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this is pretty long though but I’m just feelin my boys here anon forgive me

{ Valentine’s day special }


- Valentine’s day was just another day for him; Work everyday, have a meeting, go to dinners, but coming home to his lovely Elizabeth the 3rd was always exciting. However recently, he’s found himself.. Less enthusiastic about his daily life. He still loves his cat but; part of him just feels empty coming home now. It was lonely. He was lonely. He did notice how much he looked forward to her phone calls. Her jokes in the chatroom. Her herself. It frightened him; reminding him of the emotions he felt with Rika. MC was very different from her though, he never wanted to compare the two. However this was the exact same situation, different but same concept and feelings. And he didn’t like it. MC is Jihyun’s… Not yours.. He had to painfully remind himself. Driver Kim thankfully pulled him away from his thoughts.

“ Any plans for Valentine’s day, Mr Han? ”
The older man glanced into the rear view mirror with a smile– Which Jumin returned alongside a curt shake of his head.

“ No.. Its just another day for me. I’ll spend it with my love Elizabeth the 3rd. ”

Driver Kim laughed softly, muttering a small ” Thats what I thought you’d say. ” before returning his attention back onto the road ahead.

Jumin glanced down at his phone, it was on vibrate; and he noticed her picture illuminating the screen. Instantly his heart sped up, having to clear his throat before answering.
He was greeted with her energetic,
“ Good evening Jumin! ”
To which he replied
“ To you as well, MC. I hope you’re having a good night so far. ”
He envisioned her smile which caused one of his own to appear on his lips, she hummed in approval before continuing.
“ Yes! I am. Jihyun fell asleep though, He was very tired.. Long day I suppose. ”
His smile was replaced with a scowl as he furrowed his brows; It was just like Jihyun to do something stupid like that. He never was a night owl; Leaving MC so lonely, what a shame.

“ Ah. So you called me for company? ”

“ Yeah.. I wasn’t sure if you were doing anything. I’m sorry if I interrupted. ”

His eyes scanned the lights of the cities as they passed by. He wished he was doing something– Something with her. He knows what restaurant she loves; Taking her there would make her happy. Or bringing her to his home, letting her play with his precious Elizabeth the 3rd. He knows how well they get along together.

“ No– Don’t apologize. I’m spending my evening with Elizabeth the 3rd and a bottle of wine. Nothing extraordinary. ”

He stated– Tugging on the cuffs of his suit to keep him occupied. He always felt odd talking to her without V being around. He wanted to say things that he wouldn’t normally say. Wanted to tell her things he would never tell anyone else. It made him uncomfortable. Not because of her– the emotions. He hated it.

“ Ooh. Sounds pretty extraordinary to me. A beauty on your lap and some chateau montrose at your side. How lovely. ”

He chuckled lowly at the fact she remembered his favorite wine, nodding his head before realizing she couldn’t see the action

“ Ha.. I suppose. I only wish you could join me instead.. ”

His voice trailed off as he noticed the penthouse coming closer and closer into view– straightening his posture and clearing his throat before continuing.

“ Ah. I’m nearly home. I’m afraid i’ll have to end this conversation here, MC. ”

He didn’t want to, but he knew if he stayed on the phone while he was comfortable at home the conversation could last for hours. That wasn’t fair to either of them, nor V.

“ Alright.. Thanks for talking with me Jumin, goodnight. Happy Valentine’s day.. ”

The click broke him of his frozen state, the car had already stopped and Driver Kim sat with a knowing look on his face and a sad smile. Jumin was quick to see him off, wishing him a goodnight before making his way to the penthouse.

Elizabeth the 3rd was there to greet him at the door as always. Her soft purrs caused him to smile bittersweetly.
“ My dear Elizabeth the 3rd, please explain Jihyun gets everything I want.. I want to be happy too.. ”
He sighed heavily as she replied with a meow– one he wasn’t able to decipher.
“ Sometimes I feel as if it isn’t fair. But I suppose this is the way it has to be. At least I’ll always have you..”
He smiled down at the kitty– rubbing gently under her chin as she closed her eyes in contentment.


- He woke up in a cold sweat, his breathing uneven and fragile. His fist clenching the cushions as panic rings through his mind, White patches blurring his vision. The feeling of being so trapped and helpless burned in his chest, He wanted to scream the pain felt so unbearable. Suddenly, a warm hand is placed on his shoulder. Initially causing him to flinch, but he could recognize that warmth anywhere. Instantly his body relaxes into the touch, his mind begins to clear as his eyes quickly turn back meet her soft ones. She gave him a concerned smile before pushing the stray hairs away from his face.

“ Did you have a nightmare, Saeran? ”
She asks, his head lowers before nodding in acknowledgment like a child would. For some reason, he always felt so comfortable talking with her after something like this. It was odd but natural. She comforted him so well. She brought him into an embrace– His head buried into her shoulder as he looses himself in her presence– Inhaling deeply. She smelt sweet, like cherry blossoms.

“ Saeyoung will be back soon.. He’s getting ice-cream; Your favorite kind too.”
He smiles softly, but in the same breath he didn’t want Saeyoung to come home. Not now. It was selfish, but he wanted her to himself. Saeyoung would take her away from him as soon as he got back.. They had dinner plans tonight– It was a “ special ” day today apparently. And he would be left all by himself once more.

“ Don’t go.. ”

He mumbled into the shoulder of her red dress, he had only caught a glimpse before she brought him into her arms. She looked beautiful, but not for him.. She did it for Saeyoung– He had to remind himself through clenched teeth.

“ Saeran– You’ll be fine here, I can call Yoosung to come over if you’d like.. ”

“ No. I want you to stay with me.. Don’t go.. ”

His grip tightens on her, she shifts to sit beside him on the red couch that matched her dress. He broke the embrace to look at her, she looked nice as always. She gave him a reassuring smile– running a palm up and down his arm in comfort. His ears were still ringing, and he was tired. Maybe that’s why he felt so needy today.

“ Hey– You’ll be fine Saeran. Trust me. But you know I have to go with– Oh, Saeyoung! ”
Who had just loudly entered the home interrupting her sentence, making him groan in aggravation as he moved away from her touch.

“ Woah babe.. You look beautiful! ”
His brother wolf whistled before dropping the bags on the kitchen counter– seemingly ignoring Saeran as he made his way to MC behind the couch. Leaning over and placing a kiss on her cheek, causing Saeran to tense.

“ Are you ready to head out? ”
She nodded before turning her attention back to himself; causing his heart to skip a beat. She rubbed his arm one last time before shuffling to get up, grabbing her bag as Seven dangled the car keys on his fingertips.

“ We’ll bring you back food Saeran– Don’t worry! ”
Saeyoung said through a smile, causing Saeran to scoff and sink deeper into the couch. She came over to him one last time- He tried to ignore her but his eyes couldn’t help but make their way up to meet hers. They were soft and gentle.

“ You’ll be okay Saeran. ”
She nodded towards him before making her way over to his brother; who wrapped an arm around her waist before making their way towards the door, shutting it behind them.
He got up with a huff, digging through the bags to find the ice cream that awaited him. Not even bothering to get a bowl– He laid back down on the couch and mindlessly ate away with a slight scowl playing on his lips.

’ Youll be okay.. ’ Pft. Yeah right. At least he had something sweet to keep him company tonight. Even though the cookies and cream was quickly dwindling away the more aggravated he got. He hated the fact she was with his brother. She was such a joy. Sometimes he wished things could be different. Okay– Most of the time he wished things could be different. But he’s Saeran Choi. He never gets what he wants, even if he’s good. It seems like the universe had it out for him. He just had to learn to accept it.

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I really love your writing! All the angst, fluff, angst, headcannons, angst, and did I already say angst? It gives me the greatest feels trip ever. >.< Umm can I request how RFA+V+saeran would react to MC having her labor and seeing their firstborn?

~This is so cute, yes!! I’m a huge sucker for this kind of fluff tbh.

◉ Yoosung

  • You’re screaming for him
  • He’s got his headset on, completely immersed in the world of LOLOL
    • “Yoosung!” you stood next to him
    • “What is it?” he gave you a glance and freed one ear from the headset
    • “It’s time,” you winced in pain
    • “Oh my god!”
  • Throws his headset and is scrambling around the apartment
    • “Do we have everything ready?!” he’s freaking out
  • Finally gets you and your bag into the car
  • Taking deep breaths during the drive
  • He’s read dozens of books on this and really studied up, so he is READY
  • Asking you how far your contractions are apart and if your water broke yet
  • So supportive
  • Never leaves your bedside in the L&D
    • “You can squeeze my hand, MC”
  • “HOLD IT TOGETHER YOOSUNG IT’S JUST A LITTLE PAIN COMPARED TO HERS” he’s screaming in his brain and forcing a smile for you
  • Encouraging you SO MUCH
    • “You’re doing so great, honey! Almost there, okay?!”
  • Makes you smile with how positive he is and how much he is cheering for you
  • Finally see’s the little bundle as the baby is placed on your chest
  • He’s got the widest smile on his face and he has a feeling it’s not going away for a long time
  • He starts to cry seeing both of you together
  • Bends down and kisses both of you several times
    • “She’s beautiful, just like you,” he nuzzles his head into you

◉ Jumin

  • You called him at work to tell him you were having contractions
  • He’s dropping EVERYTHING and Driver Kim is rushing him home to see you
  • His security already has your (several) bags ready for Jumin and he whisks you off to the hospital
  • He’s asking how you are feeling every five seconds
    • “Like my hips are ripping apart!!! SAME AS FIVE SECONDS AGO!”
  • He’s just flustered tbh he doesn’t know how to comfort you
  • So he just yells at Driver Kim to hurry up
  • You don’t have to wait at all before getting a bed
  • Everybody is setting up flowers for you in the room
    • “Jumin, please, I just want some privacy. There are too many people in here,” you moved to your side and winced with another contraction
    • “Anything you want, my love.”
  • Orders everybody out at once
  • He’s pacing in the room because he hates seeing you in pain and doesn’t know what to do
  • His tie is off and his shirt is partially untucked
  • Grateful when it’s time to push and the doctors tell him what to do
  • Holds your hand and kisses it
  • He is wide-eyed with amazement at the babies first cry
  • And when he sees your eyes wet with tears he starts to cry a little, himself
  • Pestering the doctors as they clean the baby up
    • “Is she okay? Be careful with her!! Why isn’t she crying anymore is something wrong?!”
  • He only breathes again when she is safe in your arms
  • Cries again when he gets to hold her, runs a finger on her face while she sleeps and kisses her forehead

