white cheddar grilled cheese

tonight btw for dinner i am having a white cheddar and havarti grilled cheese on crusty italian bread with strawberries, raspberries, and white peaches with a glass of local moscato and also some sour cream & onion chips (well known to be the Classiest chip) so i’m definitely getting better at this whole live life beautifully thing

The grilled cheese at Creamline, inside Chelsea Market, was delicious! It’s so far the very best example of a baseline, tasty grilled cheese. No extra fillings; no unusual bread; just nice cheddar cheese melted between two slices of white bread, grilled to perfection and buttered profously. A clear winner!

anonymous asked:

Mushrooms are my favorite food, but I don't like portobellos! I was hoping, if you have time, you might go an non-portobello mushroom round up.

Here’s a vegan mushroom round up. Below are other non-portobello mushroom recipes that I’ve posted in the past. Enjoy!