white american cheese


Turkey and Havarti Panini with Roasted Red Pepper Aioli and crispy French’s Fried Onions. White bread (12 Pieces), Havarti cheese (8 oz.), American Cheese (8 oz.), French’s fried onions (1 cup), Turkey (1 lb), Butter (6 tbls.), Garlic (6 cloves), Sherry (1 tsp.), Dijon (1 tsp.), Mayonnaise (2 cups), Red Bell Pepper (2).

Make aioli: roast garlic in olive oil. Roast bell pepperm. When cool blend peppers andbgarlic with sherry, Dijon, Mayonnaise and bell pepper. Season with salt. Assemble sandwich: spread aioli on inside of sandwich, top with havarti, turkey, onions, then American cheese. Tip with bread. Butter outsidevof bread and grill.

Family| Bruce Banner x Reader/ Avengers x Reader

Word Count: 2415 Warnings: None, well Bruce turns into his big green rage machine. There’s fluff

“You seriously never told your dad you hated him?” Clint looked over

“No, I never had a reason too,” you spoke, sitting Indian style on the couch.

“Okay, but there was this one time my sister and I got into the huge argument over a T-shirt,” Natasha spoke, all of the Avengers, including Bucky, Loki, and Sam were sitting in the Tony’s living room at Stark Tower.

“My sister and I got into a fight about grilled cheese,” you looked up from the newest headline you were reading, “it was the first time I had said a cuss-word,” a smile was now spread across your lips.

“You think that’s bad, Steve and I once had an argument over whether Yellow American or White American cheese is the best,”

“No, Alice and I once fought over regular chocolate chip cookies or oatmeal chocolate chip cookies were better,” You spoke again.

“Having siblings sounds like a lot of fighting,” Tony spoke over the rim of a glass.

“It is Brother Stark, Loki and I would jest and argue all the time back on Asgard,”

“Hail Valhalla,” you spoke, getting up from the couch, and grabbing a wine glass.
“Where have you been all day?” Bruce asked, as you walked through the door.

“Ash and I decided to have a day out, I treated him to sports wear shopping and fro-yo then he treated me to Barnes and Noble and falafel,”

“Get anything interesting?” Bruce sat his book down and walked over to where you were standing, dying to take the green bag from your hands and started in on the new books you had bought.

“Yes, I got a book on Jewish Mysticism, one on the Vikings, so Thor knows why I say “Hail Valhalla,” one on astral projection, one about the martial arts of Buddhist monks, one on bows and arrows, one on microbiology, one on flightless birds, and the complete series of Harry Potter, including Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, and the entire works of J. R. R. Tolkien,“

“That’s a lot of books,” Bruce gasped.

“Well, I make good money, and I thought that I should thank my family in some way other than baking,” you shrugged lightly, trying to fight off the blush.

“Wait,” Clint popped out of the air vent, “we’re your family?”

“Of course, what else would you be?”
“Guys, you wanna come say ‘Hi’ to the family?” You asked as the Avengers and Loki walked into the main living room. Several people were crowded on the screen that belonged to your laptop.

“Ugh, why aren’t you using the television. That computer screen is so small,” Tony wined, messing around with something on his watch and suddenly the Skype call was transferred up onto the 70 inch screen Tony had.

“Tony, you could see them perfectly fine on the laptop,” you sputtered out.

“Yeah, but they couldn’t see me, which is the real problem,” Tony puffed out his chest, and put on his best suave smile. The one he used when he hosts a big party in his Malibu home.

Bruce chuckled as your family still looked smushed up in the tiny screen, all 5 of your siblings and both parents, wanting to see you all at once.

Your younger brothers Damian and Brady, the twins, were already obsessed with the Avengers long before you had joined.

“(Y/N) please, can you please show us how your powers work? We’ve never ever seen them!” Damian screeched as your mom chuckled.

“Damian, you how (Y/N) is, she likes to keep her powers under wraps. She doesn’t like tiring herself out,”

Brady got closer to the screen, he stuck out his bottom lip and created tears in the chasms he called eyes. The lips quivered as you her mom lecturing the kids in the background and you sighed, finally giving in.

