white centerpiece

So here’s the thing.

I love the ‘Viktor lives an extravagant lifestyle and wants to shower Yuuri in rich things’ headcanon as much as the next person. I think it stems from my working class fantasies of someday marrying someone who wants to love and support me unconditionally both emotionally and financially. But who doesn’t.

That being said, I see a lot of people portraying Viktor as sitting down with Yuuri in the planning process for their wedding (And for the rest of their lives) and saying things like Ten-tier wedding cake celebrity chef catering Armani tuxes white doves all-rose centerpieces g o l d and all I can imagine–and, granted, this is just my personal view of Yuuri as a character; Yuuri who I over-identify with on a good day–is Yuuri sitting there and going HOLY! SHIT! and completely shutting down.

And maybe this is how Viktor starts off as. Viktor probably comes from money originally, and we as a fandom have discussed this to kingdom come. We’ve also concluded that even if your personal headcanon is Viktor achieving his own wealth, he’s…well, wealthy. This is more or less canon at this point. Viktor is, perhaps not necessarily The One Percent, but definitely high upper middle class, and definitely not afraid to show it.

And he’s good! So good! He’s genuine with it, he wants to spend all of his money on his fiance and his dog and their wedding and the life they’re going to build together! He wants to buy a big place to live, a house or a condo he doesn’t care, and fill it with family and love!

But Yuuri doesn’t come from wealth. He comes from a family that probably sometimes struggled to pay bills. Sometimes, he probably sat in his bedroom and listened to his parents decide whether they were going to get the car fixed, or replace the washing machine, because they couldn’t afford to do both at the same time. I have this idea that Toshiya probably got a second job to pay for Yuuri’s ballet and ice skating lessons, and that it’s probably something Yuuri felt very bad about–and still does to a certain extent.

And he’s paying them back, now. He’s winning, sometimes, and whatever he doesn’t need to feed himself goes straight back home. But then he gets engaged to literally the most successful figure skater in the history of forever.

And maybe sometimes he can’t deal?

I think that Viktor is the kind of person who would realize fairly quickly that Yuuri is uncomfortable with grant displays. Yuuri is the kind of person who doesn’t like PDA; he doesn’t hug his parents after five years away because it’s just not what’s done in his culture. Of course he would be uncomfortable with sitting next to his fiance with the wedding planner while the words filet mignon dinner come out of his mouth.

And I think it would come out to something like this: Viktor realizes that it isn’t the size or extravagance of the wedding that he wants to badly, but the symbolism. He wants something beautiful. Something lovely, and intricate, and full of meaning. Viktor has been confusing expense with significance his entire life, and I think that this is the moment where he realizes that that’s not the case.

And yes, some of those elements are expensive. Blue rose aren’t cheap, and neither is champagne. But Makkachin is well-trained and only has to be pointed in the right direction to bring them their rings–and he works for liver treats. And Phichit is a wonderful photographer for a man whose major played a background role to his skating career. And the day Viktor and Yuuri asked Hiroko and Toshiya Katsuki if they could have their wedding at the Onsen was the day that Viktor realized, truly realized, that he had gained not only a lover, a life partner, but a family. 

It’s not the wedding Viktor imagined–except, it was never going to be, because Viktor doesn’t think he ever quite imagined getting married to someone. 

Of course, the fact that Viktor spent well over their honeymoon budget is…something that Yuuri supposes he can tolerate.

Fingertips Between Us (Chapter 1)

Ta-da! It’s finally here! I’m sorry for such a long wait! First chapters in a story always take me a while >.< they do after all, set the stage for all the events coming forward! 

As always, please leave me asks about what you think when you’ve finished reading!

Something warm and wet presses against your forehead, and you crinkle your eyes in mock annoyance, a smile already forming on your face.

“Mmm…stop that.” You mumble, turning to the other side of the bed to escape whatever disturbed your sleep. Or, whoever.

Strong arms drape around your body, giving a sharp tug. You feel yourself roll back the other way, returning to the exact position you had just escaped from.

“Good morning my love.” A kiss to your nose.

You feel the weight of the ring on your finger shift as he plays with it absent mindedly.

“Have I ever told you how beautiful you are?” A kiss to your cheek.

You carefully peek one eye open, “Did you really wake me up just to tell me that?” Though you try your best to sound stern, even you hear the giggling tone in your voice.

