white boys [she screamed]

My mother just fucking ripped into someone on facebook for telling me I couldn’t share a video of native americans playing native music because I’m not “native”, even though I AM.

Like, it started out my ma just being “she is native american, sweetie” and when the dudebro was like “lol 1/500th of Blackfoot in ur blood doesn’t count” my mother ripped into him omfg. She literally went off on how SHE is native cherokee (with like 2% Irish or some shit) and I quote

“Even though her father’s DNA made her skin pale, my DNA made her soul a Cherokee warrior. You do not get to govern what she posts about her heritage, white boy.”

I SCREAMED. 1.) My mother is never articulated about these things 2.) THE DUDE BRO DELETED HIS COMMENT AND DELETED ME IM CRYING 😂😂😂

I’m so mad I didn’t have a chance to screenshot before everyone deleted the drama 😭