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Bunn's X-Men Blue Recruits Marvel's 'Ultimate' Wolverine
Cullen Bunn discusses bringing the son of the Ultimate Universe's Wolverine, Jimmy Hudson, to the Marvel U in the pages of X-Men Blue.

Your Secret Empire tie-in brings Polaris and Emma Frost into the book. Can you talk at all about their dynamics with your team and your takes on them? Is Emma a villain, in the traditional sense of the word?

I don’t think anything is traditional about Emma. She is certainly an antagonist for the X-Men in the series, and she has some dirty tricks up her sleeve — but I still don’t see her as a villain, really. She’s in a dark place right now. She has been for some time. I would love to see her come out of that, but it will take time, and her grief and anger may be guiding her for awhile…