“I need to go to work love.” A kiss to your other cheek.

You turn your head to look at the clock, was it that late already? Turning back you finally notice that Jumin isn’t in his sleeping attire, the fabric of the striped suit staring at you tauntingly.

“I’m sorry…I hadn’t meant to sleep in so late.” You mumble ashamed at how you had even slept through him getting ready.

A gentle hand sweeps over your hair lovingly, “You worked late last night. It’s alright.”  Jumin stands from the bed, your arms still thrown around his neck. Instead of detaching them Jumin opts to take you with him to the door, lifting you up from the bed, carrying you as he walked. Your legs wrap around him, and in the short 300 steps it takes to get to the front entrance you sprinkle kisses along his jaw and on his neck.

When he finally arrives at the door you step down sorrowfully, “Have a good day at work.”

You stand over him as he sits to put on his shoes, a frown on your face. Your hair is still disheveled from sleep, lips still swollen from last night’s kisses, your voice is husky, muscled and toned with half awakeness.

Jumin turns from his shoes to glance at you behind him. He lets out a small smile at the very displeased frown on your face. He stares at your messy hair and listens to your musky voice. You’re so beautiful. He always hated leaving you in the morning.

“Will you be home for dinner? You remember our plans right?” You grumble, knowing deep inside that you shouldn’t be acting like such a child. But you couldn’t help it, after all, life was so much better when you both were together.

Jumin tightens his left shoe and stands, turning to face you.

“Yes, yes.” He says dismissively.

There’s a large grin on his face. “I’m heading off now.”

You almost roll your eyes with amusement. Ever since you both had gotten engaged Jumin made it clear to you that he would not leave to work, or anywhere for that matter, without a goodbye kiss from you.

“My, what a doting husband I’m going to have.” You tease, taking steps towards him nonetheless.

“Mmmm, of course.” A kiss to your lips.

It takes you by surprise, “Weren’t you the one who insisted I be the one to kiss you?”

“Of course” He says teasingly, and you look down to discover his eyes closed slightly, his lips pouted out towards you expectantly.

With a mock sigh you move onto the tips of your toes, and press a kiss to his lips softly. A satisfied rumble escapes his chest and you almost let out a laugh at the thought that he resembled a large black cat purring.

Jumin can feel your smile on his lips, and a small growl slips through his mouth. He nips your bottom lip, as if asking how you could dare to think of other things. You pull away, cheeks flushed and your heart a flutter for more. Always more. Jumin’s thumb runs over your lip slowly, as if he were preparing himself to part with you for eternity.

“I’m going love.”

With a nod you smile at him, handing him his brief case and waving him goodbye out the door.

With a sigh you stared at the door. Honestly, it wasn’t like he would be gone forever. With a huff you rolled your eyes at your own clinginess.

Something soft and warm brushes in between your legs, and you look down with a smile.

“Good morning Elizabeth. You just missed your father.” You laugh, scooping her up into your arms. The cat begins to let out purrs instantly.

You laugh, “Like father like daughter.”

You spent the rest of the day tidying the house and baking sweets. Baking had always been your passion, and you thought that you were pretty good at it! You ran a small bakery, and even sold your goods online!

You set a small plate of lemon bars on the counter, saving them for Jumin before scooping Elizabeth the Third up and settling onto the couch to watch some tv.

Flickering through the channels you smiled as your phone chime went off.

Jumin : I miss you.

You: I miss you t-

“…Mr. Han! Please, tell us your thoughts on your son’s engagement!”

Those words catch your attention, and you stop mid text, your eyes returning to the tv screen. Elizabeth the Third meows loudly.

It was no secret to you that Mr. Han wasn’t fond of you. Jumin had taken you along to enough business parties for you to begin noticing Mr. Han’s annoyed glances towards. Or his refusal to speak to you. Mr. Han didn’t approve of you, but there was no way he would claim that you and Jumin weren’t engaged on national television was there?

Jumin and arguments with his father often about you. It always killed you to see Jumin argue with his father, knowing full well just how much Jumin respected him. In the end, the arguments were always one and the same. If you belonged in the Han family.  

“He isn’t a bad man MC.”

Jumin had once whispered those words into your ears. And though you wanted to believe him, how could you?

Your eyes refocused back to the images on the screen. Mr. Han’s stern face was masked in unamusement. And you fiddled with the engagement ring on your finger nervously. Next to you your phone begins to ring loudly. It’s Jumin. Ahhh…he must have realized that you’d be watching.

