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Whistling wolves ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ Whistling love ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆

A little animation I made while my friends where able to talk about the LGBTQ+ community with children from to a special day, to explain them many things about it. I support this all and my friends were happy I could join to animate a little thing for this event ^^

The kids loved it, parents as well, it was amazing!!

Love is everywhere, this is important! 

Song, Twisted nerve, remixed

Whistle-Ukelele Chocobo Theme Song
Robbie Daymond, Keythe Farley

Prompto whistling the Chocobo theme song with ukelele background music provided by the lovely voice director Keythe Farley. This was done on their live stream tonight (17/02/24). I’ve turned the mono-sound into stereo so it’ll come out of both left/right sides and edited the intro/end to make a more soothing entrance/exit. 

Feel free to use it as a ringtone/music/etc.!!!! Enjoy!

Ask Away Anonymously Or Not.                        (◕‿◕✿)

All My Asks I Answered On My Blog Deleted, So I Decided To Make An Ask Meme Thingyy.

(1) Do You Sleep With Your Closet Doors Open Or Closed?

(2) Do You Have Freckles?

(3) Can You Whistle?

(4) Last Song You Listened To.

(5) What Is Your Favourite Colour?

(6) Relationship Status.

(7) What Is The Temperature Right Now?

(8) Did You Wake Up Cranky?

(9) How Many Followers?

(10) Zodiac Sign.

(11) What Is Your Eye Colour?

(12) Take A Vitamin Daily?

(13) Do You Sing In The Shower?

(14) What Books Are You Reading?

(15) Grab The Book Nearest To You, Turn To Page 64, Give Me Line 14.

(16) Favourite Anime?

(17) Last Person You Cried In Front Of?

(18) Do You Collect Anything?

(19) What Did You Have For Lunch?

(20) Do You Dance In The Car?

(21) Favourite Animal?

(22) Do You Watch The Olympics?

(23) What Time Do You Usually Go To Bed?

(24) Are You Wearing Makeup Right Now?

(25) Do You Prefer To Swim In A Pool Or The Ocean?

(26) Favourite Tumblr Blog?

(27) Bottled Water Or Tap Water?

(28) What Makes You Happy?

(29) Post A Gif Of What You’re Currently Feeling Right Now.

(30) Do You Study Better With Or Without Music?

(31) Dogs Or Cats?

(32) If You Were A Crayon What Colour Would You Be?

(33) PlayStation Or Xbox.

(34) Would You Swim In The Lake Or Ocean?

(35) Do You Believe In Magic?

(36) What Colour Shirt Are You Wearing?

(37) Can You Curl Your Tongue?

(38) Do You Save Money Or Spend It?

(39) Is There Anything Pink Within 10 Feet Of You?

(40) Do You Have Any Obsessions Right Now?

(41) Have You Ever Caught A Butterfly?

(42) Are You Easily Influenced By Other People?

(43) Do You Have Strange Dreams?

(44) Do You Like Going On Airplanes?

(45) Name One Movie That Made You Cry.

(46) Peanuts Or Sunflower Seeds?

(47) If I Handed You A Concert Ticket Right Now, Who Would You Want The Performer To Be?

(48) Are You A Picky Eater?

(49) Are You A Heavy Sleeper?

(50) Do You Fear Thunder / Lightning?

(51) Do You Like To Read / Write?

(52) Do You Like Your Music Loud?

(53) Would You Rather Carve Pumpkins Or Wrap Presents?

(54) Put Your Music On Shuffle, What Is The First Song That Came Up?

(55) What Season Are You In Right Now? (Weather)

(56)What Are You Craving Right Now?

(57) Post A Screenshot Of Your Tumblr Feed.

(58) What Is Your Gender?

(59) Coffee Or Tea?

(60) Do You Have Any Homework Right Now? If So, What Is It About?

(61) What Is Your Sexuality?

(62) Do You Make Your Bed In The Morning?

(63) Favourite Pokemon?

(64) Favourite Social Media?

(65) What’s Your Opinion On Instagram Stories?

(66) Do You Get Homesick?

(67) Are You A Virgin?

(68) What Shampoo And Conditioner Are You Using Right Now?

(69) If You Were Far From Home And Needed To Sleep For The Night, Would You Choose To Rent A Crappy Motel Room For $60 Or Sleep In Your Car For Free?

(70) Are Both Of Your Blood Parents Still In Your Life?

(71)  Whats The Next Movie You Want To See In Theaters?

(72) Do You Miss Your Ex?

(73) What Is Your Favourite Quote Right Now?

(74)  What Eye Colour Do You Find Sexiest?

(75) Did You Like Swinging As A Child? Do You Still Get Excited When You See A Swing Set?