◉ Zen

  • You pushed him awake in the middle of the night
    • “What is it?”
    • “I’m in a lot of pain,” you said to him in the dark
  • Okay now he is freaked out and turns on the light
    • “What is it?! Is something wrong?! Oh God, are you okay?!”
  • You have to try and calm him down
    • “I’m alright I just think it’s…time,” you spoke through the contraction
  • He’s smiling so big
  • He’s been waiting for this moment since you first found out you were expecting
  • He’s practically skipping to grab your to-go bag
  • Whistling with joy as you make your way to the hospital
  • He’s pestering the doctors
    • “How much longer will this take? When will I see the baby?!”
  • So impatient about it
  • Taking so many photos of you!!!
  • Sending pics to the RFA
    • Caption: 9hours into labor, no sign of this beautiful baby yet but hopefully soon!
  • Jumping for joy when it’s finally time to push
  • Never let’s go of your hand
  • Melts when he hears the little cry
  • You let him hold the baby first
    • “He has my hair, and your eyes,” Zen is crying
  • Asks the doctors to take some pics of the three of you
  • Cheesiest biggest grin in the world on his tear-streaked face
    • “I’ll send you a copy of the photo, so you can remember when you delivered the most beautiful baby in existence”

◉ Jaehee

  • You started to feel contractions while you were working at the coffee shop with her
  • But you couldn’t tell if they were BH or real ones
  • So you just kept on working
  • Then your water broke
  • Jaehee notices immediately and goes into freak out mode
    • “EveryBODY OUT! WE’RE CLOSED!”
  • Telling everyone to scram
  • People are being shooed out while still holding their cups
  • She takes several deep breaths and composes herself
  • Going through her mental checklist
    • “I’ve had everything packed and the bag has been in the car for two months now, let’s get you to the hospital!”
  • Doctors worst nightmare
  • Any time you wince in pain she is calling someone to check you out and make sure you are okay
  • Monitoring the babies heart like a hawk
    • “Oh my god it dipped I think he is on the cord NUUUUURSEEE!!”
    • “Jaehee we are FINE PLEASE RELAX!”
  • Basically leading you when it comes time to push
  • Interrupting the doctors to say it herself
    • “You’ve got this sweetie, one more push, come on!”
  • Both of you collapse together when you hear the cry
  • She is kissing you and you both are crying as they clean him up
    • “Congrats, mama’s!” the nurse places him in your hands
  • Jaehee’s heart is swelling just seeing him in your arms, so tiny
    • “I have written up…what I believe is a proper feeding schedule…here,” she is trying to pull out her notebook but she is sobbing

◉ Saeyoung

  • You guys are eating dinner when you start to feel immense pressure and you know right away what is happening
  • He can see it in your face that you’re in pain
    • “I’ll grab our bag! Don’t move!”
  • He’s double checking to make sure he got everything packed correctly
  • His hands are shaking both from excitement and anxiety
  • He is a bundle of nerves thinking that it’s finally happening, and he hopes he is ready to care for a baby
  • Drives so.slow. on the way to the hospital
  • The jokes begin when you reach the desk
    • “What are you here for?”
    • “Well there’s either a bowling ball or a baby making it’s way out of my wife. Either way, we need some help, here,” he says to the lady
  • You smacked his arm with a laugh
  • He’s dancing around for you in the room
  • Messing with things to try and make you laugh
  • Just being his anxious self to distract you both from what was happening
    • “I’m sorry but the life insurance policy I took out on you is too tempting. I can buy so many baby cars with the money. I’m going to pull the plug, forgive me!” He pulls the plug on the lamp next to the bed, “beeeeeeeep,” he closes your eyes, “I’ll take a vacation in your honor. Goodbye, my love!”
  • Kisses you just before it’s time to push and holds your face in his hands, staring into your eyes
    • “You can do this, babe. Let’s get that baby out,” he says in a serious tone
  • It seems like forever and he is sweating and holding your hand just as tight as you push
  • The baby comes out wailing and he jumps for joy
    • “Make sure you cut the right cord, doc! Don’t make any mistakes!”
    • “It’s a girl…” the doctor sighs
    • “Is it? Or are you just saying that because you messed up with those scissors already?!”
  • You don’t even have the strength to tell him to shut up
  • They bundle her up and hand her over to you
    • “She has your red hair,” you say through tears
  • He has to move his glasses so he can wipe his own watery eyes
    • “Our little tomato,” he sobs
    • “Don’t call her that,” you scowl at him
  • You both laugh and get lost together staring at the tiny infant

◉ V

  • You were having some back pains so V drew a bath for you
  • Freaked out when you called for him from the bathroom, you sounded worried
    • “What is it, love? Are you okay?”
    • “I…I think I’m in labor!”
  • He’s calling for a car in a second
  • Bumps into things because he is so flustered trying to get to your to-go bag
  • Holding you close and rubbing your shoulders on the way to the hospital
  • When you get into your room he is a chatterbox
  • It’s helping to distract you
  • He is sitting at your bedside holding your hand and blabbering away about anything and everything
  • It’s hard when he hears you moaning in pain during contractions
  • He’ll lean in and give you tender kisses and whisper
    • “You are so strong. Thank you for going through this pain so we can have a beautiful baby. I love you so much.”
  • Nursing staff are in love with you two
  • Keep bringing you ice chips and sneaking in some snacks for you both
  • As the hours go on and on they tell him to get some rest but he refuses to leave your side
  • His heart jumps in his throat come time for you to push and he stands up
    • “This is it, honey! Don’t let go of my hand, okay?” he smiles
  • He’s sobbing as soon as he hears the whimpering from the baby
  • You both are a crying mess right away
    • “Congrats, you two. She’s beautiful,” the doctor and nurses coo as they hand her to you
  • V is smiling like crazy
    • “Can you describe her? What does she look like?” he asks.
  • He can make out the basic shapes of you but not much
    • “She has your hair…and your nose…she’s perfect,” you cry, “want to hold her?”
  • He nods and holds her close to his chest
  • He kisses her head with a smile, and breathes her in
    • “I never want to forget this moment,” he beams

◉ Saeran

  • He came home to see you laying on the couch groaning from the contractions
    • “Babe, what the hell?!”
  • Runs to your side
    • “It’s okay, they’re still kinda far apart and I didn’t want to call you and make you worry. Remember, the doc said we could stay at home for a while even when labor beg-ahhh,” you winced
    • “I don’t give a shit what he said, we’re going to the hospital.”
  • He doesn’t want you to see but he is NERVOUS
  • He even forgot where you guys placed your bags
  • He packed one for himself, too. He read on the birth forum that husbands should bring stuff too, just in case
  • Let’s you lean on him and walks you to the car
    • “I grabbed an extra pair of pants for you, just in case your water breaks on the way there,” he said as he drove you to the hospital
  • When you get into the room he is just tending to your every need
  • He’s suddenly nervous that he will forget everything he read and be a bad parent
  • He’s massaging your feet
  • Wiping a cool rag on your forehead
  • Bringing you ice chips constantly
  • He can tell your contractions are becoming more painful because you’re talking less and less
    • “I thought I would wait to surprise you with this but,” he rummages through his bag, “I thought this could be the first onesie he wears.”
  • He pulled out a small black onesie
  • Printed on it was the logo of your guys’ favorite band
    • “His first band t-shirt,” you laughed
    • “Yeah, gotta start him early, right?” he smiled
  • His pulse is racing when the doctor comes in and says it’s time to push
  • His eyes are wide with fear and nervousness and he grabs on to your hand
  • Constant words of encouragement and he wipes your forehead in-between pushing
  • When the baby cried he got a huge grin
    • “Hell yeah!” he laughed happily, “that was…the coolest thing I’ve ever seen,” he smiled and kissed you
  • All of his fears washed away when he saw his son
    • “Do you want to hold him?” the doctor went to Saeran first
  • As soon as he was placed in his hands, Saeran started to cry
  • Happy tears
    • “He looks like you, I’m so glad,” Saeran chuckled
    • “Except for his red hair,” you smiled and wiped your eyes
  • He gave you the biggest kiss and let you hold the baby
    • “Don’t worry, I’ll change all of the diapers while we’re here. I’ve…been practicing,” he said proudly. 
Prologue:Project Shining Diamond

// inspired and based off this video HERE. all credits for the video go to @hoon-seok

// warnings: all the gang related things. mentions of blood, murder, theft, fighting that’s pretty much it?? um.. mentions of other bands and fights between them.. mention of alcohol and shooting?? just gang stuff okay

// sneak peek: “What’s it say?” Seungcheol licks his lips. They aren’t ready for this. Seventeen is not ready for this. They’ve fought before. Killed before. Committed crimes that would earn them life sentences. But this… this is a different matter. More personal and intimate. It’s you. And S.Coups isn’t sure whether they can handle it or not. But he speaks anyway - lets his vocal chords ring out loudly in the abandoned house. Because if there’s one thing he knows all of Seventeen want back… it’s you.

// honestly not sure what this pairing is? poly!seventeen x reader maybe? send help

// word count: 3001


  The summer air is hot as the sun gleams down almost blindingly, and Hansol can feel his hair sticking to his forehead with sweat. He looks over at Wen Junhui walking at the same pace next to him - makes sure he’s still holding that black bag their leader was so set on keeping safe and absolutely out of any officers’ hands. He crinkles his nose, looks back ahead at him as they take long, slow steps.

  “You think we can take a look at what’s in there?” Vernon asks, and Junhui only laughs in reply. Out of the corner of his eye, he sees his grasp on the bag tighten, and Hansol only frowns at the subtle act of distrust.

  “You know what S.Coups said. Don’t lose the bag, and don’t peek in it either.” There’s a silence between them as they start to walk up a long, steep ramp, and Hansol huffs before Jun can say any more. “Look, Vernon, I wanna know what’s in it as much as you do. But it was hard enough wrestling this thing out of GOT7’s hands, alright? Besides, S.Coups said he’ll show us what’s inside once it gets safely to him and nobody else.”

  Hansol bites his lower lip, because, honestly, Junhui’s right. And while the guy can be a little full of himself and silly at times, he knows there’s no other person to trust more in the gang than Wen Junhui. So he only nods, and continues to walk up the ramp until they’re on a slab of concrete at least six feet above regular ground.

  It’s not ‘til Hansol hears the familiar chatter of Chan from below him that he nudges Jun’s shoulder, and soon, the boy is walking near the fence protecting regular pedestrians from falling off the ramp. But, after all, they’re not regular pedestrians. Junhui sharply whistles before dropping the bag over the ramp without further warning, and Vernon’s suddenly thankful Minghao’s the most attentive in the group. Jun looks over at Hansol, and smirks.

  “See? Out of our way. Not our problem anymore. And now, we wait.” They don’t say another word to each other as they walk the rest of the way back to their base.

