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The Defiant Penneth


Request: Can the reader be Legolas’s little sister and their father treats her like she could break at any moment and raises her as a “princess” but she is actually really tough and Thranduil finds out in a shocking way?


Tithen Pen-Little One




Penneth-Young one


“Steady now Tithen pen.” Legolas whispered into the young elleths ear. (Y/N) huffed and rolled her eyes. “I’m not little Legolas! I’m almost a hundred years old.” The fair haired elleth muttered to her brother who with a soft chuckle straightened out his sisters arm so as to help her with her shot. Their father had been adamant about her not training to be a warrior but rather a lady of high society. He didn’t wish for her to work with weapons and learn to fight. Ever since their mother had died soon after she was born he had been fiercely protective of her always making sure she was safe and sound. Legolas understood where he was coming from—but didn’t like why he did it. The thing was that (Y/N) looked exactly like their late mother. The only thing was that she had of her father the great Elvenking Thranduil, was his fair skin. Unlike his wife, Thranduil has much fairer skin than the late queen. When she was an infant Legolas would remember his father staring into his little sister’s eyes. As if to hold onto a memory of their late mother.

As a young elf, Legolas somewhat became jealous. However, as he matured he soon understood the pain and longing that his father went through as the years went on without his queen and their mother. He understood that (Y/N) was the last remnants of her that he had. And he wanted her not to become spoiled by war and fighting. She was his precious princess. And he couldn’t lose her.

This was the way things had been for a while. As a young elleth (Y/N) had been fine for she mostly spent her time either in the library, by her father, and or on her beautiful black stallion Faenor. However, Thrandiul was worried about the stallion and for a while banned her from riding the beast for he thought he was too wild for her. She could only ride the calm silver mare the king himself had picked out for her. However, as he restricted her from this she only wished to ride the beautiful stallion more and at night would sneak out of her chambers and go for long rides. After a while the king found out and a fierce fight ensued between daughter and father but alas the king’s words and demands fell on deaf ears and soon after he realized that she would not be swayed. Understanding and with a certain amount of pride for his daughter’s fierce spirit he allowed her to keep riding Faenor and soon she was almost always on the beasts back riding through the forest. However, her father always made sure a few guards went with his daughter while she went out for fear of intruders and or threats to his daughter’s life.

However, as the young elf grew into her teens she wished to learn how to fight with a bow and arrow like her brother and Tauriel the female elf and captain of the guard. Her father refused and she soon became once again defiant.

And that’s where they were today. For many years, against his father’s wishes Legolas had taught his sister to shoot. He understood his sisters wish to learn how to fight and thought it would be well to teach her how to shoot at the very least. Every elf should learn how to shoot a bow and arrow. It was in their blood.  And so almost every week, Legolas would take his sister to a private meadow away from any guards or onlookers and teach his sister how to shoot for a few hours. He enjoyed these times with her for it strengthened the bond between older brother and younger sister. She was a great shooter. Determined and focused, no matter how much she didn’t get her shots right. She was a trueborn fighter. Just like her father. If only their father could see the potential his daughter had.

“Alright then. Draw the string back.” Legolas advised his younger sister. She did as she was told and he stood still. “Line up your shot and when you’re sure of it loose.” He said. With that the Elven Prince stood back and watched as his sister waited as she lined up her shot. Then quick as a hare she let the string go and it flew with a whoosh!

And hit dead center.

“Well done!” Legolas praised his sister. She looked at her brother and gave him a wide smile at his praise. “Thank you Muindor.” She replied. Legolas nodded. “Go get your arrows. I think that’s enough for today. It’s almost sundown. Father will be wondering where we are.” He said. With a nod (Y/N) ran off to retrieve her arrows. As she did this Legolas went to go prep their horses for the trip back to the palace.

As he was untying the horses reins form the low branch on which he had tied them to he saw his sister approaching her arrows all back into their quiver made of white buckskin. Her bow was made out of a beautiful red Pauduk tree. Her quivers were made of the same wood with beautiful swan feathers. Legolas had them made as a gift to her and she loved them with all her heart. Legolas kept them in his own chamber so as to not make their father suspicious but the minute they were out of the castles sight she would take them with pride and love and sometimes they would sit by the stream together and care for their arrows. She took care of her arrows with great pride and love always making sure they were in top shape.

