white chocolate kit kat

Baked Butter Cookie Kit Kats

Last year, Nestle Japan famously released Baked Kit Kats, which you put in the oven to crisp up before eating. People naturally started experimenting with them, baking them on top of pizzas, inside croissants, as creme brulee… Coming up with all kinds of creative ways to use them.

Then, at the end of last year, just in time for the holidays, a new Baked Kit Kat flavor was released, Butter Cookie!

They were sold in convenience stores in boxes containing two mini bars, or in supermarkets in 13 count bags.

“When baking, please use a tray!!”, you are warned on the packaging…

As with the original version, they tasted just fine if you ate them “raw”, kind of like buttery white chocolate…

They were made for the toaster oven though, so I had to pop a couple in to feel the heat…

Two minutes later they came out golden brown, crispy on the outside, warm and gooey on the inside…

They tasted exactly like what they were meant to… real butter cookies!

Well done, Nestle Japan!!

Nihonshu (Japanese Sake) Kit Kats!

Nooooooo… I missed these by one week!

On February 1st, Nestlé Japan will release new “nihonshu" (Japanese sake) flavored Kit Kats! Made with actual sake, in the form of a powder, the white chocolate-covered wafers will contain 0.8% alcohol.

These boozy cookie bars will be sold in two different ways, the first in a standard box, available nationwide in convenience stores, containing three Kit Kats for 150 yen…

The second package will be a special box designed to resemble a sake bottle, which will be sold at airports and gift shops targeting foreign consumers looking for a unique souvenir. It will contain nine Kit Kats for 700 yen…

Anyone going to Japan who wants to score me a box?

Pics via Nestle’s press release

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