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Valentine’s Fluff-better late than never

Returning the Favor

The sun was bright even as the lingering cold of winter nipped at his face. Will opened the door to the house, relieved to find Hannibal still out and that he hadn’t come back in some attempt to surprise Will. That would really have ruined his plans.

Their dogs pawed at his knees excitedly, and he tossed them some treats before setting to work. He put the bouquet of roses he had picked up in a vase and meticulously decorated the table. Candles, champagne, white lights, a centerpiece he had painstakingly had ordered and designed for the occasion featuring roses, antlers, pomegranates, and dark greenery. All of this wasn’t his usual flavor, but he wanted to return the favor for all the elaborate holidays and anniversaries Hannibal had planned. He wanted to do something that Hannibal clearly valued and appreciated. Valentine’s Day wasn’t until tomorrow, so he hoped he would be able to pull it off.

A few hours later and he had pulled together a semblance of something Hannibal might consider a nice meal. Ribs, a poached pears with an anglaise, and blood chocolate mousse for dessert.

Will hurried and took a shower, smoothed his hair back so his curls hung over his shirt collar, a light rose color, and put on his nicest suit.

Hannibal walked into the kitchen, as Will was setting up some music in the background, stopped short at the scene in front of him, and smiled.

“It appears I am rather underdressed.” he said, gesturing to himself.

“I figured it was your turn to be caught unaware and underdressed  for once.”

Will went to him, kissed him briefly, but with the promise of more to come. “Happy Valentine’s Day, love. Dinner is almost ready, but I left you some time to freshen up.”

“Thank you,” Hannibal kissed Will softly and headed off to the room.

Will finished the last touches and waited, a bit impatiently, checking his watch over and over. He was sure Hannibal enjoyed the tables being turned as Will often made him wait.

“I was surprised you had picked out a new outfit for me,” Hannibal gestured to himself. “I’m rather impressed with your choice.”

Will came to him, smoothing his hands over the lapels of the jacket and kissed Hannibal’s neck. “You always do these kinds of surprises for me. I thought I would return the favor.”

Hannibal cleared his throat, unable to stop smiling, eyes full of emotion and clearly a bit overcome. “Will, you continue to surprise me. I could never have imagined all you have become. All that we have shared together and the depths of your beauty.”  He grabbed Will by the waist and kissed him, slow and lingering. Will’s arms rested lightly around his neck, and they savored the taste of each other.

Will cleared his throat and pulled away. “You need to try it before it gets cold.” He moved the chair for Hannibal, kissing him  again once he was seated.

“Thank you, Will. Such a gentleman.”

Their hands met across the small table, entwining together, fingers rubbing over fingers as they sipped the wine.

“This meat is exquisite. What is it?”

Will raised his eyebrow slightly and smirked. Taking a bite slowly, seductively, and savoring it. “What is it? You know very well it is a who.”

Hannibal smirked, knowing this already, but enjoying hearing Will say it after how hard Hannibal had worked to get him to this point.

“You brilliant boy. So naughty.”

“I suppose you will have to punish me later.” Will winked, rubbing his calf against Hannibal’s knee and up his thigh.

”Indeed. Although you have been so good to me today. I think I will have to treat you tonight.” Hannibal took Will’s hand in his and kissed it sweetly.

“I love you, my sweet Will.”

“And I love you, my beautiful, dangerous man.”

Powerful Love/Admiration Spell


What we’re going to do here is gently draw out every good aspect of the person looking for love and/or admiration and make those aspects more noticeable to all those around them which induces attraction/admiration both physically and emotionally. I wrote this for a friend but I thought I’d share. Who doesn’t like a little extra attention?

Things You Will Need:

  • Full Moon

  • Monday (If Possible)

  • Midnight

  • Glass Bowl

  • Small Round Mirror

  • Spring Water

  • 3 White Floating Candles

  • White Flowers

  • Tumbled Moonstones

  • Deity Offerings & Cleansing Tools


After cleansing the area and taking the proper precautions, arrange a centerpiece for your altar. Use a clear glass bowl or dish and place a small mirror in the bottom of the bowl. Add water, and place three white floating candles in the dish. Surround your entire centerpiece with white flowers and tumbled moonstone.

After first invocations of your deity(ies) associated with truth and attraction (as well as the moon herself), offerings and first prayers, light the candles floating in the water. Gaze into the mirror and meditate on the reflected candlelight, envisioning the good, attractive aspects of the Centrist (the person you’re casting the spell on/for).

Now hold your hands over the bowl and start to charge the whole with abundant silver light. As you do this repeat this chant slowly while thinking of the Centrist and his/her good traits:

“Silver light of midnight’s swell
Gift this unseen child well
Make seen, what is not seen
attract the eye with silver sheen.”

Finish the spell by thanking the moon and your deity(ies), and verbally closing what you have initiated. The Centrist must keep one of the moonstones in his/her possession for three days.

How it Works:

  • The full moon will give this spell more power.

  • Monday is the day of the moon and perfect for moon spells.

  • Midnight is when the moon is at her peak.
  • The glass bowl gives a clear base that won’t block the energy you’re about to create and work with.

  • The mirror represents the outward reflection of the Centrist’s good, attractive aspects.

  • The water makes this spell gentle and gradual.

  • The white candles represent good truth, and bringing that good truth to the surface, making it more apparent.

  • The flames of the candles represents the desire to be noticed.

  • The white flowers represent purity, honesty, and perfection.

  • The moonstones represents love success. They also intensify and absorb the energy that the moon has given you.

  • The silver light is the energy the moon has gifted you with.

  • The number of days the stone is held is very important. The number 3 represents successful relationships. It will take three days of holding the stone for the spell to take full effect. 

Spring is Here.
  • Me: Okay, here's a seasonal bouquet for the center of Your altar, two white rose centerpieces for its outside corners, and some petals as Your offeri-
  • Him: Wow I look good. I mean..... really good.
  • Me: Yeah, I thought it'd--
  • Me: ....
  • Me: ....
  • Random friends: (calls phone)
  • Me: Hello?
  • (Random friends: Hey, how are you? This is so random, I just wanted to call and ask how your holiday went! You had a holiday right?)
  • Me: ....
  • (Random friends: Let's hang out today, should I come over?)
  • Him: SO GOOD.