  It’s Minghao who catches the bag that’s fallen only milliseconds after he hears Junhui’s familiar whistle, and he makes sure the thing is safe and undamaged before he pushes it at Soonyoung who grips it for a second only to make sure it actually exists.

  And then they’re walking together - Minghao, Soonyoung, and Chan - a trio of three like some kind of dollar store knockoff of Mean Girls. But there’s no denying Dino’s excitement as he kicks pebbles off the sidewalk with this smirk on his face. Minghao turns to him, and gently bumps his shoulder against the younger’s.

  “You have any idea what’s in the bag?” Chan seems to think for a minute before shrugging, and Minghao can’t help but laugh before he hears Hoshi’s voice.

  “I overheard Mingyu talking to S.Coups about some kind of new explosions or weapons. Maybe it’s that?” Minghao shakes his head, and he sighs.

  “No, it’s more than that. Otherwise, S.Coups wouldn’t have been so strict on keeping the bag safe.”

  “Yeah,” Chan speaks up. “Besides, it’s way too heavy to be explosions or weapons. And Joshua knows we have enough of those already.” There’s a long pause, and he sighs. “Guess we’ll just have to wait until tonight.”

  They reach the spot they’re supposed to be at - the spot Seungcheol had so carefully planned out and explained to them, and Minghao looks up. There are Jisoo and Wonwoo, just barely strolling across the bridge that casts a shadow on the lake below it.

  Chan whistles loudly, and Hoshi hurls the bag over his head, throwing it up and over to the two boys on the bridge. It’s Wonwoo who catches it, and Soonyoung takes a moment to straighten out his jacket before running a hand through his hair. Dino looks over at Minghao, and nods to the left.

  “Back to base?” The two other boys silently agree, and they walk together back to the warehouse that’s welcomed them so many times before.

  Jisoo looks over at Wonwoo, and while his eyes are covered with the dark sunglasses he’s chosen for today, Wonwoo knows there’s a mysterious look in them mixed with something almost mischievous and naughty.

  “Is it heavy?” He asks as they keep walking across the bridge, and Wonwoo hums, lifting the bag up and down as a sort of scale. He looks at Joshua - at his hidden eyes.

  “Pretty heavy. Who knows what’s inside?” And then Jisoo laughs - something Wonwoo always thought was too sweet and pitched for a gang member, but he decides not to bring it up. Jisoo only digs his hands deeper into his pockets.

  “Maybe it’s poison.” There’s a silent pause, and he turns to look at Wonwoo. “Maybe it’s a bomb waiting to go off in one of our hands.” He brings his own hands up in front of him to mime an explosion. “Boom.” Wonwoo only swallows in response. Joshua looks like a sweet guy, and while everyone knew his religion to be christianity, the rest of the members would be lying if there wasn’t one thing that terrified them about Jisoo. And for Wonwoo, that happened to be his fascination with explosions and the still mysterious line of questionable murders.

  “Either way, it must be important if S.Coups wanted us to be so careful with it.” Jisoo hums, nodding in agreement as he brings his hands back into his pockets. They start to near a small flight of steps going down, and in the distance, Wonwoo can see two boys running their way - Team D.

  “There they are.” Jisoo murmurs in amusement, and it doesn’t take long before they’re halfway down the flight of steps, and the two boys - Jeonghan and Seokmin - are sprinting past them. Jeonghan snatches the bag out of Wonwoo’s hand after a short whistle from Jisoo, and they’re gone without further warning.

  “Back to base it is.” Jisoo murmurs after the initial shock of not having the bag with them anymore. He turns to Wonwoo, pulls off his sunglasses, and Wonwoo can’t help but shiver at the dark glint in his eyes. “Guess it wasn’t a bomb, then. Too bad.”

  Jeonghan’s holding the bag tight in his grip as they continue to sprint down the sidewalk. He can feel the hot summer air cool him down, and he’s thankful he decided not to wear one of his regular long sleeved jackets. Seokmin’s following close behind - Jeonghan can hear his footsteps, and as soon as he hears Dokyeom’s panting, he realizes he’s not the only one who’s exhausted from running for so long.

  “Is it damaged?” Seokmin asks from behind him, and Jeonghan doesn’t even take the time to examine the bag before shaking his head.

  “No. It’s fine. Let’s get this to where it should be.” And then it’s just the sound of their footsteps and heavy panting that Jeonghan hears as they sprint down sidewalks and round different corners. He sees the tunnel entrance ahead of him and is grateful - so grateful, he actually laughs and he can hear Seokmin doing the same behind him.

  Their footsteps are louder in the tunnel - they echo against the walls, and their breaths are bouncing in the silence of it all. But now’s not the time to be quiet. If anything, Jeonghan’s secretly hoping somebody hears, because he hasn’t had himself a good fight in a while now.

  “That’s them!” Dokyeom shouts in the silence, and Jeonghan sees Jihoon sitting against the wall, Seungkwan leaning against it next to them. With excitement and adrenaline flowing in his veins, Jeonghan takes this chance to jump and push himself against the wall in a subtle attempt to show off his skills, and Seokmin can’t help but roll his eyes and do the same.

  Seokmin sharply whistles, and Jeonghan drops the bag at Jihoon’s feet before they continue to run off. Suddenly, Dokyeom’s next to him, keeping at a steady pace with a grin on his face. He winks.

  “Let’s get ourselves into a little trouble before we head back to base.” Jeonghan laughs in agreement, and they both pick up their speed at the same time. Robbing a liquor store sounds pretty appealing right now. After all, they’re going to need a little more whiskey after Seungcheol shows them what’s inside the bag tonight.

  When the bag falls before Jihoon, he looks up at Seungkwan, and there’s a silent agreement between them before he snatches the bag in his hands, and they’re both running down the tunnel. Woozi can hear Seungkwan heavily breathing next to him, and he only hopes the other boys are open for backup if something goes wrong.

  “What do you think is so important about this bag?” Seungkwan asks, and Jihoon huffs as he glances at the black leather thing in his hands. It’s heavy, but not too heavy, and he feels a pang in his chest as he thinks about the only thing he hopes it can be - the only thing he wants it to be. He decides not to express it, and presses his lips tightly together instead before replying.

  “I don’t know, Seungkwan.” He shouts back after a while, and he cringes at how loud his voice is in comparison to the silent tunnel. “But we will know soon,” He continues in heavy breathes. “After S.Coups shows us… everything will make sense.”

  They decide not to talk after that because Jihoon’s feeling that pang in his chest, and Seungkwan knows why as he feels it in his, too. So instead of talking about their feelings like some kind of bad episode of Dr. Phil, they run. And the oxygen leaving their lungs hurts almost as much as the pain in their chests.

  Soon, they reach this empty parking lot that was closed due to gang related issues years ago, and both Woozi and Seungkwan slow at the sight of Mingyu standing alone in the empty space, arms at his sides.

  Team F.

  They stare at each other for a long time, the only sound being that of Jihoon and Seungkwan catching their breaths. And then Woozi throws the bag over after Seungkwan whistles, lets it fall at Mingyu’s feet. He stares at them for a second longer before bending down to pick it up, and Mingyu opens the bag to peer inside.

  “What is it?” Seungkwan asks curiously. Mingyu closes the bag, and holds it at his side as he looks to Seungkwan with a blank expression. The boy was full of life once - Jihoon remembered those days. But then he became Seungcheol’s second in command, and almost died from a gunshot wound that had no one else to blame than Rocky of the new gang, Astro.

  “S.Coups will show you tonight.” He murmurs. “Report back to the warehouse. I’ll have THE8 escort everyone to the place we’ll be meeting at tonight.” And he turns without another word, ready to walk out of the parking lot and hand Seungcheol the bag he’d so carefully planned its safety. But Jihoon’s words stop him short.

  “Keep it safe.” He pauses. “Who knows what could be inside?” There’s a long silence, and Mingyu has to swallow back the painful lump in his throat as he nods.

  “Yeah. Yeah, I know.” And he walks away, leaving Jihoon and Seungkwan to get back to base on their own.

  Needless to say, Seungcheol is pleased when Mingyu drops the bag on his lap without a word, that blank expression still on his face. He stares at the bag for a long time - notices every crack and crevice of the leather before touching it, and when he does, he feels like oxygen has been once again restored in his lungs. He licks his lips, grips the bag tight.

  “Let THE8 know about our choice of location for the meeting tonight, and help him get the rest of the boys there.” Mingyu raises an eyebrow, confused.

  “Are you sure, S.Coups? Don’t you want me to come with you? I hear JB from GOT7 is still pretty angry that we took the bag from him.” Seungcheol looks up at him, and there’s a fire in his eyes - something bright, and determined, and set.

  “I’m sure. Do as you’re told Kim Mingyu.” It only earns Seungcheol an upset lip bite from the taller boy, and he sighs as he walks off to talk to Minghao and gather the rest of Seventeen at the location for the night - an abandoned house.

  The night air is cool - a lot cooler than this morning’s heat, anyway, and S.Coups can feel chills run up his spine at the gentle breeze of midnight accompanied by the silver pistol tucked into the waistband of his pants. Just for emergencies, of course.

  But then he walks into the abandoned house he’d found earlier and planned specifically for this meeting, and the temperature drops almost a whole ten degrees. The rest of his members are lounging around the place, talking, reminiscing, sharing stories of earlier times that included one too many favors from crooked cops.

  “Say the name,” Seungcheol announces as he closes the door behind him, and almost immediately, every boy stands to their feet, shouts, “Seventeen!”, simultaneously, then bows, and Seungcheol smiles with pride despite the heavy feeling in his chest. “Gather around.” He orders as he stands at the head of a long table in the middle of the room.

  It’s quiet for a long time, the other boys quietly simmering down as they find their places next to each other at the table. And it’s quite some time before Seungcheol finally hauls the bag up, and lets it fall onto the table with a loud thud. He knows what’s inside - has been expecting it for more than he would’ve liked to admit, but now he has to share with his members, and it’s making his heart race with the same nerves he feels when they’re about to play out a big heist.

  But then it gets even more silent as he reaches to open the bag, and he’s sure he can hear the blood pumping from every one of the twelve boys before him. The zipper takes too long to ride its full line all the way across the bag, and he’s swallowing the lump in his throat as he reaches into the bag. It’s cool and smooth - of course it is. S.Coups brings out the object and places it on the table before pushing the bag aside.

  “A rock.” Vernon states bluntly, and Seungkwan swats at his shoulder with a warning hush. Seungcheol can’t help but chuckle as he shakes his head.

  “Not a rock.” He responds. “It’s a stone.” His hands run over the smooth grayness of it, and he knows the other members are still utterly confused as to why on earth Seungcheol would’ve wanted them to protect a large stone with their lives. “Dino, you think you can break it for me?”