(76) What Was The Last Thing You Ate?

(77) What Games Do You Have On Your Phone?

(78) Would You Give A Homeless Person CPR If They Were Dying? Why Or Why Not?

(79) Been On The Computer For 5 Hours Straight?

(80) Stalked Someone On A Social Network?

(81) Do You Like Meeting New People?

(82) Do You Wear Rings? If You Do, Take A Picture Of Them.

(83) Do You Sleep With Your Bedroom Door Open Or Closed?

(84) What Are Three Things You Did Today?

(85) What Do You Wear To Bed?

(86) List All Of Your Different Beauty Products You Have Right Now.

(87) Are You A Day Or Night Person?

(88) List All Of Your Video Games On Your Phone, Console Etc.

(89) Tell Me About A Dream That You Had And When It Happened.

(90) Favourite Soda Drink?

(91) What Sounds Are Your Favourite?

(92) Do You Wear Jeans Or Sweats More?

(93) How Do You Look Right Now?

(94) Name Something That Relaxes You.

(95) What Tattoo Do You Want?

(96) Favourite YouTuber?

OC questions: music edition

Because the world could use more music AUs

(I’ll separate some of these questions into individual posts later. For now, here’s the masterpost!)

  1. If your OC were to play an instrument, what would they play?
  2. Personality wise, are they brass, woodwind, percussion, string, or voice?
  3. What genre of music do they enjoy?
  4. Which OC is the frazzled middle school band director?
  5. Which OC only knows how to play Hot Cross Buns on the recorder?
  6. Which OC always has a song stuck in their head?
  7. What is your OC’s battle theme?
  8. Which OC is tone deaf?
  9. Which OC is perfect/relative pitch?
  10. What is your OC’s voice part?
  11. Which OC always has their headphones on?
  12. Describe your OC as a musical term (ex: allegro, pesante, forte)
  13. Which OC can learn to play any instrument they are exposed to?
  14. Is your OC a band, orchestra, or choir geek?
  15. Which OC is/would make an awesome DJ?
  16. Does your OC prefer performing solo, or do they like group performances?
  17. Which OC would totally kill it at karaoke?
  18. Which OC is/would make an awesome beatboxer?
  19. Which OC can turn any object into a musical instrument?
  20. Which OC is always humming or whistling a song?
  21. What would your OC’s role in a band be?
  22. What is your OC’s opinion on country music?
  23. Which OC is the best at doing improv?
  24. Which OC sings in the shower?
  25. What song describes your OC’s current situation?

Whistling up a Wind

Recently I’ve had a few people asking me for more information on how to whistle up a wind. So here you go!

Whistling up a wind is the most common forms of weather magic and has been practiced for hundreds of years. Depending on the pitch and tone of the whistle (which I’ll talk about below) a witch can create a gentle breeze or a sharp gust of wind. Traditionally, if the skill of whistling up a wind does not come naturally to you the option of making a ‘wind whistle’ out of willow or alder wood is available. You could also use a simple glass bottle - all you need is to be able to make a whistling sound.  

To whistle up a wind, you would first take a deep breath (close your eyes if you need to), centre yourself and focus the energy you breathed in. Let it mingle with your own energy/magic whatever you want to call it and then literally breathe out the energy into a whistle.

The tone/pitch/length of the whistle you make decides the type of wind you will get. For example a low pitched whistle which sounds like ‘breath over a glass bottle’ will form a light breeze and a short sharp piercing whistle will form a huge gust of wind.

I included the video (sorry about the poor video quality) so you could hear the pitch of the whistle I create to blow in some rain. 

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get it immediately. It really is just a matter of practice and finding the right note/pitch and length of the whistle to make for each type of wind. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

 If it helps, try and whistle a song which makes you feel happy and light then try whistling a song which makes you feel heavy and sad. 

EXO Mafia: How They Would be with Their S/O

This was so fun to do ! Thank you for the request !

For everyone who’s requested something, I’m going to get to them as fast as I can ! It’s currently finals week and I’m trying to get through it. 

Thank you and enjoy !



As the leader of the mafia, Suho has people coming after him most- if not all -of the time. He would be very overprotective of you because of this, having eyes on you at all times. He would always be touching you in some way, whether it be his hand on your thigh or holding your hand. Suho’s attitude as The Boss would definitely transfer into his relationship with you. His cool and dominant demeanor would result in long trailing looks up and down your body, husky whispers into your ear, and eye communication. He would treat you like a goddess with long nights tucked away under sheets, and elegant gifts to appease your desires. Suho would make it known that you are his- only his.


