white chocolate liqueur


1 oz. (30ml) Vodka
1 oz. (30ml) White Chocolate Liqueur
1 oz. (30ml) Strawberry Liqueur
3 Scoops Strawberry Ice Cream
Coarse Sugar

1. Rim edge of martini glass in coarse sugar.
2. To an ice filled glass add vodka, white chocolate liqueur and strawberry liqueur. Shake well to combine.
3. Add three scoops of strawberry ice cream to martini glass and pour mix over top.
4. Garnish with a strawberry. Enjoy!

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2 oz. (60ml) Vodka
1 oz. (30ml) Creme de Cacao
1 oz. (30ml) White Chocolate Liqueur
Chocolate Syrup

1. Rim Martini glass with chocolate syrup and crushed Oreos.
2. In a shaker with ice, shake the vodka, creme de cacao, and white chocolate liqueur.
3. Decorate the glass with chocolate syrup.
4. Pour mixture over glass and garnish with an Oreo.

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anonymous asked:

if harry were a mixed drink ; what would u call him?

IDK, but I’m calling you Interesting Questions Anon.


I’d call his drink the Reverse Mystery.  White chocolate liqueur on the bottom, a bit of Malibu rum as a divider.  At this point, I’d plop in some really pretty blackberries, then grab some regular chocolate liqueur and some cherry liqueur.  Equal parts on that one.  Just a bit of sweet cream and shaved chocolate on top.  Let that be a bed for a blackberry and a nice, plump dark cherry.

It’s like tasting Harry’s voice.

Eyeshield 21 cocktails

Just some ideas… I’m still tweaking them, and because I eyeball everything, measurements are not really that exact…

If you make one yourself, please give me feedback/your own tweaks! ^^“

Gunmetal and Old Magnum are my favorites >W>” Yes, I’m an old man…

Gunmetal: Hiruma
2 fl oz. vodka
2 fl oz. tequila (reposado or anejo)
splash of club soda
squeeze of one lime wedge
Sharp, acid, straight to the point. 

Old Magnum: Musashi
1 fl. oz whiskey (I used bourbon)
2 fl. oz Belgian Quad
Spice packet (ground cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg)
Dash of bitters
(Note: infuse whiskey a week before…)

Cheer Squad: Suzuna
2 fl. oz rum
½ cup soda
3 fl. oz simple syrup
Juice from half a lime
Pump of grenadine
1 tbsp orange syrup
½ pack of pop rocks, poured on top to serve

White Knight: Oujo 
0.5 oz Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur
2 oz vodka
2 drops peppermint extract
Small scoop of vanilla ice cream 

White Lion: Sakuraba
4 oz vodka
One big spoon sweetened condensed milk
?????Whatever was in that old jam jar. I need to find out.

Iron Horse: Tetsuma
2 fl oz bourbon
1 fl oz ice tea 
Hickory chips in pan (to smoke the bourbon)
Matches (to light the chips)
Large bowl (cover the bourbon and wood chips)

Glass Of Lukewarm Water: Kid
Glass of lukewarm water

Empire’s Sunday Funday Recipe

The Cake Batter Martini


  • 3 oz. Three Olives Cake Vodka
  • 3 oz. White Creme de Cacao
  • 2 oz. Amaretto
  • 2 oz. heavy whipping cream
  • 1 oz. Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur
  • Garnish with sprinkles


Place sprinkles on a shallow plate that is a little larger than the mouth of your martini glass. Dampen a paper towel with whipping cream (or water) and wet the rims of the martini glasses. Dip glass into sprinkles to coat the edges.

Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice and shake for about 30 seconds. Strain into martini glasses and drink!

This recipe is from thenovicechefblog.com. Check out their site to see more cool recipes!

