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All Equal (26) by Peter Rea
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Really White People?

I have to go on this rant. My name is Jada. I’ve met a few white people who’ve named their daughter Jada. I asked why? They tell me because it’s a cultural name that they love. FIRST: Jada Pinkett Smith is BLACK. She’s not white, she’s not anything other than BLACK. That is NOT your culture. SECONDLY: Jada Kiss, was a BLACK rapper, that was NOT your culture. Stop stealing shit. My name does not need to be associated with some white people who think it’s their “culture”. Name your damn child Susan.

i’m just saying that if i have to listen to meta upon meta wbout why every other white male character is so great and right but Holden can fuck right off and everything he does is wrong 

and then like no one can listen to anything good about Holden… man.