You pick up the call quietly, pressing the phone to your ear, knowing full well he’d just continue to call if you ignored him. Your eyes never leave the screen, and your heart begins to beat rapidly as you wait for Mr. Han to respond.

“Turn it off.” Jumin’s voice booms through the cell phone, angrily. Worridly.

“It’s alright.” You reassure him. “I just…want to see what he says for myself.”

You hear Jumin let out an exasperated sigh, “My love-”

“What engagement?”

Those words echo off the tv, and they cause your heart to stop in your chest.

On the screen Mr. Han stares directly into the camera, as if knowing that you would be watching.

“My son has no partner. My son is not engaged.” He states, his eyes never leaving the screen.

The reporter lets out an awkward laugh, “But sir, we have reports that Mr. Jumin has gotten engaged to MC. We even have reports that they live together.”

Mr. Han lets out a patient sigh. “ Simply puppy love. He’s just infatuated with the girl. He is my son after all.” He jokes, causing the sea of reporters around him to laugh as well.

Your lips tremble slightly as you turn off the tv. Rejected. Mr. Han just rejected your engagement to the whole wide world.

“MC.” Jumin’s voice calls out from the speaker, and you jump slightly, having forgotten that he was on the line. From the sound of his voice, you can tell that he too, watched the broadcast.

“I’m alright.” You state, lips trembling a little more, the diamond ring on your finger shining brightly at you.

“I’m alright.” You whisper again, covering your shaking lips as tears fall from your eyes. You refuse to let Jumin know that you’re crying.

Jumin’s soft curse under his breath lets you know that you’re failing at masking your voice.

“I’ll call him right now. I’ll make him announce our engagement. I’ll-”

“It’s okay Jumin.” You cut him off.

“Let him be, it’s alright. I’m alright.” You say gently.

The other side of the line grows quiet, and then finally, “I wish I were there to hold you.”

You let out a small laugh as a sniffle escapes you, “That would only spell trouble for Jaehee.”

“Doesn’t matter.” The smile in his voice makes your heart loosen slightly.

“Come home quickly, I miss you.” You say no longer caring just how needy you sound.

“I’ll try my love. After all, we do have very important guests coming later tonight.”

You smile at that, “You adore my younger sister way too much.”

Jumin lets out a deep chuckle, “And our niece is even cuter.”

You let out a content sigh as you examined the table spread you had set up. An elegant white table cloth clothed the smooth ebony table, held in place by a vase full of peonies (Easter egg! Go read peonies if you haven’t ^^) that you had placed as a centerpiece. White plates with gold spirals stood guard along the edge of the table, the gold matching the faint yellow of the napkins.

You smiled as your eyes drifted to the corner of the table. A child’s high chair stood right in between two dining ones, and you let out a laugh as you saw how out of place it was.


The sound of the doorbell draws your attention away from the table.

“Coming~” You say as you make your way towards the front door.

You swing the door open with a large smile on your face.

Your younger sister stands in the doorway, a similar smile on her face.

“Hey!” She greets cheerfully, and you quickly pull her into a hug before making way for her to enter the penthouse.

“Wow…’ She breaths as she enters. She sets the car seat in her hands gently on the floor, looking around the penthouse in wonder. “You know, I’ll never wrap my head around the fact that you live here.”

You laugh in answer, you attention solely on the angel strapped inside the car seat. You snap the handle back, and smile down at the little girl buckled inside.

“Hello Akari” You whisper quietly as you lift your niece out of the seat.

She giggles in your arms, blubbering when you rub your nose gently across hers.

“How old is she now?” You ask your sister, turning to face her as you place Akari on your hips.

“She’s about a year now.” Your sister answers, eyes bright as she watches the two of you.

The two of you play with Akari for a while, watching her explore the penthouse and babbling away.

The sound of the front door opening draws your attention away. Jumin’s home!

You snatch Akari up from the floor, ignoring your sister who laughs at you, as you make your way to welcome Jumin.

“Akari, look who’s ho-” You stop short as you look up from the baby in your arms.

Rigid eyes greet you. Slightly shorter. Slightly more grey hair. Mr. Han.

The smile falls off your face instantly.

“M-Mr. Han.” You stutter out, your mouth suddenly dry. Why was he here?

