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Robert Sudgen's Bisexuality

You know what would have been a great storyline in terms of exploring Robert’s sexuality? - If they had him go to prison instead of Aaron. If the fight between Aaron and Kasim had taken place without any witnesses, Robert could have taken the fall for Aaron, and gone to prison in his place.

This would have been such a brilliant follow up to the ssw car scene, where Robert was going to stay in the car and die with Aaron, because he couldn’t imagine his life without him. Highlighting all times Robert has been willing to sacrifice himself for Aaron. Like, when he decided to perjure himself so that nothing would jeopardise Aaron’s case against Gordon. Or when he told Aaron the truth about Katie, so that he would stop self-harming.

Robert going to prison for Aaron. Being bisexual and married to a man. Trying to hide the truth about his sexuality in prison. Getting found out, when Aaron comes to visit. Dealing with violent, phobic behaviour. Experiencing something that would have validated all of his fears about being attracted to men. Remembering the abuse he suffered through from his own father. How he would have overcome all of it, and finally accepted who he is. Telling Diane and Vic the truth about Jack and coming out to them. His ordeal would have actually created internal conflict and drama between him and Aaron. It would have done so much for Robert as a character. Aaron and Robert overcoming this obstacle and growing stronger (like they always do) would have also made for some great storytelling.

Instead we got yet another story where Robert is the so called “villain”, Aaron is the victim, and Rebecca gets redemption for all her horrible actions because she flip flopped on how an abortion affected her. Why the hell does Rebecca deserve a backstory that justifies or overlooks the person she was??? A backstory that is as inconsistent as her character is. Yet they use it to continue to demonise Robert’s character. At least treat them equally!!!

They treat Robert’s sexuality as a joke or an after thought. They did such a brilliant job exploring Aaron’s struggle to come to terms with being gay. Why doesn’t Robert’s struggle to come to terms with being bisexual deserve to be explored??? Is it because we’re all evil cheaters who are incapable of picking a side? Do you think we don’t go through the same kind of struggles??? I’m genuinely asking!!!

so the australian census came out and so have the racists. every time I see a white person complain about asians making up most of our population, I wanna scream because do you have any idea of our history you absolute fucktard

hey kids so I have slightly more than no motivation to do things at the moment so I figured I’d hop on this pony and do some moodboards. the rules/details are as follows:

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I started making a whole bunch of clay pikmin and I love them???? So so much 

I made them just slightly bigger than they’d be in a real life perspective (any smaller than how I made them and I wouldn’t be able to get any of the details >3<) and they’re so small and cute! They’re like an inch tall each!

I’m gonna leave them in my plant pots and take cute pictures C:

im not mixed enough for the poc community and i sure as hell aint white enough for the white queers