“Mom, it’s fine,” Brady smiled, but didn’t erase the tears from his eyes, “I can show them. Like Damian said, they’ve never seen them, I think it might be time,”

“(Y/N),” your dad popped on the screen and looked at you. His eyes boring deep into yours before he finally spoke, placing his hand on the screen, “be careful. Stop when it becomes to much,”

“I will dad, I promise,” Natasha, Steve, and Tony were the only ones to see what your power could do, the others sat still, waiting in awe as you finally let down a wall that you were keeping from them.

As you centered yourself on the floor, away from everyone, your back flush against the wall, the Avengers broke out in a fight, Tony called for his suit, and Steve swung a table around, aiming for Clint on to have Natasha split it in half. When Tony spun around to the noise, he aimed his palm at Loki, and just like that, the Avengers stopping fighting, all sat down on the couch, in a daze.

Clint stood behind Nat and started French braiding her hair, Nat started braiding Loki’s hair, Thor sat in front of Loki, and Bucky in the very front. When Wanda in Pietro walked in the house they sat down continuing the line, creating the most MARVELlous braid chain ever. Tony and Steve were talking about real things they were interested in, Sam picked up a random book, and Bruce had fallen asleep in the armchair.

Everything was peaceful, and you decided to keep it like this for a while. Ash looked back up at the screen, your family was staring in awe.


“Shhh,” Tony held his finger up to his mouth and Damian was silent.

“I’m proud of you (Y/N)” your dad spoke and you couldn’t help the smile that broke out of your face.

“Thanks Dad, I love you guys, but I better go before another fight breaks out,” you winked at the screen before your family chuckled and they all blew you kisses.

As you turned to see the Avengers still in their respective positions, “Well, looks like it’s time for a nap,” you snapped your fingers once more as the braids were finished and the Avengers slowly dozed off, before you moved to your room to take a nap as well.

Bruce had awoken and when he looked around the living room, the rest of the Avengers were on edge, Natasha looked ready to kill someone and “I don’t understand why you care for them so much?”

“Maybe I’m not ignorant like you, not everyone who is different has to hate people,”

“These people ridicule you, they think you’re inferior, they’re no better than-,”

“You. You act like that all the time. These ‘people’ treat me like I belong, they have given me a home away from my family,”

“You don’t know what it’s like to-”

“Don’t know what it’s like to what? Be adopted? Because I am. I am the only adopted child out of my family, you never had to compete with Thor, you were never going to be King of Asgard.”

“There is no way that you could possibly know that!” Loki’s voice boomed over everything, and the Avengers watched as (Y/N) flinched away from him.

“You are so bitter towards Odin, if he didn’t love you, he wouldn’t have kept you alive. Better yet, he could have treated you like a slave! Yet he didn’t! Frigga loved you, she loved you more than she loved Thor, and you know for damn sure that she didn’t love you just out of pity,”

Thor stepped forward as they witnessed Loki’s skin start to turn blue, “You are a mortal, you know nothing of my family, you know nothing of love,”

Tony recognized the broken look that flashed through her eyes, it had flashed through his several times when he was younger, he wanted to hold the girl in his hands, but instead he placed his hand on Thor’s chest.

“Loki,” (Y/N) started, her voice audibly strained, cracking as she tried not to let it show much, “what don’t you understand? Do you think that my adoption was easy? I was beaten and broken and torn down the most bare person I could have been,” she was whispering now, tear welling up in her eyes, “ya know, there’s a story behind every belt buckle scar that has a home on my skin. Every time I flinch away from Clint when he goes in for a high-five, reminds me that I’m not in a dangerous place anymore,”

Loki went to open his mouth, but her look of disparity stopped him, instead Loki started to calm down, started to realize maybe he was a little too brash, started to wonder if she actually knew the pain that he was going through, started to understand that just because the woman standing in front of him was a human, didn’t mean he was anymore, justified in his adoption than her.

“I have known the worst, your ‘adoption’ is the best possible case for anyone, in this realm or another, and at least Odin wasn’t the one to sell his son as a political pawn. Odin was the one who cared whether YOU,” (Y/N) poked her finger on his chest, “died or not,”

As (Y/N) stormed out of house she spoke over her shoulder, “You guys might as well stop hiding in the shadows. I’ll be back before dinner, have fun,”

As the Avengers filed out, most of them were keeping a close eye on Thor, while Clint and Natasha were watching Bruce “Loki, you had no right to act like that. You haven’t been the only one who has had a rough childhood, everyone has things they’ve had to face,” Bruce walked into the kitchen, strangely collective while pouring his cup of coffee, “you shouldn’t have been like that with her. You don’t just push people like that,”

“Dr. Banner, I-”

Bruce slammed his cup on the kitchen counter, “No! You don’t just treat people like that! You just don’t PUSH PEOPLE OF THE EDGE LIKE THAT!” Bruce’s complexion was quickly shifting to green and Natasha had to step up to him, while Tony was already calling in a code green.