  Chan smiles excitedly. He’s still new to the gang - a baby in the life overall, but Seungcheol always tries to give him these opportunities to help him learn and feel like a real member, and not some kind of kid  maknae of an overrated Korean pop boy band.

  He picks up a wooden baseball bat that’s leaning against the wall. It’s a weapon he carries on nights like these, and it’s stained with red blood and scratches from who knows where. Chan walks towards to the stone, carrying the baseball bat in his hands, and everyone holds their breath as they watch the youngest member bash the gray object. It’s in pieces in less than three swings, and the stone is not really so much stone as it a substitute for stone that is weak, and crumbling, and fine.

  But within the stone shatters there is something that’s gleaming and bright - a sparkle that catches everyone’s individual eye. Seungcheol reaches forward and picks it out of from the dust of the strange substitute. It’s a single slab of pure diamond, thin and weak, but still utterly diamond.

  “This,” He announces as Chan backs away to stand next Jeonghan, “Is the only way to find her.” The rest of the boys know immediately what he’s talking about. The girl who had been stolen from them so recently and left a burning hole in their chest - you. “This is the only way… to find our girl.” There’s a long silence before Jisoo decides to speak up.

  “Don’t tell me it’s some kind of artistic clue because we don’t have time for that.” Seungcheol hums, and he holds the slab of diamond in his hands. There is fine carving along the surface, almost impossible to make out, but he sees it - has memorized it within the first few seconds of only breaking it out of its stone shell.

  “There’s a message on it.” He murmurs quietly. It’s Jihoon who speaks up next, and his voice is utterly desperate.

  “What’s it say?” Seungcheol licks his lips. They aren’t ready for this. Seventeen is not ready for this. They’ve fought before. Killed before. Committed crimes that would earn them life sentences. But this… this is a different matter. More personal and intimate. It’s you. And S.Coups isn’t sure whether they can handle it or not. But he speaks anyway - lets his vocal chords ring out loudly in the abandoned house. Because if there’s one thing he knows all of Seventeen want back… it’s you.

  Seungcheol looks down at the writing on the slab of diamond one last time - makes sure every word is correct and sure before reading it out loud.

  “Your Shining Diamond is with us now. Come find your Carat, Seventeen. Young Forever, Bangtan Boys.

Harry Potter 30 Day Challenge - Day 8

#8 – Most underrated character

Charlie Weasley.

There are a lot of Weasleys. They’re hard to keep track of. It’s useful that they all have the red hair and freckles branding, just so you can see them coming. But of all the Weasleys there are, Charlie is the one left over, and I never understand why.

Fred and George are the troublemakers. Bill’s the smart, cool one. Ginny’s the badass love interest. Ron’s the best friend. Percy’s the stuffy, stuck up one. And Molly and Arthur are self-evident. Charlie is the other one.

Hang on a second… Wait just one moment… because that is about as true as a Rita Skeeter article.

In the first book, I found Charlie Weasley fascinating. He was the Gryffindor seeker, Captain of the Quidditch team and went off to farm dragons. He is literally a dragon farmer. How is that not the coolest job ever? Sure, sure, Bill’s a curse breaker, but Charlie farms dragons, people.

In case you have not read Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, or have forgotten your third year Care of Magical Creatures lessons, or just didn’t take it as an OWL subject. Or if you’ve had a confundus charm placed on you and you’re getting dragons and puffskeins mixed up, I’ll give you a brief description of what a dragon is.

A dragon is a living, flying, fire-breathing, flesh-rending, claw-wielding, killing machine.

And Charlie farms them.

Well, he works on a ‘dragon reserve’, so it’s probably more like a wild life park than a farm. But that just means the dragons aren’t tame. Wild dragons. This is the job he chose. No wonder Molly’s worried about her children dying, her two eldest seem to have started their career interviews much like this:

McGonagall: Mr Weasley, have you any ideas of what sort of career you would like to pursue?

Bill: Something really dangerous, but with opportunities to travel.


McGonagall: Mr Weasley, what are your plans after leaving school?

Charlie: I’d like a job where I work with animals… with a life expectancy lower than 30.

He spends all day patrolling an area that is actively seeking to house MASSIVE KILLING MACHINES with bad tempers and murder weapons for limbs.

Other reasons Charlie is underrated:

His little brother sends him an owl saying ‘hi, I’ve got an illegal dragon, can you take it off my hands?’

And his response is ‘Sure, I’ll just send some of my mates over to pick it up on their way to Romania. How about you sneak around the castle after dark with a baby killing machine, and they’ll take it from there?’

So that was paraphrased, but it’s not that far off. Here’s the actual text, just to prove exactly how many fucks Charlie Weasley does not give:

‘Dear Ron,

How are you? Thanks for the letter - I’d be glad to take the Norwegian Ridgeback, but it won’t be easy getting him here. I think the best thing will be to send him over with some friends of mine who are coming over to visit me next week. Trouble is, they mustn’t be seen carrying an illegal dragon.

Could you get the Ridgeback up the tallest tower at midnight on Saturday? They can meet you there and take him away while it’s still dark.

Send me an answer as soon as possible.

Love, Charlie’

Yes, it’s another letter. I’m sensing a theme. But Charlie here is the most chill anyone has ever been about an illegal dragon, and that includes Hagrid. It might be the most chill anyone has ever been about anything. He actually starts his letter with “How are you?” and “Thanks for the letter.” WTF dude? Your brother’s letter was a request for an illegal dragon smuggling operation… HOW ARE YOU? That’s not the first question anyone else in the world would ask. But no, international dragon smuggler Charlie Weasley is too busy whistling Little Green Bag while wearing shades and riding on a dragon to be bothered by such petty things.

Seriously, how often does this happen to him that he can just take it as a matter of course? Dear diary, today was a little disappointing, I only managed three illegal things. In future I will try harder.

Maybe his innate calm has something to do with when he was born. Charlie was born in 1972. His formative years were during the First Wizarding War. His uncles, Gideon and Fabian were part of it. His family were considered blood traitors. When you grow up in that sort of environment, you’re bound to lose perspective a bit. Nothing seems too bad, even dragons, after you fell asleep with nightmares of Voldemort lurking under your bed. Sure they can breathe fire, but are they as scary as random murder, imperiused family members, and armies of animated corpses? I think not.

And who are these friends? They are barely mentioned in the book, but they are good enough friends that they will go out of their way (no one can tell me that Scotland is on the way to Romania from anywhere, unless they’re from Iceland. Are they from Iceland?) to pick up illegal and flammable contraband, of a living variety, to take on a VERY LONG broomstick journey just because Charlie floos them and says ‘hey, my brother Ron… no not that brother. The other one. The youngest one. Honestly, I don’t have that many brothers… yes, that’s the one. He’s got an illegal baby dragon in Hogwarts and I need you to pick it up and bring it on over to Romania for me. Cool? Cool.’

Then they get there and Ron’s not even there to meet them, just two other random first year students (well, less than random, because one of them is Harry Freaking Potter) and a dragon in a box. But do they ask questions? No. Pfft. They came here for a dragon. There’s a dragon. What’s the big deal. They are described as ‘cheerful’, and even take the time to show Harry and Hermione the gear they’re going to use to dangle Norbert(a) from their broomsticks.

Why are they even using broomsticks at all? I doubt an unregistered portkey is really going to give them difficulty, seeing as they are smuggling an illegal dragon out of the country. Can you not side-along apparate a dragon?

Yes, Hermione, I know you can’t apparate into or out of Hogwarts’ grounds.

It is possible that they could have apparated just outside of Hogwarts Grounds, hopped on their brooms, picked up the dragon from the tallest tower, flown back, then apparated away again. All with a baby dragon.

I guess the point of this whole exploration into the logistics of dragon smuggling is that Charlie is the kind of person who has friends who are willing to risk life, limb and liberty for him. And do it cheerfully. Either that, or he just attracts the sort of crazy, madcap troublemakers who think that smuggling dragons a-broomstick is a good time. Either way he’s a man I’d like to meet.

Then, in Goblet of Fire, we finally actually meet the man, but his appearances are entirely overshadowed by Bill. Which is sucktacular. I get it, I get it, Bill’s cool. He’s got an earring. He wears dragon hide. Sure. Bill’s awesome.

But Charlie transports four nesting mother dragons to Hogwarts just so the Wizarding World can hold the Hunger Games Triwizard Tournament. And he survives.

I don’t know what was involved in that transportation, but I’m willing to bet it was not the most fun road trip ever.

“Are we there yet?”

“You asked that like, three seconds ago.”

“I know, Charlie. It’s just that Bob’s on fire.”

“Again? Tell him he’ll have to wait until we see the next lake. I don’t have time to put him out right now.”

And then, after Goblet of Fire, Charlie becomes the Weasley Family Ghost, occasionally mentioned, but seldom seen. His page on the Harry Potter wikia is full of ‘It can be assumed that’ and ‘It seems’. He gets so little page time compared to the others that there’s very little concrete that can be said about him. But he charges straight into the final battle. He’s supportive of Harry and Ron. He’s Bill’s best man, and he’s clearly a cool head in a crisis. He was also a really good seeker. All things I would like to see more of.

It’s even worse in the films. I couldn’t remember him being in them, and I am reliably informed by the HP wikia that he only appears in the photo of the family in Egypt in PoA. He’s the only member of the family that doesn’t appear in person.

I’ve even just had a look for him on the new Pottermore and he doesn’t have a page. He doesn’t have a page! I think I might have accidentally wandered into the wrong universe. He’s not even mentioned on the Weasley Family page. WTF?! Has he been written out of canon? Am I genuinely in an alternate universe? *Checks books* Nope. Charlie’s definitely still there. Should I start a petition about this? 

Most underrated? I think so.

My only consolation in this is that if Charlie knew about this, he probably wouldn’t even care.

He’s also the only member of the Weasley family not to be paired up at the end, like the characters in a Shakespearean comedy. He’s more interested in dragons than women, apparently. Maybe some of you are reading into this that JKR just forgot about him, or didn’t care. But let’s look at it another way. He already has his happy ending before the books even begin. Him and his psychotic killing machine pets, living it large in Romania. Who needs romance when you’ve got dragons?

If you don’t picture him walking slo-mo towards the camera with dragon fire exploding out behind him, not batting an eyelid, then you are imagining him wrong, just so you know.

Charlie Weasley. Redefining cool as fuck since 1972.

anonymous asked:

Scenario when Taeyong and his girlfriend are on vacation together ^O^ Some sexy fluff, maybe?~ Thank you for working so hard!

