white boy

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We have often seen Sikhs being targeted, be it the harmless ‘sardar’ jokes in their own country or the more serious racial bullying abroad.

But when a young Sikh boy was hounded by some Caucasian boys in UK, he decided to hit back at the bullies, literally.

The video, filmed unsteadily on a phone camera, shows a verbal argument between  a skinny-looking Sikh boy and another Causcaian boy on the street.

The other boy is seen advancing on the him aggressively despite the Sikh boy raising his hands in an apparent  gesture of peace and even stepping back.

Then, unexpectedly the other boy attacks the Sikh boy by punching him on the chest in full view of the others present, including the person filming the scene.
But that’s when the Sikh boy had enough and stood up to his tormentor.

He counter-attacked the Caucasian boy and the punch landed him on the floor. The Sikh boy continues to hit while he is down on the ground and the other boy is unable to do a thing. He is then chased down the street by the Sikh who doesn’t stop hitting him, while multiple cameras follow them without a single attempt to break the fight.

While we cannot clearly hear what is being said between the two, the skirmish could have had racial undertones. Most of the people seen on the video were Caucasian and nobody intervened either before or after the fight broke out, despite a number of young people being around the scene.

Someone calm me down

In a span of 10 minutes I’ve been called

An ape
A person with shit for a skin color
An idiot
A nigga
A chimp

By a white boy

And then I got told that I was racist because I specifically called him “lil white boy”

I’m not going to freak out because of the names said. I want to freak out because of the complete ignorance and audacity of white people on social media