“Bruce, think of (Y/N), she wouldn’t be happy to see you in the cell, you know that it breaks her when she sees you in there,” Natasha’s whisperings weren’t helping, all Bruce could think of was the way (Y/N) moved with such asperity. Bruce wanted to throw Loki off the top floor of Tony’s building, so that was going to happen. 
Your P.O.V.
As promised, you were back in time for dinner, Tony, being the kind and gentle soul that he is, ordered pizza to decrease the stress level of you. When you walked in the door, all of the Avenger’s looked like they were deer caught in headlights, you quickly scanned the room. Loki sitting on the floor, Bruce’s chair left empty.

Moving around the open space cautiously, taking the paper plate stacked with pizza that Clint handed you. Slowly eating the food, you were still scanning the area, eyes darting all over the place, Natasha glared over at Loki, then gently looked up to you, slowly taking your hand and nodding at you gently.

“What did he do?” You whispered down to Natasha, and Clint’s body shook with silent laughter. 

“I’m sorry (Y/N), it’s just Bruce couldn’t hold himself back. Natasha tried talking to him, but he just picked Loki up and threw him out the window,” Clint’s body was still shaking, and you had cracked a smile. 

“How long has he been down there?”

“Since you left, about 5 minutes after, we really tried to calm him down, but nothing helped,” you ruffled Clint’s hair and his slice of supreme pizza. Moving swiftly to sit on the couch, beside Tony and right behind Loki. Crossing your legs and practically gazing past the television, moving to lean on Tony’s shoulder.

“Did Nick have to come by? Or was he compliant?” now more vocal and Thor swooped you up off the couch when he walked into the living area out of the hallway. Carrying you off the couch over his shoulder. 

“Thor, put me down!” Your giggles were divergent towards your demands. 

“Lady (Y/N), before you go see Brother Banner, you need to calm down. We can all see the way your love effects him and how he replicates your emotions,” Thor’s hair was still in the braid from the other day, and a few strands were dangling free that you pushed back off his face in a motherly manner.

“I’m supposed to be the smart parental figure here Thor,” The rest of the group smiled as Thor carried her to the door, but you jumped off his shoulders, using Thor’s giant back to flip around as well

“I’ll be back soon, and hopefully with a calm, more collected, doctor on my arm,” you winked back at the Avengers and walked out the door, the slightest little pep in her step noticeable.

“We didn’t expect you guys to be back so soon,” Natasha was sitting at her vanity, placing a pale nude lipstick on her lips.

“Did you really think we were going to miss your birthday party? All I had to do was bribe Fury with pie and give a kiss on the cheek. Of course we made it,”

Natasha hugged you and proceeded to walk out of the room with her. Tony was already entertaining guests for the even tonight, even though it was Natasha’s birthday, Tony always though the spotlight belonged to him.

A little while later when everyone was settled down and sated, you cautiously stood and clinked her glass a few times, the gentle murmur in the room slowing and coming to a halt.

“So, I’m not usually one for any words that are touchy feely, or anything of that nature. Hell, you can’t be when you work with Tony Stark,” The crowd chuckled as Tony raised his glass of scotch from his position at the open bar.

“But um, I would just like to thank Tony and the Avengers for being my family away from home. New York is a bit ways from where my family is, and I think it shows amazing on Tony’s character that his ego was able to over come living with someone smarter than him,”

Grilled Cheese ~ Stiles

You and Stiles were making grilled cheese. It was a spontaneous kind of thing, you were hungry and there was no food at Stile’s house. So you both hopped in the Jeep and drove to the local grocery store, and got a little side tracked which is why you were currently kissing Stiles in the back seat of his car.

“We should go get the food.” You hummed as Stiles gave you a hickey at the valley of your neck.

“We should.” Stiles hummed. Your stomach rumbled, and both of you laughed. You got off Stiles lap, and went into the store. You grabbed a cart and rode it away.