Sorry for the super duper long wait, we’re slowly catching up on all the scenarios that we need to write! Hope this is what you’re looking for hehe.💓


You watched Taeyong as he walked up to the concierge and took the cards to the hotel room you were staying at. The two of you decided to vacation in Thailand since it was close to Korea and you’ve never been there before. He waved to you when he was finished and you grabbed your luggage and joined him as the two of you headed to the elevator. His hand went for the luggage you were holding and it brushed against yours. You blushed and let him hold the luggage as you smiled at him nervously. 

This was the first time you were going on a trip with Taeyong and the butterflies in your stomach haven’t left since he suggested it. The two of you approached the door to your hotel room and you excitedly walked in. The room was beautiful, there was a large patio facing the beach with a personal pool and you ran over for a better view. When you turned around to talk to Taeyong you saw him lying on the bed decorated with rose petals and a platter of chocolates with a sign that said ’Happy Anniversary’ on it. You blushed a bright pink this time and turned around to face the TV while asking him what all the decoration was about. You heard him get up from the bed and make his way to you as he whispered a seductive, “What do you think?”. When you turned around, you found yourself staring into his eyes as he slowly leaned in. He stopped leaning closer just as your noses touched. You closed your eyes tightly but instead of feeling his warm lips on yours you tasted chocolate. You opened your eyes to see Taeyong stifling back a giggle but as soon as his eyes met yours again he began laughing uncontrollably while clutching his stomach.You looked away awkwardly while still chewing the chocolate Taeyong stuck in your mouth. 

When his laughter calmed down he patted your head and told you that he purchased the anniversary package since it was a better deal. You stuck your tongue out at him and went across the room to unpack your suitcase. He followed you across the room and grabbed your wrists lightly swinging your arms back and forth while pouting at you and apologizing for his childish behaviour. He then spoke about the beach out front and the reservations he made for dinner. Hearing those fun plans you lightened up and smiled at him, grabbing your clothes and bathing suit, pushing him aside lightly so you could go into the washroom and change. You wore a simple black two-piece bathing suit and a high-waisted skirt with a sheer white crop top to match. You put your hair up in a high ponytail and finished off with a dab of lip tint on your lips. As you headed out of the room and bent over to grab your beach bag, Taeyong whistled. You hit him lightly on the arm for being perverted as he laughed and slung his arm over your shoulder as the two of you went to have fun at the beach. 

As you set up an area for sunbathing, Taeyong took off his white tee revealing his toned body. He was wearing black swimming trunks to match your two piece black swim suit and you laughed at his cheeky expression when you revealed your swimwear. You sat down on the beach towel and started to put sunscreen over your arms and legs. Taeyong then licked his lips and asked if you needed some help putting your suncreen on. You stuck your tongue out at him and told him you were fine putting it on yourself. Taeyong laughed and insisted while coming closer as you ran towards the beach. He smiled and chased after you. His long legs caught up to yours easily and he picked you up princess style. You squealed as he ran towards the water as you wrapped your arms around his neck. The two of you had a great time play fighting in the water and before you knew it, it began to get dark outside. 

The two of you packed up your things and headed back up to your hotel room. With the two of you dripping wet and the beautiful sunset view in your room, the atmosphere became tense. You felt his gaze on you as you attempted to soak up the droplets falling from your hair. You felt your cheeks heat up and you told him you were going to wash up first, breaking the silence. After you finished showering, you changed into a simple white t-shirt dress and headed out as Taeyong went in and showered. Tired from the long day, you had fallen asleep on the king-sized bed that the two of you would be sharing without a second thought. Suddenly you felt the weight of the bed shift and looked up to see Taeyong shirtless with a towel draped over his neck and wet hair staring straight at you. You sat up quickly as he moved a bit closer and ran his fingers through your hair. He leaned in and whispered that he had a surprise prepared for you. You felt your throat run dry and shut your eyes as he began to lean in more but before anything else could happen the doorbell rang. You felt your breath even out slightly as he went to go answer the door. 

In rolled two trays of fancy food and Taeyong thanked the servers and tipped them. When the door closed, he laughed lightheartedly and walked over to your side of the bed. He pulled you in for a hug and spoke in a playful tone, “What were you thinking about when I said I had a surprise for you silly?”  He then held your hand as he led you out to the patio. The two of you began dining on the fancy food as you talked and laughed together. Just as you were finishing up your meal, it got quiet and the two of you admired the wonderful view. He then leaned in and whispered in a gentle tone, “I hope you know that I invited you on this trip only ‘cause I wanted to spend time with you… not for any other reason.” 

You clear my sky. 

This is a follow up to this thing i wrote last week.   Little bit of angst, little bit of non angst and that’s all I’ll say. Hope you enjoy it.  The title is taken from the lyrics of another Ward Thomas song, Dirt and gold. 

Its set several months on and this time in Liam’s POV.   It looks at the recent past initially and then present day. (some is under the cut as its fairly long). 


It’s the sun that shines through the small window that wakes Liam up.   

Yesterday it was the birds, or a bird to be precise that had plonked itself on top of the chimney and if there’s a bird alive in Timbuctoo or on the North and South Poles that didn’t hear its call and squawking, Liam will be amazed.

Still though, despite that, despite everything country life brings where the absence of noise and sheer quiet except for birds and well more birds, where the hustle and bustle of city life is nowhere to be seen, sometimes feels maddeningly loud. 

Despite all that, without this sanctuary and all it brings, this little piece of the world that’s just theirs alone, he doubts he’d be here. 

And not just here in this little cottage, no, here.  Someone living and breathing. 

He’d be a memory.  And the rate he was going at, he’d only be a memory of those last months.  Of pain. 

Sometimes he thinks back to those days where he’d put one foot in front of the other somehow, where he’d flash his ID badge at security on reception and where even pouring a boiling water into his mug felt like one act too far as his hands would shake. 

Where he had to tell himself, will himself not to flinch when Zayn touched him because every touch felt like a shock, made him realise he was alive when all he wanted to do was pretend he wasn’t, that somehow it was all in his head, his imagination.

That it was some kind of nightmare and that with a click of his red sneakers, he’d wake up and be back in reality once more. The old reality where everything was fine. 

Till the new reality came crashing down around him, when the mug had crashed onto the floor for the last time, and somehow he’d made it home, where all he wanted, all he craved was Zayn’s arms.

Zayn’s comfort.   

And where he got exactly that, but it made no difference and the next morning, he did flinch.

Left to his own devices, left to lie on the bed in that apartment in the city, that apartment with all the latest mod cons, where the delivery of a single piece of steak was possible with just one telephone call, he thinks that perhaps he would’ve got better or thought he was.

But the cycle would’ve repeated over and over, till one day Zayn would’ve walked away and all Liam’s hopes and dreams would disappear out the door with him. Wither and die.  Till he’d die. 

But then Zayn saved his life for the millionth time.   Okay, he can’t count to one million, or not without getting distracted but its lots of times that’s for sure. 

He brought him here. 

He can barely remember anything of the first days.   Just that sleep came easier. Sleep was all he did.   Dreamless sleeps, no more panic, no more being trapped in a tube tunnel trying to escape the train that descended closer and closer on him the faster he ran. 

None of that. 

Then one day a few weeks later he’d woken up and he’d walked from the bedroom into the small living room, next to the kitchen with the tea cosy shaped like a cockerel, the blue and white checked cookie jars, and the one concession to luxury, the range, which filled the space.

Zayn wasn’t anywhere to be seen and as Liam had glanced at the small clock on the side table in the corner of the living room, he’d realised he was probably out buying bread, buying groceries from the village 30 minutes down the road. 

He’d walked to the front door, opened it and stepped outside and the sun was shining through the trees and he’d breathed in the air, the freshest air you could imagine, no bus fumes, no cloying aftershave, no raised voices, no tannoy systems intruding on his need for quiet, nothing.  Just the smell of pine and the sound of birds.  

And he realised then.  Despite the fact that it was all so new.  He knew.  His mind was made up, and so he’d stepped back into the cottage, reached for his jacket, and slipped on a pair of shoes that might have been his, might have been Zayn’s and he’d grabbed the keys from the side, and shut the door behind him.

And he set foot along the path that he somehow remembered from the 8th day after they got here when Zayn had coaxed Liam out of bed, dressed him and guided him outside, and they’d walked for what felt like miles, till Liam’s calf muscles felt like they’d explode.

Just along a path, the one way in, the one way out where once you walked past all the trees, and just before you found the nearest village, you walked past a river. 

Zayn had bought some French bread, and then he’d bought some pasta and some minced beef and some garlic cloves, and other stuff Liam had lost track off and then they’d turned round to walk home.

Those weeks later when Liam walked along the path on his own, he realised that he wasn’t walking with his head down anymore, he walked with it held high, and he’d seen Zayn before Zayn could see him swinging the shopping bag and whistling, looking for all the world like a teenager rather than this man Liam loved with all his soul. 

The words had come out of Liam’s mouth before he could stop them. 

“I don’t think we should go back, I mean I don’t want to go back, not there, not anywhere, just,”  he’d bowed his head then, stopped and expected Zayn to be concerned, to grab his hand and drag him back to the cottage and mutter about calling the doctor. 

To say they’d talk about it when everything was clearer, when Liam was ‘himself’ again.

Instead he’d heard.

“Okay, I’ll make a few enquiries and we’ll decide whether to let or sell the apartment, and yeah we’ll make a go of it,”  Zayn’s hand had found its way to Liam’s then and it squeezed it, gently, so carefully like Liam was made of glass.

And then they’d carried on walking in silence till they were 2 minutes away from the cottage and Zayn said softly.  “We won’t just make a go of it either, we’ll make this work Li, you and me.”

Liam had wondered then, if Zayn was put on this earth just to constantly make Liam re-evaluate how much love he could feel for another person.

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#BestYearEver: Step Up Your Career Game

Office advice and outfit ideas to help you kill it at work

We could all benefit from a little boost at work, and we’re not talking about coffee. Whether you’re on the hunt for a new job, hoping for a promotion or just want to make a great impression at work, find out how to improve your career game with our tips and outfit ideas below.

Get organized. Find a system that works for you. Buy a planner and write down everything in it, so you’ll always have something to reference if you forget about an important meeting or to-do. Or, if you prefer digital, sync your computer calendar with your phone’s so you’ll always know what’s going on.

Think ahead. Don’t put off something just because you have the time to do so. Deadlines are in place for a reason, and even if you’re constantly getting things done in the nick of time, you will always feel a little behind.

Be proactive. If you’ve been at your current job for a while, it’s easy to get comfortable with your daily routine. Pretend like you’re a new hire and impress your boss and coworkers with your go-getter attitude.

Offer your opinion. Whether it’s a technical issue that needs solving or an unprompted design idea that you came up with, your colleagues will appreciate your eagerness to help. Don’t be afraid to speak up.

