white blackbirds

“He remembered the forceful hand that cast him to the earth. He’d fallen like a shooting star, his flesh burning until his wings fell away. Pain was something he had never known before. But even worse than the physical affliction was the knowledge that he would forevermore be denied Heaven.”  
 ―James Burnham,The Fruit of the Fallen    

anonymous asked:

Hey! I wondered if you could recommend any films about school shootings besides zero day, elephant and the dirties? :) Love your blog!

Oh, do I have a list for you!

April Showers (2009)
Bang Bang You’re Dead (2002)
We Need to Talk About Kevin (2011) (Not a shooting, but still in the same realm)
Duck! The Carbine High Massacre (1999)
Klass (2007)
The Life Before Her Eyes (2007)
State’s Evidence (2006)
Home Room (2002)
Heart of America (2002)
American Yearbook (2004)
White Rabbit (2013)
Blackbird (2012)
Hello Herman (2012)
Beautiful Boy (2010)
Bullet Time (It’s on YouTube and made by some guys who were part of the Columbine forum. It’s fantastic.)
An American Terror (2014) (More on the horror-esque side)
The Final (2010) (Including this just because it has to deal with school revenge)
Nothing Can Touch Me (2011) (Short film)

For TV Shows:
Cold Case episode Rampage
Numb3rs episode Dark Matter

The following are ones I haven’t seen yet or can’t find a link to:
Ekskul (2006)
Massacre at Central High (1976)
If… (1968)
The Only Way (2004) (Seriously impossible to find)
Polytechnique (2009)
Dawn Anna (2005)
Reunion (Short film)
The Deadly Tower (1975)
Detention: The Siege at Johnson High (1997)
Pivot Point (2011)

White-browed Blackbird (Sturnella supercilaris)

…a species of New World blackbird (Icteridae) that is known to breed in north-eastern Brazil and in southern South America from south-western Brazil through Paraguay, Uruguay, and Argentina. Some southern populations are partially migratory. Despite its common name, the white-browed blackbird is more closely to the Meadowlarks as it is in the same genus (Sturnella). Like other meadowlark species, it is associated with open country, including moist grasslands, pasture, and areas of cultivation. White-browed blackbirds are gregarious in nature, feeding mainly on insects and sometimes seeds, it is known to forage on the ground. 


Animalia-Chordata-Aves-Passeriformes-Icteridae-Sturnella-S. supercilaris

Image: Dario Sanches

youcantteachanolddognewtricks  asked:

Hi Carrie :) My grandfather passed away in March this year, the day after my 20th birthday. But I still talk to him, just incase :) On the way to work the other day I decided to "tell him" all about your book. Evie, Vincent, the white blackbird, the tree, everything. When I got to work I found a white feather waiting for me on the floor. So I think he liked it :) xx

Wow! This is amazing and totally gave me goosebumps! I’m so glad you both liked my book.