white bookshelves


And a coffee shop upstairs by venlani


Welcome to the first of many Before & After home design entries!

We moved into our new house in the beginning of March, and we have a list of projects a mile long to get the house where we want it to be.

Our upstairs living room has come a long way in the last few weeks.
New carpet, fresh paint, a DIY built-in bookshelf spanning 14 feet across the far wall to hold all of my knick knacks and books, and tons of little accents to make it feel like home.
I’m in love with the marble rhino’s head we have hanging above the reading corner. His flower garland is the crown that my oldest daughter wore as a flower girl in our wedding last May, and I love that the marble accent ties into the table tops.

So far my favorite part of the house is the corner in this room with my entomology collection hung above the chaise lounge. There are blankets stored in the cabinets right next to the lounge and it really is the perfect place to relax at the end of the day.
The other cabinets house the little ones’ coats and shoes, as well as all of the dog’s food and toys.

The world map in the center is not quite finished. I still need to paint in a Legend showing a color-code for push pins: where we’ve been vs. where we’re going.

I put so many hours into building this massive bookshelf and I’m so happy that it turned into a functional, beautiful centerpiece for our front room.

Next on the list is the master bedroom – if I stay on schedule with all the projects I have planned it should be completed this week!