Dress to impress. You’ve heard it before because it’s true - dress for the job you want. You don’t have to spend a fortune on new work clothes, but finding pieces that show your style and professionalism makes all the difference.

Office-Friendly Outfits

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COPE Cropped Modern Trouser Pant

Crossover Sandals With Metallic Heel

Soleil Small Bucket Drawstring Bag

The Creative Girl

Denver Coat

Fitted boyfriend chambray shirt

Frida floral-print pencil skirt

Dolce Vita Wendi Heeled Sandal

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This is a collection of stuff I carry nearly every day… It has evolved over time, and now that I’ve found this site, will continue to.

A Tale of Two Kitties: a Malec fanfic

It’s my birthday today! And to celebrate I thought I’d give this fluffy mess to my most favorite people on the whole wide web!

Warnings: serious amounts of fluff, a teeny tiny hint of animal abuse, and Chairman Meow being a bit of a dick lol

Length: 3K words

Summary: in which Alec gets turned into a cat before Magnus comes home. Cat!Alec

The first thing Alec noticed when he regained consciousness was that the apartment suddenly seemed very large, larger than usual, and so was all the furniture. In fact, the couch was so large that it took a moment for Alec to realise that it was actually a couch. He then realised that he was lying on the floor, and so he stood up. The room didn’t get any smaller.

The couch was still towering above him and the floor was closer to his eye-level than it had ever been before. He looked down at himself in panic- and then yelped as what he saw wasn’t in fact his real body. The yelp he gave also wasn’t his real voice- more like a squeak than anything else. His heart hammered in his chest at a furious rate and he froze where he stood, still looking down at his… at his paws. His black, furry… paws. They were definitely feline paws, he realised as he stretched out the talons experimentally. He examined the rest of his arms, and looked down at his body-

What the fuck? he thought, dazed by the surrealistic situation he found himself in. This is a dream, isn’t it? It must be. Obviously. But why am I a cat? And how can I know that-

This is not a dream, a voice that came from behind him said.

Alec whipped round, stumbling over his four, short legs as he did so. W-who’s there? his thoughts called out into the huge space. He couldn’t see where the source of the voice was.

Don’t you recognise me? the sly voice asked playfully. I would have thought you’d know who I was, silly human.

After looking round the room frantically to find who- and what- the voice belonged to, Alec’s eyes finally rested on something that was sitting daintily atop the couch. A pair of cat-eyes stared down at him- it was Chairman Meow.

Eyes wide, Alec took a shaky step forwards, but quickly lost control of his limbs- which had a completely different bone-structure than what he was used to- and slipped over, his chin colliding with the hard, wooden floor. He groaned and pushed himself back up, looking upwards to where the Chairman was perched, grooming his paw elegantly and watching Alec with his expression a mix of amusement, superiority and mild interest.

Chairman? Alec called out, more confused than ever. Not only was Alec a cat, but he was, in fact, talking to a cat. And according to said cat, he wasn’t actually dreaming.

Yes, that would be me, Chairman Meow answered, still licking delicately at his white fur.

How… how, Alec managed, still struggling to stand with his new appendages, how is this not a dream?

The Chairman ceased his grooming. Well I’m certainly not dreaming, he replied.

Then how did I get like this? Alec demanded.

The Chairman gave a slow flick of his tail, a gesture strangely akin to the human ‘shrug’. How am I supposed to know? You’ve been like that all afternoon.

All afternoon?! As the reality of his circumstances began to sink in, the black tabby-cat that Alec was inside began to shiver uncontrollably, the tiny body shaking nervously. He was bigger than the Chairman, but compared with his real body, this one wasn’t even a quarter of the size. The feeling of being in such a small body was uncomfortable beyond belief, as if his consciousness had been forcefully squeezed inside and was ready to break free at any moment.

Where’s Magnus? Alec suddenly asked. He needed Magnus. This whole incident was probably because Alec had accidentally come into contact with one of Magnus’ potions. Magnus could get him back to normal, Alec thought with a jittery excitement. Everything would be fine when he got back.

No idea, was the Chairman’s response to Alec’s question. Why would I need to keep track of where you silly humans go?

Alec was slightly taken aback by Chairman’s attitude. It was totally different from what he would have expected, which was shy, trusting and even a little timid- but no, he was the opposite of Alec’s expectations, with his snooty expression and ever-so-helpful responses regarding Alec’s situation. Or perhaps his attitude was only because Alec had been turned into one of his kind, so now he had the upper-hand in their dynamic. The animal was superior to the human, and the Chairman was clearly enjoying the opportunity to exploit that.

Do you know when he’s going to come back? Alec asked, even though he knew it was quite a long shot.

Chairman Meow responded, as Alec predicted, by giving him a pointed look, before he slunk elegantly off the couch, landing on the floor with silent ease, and then padded off in the opposite direction, towards the kitchen. Alec struggled to keep up, his paws slipping on the smooth, wooded tiles as he did so. He followed the Chairman, but stopped in his tracks when the other cat lept up onto the kitchen-counter.

Hey! Chairman! You’re not supposed to be up there, he scolded the cat angrily as he sat completely out of Alec’s reach.

I know, the Chairman replied, flicking his tail contently.

Alec huffed. The Chairman really was infuriating. Alec would have made more of an effort to make the smaller cat get off the kitchen surface-top, but he had more significant matters on his mind, like when Magnus was going to be back home. Alec really did not like the idea of waiting for much longer in the bizarre body that his consciousness now possessed. And where did his original body go? Did it just vanish? Was it still in the apartment?

His train of thought was interrupted as his highly-sensitive ears picked up the familiar sound of Magnus’ footsteps in the stairwell. As Magnus opened the door to the apartment, the Chairman leapt from the kitchen-counter and landed silently on the floor before Magnus could see him doing something he shouldn’t. The Chairman trotted over to where Magnus was putting his bags down, whistling cheerfully as he did so. The tiny cat darted in-between the warlock’s legs, trying so obviously to gain Magnus’ attention that Alec rolled his eyes. That little cat really was annoying.

Magnus! Alec called out, but neither of them took any notice. Alec himself tried to make his way over to where Magnus was now fussing over the Chairman, but in his excitement and eagerness to see his boyfriend he just ended up slipping over, his four legs spread out on either side of him quite painfully. He mewled in pain and gave a dejected whimper in defeat. Magnus’ head shot up.

The warlock frowned. “What’s that?” he asked himself. His cat eyes scanned the apartment, until finally they came to rest on the scruffy, black heap on the floor. The Chairman pawed at Magnus’ ankle in an attempt to divert his attention from the other cat, but Magnus ignored him. When Magnus took a slow step towards Alec, his curious expression vanished and was replaced with a pleasantly surprised gasp. “Aw!” Magnus squealed, clapping his hands together once as he crouched down beside the black cat that still lay on the floor. “Chairman’s found a playmate! That’s so adorable.” The Chairman did  not look at all pleased.

Magnus reached out and gently scratched behind Alec’s ear, and Alec tried to duck away. He was not going to be petted by his boyfriend, who currently had no idea who he was. Magnus, it’s me! Alec! he tried to say, but Magnus didn’t react at all. Stop doing that- It’s me! Alec tried to crawl away, but the warlock scooped him up first. Alec mewled in protest, finding the enormity of his boyfriend profoundly disturbing. His human hands were just so huge around him, and his arms were massive and caging, crushing him against his chest.

“I always thought you were bad at making cat-friends, Chairman,” he said down to the white cat who still looked deeply unimpressed. “I suppose this one’s not particularly friendly either,” Magnus then said as Alec struggled in his grip and clawed defensively against Magnus’ shirt. To prevent the cat from doing so, Magnus held him away from his body, his hands under Alec’s armpits and Alec’s hind-legs hanging and kicking in mid-air, his tail curling and flicking in a confused manner. “He’s really cute though,” the warlock said with a lovey-dovey tone to his voice as he brought the black cat up to his eye-level and studied him carefully. Alec immediately ceased his struggling and kicking, holding still for Magnus in hope that he may recognise him given that he was looking Alec right in the eye.

But no. Magnus saw nothing of his boyfriend in the cat. Perhaps it was because Magnus didn’t look hard enough, or perhaps it was because Magnus’ thoughts hadn’t even begun to speculate the merest possibility that the cat in his hands was actually his boyfriend. Alec cursed himself internally for being foolish enough to hope that Magnus would recognise him, and then continued clawing at Magnus’ arms in an attempt to escape.

“Okay, okay, okay, I’m putting you down now,” Magnus said, and placed the struggling cat on the floor carefully.

As soon as his paws touched the floor, Alec skidded away from Magnus, over to where Chairman Meow was sulking. How- He doesn’t recognise me! How do I get him to recognise me? he asked, panicked, frantic and out-of-breath.

The Chairman blinked. Why are you asking me, silly human? he said silkily.

Alec growled. Chairman, he said warningly, if you don’t help me, I’ll… I… I won’t feed you when I’m human again! Magnus’ll have to feed you, and you know that he’s late. The tiny, superior cat blinked again. Alec could see that there would be no black-mailing him, so he changed tactics quickly. Come on, Chairman. If you help me, I’ll cuddle you more. And I’ll feed you whenever you want. The other cat blinked again. I’ll let you sleep with me and Magnus at night…

The Chairman then stood up from his sitting position, looking slightly more satisfied. I’d help you if I could, he said, but communicating with Magnus in English isn’t exactly my forte. If it was, then he’d have known a long time ago  that I hate baths. And vampires. And milk. And we cats don’t have opposable-thumbs, so writing isn’t possible-

Yes, yes, yes, Alec interrupted impatiently. But is there any other way?

You could show him one of your belongings, I suppose. That could make him think that something is wrong-

Before the Chairman could finish, Alec had darted off to his and Magnus’ bedroom, skidding past Magnus who was now standing in the centre of the loft idly, mumbling to himself and staring down at the screen of the phone in his hand. Alec stumbled through the doorway to his bedroom, his claws now getting caught in the carpet in contrast to slipping on the wooden floor. With every step he took he had to yank his paws from the carpet until he reached the foot of the bed where one of his treasured sweaters lay, on top of a heap of other clothes belonging to both him and Magnus.

Alec pulled the huge jumper from the pile with some difficulty, having to use his teeth because he was afraid that if he used his paws, the sweater would gain even more holes. He dragged the woolly material out of the room and pulled it towards where Magnus was still standing, not having noticed where the black cat had gone.

When Magnus finally saw the cat dragging the sweater along the ground, he cursed under his breath, and rushed over to where the cat was and pried the sweater from him and held both things up in either hand. “Bad cat,” Magnus scolded the little creature. “If this gets covered in cat-hair, my boyfriend will go completely berserk.” He put the sweater down on the couch beside him and held Alec in both hands. “And speaking of my boyfriend,” he said, more to himself than to the animal he was holding, “he’s probably going to be home soon. And he definitely won’t be pleased to find another cat around.”