Rusty Nail's Recipes

Merry Christmas, Dear Drinkers! I do so hope that today’s missive finds you all in the merriest of holiday spirits. And speaking of Spirits! Y'all may have noticed fewer recipes this month, than you’ve been seeing me produce recently; and there is a good reason for that, which I can now impart to you. Today’s honoree has not one, not two, but three recipes honoring them, the work they’ve done, and the contributions they’ve made to our community. I make no exaggeration when I say that were it not for today’s honoree, our community would be smaller, and sadder. Their work has spanned the history of our hobby, and ranged from phenomenal sight gags to Gaslamp Fantasy to one of the most beloved stories of our little corner of the internet. Today’s honoree, folks, is Egophilliac.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we’ll start with her most recent work


In this delightful Gaslamp AU, we see our mane six re-imagined as fully autonomous AI’s. The setting itself is a delight, with the integration of AI as equal or integrated participants in society, and with human augmentation and assistance provided through steampunk science.

An Accomplished Steampunk Scientist Twilight


  •     1 teaspoon Earl Grey Tea Leaves
  •     3oz Bombay Sapphire Gin
  •     1oz Lemon Juice
  •     1oz Simple Syrup
  •     Chilled Martini Glass
  •      Ice
  •     1 Cog Wheel, cut from Lemon Rind.

Special Equipment:

A strainer, a Cocktail Shaker..

Making an Accomplished Steampunk Scientist Twilight

  1.     Pour Gin and Tea Leaves into spare glass.
  2.     Let sit for two hours.
  3.     Strain Gin into Cocktail shaker..
  4.     Add Lemon Juice, Ice, and Simple Syrup.
  5.     Shake well.
  6.     Strain into Martini Glass.
  7.     Add Cog Garnish.
  8.     Drink!

You’ve just finished making an Accomplished Steampunk Scientist Twilight!

The combination of the Bluish Bombay Sapphire Gin with the Tea Leaves will not only produce a taste that is distinctly centered in the mind’s palette on Victorian Times, but will also come closer than much else I could put my hands on towards getting to Twi’s purplish hue, short of using something literally purple, like Chambord, or Merlot.

Now, if we look up at that last image, we can see Twilight telling her mentor and teacher to “Ignore the one on the end.” You know, it seems like having to make those kind of excuses would be awfully… Inconvenient.

It’s Inconvenient Trixie!

She shows up in the darndest places, and always seems to be just about on a poor, exasperated Twi’s last frayed nerve. Maybe a nice refreshing drink would help take the edge off, Twi.

An Inconvenient Trixie


  •     3oz Blue Curacao Liqueur
  •     3oz amaretto
  •     3oz coconut rum
  •     6oz half-and-half
  •     Two NON-CHILLED rocks glasses.
  •     Masking Tape
  •     Googly Eyes.
  •     One 16 oz container.
  •     Ice

Special Equipment:

If Googly Eyes and Masking Tape aren’t special equipment for a drink, I don’t know what are.

Making an Inconvenient Trixie:

  1.     Pour all of your liquids into the 16 oz container.
  2.     Stir well.
  3.     Place a strip of Masking Tape on the outside of each of the two  rocks glasses.
  4.     Adhere two Googly Eyes an equidistant length apart on each of the strips of tape..
  5.     Place two cubes of ice in each glass.
  6.     Pour drink over ice in each of the two glasses.
  7.     Drink!

You’ve just finished making an Inconvenient Trixie!

This drink not only matches Trixie’s cream-blue coat-color, but with the recipe being as it is, it will produce enough of a beverage that it can’t be easily reduced into a smaller portion, meaning that in that the recipe requires the production of two portions of this drink, it is, in and of itself, Inconvenient.

Finally. What can I say about the last drink I’m sharing, today. When I started doing this aspect of my blog, the creating recipes portion, I knew this was a drink I wanted to make. It has taken me longer to produce this recipe than any other I have worked on. I feel that it is absolutely, 100% justified in being a recipe that has taken this length of time, to get absolutely, utterly correct. The story it honors is about growth. It’s about adventure. It’s about life. And it’s about one brave little pony learning that with a hat on her head, and friends by her side, there wasn’t anything she couldn’t do, if she put her mind to it.