“I’m ready to go.” She said. Nodding, Legolas mounted his horse and his sister soon followed. “Would you like me to take the arrows now?” He asked his sister. (Y/N) smiled and shook her head. “No I’d like to keep them on for a while. Just until we get to the edge of the woods. Then I’ll give them too you.” She said. Legolas nodded. With a smile his sister then gave her horse a slight urge using her heels and a quite word in Sindarian and Faenor soon was trotting away. Legolas did the same and followed suit.

As they rode through the forest together then looked around for something to do. “We should grab a buck or something just to throw father off the trail.” (Y/N) suggested. Legolas nodded and they went off hunting. Soon they found a large buck grazing. “Why don’t you take it?” Legolas said. With a smile, his younger sister quietly dismounted and started to quietly make her way towards the edge of a log where she hid. Then slowly and quietly drawing an arrow she slowly notched it and drew the string.

Suddenly a loud growl and cry distracted her. Without warning an orc jumped out from the bushed and attacked the young princess. With a cry (Y/N) let the arrow loose and it missed by a mile. Legolas with a cry drew his own bow and started to aim however another orc soon appeared and attacked Legolas with a sword. Due to the close range fighting Legolas was having a difficult time fighting off the orc. (Y/N) however was now pinned down by the orc that had her. “LEGOLAS!” She cried out in terror. This made the elven prince fight even harder and quickly drawing his dagger from his boot sliced the orcs throat. However, as he got up the orc had his sister in a grasp his sword to the elleths throat. “One step elf and she dies.” The orc hissed out. “Let her go!” Legolas spat.

The orc laughed. “I don’t think so puny elf.” The orc sneered. “I think I’ll take her myself…she looks tasty…” The orc said smelling (Y/N)’s fair hair. She cringed and gulped. Then she elbowed the orc in the face. Suddenly the orc reeled back and (Y/N) scrambled out of his grasp. However, he grabbed the hem of her dress and started to drag her back.

Suddenly out of nowhere an arrow flew into the fight. It hit the orc in the chest. With a cry the orc reeled back and a few more arrows soon joined the fray. Soon the orc lay dead on the ground. Spinning around to see who their savior was Legolas blinked.

There on his large elk sat their father Thranduil his bow in his hand. Around him on horseback were 10 guards including Tauriel the captain of the guard. The Elvenking quickly handed a bow to her and quickly dismounted.

“Father I…” Legolas started to speak but his father paid him no mind. He quickly passed Legolas and ran to (Y/N) who lay on the ground covered in leaves and…blood. The king quickly helped the young elleth up. “(Y/N) are you alright?” He asked his daughter worriedly. The princess nodded. “I’m fine Ada.” She said almost with a huff. Suddenly their father was all serious. “On your horse—now. We will speak of this when we get to the castle.” He said. Then he grabbed his daughters arm and lead her back to the group. As she started to walk towards her own mount their father pulled her away. “You’ll ride with me.” He said in a tone that mean there was no arguing. Sighing approached the large elk and with a boost from her father sat astride the great and majestic beast. Soon he joined he sitting behind her and his arms wrapped around her as he grabbed the reins. He soon ordered a guard to grab Faenor.

Their ride back to the palace was silent. As they came into the courtyard a few heads of the palace ran outside. One of them being the head of the house Rathal. Their father quickly dismounted and soon helped his daughter dismount. Then he turned to Rathal. “Take the princess back to her chambers and clean her up. Make sure her injuries are taken care of. Once she is taken care of bring her to the throne room.” He ordered. Rathal nodded and stepped forward. “Come your highness.” He said softly to the princess. (Y/N) sighed and with a final glance to her brother and father soon followed the male elf.

Without looking to any of the guards the king started to take off his riding gloves. “Take my elk and the princesses to the stables. Legolas get cleaned up and I will have someone come and get you when I am ready to talk to you.” He said. Legolas had dismounted by this time and nodded. “Yes father.” He said softly. But the king could not have heard his soft reply for he was already heading across the walkway into the castle.

(Y/N) sat on the bench as the healer dabbed some poultice on her neck where the orcs sword had nicked her fair skin. “There, that should do it your highness.” The healer said. With a soft thank you the princess went to put the final touches on her hair. As she finished her hair she stared down at the silver circlet that lay on her table. It was a silver circlet with silver cherry like blossom flowers decorated all around it. With delicate fingers she picked it up and placed it on her fair hair. Then getting up she left her room and walked down the hall to the throne room. She knew her father had told Rathal to take her their but she didn’t wish for this to be done.

