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Some extremely common lies used to turn the public against a protest

“Most of those who were arrested at the protest about this local issue were not from the neighbourhood”
Very often untrue. Outsiders posing as ‘concerned local citizens’ does happen but this is almost entirely a strategy of white supremacists. Anarchists and other left wing radicals don’t use this stategy as it runs counter to their goal of winning over the people.
Some ways the police manipulate statistics:
- defining ‘the neighbourhood’ in extremely narrow terms
- assuming all those arrested who did not give their address are outsiders
- just plain making up statistics.

“The road block prevented emergency services from doing their job”
Almost always untrue. Road blocks pretty much without exception allow ambulances to pass. When police report this some likely explanations are:
- ‘emergency services couldn’t pass’ just means ‘the police couldn’t pass’
- the police organized a blatant trap, driving an ambulance to the blockade followed closely by lots and lots of riot cops, and the blockade didn’t fall for the obvious trick.
- it’s pure fiction

“A mindless mob destroyed it’s own neighbourhood.”
Just not what protestors, rioters or mobs do. Some reasons you may hear it:
- protestors entered local stores to get essential supplies to defend themselves against police violence
- protestors destroyed windows close to protest lines because that is much safer than waiting for a rubber bullet to smash that window and send glass flying everywhere
- locals damaged businesses known to collaborate with the police
- locals destroyed surveillance equipment
- locals accepted an amount of physical damage to their neighbourhood in the struggle and their efforts to clean up and repair the next day were not covered by the media
- the police send people into the protest whose only intention was to cause mayhem and reck the neighbourhood.
- More fiction

There are way more like these and different police forces and governments have a different set if them that they use often. Know some? Reblog and add!

It’s a shame more people don’t know who Jack White is. He was born to an Irish Protestant military family but became disillusioned with the British Empire during his service and joined the burgeoning Home Rule movement in Ireland, later becoming good friends with James Connolly and becoming involved in the socialist backed labour movement.

It was actually White who suggested to Connolly the formation of the Irish Citizens Army to protect striking workers from the police. When Connolly was sentenced to death for his role in the Easter Rising, Jack tried to instigate a miners strike in Wales in order to pressure the British government. Post 1916 he helped found the Republican Congress, a far left Irish Republican organization, in 1934.

He then travelled to Spain during the Spanish Civil War as a medic with the Red Cross, and while in Barcelona was impressed with the CNT-FAI’s revolution and was drawn into the anarchist cause, partially due to his own growing anti-Stalinist and anti-statist views which made him a misfit among the orthodox socialists in Ireland. Upon his return he wrote a great first hand account of the ‘37 May Days and campaigned in Britain and Ireland for the cause of anarchist Spain. He remained involved with the anarchist cause for the remainder of his life, dying in 1946.

anonymous asked:

Hey Navya! I'm a white wlw leftist, and in my limited experience I haven't seen anything that would push PoC to the right, but being white I KNOW that behavior won't be shown or directed at me. Are there any red flags I should watch out for that i can either avoid doing or stop people in my circle from doing to help make leftist circles more comfortable for people of color? If you don't feel up to it, pointing me in the direction of someone who has discussed this would be appreciated. Thank you!

Okay ordinarily I would’ve blocked you for asking me a question about race because you’re white (I made it a rule a few weeks ago that I’m going to block white people who send me messages about race on anon) but since you asked me nicely and you also want to try to make leftist circles more comfortable for people of color, here are things that I personally would love to see white leftists do (on an ideological level at least): 

  • Stop engaging in class reductionism 
  • Stop pretending that race doesn’t have as much of an impact on material reality as class
  • Stop pretending that race/ethnicity and class don’t heavily intersect and influence each other
  • Don’t talk down to people of color or pretend that you know more about them on issues of class or race or anything else 
  • Don’t talk to people of color as if they’re dumb, aggressive, scary, or idiotic 
  • Don’t condescend to people of color 
  • Don’t downplay the role of race in class struggle 
  • Don’t pretend to know more about a certain nonwhite group’s oppression than they do because trust me, you don’t
  • Don’t pretend that any knowledge of critical race theory or anti-racist/anti-colonial struggles makes you a “good” white person or absolves you of white privilege 
  • Actually acknowledge how colonialism, slavery, imperialism, and genocide have plunged people of color into global poverty and privation 
  • Actually acknowledge that poverty and class violence are inflicted primarily against people of color 
  • Actually acknowledge how most of the people in the world who are poor are NONWHITE and that this was directly caused and created by WHITE SUPREMACY 
  • Own up to the global consolidation of whiteness and how the white-working class have always been part of maintaining and replicating white supremacy, instead of making excuses for them or claiming that their class prevents them from being racist (example: Irishmen in the South before, during, and after the US Civil War were incredibly antiblack, and how European immigrants in the North blamed Asian immigrants and Black migrants for “stealing their jobs”) 
  • Focus on being in solidarity with nonwhite comrades, nonwhite liberation groups, nonwhite communities, and recruiting people from the nonwhite working-class 
  • If you’re really all about recruiting white-working class people, you better work on educating them about race just as much as you educate them on anti-capitalism and anti-fascism - that is, if you better not be like the Redneck Revolt leaders who think excusing or justifying the racism of their members is okay or acceptable 
  • Own up to how violently racist white leftists can actually be (and how this does play into the global consolidation of whiteness) 
  • Actually acknowledge how environmental racism impacts working-class people of color (i.e. Flint, Michigan, or the Dakota Access Pipeline) 
  • Actually acknowledge how post-colonial struggles for decolonization, anti-imperialism, and indigenous liberation are all imperative to abolishing class 
  • Stop conflating anti-imperialism with supporting authoritarian regimes within a specific country (i.e. idiot tankies who support Assad - you can support the Syrian people and be an anti-imperialist without supporting authoritarianism lmao) 
  • Actually acknowledge that class cannot be abolished without the abolishment of race 
  • Stop screaming “identity politics!!!!11!!” every time a person of color discusses racism (within the movement or outside of it) 
  • Actually acknowledge how toxic and dangerous WHITE identity politics are and how it’s WHITE people who weaponize identity politics in the most insidious and harmful ways 
  • Keep people of color physically safe within leftist spaces 
  • Stop treating liberals of color like they’re idiots and instead work with nonwhite comrades to recruit people of color 
  • Focus on recruiting people of color instead of coddling and sucking up to violently racist white people for a change 
  • Stop calling people of color who focus on their community and prioritize their people/solidarity between nonwhite people “reactionaries”  - of course some of them can be reactionary ethnic nationalists but by and large most of them just want to survive day to day and see their people live 
  • If a white comrade is doing something wrong, you need to step up and call them out, and engage in a dialogue with them - it gets tiring for people of color to have to repeat the same things over and over again, especially because white leftists don’t take us seriously 
  • Use your privilege to shield people of color from police and state violence and white nationalist violence
  • Don’t compromise people of color by deliberately instigating a fight with the police or other violent racists - a lot of white anarchists do this and then people of color take the fall for it (like seriously - mask up)