white ange

OK! I’m in total awe!
Take a closer look! Are you seeing the detail in this stitching?
Courtesy of Brenda’s Needlepoint Studio

Design by Susan Hoekstra, called Feuilles d'Ananas (Pineapple Leaves), is a study in values requiring 11 different threads from dark to light.“ Brenda chose a different pallet for her block. Rather than the yellows of a pineapple, she worked with this incredible combinations of blues.


“She doesn’t have to be all gussied up,” he raved about her. “She’s wonderful just as she is.”

But Pier’s strict Italian mother didn’t approve of her daughter dating a non-Catholic, and James said, “I wouldn’t marry her unless I could take care of her properly. And I don’t think I’m emotionally stable enough to do so right now.”

She soon wed singer Vic Damone, and a heartbroken James was seen outside the church on his motorcycle on their wedding day. “He couldn’t believe it was going to happen,” Lew Bracker, James Dean’s close friend says. “He needed to see it with his own eyes.”

On September 10, 1971, at age 39, Pier Angeli died in her home of a barbiturate overdose. In a letter to a friend just before her death, Pier said “…My love died at the wheel of a Porsche. It’s now been 17 years that I’ve been lonely, desperately lonely. I want to find peace and be free and finally be with my father and Jimmy again.”

I believe that James Dean truly loved Pier Angeli, and she in return. Their affair was short, but incredibly emotional and involved. She had issues of her own, as did he, but he clearly felt she understood and loved him unconditionally. I think their love was slightly toxic, but there is no doubt that it was strong and very real! ~~jimmylives

Following Rusty’s footsteps

As some of you may know, @drambuieandscotch, also known as @askrustynail, has passed away. This is and has been an incredibly hard time on a lot of people, and the loving outpour of people with art and kind words just goes to show how cherished he was by so many people.

But one thing Rusty did, was take the work of others, and make it into his own original thing: drinks, for no reason other than to make other people happy and a unique and creative way.

For him and @technomod, his loving wife, I am also following this tradition.

Ladies and Gentleman and everyone inbetween, I give you

The Rusty Nail

This gold and red crystal soap is jam packed with scent, my most powerful and popular one, BlackBerry and Amberwood. It’s loaded with glitter, golden mica dust, a shimmering white mica star that leaves a lovely shimmer on your skin, all topped with a wedge of lime.

The Techno Mod

A true ocean gem, with gemstones and pearls of white and pink, ang crystals that fade from turquoise to seaweed green. Each shard loaded with the sparkles you only see in the rolling waves, and scented to match with a hefty amount of Seaspray essential oil

and finally

The Unity

this was a very special one to make

A beautiful combination of Jasmine oil and Mint oil went into this. Each part was made separately, from the gold and blue mica hearts, to the mic of rose and raspberry mica crystals, to the sapphire and silver ring. This scent has left my room smellings delightful, in a subtle and lovely way.

My heart goes out to all of Rustys’ friends, his family, and his wife. 

@technomod , please contact me with shipping details so I can send these off to you as soon as possible. They’re all yours.

From these three soaps though, it gave me enough offcuts to make quite a selection more

If you would also like these, they are yours, be they for friends, family or whoever.

Crayon himself was lucky enough to get a custom made drink by Rusty 8 months ago. It was a simple gin and tonic, made in the most delightfully unique way, by a delightfully unique man.

Here’s to you, Rusty