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Best Christmas Ever: Matt imagine

Request by Anonymous.


This morning, I woke up at 10. Since two days ago, Matt and I are in New
York city for Christmas. I got out of bed and went to take a shower. After my shower I got dressed. I put my dark blue jeans with a whit t-shirt. I dried, curled and did my makeup. When I walked out of the bathroom, Matt was awake.

“Good morning babe” I said walking to him. I gave him a kiss on the lips.

“Morning"he said in his sexy morning voice. I sat on the bed and watch tv and waiting for Matt to get ready. When he was ready, we headed to have breakfast downstair. About half an hour later, we finished our breakfast. We went back to our room and chill for a moment.

"Wanna go walk around New York” he asked.

“Yeah sure” I put my coat, my mittens and my hat. I grabbed my phone and some money. We walked to the elevators hand in hand. We got in a elevator.

“I’m bring you on a date tonight” he said kissing my cheek.

“Okay” I smiled.

We walked around New York. I went to buy things. I went to Forever21, Aeropostale and American Eagle. I bought Matt some clothes without him knowing. We walked for another hour when we decided to go back to our hotel. Some fans stopped us the way back. They were so nice. We arrived to our hotel and went to our room. Once there, we laid down on the bed.

“Be ready at 6. Wear something casual” I nodded. I got my pair of black leggings with a black tank top and put a white cardigan. I went to the bathroom and got dressed. I walked out and Matt went right after. I was looking for something in my luggage when I felt two hands wrapped around my waist.

“Your ass is sexy in those leggings” I can feel that he had a smirked on his face. I turned around and wrapped my arms around his neck.

“Well thank you.” I laughed. We were making out. We needed air so we took a break. Matt looked at the time.

“We need to go it’s 6:10” We put our hot clothes for outside. let me tell you in New York it’s not that hot at Christmas. I grabbed my phone and we walked to the elevators. We were walking to this ‘special place’ like Matt says. We were at a skating rink. At the skating rink there were a huge Christmas tree, it was beautiful. We got our ice skate. When we come on the ice the first thing that happened to me is, I felt down on my butt.

“Hahaha Let me help you to skate.” He laughed, giving me his hand. I get up and we skate hand in hand. After an hour we decided to go. We walked to a restaurant. I was a casual of restaurant. Yeah, we went to Chipotle. Matt payed for the lunch.

“Matt, I could’ve of payed my plate.”

“No Y/N, its Christmas ” he said taking my hand and walked out of the restaurant. We walked to a place where we could see all of New York. It was beautiful with all the lights at night. Matt took something of his pocket.

“Y/N, a year ago, I meet a beautiful and wonderful girl. Six months ago, I asked her to be my girlfriend and she said yes. I was the happiest person on earth. Today has been six month that I’ve been going out with this beautiful girl. We went shopping last week in L.A and you saw a beautiful necklace but you thought it cost too much. So I got it for you. a beautiful necklace for a beautiful girl. I love you baby” he tied the necklace around my neck. I had tears run down my cheek.

“Matt you didn’t have to.” I say hugging him. “I love you Merry Christmas and six month” I kissed him on the lips. We walked around until we went back to our room. We watched movies until 3 in the morning. The only thing I can say is, it was the best Christmas ever.