Sehun loves nothing more than having people strung around his finger, and you are no exception. He knows how to push your buttons, but in just the right way. Sehun can have you blushing like a maniac one moment, then hot and bothered the next. He teases you constantly by biting his lip and touching you as lightly as he possibly can, just to leave you wanting more. When you call him out on his teasing, he simply laughs, finding your state to be absolutely amusing. Not a fan of PDA, but once the door is closed, he’s on you. Despite his teasing and keeping his emotions hidden for his line of work, Sehun knows how to love someone with everything he has. The fact you’re in his life would make him so happy.


Being second-in-line his entire time in the mafia has made Kris very reserved. He has several walls built up around him and hides what he’s truly feeling in order to do some of the things he’s in charge of. He may come off as a “kick ass, ask questions later,” type of guy, but he actually holds several things within himself. When he sees you though, a shy smile will come across his face, happiness filling himself. Due to the barriers he’s made between himself and other people, Kris isn’t one for eye contact, unless he’s trying to scare someone away. When he looks at you, however, you can see all of the soft feelings he tries to hide. You’re his saving grace to bring him back from years of constant battering and stress.


When D.O is at work, he is all business. He doesn’t hesitate to threaten anyone who stands in his way, or hurt anyone who wrongs him. At home, D.O is another person. When he’s with you, he turns into a bunny, wanting nothing more than to simply hold you in his arms. He cooks dinner every night for the two of you, letting the creativity he’s always had with food to come out. The two of you would have long movie marathons, tangled up in blankets and each other for hours. He’s your personal bodyguard in public, always keeping you close to his side, a dangerous glint in his eyes. He would love you with such passion and warmth that you’d almost never guess he is a member of the mafia.


A generally quieter person, Luhan is very caring, but expresses it in actions rather than words. He is always holding your hand, drawing patterns on it with his thumb. He often pulls your hand up to his lips to give it a quick peck before the two of you depart, leaving you with a warm feeling floating in your heart. A master of surprise kisses, Luhan will pull you close to his chest, his hand cupping your cheek, lips pressed against yours. If the two of you are just sitting together, it’s not uncommon to find him staring at you for no particular reason. When you ask him about it, he simply responds that he’s “admiring the incredible view.” Luhan loves having someone to come home to after seeing ungodly things happen to others at work.


Being the walking definition of “extra,” Chanyeol would be a very over-the-top boyfriend. When the two of you are in public together, he swings your interlocked hands, whistling a goofy song as you go. He would often take you on extravagant dates to five star restaurants or outlandish resorts. Other times, he would simply take you out on a rainy day and dance with you to no sounds other than your laughter and rain hitting pavement. Chanyeol is always professing his love for you in some way, whether it be by a long, passionate kiss or a trip to a different city. Being a natural softie, when something bad happens while he’s out on the field, he comes to you for comfort, even though you never know why he’s really upset.


Chen is an absolutely lovely person to have and to love. He can make you laugh simply by how cute and smiley he is. If you’re sitting across the room from each other, he would toss you one of his signature toothy grins, resulting in both of you collapsing in laughter. Everything with him would mean something in its own special way. He would buy you gifts that had meaning or were part of a pervious inside joke the two of you made together. With his speciality being persuasion, you always wonder how the two of you can get reservations to normally packed restaurants at rush hour, but with a smile, your concerns are washed away. Chen never means to manipulate the ones he loves, but his biggest fear is that he’s done that with you.


Being with Xiumin means you spend 99% of your time together with your body pinned against a wall. With his sharp wit and humor, he portrays the act of sweet, until he gets you alone. When he’s about to leave, he’s notorious for building up enough sexual tension to cut it with a knife. He gets closer and closer to you, and just as his lips brush yours, he’s gone with a cute excuse, leaving you still holding your breath. Xiumin thinks you are the most beautiful person on the planet. Every time you try a new outfit on, he showers you in endless compliments and proudly struts with your hand in his. He flirts with you so subtly, that sometimes you have to sit on it for hours to realize that’s what it was.


The fact that Lay has done horrific things to people weighs on him everyday of his life. It’s not uncommon for Lay to come in after a stressful day on the job and simply pull you into a hug, needing you to be there for him. The two of you spend long hours in the morning, his hand tangled in your hair, your legs intertwined. This normally leads to a cute breakfast downstairs with Lay giving you back hugs as you flip food on the stove. You often get lost watching him, the enchanting way he moves about your life in such a graceful manner. He doesn’t smile much, but when he does, you feel like everything in the world is going to be ok. Even though he often uses to to calm him down, he’s always there for you when you need him too.