“Will you steer me?” You asked, putting both feet on the bar above the ground, on the shopping car. Stiles put his hands on either side of you and pushed you through the dairy section.

“We need white american cheese.” You said. “And Mozzarella.” You added. On your way to get tomato soup you passed the herb section.

“Oh! We need chives, and basil and oregano!” You exclaimed, Stiles laughed as he put them in the cart.

“That’s a lot of herbs.” He said.

“We’re going to make the ultimate grilled cheese.” You grinned.

“Then we’re gonna need bacon and tomatoes.” Stiles said, he pushed you and the cart to the vegetable section, and grabbed two good looking tomatoes, and then we sped to the meet section and got the most unhealthy bacon we could find, and threw it in the cart.

“Okay, bread time.” You said, and you guys got white wonder bread.

“We’re missing something.” Stiles mentioned, on your way to the cashier. You hummed in agreement, trying to think what you could possible be missing.

“Oh! Tomato soup!” You exclaimed, hopping off the cart. “I’ll grab it, you get in line?” You asked, and Stiles nodded. You grabbed tomato basil soup, and walked back to where Stiles stood, almost ready to put the items on the conveyer belt.

When it was your turn you politely held small tack with the cashier and then you guys went on your way, when you ran into Melissa McCall.

“Hey Ms. McCall.” Stiles said. You waved, making sure to readjust your hair so your hickey was covered.

“Hi Stiles, (y/n).” She greeted smiling at the both of you warmly.

“What’s with all of the food?” She asked.

“Just making grilled cheese.” You said, and her eyebrows went up.

“That’s a lot of food for just grilled cheese.” She stated, matter-of-factly.

“It’s going to be epic.” Stiles explained.

“Well stay safe, and have fun!” Ms. McCall said, and you parted ways.

The two of you raced home and started on the grilled cheese. You put the bacon on the pan, and Stiles started washing and cutting the herbs.

An old eighties song came on the radio, and you started belting out the lyrics, and then Stiles started belting out the lyrics, so you guys took hands and started dancing. The dancing wasn’t attractive or cute, or even sexy, it honestly was as dumb as dumb gets but it was so funny to watch each other look really really stupid.

When the song was over you both were out of breath, and the bacon was burnt. You threw out the bacon and started on the next batch, while Stiles finished cutting the herbs.

After using all of the ingredients you had bought there was a plate full of sandwiches.

You were reaching up for one of the plates, when Stiles, who was a couple inches talled then you got them, his frontside was pressed against your backside and both of you were getting pretty aroused.

You turned around and started kissing. You jumped up on the counter, and Stiles stood between your legs. Stiles was grabbing your butt with one hand and his other hand was reaching to unclasp your bra strap when the back door opened.

“Stiles, you home?” His dad yelled. You and Stiles leaped apart.

“I have a boner.” Stiles whispered.

“Go sit down!” You gestured to the table.

“You can still see it!” Stiles exclaimed as quietly as possible.

“Put a napkin over it or something!” You whisper yelled back. You took the plates Stiles had set down on the counter and quickly set the table.

“Stiles?” Sheriff Stilinksi said walking in the room. “I didn’t think you were home, you didn’t say anything when I yelled.” Sheriff said. “Did you make all of those grilled cheese sandwiches for yourselves?” He asked skeptical, like you were going to have a grilled cheese sandwich party or something.

“Yeah, it got a little out of hand. Would you like some?” You asked.

“Did you do something to them?” Sheriff asked skeptically.

“No, they’re perfectly delicious. Here, I’ll grab you a plate.” You said, jumping a little to grab the plate and a bowl. You set the soup on a mat, and grabbed a ladle.

“Stiles why is their a napkin on your lap? Did you suddenly grow manners or something?” Sheriff Stilinski asked.

“Yeah.” Stiles said awkwardly nodding.

Things my mom says at the grocery store
  • Mom: (drops cucumber) I've lost control of my cucumber.
  • Mom: As a white American, I feel weird asking for white American cheese, like it emphasizes my whiteness.
  • Mom: (looking at Russian potatoes) Should I really buy these?
  • Me: (sighs) Do you really think buying Russian potatoes will help Putin in any way?
  • Mom: (looks at label) Product of USA. We're good.