white boxer dogs


Meet Kota.

She’s a 5 month old boxer that I’m fostering. Sweet as pie. VERY high energy.

Minimal obedience work thus far. I’m working on her. She is barely housebroken.

Her owners “didn’t have time to train her” and just decided they flat out didn’t have time for her.

Either way, I’m fostering and trying to find her the right forever home. Willing to drive her anywhere in TX/NM/AZ/OK. Maybe even up to CO for the right home.

Haven’t spoken about this yet on here but here goes

Some of you may remember my white boxer dog Harley. This amazing beautiful creature who I witnessed being born and bottle fed because his mum didn’t have milk, died a few weeks ago.

He had had seizures all his life but after a particularly bad one he was left brain damaged and with spinal injury. He couldn’t be allowed to suffer so my mum made the hard decision to get him help to pass over to rainbow bridge.

It’s absolutely heartbreaking for us and I still cry about it. He was more than a dog he really was. My mum is being so strong but she lives alone now and she says the house is so quiet without him. There’s no clippy cloppy nails on the wood flooring as he checks the house at 1am making sure all is well. There’s no marks on the windows where he would lick them for some strange reason. No need to Hoover all the time due to the dog hairs flying around. And no big polar bear dog to cuddle when I sleep over at my mum’s :(

Miss you so so much Harley.