white chocolate and raspberry muffins

when time escapes - Ray x Reader

As much as i love Joel x reader fics, i really did enjoy writing something a little different! Thank you to the lovely Anon who just wanted something Ray x reader related, you’re the best. 

SUMMARY: You can’t help it, Ray just seems to catch your eye and plague your mind; whether you like it or not. His smile infectious, laughter booming. There was just something about him that made the blush in your cheeks rise and that eradicated any worries that you held. 

WC: 1087

You tell yourself that you have the willpower to divert your eyes from him, the strength to keep your mind from wandering into that damn office filled with warmth and laughter and him, but in all honestly, you simply aren’t able to control yourself.

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Elderly Clexa

[Prompt: Elderly clexa looking back on their lives at the very end. AN: please be careful my gentle little baby candle angels. I filled this prompt many moons ago and I stand by it because I think death can be happy sometimes.]

Song: Hell Bent - Clara, A Sad Song.

Warm rays of brilliant sunshine crept through the blinds and diluted the darkness of the hospital room. The monitors beeped in a constant rhythm and the sound was a symphony and Lexa had grown accustomed to its metronome. It had been months, she could have sworn it was nothing more than minutes and seconds and other tiny bits of time she could barely grasp at, but the changing of fall to winter reassured her it was in fact six months to be precise since the word malignant echoed around their doctor’s office.

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White Chocolate and Raspberry Sort of Healthier Muffins

  • 250g self-raising flour

  • 100g caster sugar

  • 1 large egg

  • 250ml milk

  • 2 tsp baking powder

  • 90ml vegetable oil (Will stop the muffins drying out)

  • 150g raspberries

  • 150g white chocolate chips

* Pre heat oven too 180C or Gas Mark 4

* Fill a muffin tray with cases 

* Mix all the ingredients apart from the chocolate and raspberries. Mix until all the ingredients are combined but still slightly lumpy. 

* At this point fold in the chocolate and raspberries. Fill out the muffin cases equally

* Bake for 20 minutes  

Alright everyone come on this journey with me IMAGINE

Harry Styles is in his coziest joggers and a giant well-worn jumper.

His fireplace is blazing and he goes to his built-in that houses his vast vinyl collection. He drags his fingers along a few shelves wanting to decide by impulse, by touch, until he gets to the P’s (of course they’re alphabetized. Anything else would be chaos!). He gets that buzz of good energy he’s been hoping for.

Harry pulls out a vintage Elvis Presley album and tugs the left side of his mouth up into grin. His impulse was right. This is exactly what he wanted.

As the music crackles to life through his custom sound system, he sets back to preparing his batch of white chocolate raspberry muffins, bobbing his head and gyrating his hips just like the King when the moment feels right.

Muffins in the oven and dishes all soaking, he flings himself onto his sofa. It’s his corner - the seat that’s finally starting to wear into his shape like he’d hoped when he first got it but never had the time to break in. He crosses his feet at the ankles, feet still moving to rhythm of the song.

And right after he’s sung out a line in what Harry must admit is a pretty spot on Presley Impression, he brings out his phone and tweets:

“You can shake an apple from the apple tree.”

And then puts his phone away, locks his fingers behind his head and closed his eyes.

It’s Saturday afternoon. And Harry Styles has nothing to do.

Sweet Tooth (Winter)

*Part Two of my Winter Preferences

- What you two bake when your craving something sweet *WINTER EDITION*

(if you can’t cook for your life like me then just pretend you can and that your really really really good at it okay)

Taylor Caniff:

Peppermint Bark

This was your all time favorite dessert! Every winter season you guys would try to avoid making them but somehow Taylor would convince you to bake it once more which would lead you guys both back to your addiction. You guys would make it together all the time and eagerly await till it hardened, counting the hours and playing games, trying to pass time by. 

Aaron Carpenter: 

Snow Angel Cupcakes

These cupcakes were very light and fluffy and they always reminded you of each other. They were as white as snow and as soft as well. The raspberries were the perfect touch and they were always a family favorite around the Carpenter house. (you’d bake them for his family all the time)

Shawn Mendes:

                       White Chocolate and Raspberry Muffins

You knew Shawn loved muffins and you also knew your grandmother made the best muffins in the world. So, that’s why you decided to sneakily copy the recipe at your last grandma’s visit and bake them as a special surprise for Shawn’s welcome home visit during the holiday season. He fell in love with them right away so you two spent every weekend baking them together. (Of course they would probably be gone the very next day by your wonderful muffin-obsessed boyfriend)

Nash Grier:

                              Snowflake Sugar Cookies

You guys, being the bit more artistic couple, would bake cookies and decorate them together with different shades of blue. You would take your time decorating different designs on each cookie making them different and unique. Along with decorating the delicious cookies, you guys found the time to decorate wonderful mustaches on each others faces with frosting. (You two helped lick wipe off the frosting on each others face afterwards) 

Cameron Dallas:

                               Gingerbread Houses

You guys would buy the gingerbread house kits and sit down on a table near the Christmas tree, decorating the houses like little kids. You guys would joke around and make it into a competition on who could make the best house. Sometimes it would get very quiet during the process as you two focused on making your houses perfect while other times it would get loud and crazy as you two fought over who gets the last piece of fondant or as one of you would try to steal the others decorations! 

