white tigers

Stripes by @ziegelzeig

Once again the fantastic frenchman Zieg has created a superb piece of Art for my Zootopia fanfiction; Star of Ceartais. And it looks like were finally getting a Ceartais and Camelot team up, with Hannah Savage (The Fox/Rabbit hybrid) and Ray (The White Tiger) teaming up to fight The Drowned.

Honestly I love Ziegelzeig’s design for Ray, this is the first image of this character and I love Hannah’s outfit she looks fashionable and kick ass 😆

The next chapter will drop tomorrow and if you want to catch up on the fic so far here’s a link https://m.fanfiction.net/s/12439999/1/


                            Posted this ages ago, but doing it again.

                                   If you care about animals, read this.

This is something I feel very strongly about.

And people take the piss for it…

A majority of people will look at this and go ‘awww’ or ‘how beautiful’But they don’t know the truth.

Short history of the WHITE TIGER… the truth…

Mohan was captured in India in 1951, as a cub. The Maharaja caught him.

Mohan was the last white tiger ever caught from the wild.

The king wanted more of these special tigers. He mated Mohan with an orange tigress. She produced orange cubs. After 3 more matings, only orange cubs were born, again and again.

The king took one of Mohans cubs, a female, and mated them.

Mohans own daughter gave birth to his cubs, 4 cubs… one was white.

This is where all captive white tigers are desended from.

The gene that causes a tiger to be white is recessive. Unless 2 carriers of it meet in the wild, there won’t ever be white cubs (or unless a white mates with a close relation)

The gene causes crossed eyes, even if it doesnt show. They have bad eyesight. They suffer other genetic difficulty.

In the wild, they are muations. Natures mistake. White tigers have been found in the wild though… dead. Starving. These individuals dies of starvation as their bright white made them stand out, and their eyes prevented them hunting.

Circus’ often use whites, not because they are dangerous and special, but because the cats reley on their trainer for sight… Siegfried and Roy…

These whites occur, 1 in 10’000… there are only 3’000 tigers in the world though.

Whites are bengals. People will often say, when asked, that they are Siberian. Sibes dont carry the gene though.

Bengal only.

In bad zoo’s, across the world, white tigers are being bred. Mother/son, brother/sister, father/daughter matings produce white cubs.

The white gene is unhealthy as it is, adding inbreeding destroys these cats.

4 in 10 die at birth, 4 in 10 are mutated, 8 in 10 die before they are 3 years old.

The mutated ones are shot. The sick ones are shot. The ones that get ill later are shot.

The ones unfortunate enough to live, are bred to their realatives.

Often, white Bengals are crossed with Siberians. The cubs are then crossed with their father.

This is why some zoos claim to have white Sibes.

Golden tabby, and pure whites like in the image above, are all bred by the same, and worse methods.

Please, if you see any places breeding white tigers, dont pay to go there.

Some places rescue whites, bear that in mind. But they should NEVER be bred.

Some claim its ok, widening the gene pool. Its just a con.

Some use whites because people want to see them more, and therefore more money goes to tiger conservation… if they cared, they would educate.

The same goes for white lions.

Black leopards and jaguars are fine though, they have a positive mutation.