Mr. Han looks around the penthouse slowly, eyes stopping briefly to look at your sister, at Akari, and then finally, back on you.

“I see that Jumin isn’t home yet.” He states.

You nod quietly, giving a little jump as you reposition Akari.

“Ms. MC, my son tells me that you’re quite intelligent.” Mr. Han says.

You backtrack. What?

“He flatters me Mr. Han.” You reply curtly.

You finally move your eyes to his own, and you instantly regret your choice.

An ugly sneer replaces his emotionless face. “Yes, it would seem that my son does flatter you. A little too much. You would think that someone with intelligence would take the hint after watching today’s interview.”

His words pierce your heart. But Mr. Han isn’t finished.

“And would you look at this!” He exclaims, gesturing to your sister and Akari.

“I’ve read up on your family Ms. MC. Your sister got involved with a bad man. Not only did he swindle her of everything, he even left her with a child! I’m not sure how you tricked Jumin, but I can see right through you.”

You rush to explain, “No Mr. Han it isn’t like that, I promise you! Most of the debt is already paid, Jumin doesn’t even know anything about i-”

“I will never accept you as my daughter-in-law.”

Mr. Han’s words cut you off harshly. He glares at you from where he stands, until his eyes slowly fall onto Akari, as if remembering that an infant were present this whole time.

“I won’t ever accept you. You, or your future children.”

His words come out like venom. They poison the air and taint the feelings in your heart.

As if on queue, Akari begins to cry, loud wails echoing off the empty walls. Off of Mr.Han. Your heart wrenches in your chest. It’s almost as if Akari cries for you.

Instantly your sister rushes forward from off the couch to take her daughter and you let her, stuck frozen in place from Mr. Han’s words.  After a few moments Akari’s cries turn to sniffles, and Mr. Han clears his throat as he prepares to leave.

“Please don’t let this drag on Ms. MC.” He says, before shutting the door firmly behind him. Shutting the door, on you.  

Annnnnnnnnd that’s that! I swear it’ll get more interesting soon!!!! Like I said before, I’m simply setting the stage at the moment. 

As always, thank you all for your endless support, and look forward to chapter 2 ^^

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Zach Imagine #1 (snippet)

Note: As promised, but kinda late ‘cause it took me some time to translate, here it comes. It’s a small part of a imagine i’m doing based of this post of @imaginesforanyonex

To be honest, you were a little ashamed of where Zach had brought you. You were perfectly dressed, so was he, and so far there was nothing specific that would cause you such a feeling, but you couldn’t stop feeling a little inadequate at the extremely fancy restaurant he had decided to bring you. Of course, the food was delicious, and being her mother well versed in the arts of organizing large charity dinners for the town’s Women’s Association had provided her with a good sense of etiquette and a quite useless, yet enviable knowledge of the use of all varieties of cutlery arranged in front of her, on the table perfectly adorned with porcelain plates with gold details and crystal goblets. The napkins were woven and embroidered with gold thread and the white lilies of the centerpiece arrangement would be perfectly suitable for a wedding. You had avoided looking around because the place was so fancy that it made you feel a bit queasy.

In front of her, Zach did not seem to be dealing with the situation much better - he was a compelling color of pink, his lips pressing into a movement that you had learned that was characteristic of when he was nervous, looking anywhere but you. Which was odd, since he was the one who decided it would be a good idea to go there.

Well, the situation was simple. Your mother usually worked organizing events with the city’s Women’s Association, so you were accustomed with being carried by her, obliged to wear any black dress that fit, and help welcome the guests into the big dinners, being perfectly polite, with not even a strand of hair out of place - because her mother was nothing less than a perfectionist, bordering on obsessiveness, in truth. Finding Zach Dempsey at one or another of those dinners was actually quite common, since his mother was on the board of the Association. But the big surprise came with the announcement of the debut of the daughters of the associates, which would be presented at a party in the best style of the association: exaggerated and pompous. And (what a surprise!) when Mrs. Dempsey came to talk to you and your mother, and she was literally hopping, apparently wanting to contain a smile of excitement that threatened to engulf her entire face. Honestly, it was scary. You could swear that your mother had whispered a quick prayer in fear of the revelation that the Asian woman would bring. Then she had informed you, looking extremely happy and pleased with herself, that you would be part of the girls who would be introduced to “society”, even if you were already 17, since you and your mother had moved in a few months and, according to her, you deserved a good introduction because of the wonderful girl you were. You’d flushed from the tip of your toes to your hair with the compliment, but accepted it with a smile and a thank-you to Mrs. Dempsey. She was a picky woman, but you could see that she had a good heart. And, of course, she was also a wonderful strategist, because shortly afterwards she launched:

- “I’m sure Zach would be delighted to be your date!” - She beamed. - “I’ll talk to him right away, dear, do not worry! You’ll be the most beautiful couple in this debut!”

