i combine my awesome black eyeliner with pale pink lipstick?

Tangelo: If you could be any mythical creature, which would you be? I’ve answered this one before, and I’m gonna stick to the answer i gave then: a siren. Cause I love singing and i think it’d be really hilarious to watch guys just throwing themselves against rocks cause they think my ethereal rendition of blank space is so enthralling

Kiwi: What’s something that fascinates you? ok, this is a really random one but i was just talking about it with a coworker so it’s on my mind: hearing people fluently carry on conversations with someone in a second language. like there is this girl i work with who grew up learning english but her parents are korean so sometimes customers come in and she can have an entire convo in korean with them and that’s just…so cool? and makes me wish i was more fluent in spanish so i could even begin to be that impressive.

Star Fruit: Favorite Sea Creature? So random but ok. Probably sting rays cause they are just so cool looking. or manatees cause who doesn’t love a friendly little sea cow?

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Here is a lemon cheesecake topped with shards of white chocolate peppermint bark that I made for this Christmas Eve. My first time making a cheesecake in over a year, I think. It was sweet, luscious, and intensely creamy-perfection, in a word. I still have some leftover peppermint bark in my fridge, that I think I will simply eat alongside a cup of steaming hot chocolate. This was the perfect pastel food companion to the lavish Christmas dinner that my family and I had. 

White Chocolate Peppermint Bark.

One of the easiest recipes of all time! 
My aunt has made this stuff every year for Christmas since I can remember. I used to make myself sick eating it when I was a kid. One year I even stuffed my pockets full of it before leaving her house so I could enjoy some at home (of course if I would have just asked, I could’ve taken some home in a bag or something, but I didn’t realize that at the time) and when I got home my pockets were full of melted white chocolate. My mom wasn’t very happen when she went to do my laundry.  

I don’t have exact measurements but if you need them I’ll bet you could find another recipe online, but pretty much you do this:
Melt the white chocolate, spread it into a dish, sprinkle with crushed peppermints, and let it cool and harden. Then you break it apart and enjoy! 

One of my favorite things about this recipe (besides the part where it’s soooo easy) is that you can use almost anything you want in it. You can use regular chocolate if white isn’t your thing, and you can substitute peppermints with other candies. The options are almost unlimited. You can even get really creative and do a layer of dark chocolate underneath the white. Or whatever.