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Whistling up a Wind

Recently I’ve had a few people asking me for more information on how to whistle up a wind. So here you go!

Whistling up a wind is the most common forms of weather magic and has been practiced for hundreds of years. Depending on the pitch and tone of the whistle (which I’ll talk about below) a witch can create a gentle breeze or a sharp gust of wind. Traditionally, if the skill of whistling up a wind does not come naturally to you the option of making a ‘wind whistle’ out of willow or alder wood is available. You could also use a simple glass bottle - all you need is to be able to make a whistling sound.  

To whistle up a wind, you would first take a deep breath (close your eyes if you need to), centre yourself and focus the energy you breathed in. Let it mingle with your own energy/magic whatever you want to call it and then literally breathe out the energy into a whistle.

The tone/pitch/length of the whistle you make decides the type of wind you will get. For example a low pitched whistle which sounds like ‘breath over a glass bottle’ will form a light breeze and a short sharp piercing whistle will form a huge gust of wind.

I included the video (sorry about the poor video quality) so you could hear the pitch of the whistle I create to blow in some rain. 

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get it immediately. It really is just a matter of practice and finding the right note/pitch and length of the whistle to make for each type of wind. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

 If it helps, try and whistle a song which makes you feel happy and light then try whistling a song which makes you feel heavy and sad. 


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