white ange

OK! I’m in total awe!
Take a closer look! Are you seeing the detail in this stitching?
Courtesy of Brenda’s Needlepoint Studio

Design by Susan Hoekstra, called Feuilles d'Ananas (Pineapple Leaves), is a study in values requiring 11 different threads from dark to light.“ Brenda chose a different pallet for her block. Rather than the yellows of a pineapple, she worked with this incredible combinations of blues.
top 10 movies watched for the first time in SEPTEMBER 2017

1. Dragonfly Eyes (2017) dir. Bing Xu

2. La Piscine (1969) dir. Jacques Deray

3. Angels Wear White (2017) dir. Vivian Qu

4. The Forbidden Room (2015) dir. Guy Maddin & Evan Johnson

5. The Ice Storm (1997) dir. Ang Lee

6. Birds Without Names (2017) dir. Kazuya Shiraishi

7. Planet Terror (2007) dir. Robert Rodriguez

8. mother! (2017) dir. Darren Aronofsky

9. The Crescent (2017) dir. Seth A. Smith

10. love&mercy (2014) dir. Bill Pohlad