white charcoal on paper


Close up details of my WIP of Feyre and Rhysand. I am now officially obsessed with this style of drawing! I have a feeling the majority of my drawings will now be on black paper. So easy to blend and to fix/change things!


A MASTERPOST OF PORTRAITS OF MY SUMMERTIME MAD SWEENEYS! they’re FINISHED! i wanted to fill this portfolio i got, and i DID IT!! there’re actually about 30 in total, so this isn’t all of them, just the ones i particularly liked/featured in the folio

these were done on 9x12″ sketching paper with graphite, charcoal, india ink, white ink pens, white out, and occasionally faux gold leaf. a lot of q-tips died for these pieces

this character has been my summertime muse–i recently ran into a rut, and it was right after i finished The Swaingels. i pretty badly burnt myself out from overworking with digital, my eyes were in bad shape from accidental straining, but i REALLY didn’t want to stop working on things. i’ll get back to spn stuff soon, but it felt really nice to focus on this character for a while

i uh

i super adore him

“Powder Snow” Spell Jar (Pokemon Inspired)

A spell jar to remove one’s own romantic feelings for an ex or a toxic lover.

You Will Need:

❅ Jar or bottle with lid
❅ White Glitter
❅ Salt
❅ Dried White Rose Petals
❅ Ground Charcoal (artist)
❅ Garnet Chips
❅ Clear Quartz
❅ White Piece of Paper and Pen


❅ On your piece of paper write down all of the reasons why you wish to remove your romantic feelings towards the other person. Write down the pain they have caused you and your wishes to be set free. Be sure to write this person’s name on the paper too. Set to the side

❅ In a bowl mix your salt, dried rose petals, glitter and charcoal (small amount). Stir counter-clockwise to banish these feelings for this person, visualize them freezing up into ice crystals and blowing away and out of your life.

❅ Carefully pour mixture into your jar and place your garnet chips and clear quartz on top

❅ Tear up your paper from the first step into tiny shreds. Put all of your desire to rid yourself of these emotions as you rip and tear them

❅ Add the small torn pieces into your jar and close it and seal it as you see fit.

❅ Keep somewhere at room temperature and close to where you frequent. Whenever you feel these feelings rearing up again, hold the jar and take deep breaths focusing on your desires to banish them from you. Use the energy of the jar for this.

Note: to break spell unseal jar and dispose of contents (properly)

“It’s so much easier to see the world in black and white. Gray? I don’t know what to do with gray.”
[White charcoal on black paper]

Here’s my contribution for #teN7 Day (which I started last N7 Day)! My favourite character ever, Garrus Vakarian, from my favourite thing ever, Mass Effect.

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