And that was how you found yourself at a date with Zach Dempsey, in this unbelievable fancy restaurant: Because his mother could not accept you being his date on the debut without him actually taking you to a date before.

Some may think having a date set by the mother of the boy is a bad idea, but discussing it with said mother, when she is this epitome of uptightness, and has those eyes that could bore into your soul, and your own mother’s kinda pleading with her eyes you don’t mess this up with some very displeasing reject of the so called son who would be your date, is way worse. While it were a very good bonus that he was cute, you could feel that he wanted to be here just as much as you. 

- “I’m sorry.” – was the first thing he said to you since you had seated at the table. He had been nice enough to say you were beautiful when he picked you up at your house. And well, he was beautiful too, so you didn’t had any problem returning the compliment. – “My mom… she can be very insistent.”

- “Oh.” – You were surprised he actually dared to say it. It made you hold a giggle. – “Well, yes, she can.” - This time he looked at you, and you could see the silent sorry in there too. He gave you a tight smile, apparently uncomfortable with something. – “She… hm, she’s just hell-bent on matchmaker this year.” – He groaned, apparently not very happy with his mother’s plans. He probably misses the way your face fall and eyes turn very judgmental. You don’t like being someone’s who knows which number’s option.  – “She’s just determined for me to find someone within her group of friends.” – his voice seems very troubled and that’s what makes you have a little sympathy for his situation. But it still displeases you that his mother sought you out so crudely just for achieving her goal. This probably made you became a little rude, what made you ask:

- ’Which date, exactly, am i?” – You’re not specifically hurt, just displeased, so you just shrugs at his stare and at his surprised look by the question. - “If I’m being one of the options, I just want to know at least what exactly my priority is.” - Your statement has him going red from the point of his nose ‘till the point of his ears. You admit to yourself it’s kinda cute. He’s fidgeting and looking anywhere but you, what makes you very displeased, moving to lie back in the chair, holding your will to fold your arms in a critical expression.
- “That down, huh?”

He finally looks at you and all the color seems to drain from his face in a look of pure horror. Zach stutters and his attempt to approach you makes the chair creak on the perfectly waxed floor of the very expensive restaurant, drawing everyone’s attention around to your table; You feel yourself blushing immediately, your face warming up, and curls up in the chair to run from the curious and judgmental eyes that are directed at you now, mouthing a silent apology. Zach has a beautiful red coloring and you can not hold giggle by the exasperated expression of his. This makes him look at you again and he takes a deep breath before finally saying:
- “You’re the first one I’ve actually accepted.”

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Valentine’s Fluff-better late than never

Returning the Favor

The sun was bright even as the lingering cold of winter nipped at his face. Will opened the door to the house, relieved to find Hannibal still out and that he hadn’t come back in some attempt to surprise Will. That would really have ruined his plans.

Their dogs pawed at his knees excitedly, and he tossed them some treats before setting to work. He put the bouquet of roses he had picked up in a vase and meticulously decorated the table. Candles, champagne, white lights, a centerpiece he had painstakingly had ordered and designed for the occasion featuring roses, antlers, pomegranates, and dark greenery. All of this wasn’t his usual flavor, but he wanted to return the favor for all the elaborate holidays and anniversaries Hannibal had planned. He wanted to do something that Hannibal clearly valued and appreciated. Valentine’s Day wasn’t until tomorrow, so he hoped he would be able to pull it off.

A few hours later and he had pulled together a semblance of something Hannibal might consider a nice meal. Ribs, a poached pears with an anglaise, and blood chocolate mousse for dessert.

Will hurried and took a shower, smoothed his hair back so his curls hung over his shirt collar, a light rose color, and put on his nicest suit.

Hannibal walked into the kitchen, as Will was setting up some music in the background, stopped short at the scene in front of him, and smiled.

“It appears I am rather underdressed.” he said, gesturing to himself.

“I figured it was your turn to be caught unaware and underdressed  for once.”

