white boys ruin everything

What your HTTF main says about you
  • Jotaro: basic as fuck
  • Kakyoin: you think you're cool but you aren't
  • Polnareff: you think you're cool and you are
  • Oldseph: shouts and screams at very loud volumes
  • Avdol: you are a good friend
  • Iggy: you're an asshole
  • JoJo: more of an asshole than iggy
  • Mariah: you greatly abuse positions of power
  • Hol Horse w/Centerfold: you act cool but are a scared small straight white boy
  • Ice: content with ruining everything ever
  • Petshop: you want to kill everything ever
  • Midler: you really enjoy cars and metal things
  • Alessi: you're a weird creepy fuck
  • D'bo: wants to be unique but isn't
  • Anubis Polnareff: you think you're cool and edgy
  • Dio: a huge dick all the time and every time
  • Chaca: you really like swords
  • Shadow Dio: you're good at darts
  • Hol Horse w/Boingo: scared small straight white boy with another scared small straight white boy
  • Khan: not as cool Chaca
  • New Kakyoin: meme master and pro shades wearer
  • Rubber Soul: very beautiful and also a huge dick

anonymous asked:

So how did you get the idea to make straightwhiteboystexting into a blog? Was there a particular incident that sparked this or was it more of a spontaneous type deal?

my friend, a straight white boy, saw me reblogging something onto my personal blog which was like “there’s no worse texter than a white boy” or something like that

and he messaged me “is that true?”

me: “yes here are 40 examples”

him: “you should make a blog about that”

there you go: the idea for straightwhiteboystexting came from a straight white boy