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Talking about racism and stupidity... INTERVIEWER: "Your character Scott McCall is an all-American guy. He’s not Latino, right?" ~ TYLER POSEY: "Well, his mom has got a dark complexion, so I think he’s half-Latino. It never comes up in the show, but I’m pretty sure that he is Latino. I mean, look at the guy! He looks Latino, a little bit."

Right? There’s some quality representation there. Really cuts to the heart of what it might mean to grow up as Latinx in northern California, and how that journey might be different fro that of a white boy. Thought-provoking stuff indeed. 

But he’s right about one thing: it never comes up in the show. 

Edited to add: but meanwhile can we smack the interviewer around the head repeatedly for inferring that All-American means not-Latinx? 

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If you still are accepting any: young guzma headcanons? Like when he was taking the trials?

lmao, i almost made these 1000% sadder ◔◔

Young Guzma

- Used to Be a Good Boy, this is probably when he started getting rebellious in a sense of sorts ( probably very similar to some of the more benign skull grunts in sumo )

- His hair was still a naturally colored, curly poof. Untamable really, the ultimate and unfortunate white boy fro - spends a good majority of his time trying to find product to temper it

- Once he starts winning some of that sweet pokemon battle cash money he starts experimenting at the salons but he doesn’t get that signature Look until he meets Plumeria, who probably cries when she see how badly he treats his hair

- He was actually really excited to start the trials??? Like, he probably had been thinking about it since he was a little kid and dang!! He was sure he was going to be the best out of anyone whoever took this trial!! Very Green-esque, but he was pretty much the only person on his own team

- Born by the Wimpod, Die by the Wimpod. 

- He probably didn’t ever think of getting another pokemon until after…well after. And he kind of feels sick when he does, kind of like he’s giving up on his first pokemon and it takes a lot of self convincing to even catch just another Wimpod.