white boys [she screamed]

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So i had this dream that was like a sitcom were this punk rock, blue haired, gay girl becomes roommates with these two strait, white, overly privileged college boys. She is just constantly screaming internally as she aggressively teaches them about feminism, the lgbt+ community and how to adult/ survive without their parents. Slowly threw out the series they realize they were being little shits and grow to be good responsible open minded people.


My mother just fucking ripped into someone on facebook for telling me I couldn’t share a video of native americans playing native music because I’m not “native”, even though I AM.

Like, it started out my ma just being “she is native american, sweetie” and when the dudebro was like “lol 1/500th of Blackfoot in ur blood doesn’t count” my mother ripped into him omfg. She literally went off on how SHE is native cherokee (with like 2% Irish or some shit) and I quote

“Even though her father’s DNA made her skin pale, my DNA made her soul a Cherokee warrior. You do not get to govern what she posts about her heritage, white boy.”

I SCREAMED. 1.) My mother is never articulated about these things 2.) THE DUDE BRO DELETED HIS COMMENT AND DELETED ME IM CRYING 😂😂😂

I’m so mad I didn’t have a chance to screenshot before everyone deleted the drama 😭