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somebody please kill me xD

ok here the backstory
after a very very long talk whit @nxsuper and him spamming a billion blog whit fresh asks since most of them have been on neofox67 if i remmeber correct he have ask me to make him a sprite for a fresh human
so here the result xD

aestheticneeds14  asked:

Hi, AY. I adore your art, you are my favorite tumblr artist or like contemporary artist ever. I love how you help people and all of your drawings and quotes. You inspire me a lot, I am an artist myself. Just wanted to say thank you and it would be super nice of you if you answered this so you know I exist. I am really shy and I don't know if I am good enough to start a blog whit just my art. Do you have like any tips and tricks? Thank you again, love you!

So here is the truth that no one tells you about life as an artist:

I worry about everything. I’m skeptical of anyone who likes my art. I convince myself that they must be confused or lying. I worry that eventually people will figure out that I’m a fraud or that I’m actually a terrible artist, and a terrible person. I have moments of paralyzing anxiety where all I can do is aimlessly check my social media accounts, buy toys for my Neko Atsume yard or rewatch Gilmore girls episodes I’ve seen over 50 times. I grew up being told that my artistic aspirations were unattainable and I somehow interpreted that as: you don’t deserve it. I had a hard time getting into art school (I had to apply 3 times), I get rejected from 95% of the things I apply to and most of my family still think of my art is a fun hobby and are waiting for me to get a real job. I used to think that if I reached a specific goal everything would work itself out. I would be set, confident. My anxiety would dissipate, my hair would always look good and my clothes would finally fit right. But it’s hard. It’s always hard. I’m always scared. I’m always exhausted. My jeans are always too tight and my hair is always a mess.

There are zillions of memes out there, telling us in cursive lettering on a beach scene background that if we’re positive and tough we can achieve our dreams… but that’s bullshit. You can work really hard and never get the recognition you deserve. And chances are, even if you “make it” as an artist, you may never be able to make a living doing what you love. Most of my creative friends and I struggle, because people love art, but they don’t believe in paying artists a living wage. So you have to make a lot of compromises (and constantly remind yourself that compromises are not necessarily failures).

The good news is, while some things are out of your control, there are other things you can do to help enhance your chances at success (and by success I don’t necessarily mean money or fame or anything permanent, I mean moments, little amazing moments, that you hold onto when everything else turns to shit…). I know that I’ll never be a confident person. I will always second-guess myself. It’s my thing. What I’ve learned is that instead of trying to get over my shortcomings, I have to work with them. When my self-confidence let’s me down, I let my stubbornness take over. So when I’m crying on my bathroom floor at 1 in the morning feeling terrified, I defer to that stubborn bitch inside of me, who is hell-bent on proving everyone who ever doubted her wrong. She gets me off the floor and back to work.

And all that stuff, all those emotions, they all go into my work… The good, the bad and the melodramatic. And that’s the thing people tend to relate to the most: the messiness, and the honesty. Don’t try to make work that you think people will like… (that kind of work always sucks) just make work that makes you feel good, or makes you feel better, or makes you feel something. The point I’m trying to make is that there are no formulas, no sure things, and no magic words. You just have to customize a survival strategy for yourself and take risks from time to time.

ps. just in case my answer seemed discouraging, let me be clear that I ABSOLUTELY think you should just go for it, take the risk and share your art with the world. It’s hard… but if means that much to you, it’s totally worth it.

The next drawing I post is for you <3