Will went to him, kissed him briefly, but with the promise of more to come. “Happy Valentine’s Day, love. Dinner is almost ready, but I left you some time to freshen up.”

“Thank you,” Hannibal kissed Will softly and headed off to the room.

Will finished the last touches and waited, a bit impatiently, checking his watch over and over. He was sure Hannibal enjoyed the tables being turned as Will often made him wait.

“I was surprised you had picked out a new outfit for me,” Hannibal gestured to himself. “I’m rather impressed with your choice.”

Will came to him, smoothing his hands over the lapels of the jacket and kissed Hannibal’s neck. “You always do these kinds of surprises for me. I thought I would return the favor.”

Hannibal cleared his throat, unable to stop smiling, eyes full of emotion and clearly a bit overcome. “Will, you continue to surprise me. I could never have imagined all you have become. All that we have shared together and the depths of your beauty.”  He grabbed Will by the waist and kissed him, slow and lingering. Will’s arms rested lightly around his neck, and they savored the taste of each other.

Will cleared his throat and pulled away. “You need to try it before it gets cold.” He moved the chair for Hannibal, kissing him  again once he was seated.

“Thank you, Will. Such a gentleman.”

Their hands met across the small table, entwining together, fingers rubbing over fingers as they sipped the wine.

“This meat is exquisite. What is it?”

Will raised his eyebrow slightly and smirked. Taking a bite slowly, seductively, and savoring it. “What is it? You know very well it is a who.”

Hannibal smirked, knowing this already, but enjoying hearing Will say it after how hard Hannibal had worked to get him to this point.

“You brilliant boy. So naughty.”

“I suppose you will have to punish me later.” Will winked, rubbing his calf against Hannibal’s knee and up his thigh.

”Indeed. Although you have been so good to me today. I think I will have to treat you tonight.” Hannibal took Will’s hand in his and kissed it sweetly.

“I love you, my sweet Will.”

“And I love you, my beautiful, dangerous man.”

Powerful Love/Admiration Spell


What we’re going to do here is gently draw out every good aspect of the person looking for love and/or admiration and make those aspects more noticeable to all those around them which induces attraction/admiration both physically and emotionally. I wrote this for a friend but I thought I’d share. Who doesn’t like a little extra attention?

Things You Will Need:

  • Full Moon

  • Monday (If Possible)

  • Midnight

  • Glass Bowl

  • Small Round Mirror

  • Spring Water

  • 3 White Floating Candles

  • White Flowers

  • Tumbled Moonstones

  • Deity Offerings & Cleansing Tools


After cleansing the area and taking the proper precautions, arrange a centerpiece for your altar. Use a clear glass bowl or dish and place a small mirror in the bottom of the bowl. Add water, and place three white floating candles in the dish. Surround your entire centerpiece with white flowers and tumbled moonstone.

After first invocations of your deity(ies) associated with truth and attraction (as well as the moon herself), offerings and first prayers, light the candles floating in the water. Gaze into the mirror and meditate on the reflected candlelight, envisioning the good, attractive aspects of the Centrist (the person you’re casting the spell on/for).

Now hold your hands over the bowl and start to charge the whole with abundant silver light. As you do this repeat this chant slowly while thinking of the Centrist and his/her good traits:

“Silver light of midnight’s swell
Gift this unseen child well
Make seen, what is not seen
attract the eye with silver sheen.”

Finish the spell by thanking the moon and your deity(ies), and verbally closing what you have initiated. The Centrist must keep one of the moonstones in his/her possession for three days.

How it Works:

  • The full moon will give this spell more power.

  • Monday is the day of the moon and perfect for moon spells.

  • Midnight is when the moon is at her peak.
  • The glass bowl gives a clear base that won’t block the energy you’re about to create and work with.

  • The mirror represents the outward reflection of the Centrist’s good, attractive aspects.

  • The water makes this spell gentle and gradual.

  • The white candles represent good truth, and bringing that good truth to the surface, making it more apparent.

  • The flames of the candles represents the desire to be noticed.

  • The white flowers represent purity, honesty, and perfection.

  • The moonstones represents love success. They also intensify and absorb the energy that the moon has given you.

  • The silver light is the energy the moon has gifted you with.

  • The number of days the stone is held is very important. The number 3 represents successful relationships. It will take three days of holding the stone for the spell to take full effect.