white boxer briefs

Walking into your apartment after work to find roommate!Luke lying on the couch in his white boxer briefs, his eyes focused on the tv. You stop dead in your tracks and stare at his long and lean body, taking notice of his wet hair and slightly damp skin. Your mouth practically starts to water at the sight of the bulge in his underwear, his cock slightly visible against his left leg because of the color of the fabric. The sound of Luke clearing his throat snaps you out of your daze and you look up to his face to find him smirking at you. “You can touch if you want to, Princess. Standing there staring isn’t going to do anything for either of us.” You continue to do nothing but gape at him despite his words, so Luke rolls off the couch and walks over to you, grabbing your hand. He drags you back to where he was, falling back onto the piece of furniture and pulling you down on top of him. You move to get off of him by first sitting up and straddling his waist, but he grabs you and holds you to him, thrusting his hips up and grinding into you. You gasp at the action, the feeling making you close your eyes and throw your head back. Luke repeats his movement, getting harder with each noise you make. You start to reciprocate his motions, pushing your core against his dick over and over, the feeling too pleasurable to deny. Eventually, Luke puts a stop to your movements flipping you over so your back is against the couch. He presses his lips to yours and reaches for the button on your pants as he mutters, “Now see, isn’t this more fun than just looking?”

(Part 2)