Magnus regarded the cat carefully, as if he were weighing things up in his mind, as if he were considering his options. “Nope,” he finally said. “No, I cannot keep you. You can go back to wherever you came from. Sorry, Chairman. No playmates inside.

Magnus didn’t look sorry. And neither did the Chairman, even as Magnus made his way to the front door with Alec squirming in his grasp.

Magnus! Put me down! Alec tried, becoming more desperate as Magnus began to make his way down the stairs. It’s me, Alec! By the Angel- Put me the fuck down! he tried angrily, but the only sounds that were apparent to Magnus were aggressive screeches and hisses.

“Ow!” Magnus exclaimed, still walking down the stairs as the black cat’s claws ripped across his bare fore-arm, leaving a long, red scratch. “You stupid animal- Calm the fuck down! I’m gonna put you down in just a second.”

And at that, Alec became even more panicked. He couldn’t let Magnus leave him outside in the middle of the night where he could change back into a completely naked human at any moment. Alec tried digging his claws as deep as he could into Magnus’ clothing, but that only made Magnus even more eager to be rid of him. The oblivious warlock opened the door at the bottom of the stairwell and bent down to place the extremely vocal cat on the floor.

“Go on,” Magnus encouraged, nudging the cat lightly with his foot. “You can go back to where you came from now.”

Alec then looked into the darkness before them, Magnus too, and they both took a moment to stare out into the pouring rain. I don’t want to go outside, Alec whimpered, wishing he could get passed his boyfriend who was now blocking the doorway.

“I know, it’s pretty miserable out there,” Magnus said with a heavy, sympathetic sigh.

The scrawny black cat twisted his head round and looked up at Magnus with big, hopeful eyes. Magnus looked back at him.

“Yes, I know you’re cute,” Magnus said.

Alec placed a paw against Magnus’ shoe almost lovingly, begging him silently to let the cat stay indoors.

Magnus sighed. “You are cute,” he repeated, “but the last time I allowed another cat inside my apartment, my boyfriend got kind of mad. And he’s cute too. Just not when he’s angry.”

The warlock and the cat locked gazes for a few more moments, Magnus looking incredibly thoughtful and Alec simply staring up at him patiently, praying to himself that his boyfriend would at least let his stay in the stairwell.

Suddenly, before he could change his mind, Magnus said, “No. No, no, can’t do it. Goodbye, little cat.” He nudged Alec with his foot a lot more unsympathetically and the cat stumbled and fell down the step, landing in a puddle of dirty, freezing water, rain splashing down all around him. The front door slammed and Magnus’ footsteps disappeared out of sight and hearing. Alec was alone.

The cold was nasty and bitter, biting into Alec’s skin even through his fur which was now flat against his skin like a suffocating wetsuit. Droplets of rain splashed down on top of his head and felt far larger and heavier compared to past encounters with such an unrelenting downpour. He flattened his sensitive ears back against his skull instinctively, and then picked himself out of the puddle and crawled back up the step to sit beside the front door. Alec touched a numb paw to the door, and then curled up in the tightest ball possible, facing away from the rain and the darkness and the cold.

He lay there, his face buried beneath his paws and his entire body quaking and shivering with each deep breath he took, still curled up against the door beneath the orange light of the lamp above the threshold. He tried to push the feeling of the rain pummeling against his back from his mind and instead focused on how miserable and alone he felt. It was difficult to tell which was worse; the loneliness, or the rain. Darkness and was pressing down on him from all directions except from the wall of his home. The largeness of everything that was once familiar now became more apparent and frightening to him; he became conscious of how small he was.

Despite the harsh conditions and the strange urge to snivel or cry, even though biologically he was unable to produce tears, Alec still managed to fall asleep. He couldn’t tell how long it was before he was woken up again. It could have been minutes or hours.

Alec didn’t react much when he was awoken, but he was aware of the front door opening and then a pair of large, warm hands scooping him up and cradling him against something soft and reassuring and so very familiar. He stayed half-conscious as the warlock carried him up through the stairwell. He was relieved to be in the warm again and he snuggled contently against Magnus’ chest, feeling utterly safe in his strong hands. A resonant purr sounded in his throat as he kept his eyes closed and simply enjoyed the blissful embrace.

But the embrace didn’t last for long. As soon as Magnus carried the cat into the apartment, he then gently placed the purring animal on the couch, beside a soft pillow, and left with out saying a word. Alec’s purring instantly ceased and he gave a tiny mewl in protest, but he was far too exhausted to do much else. The black cat went back to sleep almost instantly.

The next morning, Alec was woken up rather rudely to a loud yell of surprise.

“Alec?! Where were you last night? And why are you on the couch- Where are your clothes?”

I’m always up for prompts! 

You can find the rest of my Malec fics HERE.

Fic: One Condition (klaine, mpreg)

a/n: so a while back, slightestwind​ and i were talking about mpreg (surprise, surprise) and it turned into skank!kurt & mpreg!cheerio!blaine. so, here it is. almost 2400 words and unbeta’d.

On AO3

Blaine frowns when he pulls his pants up and they fit a little too snugly around his waist. He tugs the waistband out and his frown deepens when there isn’t as much give as there used to be. He’s always so careful when he washes his Cheerio pants – Coach Sue is going to absolutely murder him for shrinking them.

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Pokemon Go, Rural Survival List Written By a Former Boyscout

➨a mountain bike

ok, unless you’re a fantastic hiker or you’re going to a place that a bike can’t go, I consider this as much an absolute necessity as food and water. plus, what is a pokemon trainer without a bike?



I found some super awesome ones on amazon that look just so cool. highly recommend.




➨water bottle

water is an ABSOLUTE necessity, don’t skimp on a water bottle because if it leaks, you’re mega screwed.


➨bear spray

ok, so not only can this work as a pepper spray to fight off team rocket, but it can also be used for its original purpose if you live in ursaring country.


➨bike repair kit

out in the middle of nowhere, there aren’t that many pokemon trainers to ask for help if your bike breaks down. make sure that you have a backup plan (like a bike repair kit) in tow. please note that an emergency transponder or satellite phone could work as well, but this is by far the least expensive.


➨3 meals of food for each day

I recommend about 3000 calories per day if executing strenuous exercise like say hiking or being the very best




➨poncho/ rain gear

just in case the weather decides to go all route 212 on you, be prepared.

poncho: http://www.amazon.com/Weather-Station-Emergency-Rain-Poncho/dp/B00B3F1HBM/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1454343812&sr=8-5&keywords=poncho

rain gear:


➨space blanket

Not only could this be used as a blanket, but also for shelter making.


➨solar phone charger

If most of you are like me, the places you’ll be going won’t have outlets. a solar charger is a mode that allows you to charge your phone just by being outside.


➨headlamp or flashlight

I really shouldn’t need to explain why this is important.


➨bivy sack (if staying overnight)

for those of you who don’t know what a bivy sack is, it is a small, light, single person tent like thing without any poles. It’s like a rain fly for a sleeping bag!


➨sleeping bag (if staying overnight)

ok, do I really need to explain this one? It’s a bag. It’s for sleeping.

light version: (note, only get this if you live in a hot and humid area or summat, otherwise, go for the heavy version.)


heavy version ( get this version if you live in colorado like me, or somewhere else in that kind of climate or colder). get a sub zero bag, it’s always better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it, trust me.


➨pillowcase/drawstring bag

not only is this a good way to carry extra shit, but it can work like a pillow if you pack your spare clothes into it. honestly though, if you DO live anywhere near bears, use this as a bear bag.


➨whistle/signaling mirror

lets face it, like half the pokemon series is ash being lost. Don’t be like ash, be prepared.


➨paracord/other light, thin rope (50 feet)

an absolute necessity if you live in bear country, as you’re going to need something to get that food and anything else that may have a scent (deodorant, toothpaste, mouthwash, etc.) out of a bear’s way by hanging a bear bag. otherwise, 50 feet of rope is just a good, useful thing to have in general.


➨extra weather appropriate clothes

➨fire starter

This is important. Sure, most MRE’s have a heater that works just by pouring water in it, but you still may need a fire for staying warm, keeping away wild pokemon, or roasting s'mores.


➨first aid kit

romping over small hills, riding your bike off ramps, surfing through whirlpools; the pokemon universe is not known to be the safest. Therefore, it’s probably worth the cost to have one of these with you at all times.


➨duct tape

fixes literally everything. that should be reason enough.


➨dry bags

recommendation: put the extra clothes inside one of these.


➨mess kit


➨water purification tablets/ lifestraw

trust me on this one, you really, really, really need these more than you need a case of dysentery. there is no such thing as a fun or enjoyable waterborne disease. please, please, please be safe.

water purification tablets:


lifestraw: http://www.amazon.com/LifeStraw-LSPHF017-Personal-Water-Filter/dp/B006QF3TW4/ref=sr_1_1?s=outdoor-recreation&ie=UTF8&qid=1454513583&sr=1-1&keywords=lifestraw


not only is this a fantastic first aid item for closing moderately large lacerations (don’t worry, it actually doesn’t sting even a little bit. it honestly hurts less than water), but it can also be used for repairing broken equipment.


➨toilet paper
VERY important. trust me, you only ever forget this once.


➨toothbrush and toothpaste


➨non chaife powder

this one isn’t really a necessity, but I consider it to be pretty important for bike riding. especially in the *ahem* special regions



don’t ask me why this is so low on the list because I honestly have no excuse. if you are going to totally ignore everything else on this list, at least make sure you have a knife with you. if you’ve ever seen rambo, you know what I mean.





ok, I know most of your phones have gps, but this is still needed, so I’m putting it on here anyway


➨map and compass

it’s always nice to know that you have security that even if the gps on your phone fails, you have a nice backup there just in case.



ok, so the price tag on these headphones might be a bit hefty, but these are honestly the best headphones I’ve ever used. the sound is crystal clear to the point where I can differentiate between an artificial (synthesized) piano and an actual recording by just listening for the impurities in the music and the piano itself. seriously, worth the cash.


➨and, of course, a phone capable of playing pokemon go.

What's that sound?

Morty hopped through that old familiar portal once more, landing in a field of flowers. He closed it skillfully, twirling the portal on his index finger with a shit-eating grin. However he accidentally shot the portal again, now clumsily closing the green portal. The Morty let out a long sigh, his ears laying flat on his head.

Morty stuffed his Grandfather’s portal gun in his leather messenger bag, whistling a little hymn. He adjusted his yellow sweater and began to explore once more, the forest not too different down his own home. He trotted along an unmarked path, hunting for anything to find when he felt himself STOP.