Kai doesn’t say much- not because he’s hiding what he wants to say, simply because he prefers not to speak. The silence that stays between you two is comforting, and brings an unspoken safety to the air. Nothing made you happier than when he laughed, though, and you often tried everything to pry it out of him. The two of you spend hours binging stand up comedies, curled up in blankets on the couch. Every time he laughs, you watch him, a blooming feeling of warmth spreading through your cheeks. Kai really became quiet after he began working for the mafia. When he first started, he was taught it was better to keep your mouth shut rather than getting your words beaten out of you, but you’re slowly beginning to bring him out of that shell.


Baekhyun is an adult child, but in the cutest way possible. He makes dad jokes whenever possible and laughs at them, thinking they’re the funniest thing he’s ever heard. You can’t help but join in with him, his infectious laugh sending a smile directly to your face. Anytime he hears a fun song playing in public he’ll stop everything to dance to it, grabbing your hand and swinging you around with him to the music. He’ll end the dance by dipping you low to the ground, pressing a small kiss on the tip of your nose. The two of you get into long playful arguments about nothing, including discussing what the best dad joke there is. He’ll complete deals without you even noticing, slipping a baggie into someone’s pocket as you’re walking down the street together.


A towering whirlwind of a person, Tao would be quite an emotional boyfriend. After doing a few deals with Baekhyun, they would get into an argument which would result in him coming home upset. After prodding him about it, he would finally rant to you, talking about how his “coworker” was being annoying. You would simply smile and lean against him, playing with his hands as he spoke. When he finishes, he’d pull you in for a hug and kiss, thanking you for putting up with him. In the nights as you lay awake beside of him, you often watch his chest rise and fall in a steady motion, his face displaying nothing but peace as he sleeps. You think he’s absolutely wonderful, no matter how many mood swings he has during the day.  

~ Admin C

I had been waiting for Justin to come home all day because we had plans to go eat and he had been running 20 minutes late. “Fuck man.” I groaned noticing my aching stomach. I was starving, I hadn’t eaten all day. Just then I heard the key in the front door. I turned my head to see Justin walking in. He was whistling a familiar song, but I just couldn’t name it. “Babe you’re 20 minutes late, I’m hungry! I complained. "I know I know I’m sorry.” He said with his head turned away. “Justin why do you sound like me with my retainer on?” I questioned. He suddenly got a huge smile to show off his new grill.
“No you didn’t.” I said shocked. “Yep.” He said proudly. “Is that why you were whistling grillz by nelly?!” I said laughing. “Yes!” He said in the same tone laughing loudly. “So what do you think?” He asked. “Smile for me daddy.” I said with a big grin. “You want me to rob a jewelry store and tell em’ make me a grill?” He said quoting the song. I couldn’t be mad at him for coming home late, plus the grill made him sexy. “Bizzle 2.0!” He said. I shot him a look. “Hell no bizzle was unhealthy. If you wanna resurrect anyone, bring back chubstin or 2015stin.” I crossed my arms. He raised his eyebrows. “You really are a belieber.” “I stan a legend.” I smiled.


Urban Magic Youtubers AU -  S͠e҉á́n - Fae of Decay 

“He’s a nature spirit, Amy. And nature has two sides to it…” 

The delicate but inevitable balance of nature: What is created must be destroyed and all that is destroyed will be reborn. It is the law of universe and even those whose existence is devoted to life must abide by it. 

Seán is a fae of creation. Where ever he roams, life sprouts up around him. But, the being inside him is far from it. He is a walking wasteland carrying with him a miasma of rot. His very touch spreading decay, plants withering to dust, water congealing into black sludge, and the very concrete the city sits on crumbling beneath him. 

Behind his smiling face and cheery whistling of songs from his homeland, Sean fights against a creature that feels only the need to destroy. This presence has blighted Seán for as long as he could remember. Taking control to bring ruin to the world around it, so that life can begin again. It has been centuries since it happened last and recent stirring in the back of Seán’s mind has begun to frighten him…

(Everyone’s favorite glitch bitch back at it again with fucking shit up. Basically, the exact opposite of Jack’s character who literally has flowers grow at his feet, Anti causes things to rot and decay be it man-made or natural. And his insistence at being let out to play may or may not set off a series of events that causes quite a bit of trouble for our protagonists ;) (if i can ever get around to actually writing) PS. those things in the first photo are snapdragon seed pods. If you go looking for them be careful as other pictures in the results could bother people with trypophobia)

Rainy’s “Song of Storms” Enchantment

Musical Instrument Enchantment Spell for Whistling up Rain/Storms 

Originally posted by crittle1985

Hello there all of you music-playing, rain-loving, and pop-culture witches! Here’s a handy little enchantment to put upon your musical instrument, so that you can use it to “whistle up” a wind whenever you play a certain song. This spell was inspired by Legend of Zelda’s “Song of Storms”, so of course, we will be using the sheet music from that during the enchantment.

(To get a “feel” for the song, I recommend listening to this cover, or this cover!)

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