It’s Woona, of Moonstuck!

This little filly went through hell and high water to get from where she started, on the surface of the moon, to where she ended up; but she did it all with aplomb, and dignity, and friends, and fetch quests, and Science. But it’s to her most steadfast and dedicated companion that I honor, with this tip of a… hat. I’ve been working on the recipe this long, that is true. The name of this drink, though? I am PROUD of this one, Dear Drinkers.

A Cartographer’s Cocktail (Both Safe For Woona, and Not Safe For Woona Editions!)


  •    4 large scoops French Vanilla Ice Cream
  •    1 cup Milk
  •    ½ cup white chocolate chips
  •    2 shots White Chocolate Godiva Liqueur (Or White Chocolate Syrup)
  •    Whipped Cream
  •    A White Hibiscus for each drink you pour.
  •    Chocolate Syrup or Magic Shell.

Special Equipment:

A thin-tip paintbrush you’ve never used to paint, or for any other project, and that is 100% clean, and that you yourself have washed and scrubbed clean. A plate, A Blender.

Making a Cartographer’s Cocktail:

  1.     Squeeze an amount of Chocolate Syrup or Magic Shell onto plate, and place Paint-Brush near the plate.
  2.     Remove glass from freezer, and quickly move to plate and brush
  3.     Using Brush, and Syrup, Draw dotted lines, X’s, O’s, and other landmarks on the INSIDE of the glass. Do not hesitate to pop the glass back inside the freezer to help the syrup or shell set. Do not over-decorate.
  4.     Place glass back inside Freezer after decorating.
  5.     Put Ice cream, milk, chips, and Liqueur (for a Not Safe For Woona Version) OR the White Chocolate Syrup (For a Safe For Woona Version) in the blender.
  6.     .Blend until smooth,
  7.      Remove glass(es) from freezer.
  8.      Pour drink into glass.
  9.      Garnish drink with flower and Whipped Cream.
  10.     Drink!

You’ve just finished making a Cartographer’s Cocktail, in honor of Moonstuck!

The interior decoration of the glass is meant to evoke the image of Woona’s ever-trusty headpiece; it will also melt into the drink as you drink it, altering the change of the flavor as you work yourself through your beverage. The White Hibiscus is meant to evoke the moon-flower by which Woona establishes her friendship with the Batponies. Doing two versions of this drink lets me take it even one step further, and make use of both Not Safe For Woona, and Safe For Woona. I really, really hope that this one manages to properly honor this effort.

Keep sending in suggestions as to who you’d like to see made into a drink, and Stay Thirsty, my friends!

anonymous asked:

“im a bartender and you just came in here without shoes sat down and ordered a chocolate volcano and idk what the fuck that is and im scared to ask” au for Bellarke. I love your writing, and your blog is BEAUTIFUL.

Thank you so much! This was a fun one to write, hope you enjoy :)

It was a fairly empty night when the blonde strolled in, bare feet padding against the floor as she mumbled to herself and plopped down on a bar stool. She was hard to ignore, Bellamy realized, not only because she held a sort of wild beauty, but also because she walked in with no shoes, a tear in her shirt that was clearly not purposeful, and the sort of angry eyes that Bellamy liked to keep an eye on just for the sake of his other customers.

“What can I do for you?” Bellamy questioned, throwing the towel he had been wiping the bar down with over his shoulder.

“Chocolate Volcano,” she ordered, her face clear and determined. Bellamy had no idea what she was talking about, but the steely eyes she was staring at him with made him contemplate death rather than admit his obliviousness. “You don’t know how to make it, do you?” she grumbled. “Jesus, where’s Wick when you need him.”

“He’s not working tonight,” Bellamy provided helplessly. Clarke rolled her eyes, leaning forward and pointing with an elongated finger to something behind him.

“No shit,” she replied. “The directions are on the notecard.”

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