As she approached the throne room she could hear shouting and fighting. As she got closer she recognized the voices of her father and brother. Quickly slipping into the throne room unnoticed she hid in the shadows. Nearby she noticed her bow and arrows were on the floor. She quickly and quietly went to retrieve them. As she got closer she could make out her brother and her fathers words.

“—a child!” Her father cried.

“Father she isn’t just a child. She is almost a hundred years old. I was using a bow and arrow long before that!” Legolas shot back.

“She is not you!” Thranduil snapped back.

“And she is not Naneth!” Legolas snarled back. “Naneth is gone!” He cried.

The Elvenking stopped and went rigid. With a slow turn he gazed upon his son fury shining in his blue eyes. “How dare you—.”


An arrow was now lodged into the king’s wooden throne right by his head. Legolas and the king whipped around looking for the culprit.

(Y/N) stood by the door of the throne room her empty bow raised. “Enough!” She cried. The king stood there his mouth agape in shock. The princess stepped forward. “Legolas is right Ada! I am not Nana and I never will be! I don’t wish to be cooped up in this darned castle. I wish to run and ride and explore!” The princess cried from her place. She now was standing beside her brother.

The king stared at his two children and sighed but then as he thought about today’s events anger and fear gleamed in his eyes. “I almost lost you today! Both of you! I can’t lose you! I am doing this for your own protection (Y/N)!” He said to his daughter and son.

The young elleth shook her head. “No you’re doing it for yourself. I would be better prepared if I knew how to shoot. And that is why Legolas has been teaching me! I could have easily have shot you but I didn’t! Because I’m good with a bow! Legolas can tell you! I want to learn how to fight!”

Legolas nodded. “She is right Ada! She is quite skilled with a bow.”

The king glared at the two and sighed. “I am furious that you disobeyed my orders.” He said. “I could order that thing to be destroyed.” He said pointing to his daughter’s bow.

“Over my dead body.” The princess snarled.

The king blinked in shock at his daughter’s defiance. “You watch your tone penneth!” Their father warned. He then sighed and became calm. “However…in the past I have been selfish. I understand why you wish to learn the ways of a bow. That is why…I shall allow it to continue.” The king said.

“And if you—.” The princess started but stopped. “Wait really?” She said.

The king nodded. With a gasp and a large smile (Y/N) gazed at her father. “Thank you Ada—.” She stared but the king held up a hand. For a second (Y/N)’s face fell.

“However—from now on you shall do this in the courtyard. Where I can keep an eye on you and no orcs can interfere.” He said with a small smile. The young elven princess gasped and rushed up to her father and flung her arms around her father who blinked in surprise. “Thank you Ada.” She said softly. He smiled and wrapped his arms around his daughter. “You’re welcome penneth.” He said kissing her head.

With that she ran out the room. Legolas gazed at his sister as she ran out the room and then back at his father. “Why did you allow it?” He asked him.

Her father watched as his daughter raced out the room in excitement and looking at his son he sighed. “I knew she would be unhappy if I hadn’t. It would have broken her heart. I want the best for her and for you. You both are my world. I realized that I wasn’t helping her or you by not letting her learn. I was harming her rather than helping her.” He said softly. “She has her Naneth’s determination.” He said softly.

Legolas shook his head with a smile. “But she has your fire and spirit Ada. She always has.” The young prince said to his father. The king furrowed his eyebrows in wonder at his son’s words. Legolas with a bow turned and walked out of the throne room. However, he missed the wide grin on his father’s face as he left.


Harry Pollard fonds

Harry Pollard, son of photographer James Pollard, was born in Tillsonburg, Ontario in 1880. He moved west in May 1899 and set up a photographic studio in Calgary, Alberta. Pollard became a well-established photographer in the community. His famous collection includes photographs of the Klondike gold rush of 1888 and 1889, and hundreds of pictures of Alberta First Nations.

source  By: Provincial Archives of Alberta

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On March 14, 1776, the Provincial Congress ordered [Hamilton] “appointed Captain of the Provincial Company of Artillery of this colony.” He took his last quarter’s scholarship money from his St. Croix sponsors to have his friend Mulligan’s tailor shop make him a blue coat with buff cuffs and facings and the best white buckskin breeches.
He would not need the money to finish college. He never did. He had no more time to be a schoolboy.

“Alexander Hamilton: A Life”

I understand that he needed to look good to be an officer and to be taken seriously, but still. “He took the last of his charity school money and ordered the best quality uniform.” Oh Alex. 

Also a good excuse to post one of my favourite pictures:  “Alexander Hamilton (1757–1804) in the Uniform of the New York Artillery” by Alonzo Chappel