Matthew Espinosa:

                    Hot Chocolate and Peppermint Cupcakes

Matt always called you his little cupcake, so when you were baking him a farewell treat for his long trip to New York, you decided on cupcakes to remember you by. (you added a twist of course since it was the winter season.) Ever since then, Matt has fell in love with them, almost as much as he fell in love with you. They reminded him of you the most and he would crave them every time he was away. 

Carter Reynolds:

                                Frozen Popcornballs Snowballs

When you two were visiting Carter’s family over the holidays, you guys met Carter’s Frozen fanatic cousin. She was obsessed with the movie Frozen and was begging you two to watch it with her every time. So, one day when she asked you for a snack, you felt inspired and decided to do something creative for her. After a whole lot of mess, you two came up with these bad boys and you’ve been obsessed with them ever since.

Jack Johnson:

Melted Snowmen Peanut Butter Cookies

Peanut butter cookies were your favorite, so it only felt right to make them every time you craved something sweet (and were up to the challenge of baking). One time, however, your cookies went horribly wrong. Or so you thought. The consistency of the frosting was off and they soon melted when put on the cookies. You called Johnson desperately to help you and fortunately he had the perfect idea. He grabbed some frosting, food coloring, and peanut butter cups and created this wonderful and creative masterpiece that soon became a tradition whenever you two made these cookies.

Jack Gilinsky:

                   Chocolate Cookies w/ Peppermint Cream

You two combined your two favorite things, chocolate and mint, to create these chocolate and peppermint holiday treats!! They were always fun to bake together and you two wouldn’t mind adding a little bit more chocolate to the mixture every now and then. The cookie was soft, warm, and absolutely delicious. It reminded the two of you of home.

Sammy Wilkinson:

 White Chocolate & Peppermint Hot Chocolate

It was cold where you lived so hot chocolate was always the answer. But Sammy wanted a twist in things. He didn’t like the same old same old so you decided to switch up your hot chocolate recipe. He instantly fell in love with it and that’s the way you made your hot chocolate from then on. Even the other boys enjoyed the twist in the traditional drink and wanted the recipe too!

Hayes Grier: 

                   White Chocolate Covered Holiday Pretzels

You guys loved watching movies together but the normal popcorn, pretzels, and chips snack was getting boring. So, you guys decided to try out a new snack from a random store. It was so good that you wanted to learn to make it yourself and after a few tries you became an expert at the recipe. It was a quick and easy snack that you two would make every movie night together.

Jacob Whitesides:

                               Vanilla Bean Macarons

You loved macarons but your absolute favorite was the vanilla bean. When Jacob found out that your favorite sweet shop ran out of those and wouldn’t get another shipping till next week, he knew you were devestated. So, he tried to make them himself and let me tell you he was a natural at it. They tasted amazing and it was even better coming from the hands of your multi-talented boyfriend. So, whenever you were craving them you would always go to chef Jacob for some! :)

OKAYYY HOPE YOU GUYS LIKED THE PREFERENCE!!! Send in requests/feedback/advice because I gladly accept those! Posting a couple Christmas ones tomorrow sooo yeah haha. Also, if you dont like peppermint just change it to like candy canes or something lol. Anyways… Which one was your favorite dessert? 

dk65  asked:

Sansa, Tyrion--next door neighbours AU

They chat across the gap between their balconies, sometimes - hers is overflowing with pretty flowers, mostly in shades of blue and white with splashes of bright red, whereas his is just about habitable except on the day or two after the cleaning lady comes around.

But still, they chat, and it’s nice.

Her name is Sansa, and she’s kind of the same colours as her balcony, pale with big blue eyes and bright red hair, and he likes her without often thinking about sex - she reads almost as much as he does, and is generally scandalized by his more salacious jokes, and there’s a refreshing lack of guile about her that Tyrion likes.

He’s not sure what it is about him that she likes, but hey, he’s not had a friend in a while, so who cares? She’s a nice girl, and they get on well even if they only ever talk when they’re both on their balconies, so what does it matter?

“Hey, Tyrion?” she asks one day, after throwing across a Ziploc bag of raspberry and white chocolate muffins. “Do you know a girl called Myrcella? Bit smaller than me, lots of blonde hair?”

“Of course I do,” he says around a mouthful of delicious muffin. “She’s my niece, why?”

“She’s marrying my sister,” Sansa explains, and Tyrion’s mouthful of muffin isn’t delicious anymore because he’s fucking choking on it - no way in hell is Arya Stark Sansa’s sister. No way. “Do you want to be my date for the wedding?”