The Tarus’s ears perked up, hearing a weird sound he’d only heard once before. He’d learn some weird music from an Albino Rick but this music was different from his and much more similar to his own origins. He tugged on his curiosity, letting his ears guide him to that strange sound.


Structured Satchels

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fracturedcon  asked:

Fracture is prowling around the hotel that Chop Shop said he and his kids were staying. He hadn't heard from the other man in a week, so he decided to pursue the other himself.

Chop Shop walks into the lobby, whistling jauntily with a bag of food in his arm. He waves to the receptionist, then stops when he spots Fracture.

Don't Go

Harry: “Don’t go, not yet,” his five year old daughter cried. She was in the middle of her fairy princess bed, covers drawn up to her chin. Her eyes were glassy with unshed tears and Harry sighed. “What’s wrong, little love?” He murmured, sitting back down on the mattress. She sniffled, curling into his lap and pressing her head into his chest. “What about the monsters?” She cried, her fearful eyes latching on to you as you stepped into the room. “What? Monsters, in my house? Never!” Harry bellowed, standing and checking under the bed and in the closet. “Nothing can hurt you here, you’re safe, I promise,” he reassured her with a kiss to the brow. She nodded, giving you both a watery smile. “Don’t go, read me a story. Mommy, please.” She was hard to refuse and Harry grinned at you, leaning back on her pillow. You grabbed her favorite book off the shelf and slid in bed next to your husband an daughter, your entire universe in one room. She snuggled between you both, her head on Harry’s shoulder and her little fingers on your arm. You read until she fell asleep and you met Harry’s eyes. “She’s so precious,” he whispered, sliding out from her covers and tucking her in. “I love her more than anything,” he whispered., arm wrapped around her shoulder. “Wanna have another?”

Niall: “Let’s play a game,” he murmured early one morning, his long arms wrapping you into his chest. You were hardly awake, you didn’t want to play games just yet. “Ni, no, too early,” you groaned, pulling the covers up higher to your chin. “I think you’ll like this one though,” he said huskily, lips teasing your shoulder. You hummed, letting his mouth run over your skin. God, was there a better way to wake up? “What’s the game?” You were hoping it was more of this, more touching and kissing. “We stay in bed all day, and the first one who leaves, loses.” You laughed, rolling over onto your back and blinking up at the ceiling. “That’s impossible. You have rehearsal and I have class.” He shook his head, blue eyes bright with the morning sun. “I have no such thing. All I have is this game to play,” his accent with thick, still laced with sleep and you shivered, loving how he sounded. “Ni,” you laughed again, his hands running down your hips. “Don’t go,” he said, voice serious this time. His eyes looked sad around the edges and you smoothed the line away with your fingers. “Babe,” you said softly, the vulnerability in his eyes leaving you breathless. “I only get a few more mornings with you like this, so please, don’t go. Stay with me,” he pleaded, pulling you into his chest and pressing his lips to your forehead.

Zayn: God damn, you were furious. Your hands shook as you paced in the kitchen. You were trying to work off some of your restless energy but nothing was working. God, he was late again and he promised to come home early tonight. You barely ever asked him for anything and all you wanted was a night in with him, a little dinner and maybe a movie. Just some quality time together. When the front door opened and he stumbled in, you clenched your hands by your side. “Hey babe,” he said happily. Did he truly forget? Angry tears burned your eyes as you glared at him. When he finally he looked up he froze, smile falling and face paling. “Jesus, I’m so sorry. God, how could I have forgotten, I’m sorry,” he pleaded, moving to take your hands. You yanked them back, moving away from him. You knew if he touched you, the game would be over. “You promised,” you cried, tears slipping down your cheeks. You needed air, needed to get out and clear your head. As you grabbed your jacket he yelled, “Don’t go! Please, I’m sorry!” The sadness in his voice stopped you and you turned, eyes meeting his. “I was working and I lost track of time and it’s no excuse. I’m sorry, I am, I thought of you all day and I couldn’t wait to get home to you, so please, don’t go.”

Liam: He watched you pack your bag, whistling between your teeth. Stupid girl night, why did you have to go? He wanted you to stay here and break in the new sheets he had picked up today. “It’s only for one night, Liam,” you laughed, tweaking his cheek as he frowned. He mock glared, lips pouting. Damn, he was adorable. “That’s too long, whose gunna keep me warm tonight, baby?” He asked, snaking you around the waist and bringing you to stand between his legs. “You’ve got nice new sheets to keep you warm,” you kissed his nose fondly. “I don’t want sheets, I want you,” he nuzzled his nose between your breasts, hands dropping to your ass and your heart accelerated, body breaking out in a wave of heat. “Liam,” you rasped, his mouth running down to your belly button. “Don’t go,” he groaned, hands tightening, “please, stay with me tonight.” Damn, it was a tempting offer but you’d been looking forward to girls night all week. For a moment you debated on canceling as his hands moved to undo your jeans but you stopped, knowing how disappointed your friends would be. “Tomorrow,” you promised, stepping back and taking a breath. He fell back onto the bed, arms splayed out by his sides. “Tomorrow then,” he said darkly, voice full of promise. You shivered, already knowing what was in store for you.

Louis:  “Give ya ten bucks if you don’t go,” you sing songed, blocking his rapidly growing suit case. He grinned, his blue eyes alight with humor. “Ten bucks, huh, that’s almost too good to resist.” He grabbed your forearms and lifted you, moving you to the side as he finished packing. “Okay, ten bucks and a free back rub,” you upped the offer and he laughed, hair falling in his eyes. “You drive a hard bargain, my love,” he zipped his bag and dropped it to the floor, surveying the room for anything he may have forgotten. “I see I haven’t convinced you. Ten bucks, a back massage and I’ll wear that sexy nurse costume I have.” His cheeks heated, turning scarlet in the light and you laughed in delight. “You’re a minx, but I have to go babe,” he leaned down and kissed you, mouth lingering over yours. “But damn, that nurse costume,” he groaned, mind spinning with ideas. You nibbled on his lip, earning a gasp from him. “Don’t go,” you said huskily, fingers sliding up his stomach. “Stay.” Damn, he wanted to stay but the tour started in three days and he had to go. “I have too,” he pulled away reluctantly, taking one last look at you flushed with swollen lips on his bed. “I love you, you know that right?” he asked softly, watching you smile. “I do, and I love you too. As much as I don’t want you to go, I know you have too. Just promise you’ll think about me.” He kissed you again, fingers twisted in your hair. “I’m always thinking about you.”

Signal Boost

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prompt: booty call.

Kensi looks up from her paperwork as her partner waltzes into the bullpen. She frowns at him. “Are you whistling?”

Deeks sets his bag on his desk and drops into his chair. “I am.”

“You’re even worse at whistling than you are at singing. That’s a feat.”

He shakes his head, a smile tugging at the corner of his mouth.

“You just going to take that, Deeks?” Sam asks.

Deeks shrugs, totally unperturbed.

Callen looks up from his laptop. He looks at Deeks with squinty eyes. “You’re in a good mood.”


“Fish tacos for breakfast again?” Sam guesses.


“Good waves this morning?”

“I wouldn’t know.”

“Slept in?” Kensi asks, giving up on her paperwork completely.

Deeks nods at that. “I did.”

“Must have been up late,” Sam says. “Booty call?”

“As a matter of fact, yes.”

Something sticks in Kensi’s throat. It’s either her “marathoning BSG again?” question or her heart. 

It’s probably her heart.

“Huh,” says Callen.  “I didn’t know kids these days still did that.”

“Yes, grandpa,” Sam rolls his eyes, “some people actually have sex.”

“Hey, I have sex,” Callen defends.

Sam just gives him a look.

“I do! I did. I have, you know, in the past.”

Kensi barely registers their conversation as she struggles to wrangle her current emotions.  Which is dumb, of course, because why should she have emotions about this?  Why would Deeks having sex make her want to vomit?  God, she really wants to vomit. 

She tries to swallow without choking.

“Not recently really,” Callen continues, “but I’m working on rewiring the house so -” He clears his throat and redirects his attention. “So, Deeks, how was it?”

Kensi expects him to brush Callen off - end this conversation and put her out of her misery, but he doesn’t.

“It was delightful, actually. Very entertaining.”

Yeah, no.  She’s losing the ability to breathe.

“Entertaining how exactly? Were there props?”

“Callen wants tips.”

“I do not want tips.”

“He does,” Sam stage-whispers.

“Actually,” Deeks says as he reaches in his back pocket, “I happen to have an audio recording.”

“Oh my god, Deeks,” Kensi says, desperation helping her muster the ability to speak. “Please do not play that.”

Deeks ignores her request and starts tapping his phone. Sam and Callen both get up from their chairs and cross over to Deeks, eager to hear whatever he’s about to play.

Kensi stays where she is, unsure if her legs would even support her if she tried to move.

“Seriously?” Callen asks as he comes up beside Deeks. “Did you record the whole thing?”

Deeks shakes his head. “It cut out after a few minutes.”

“I am simultaneously desperately curious and horrified by the concept of this recording’s existence.”

“You don’t have to listen,” Callen assures his partner. “I’ll summarize for you.”

Sam snorts. “Like you’ll even know what’s going on.”

“I have sex sometimes, okay!”

“Uh huh.”

“I do!”

Sam grins. “Maybe you should record it as proof.”

“Okay, here it is,” Deeks says as he holds up his phone. He puts his finger to his mouth to silence the guys. “The beginning is my favorite part.”

Kensi’s jelly legs are going to have to be strong enough to carry her out of here because there’s no way in hell she’s going to sit here and - “Oh my god, is that me?”

She looks up to find her partner grinning from ear to ear.

It is. It is her and she’s - “Why do you have a recording of me singing?”

“Is that singing?” Callen asks, cringing. “It sounds like someone is strangling something.”

“Yeah,” Sam says, face equally contorted, “you’re not allowed to knock Deeks’ voice ever again.”

Embarrassment and confusion fuel her as she pushes out of her chair. She crosses to her partner, swiping his phone from his hand and shutting it off.

“What the hell, Deeks? How did you get that?”

He smiles and steps up to her, situating himself right in her space.  His face is inches from hers when he reaches around and hovers his hand over her ass.

He raps his knuckles against the phone in her back pocket and grins triumphantly.

“Booty call.”

Talk To Me, Chapter 2

Part two to the “accidentally calling a stranger” prompt I did a while ago!


Part 1

Adrien slammed the door to his room with excessive force, hoping the loud boom carried through the echoic halls into his father’s study. He fell face first into his bedspreads, screaming out loud into the comforter to release his stress. He yelled in frustration until his throat ached, pounded his pillows until his fists turned red, and lay on his back in the middle of the room, back pressed against the hard floor as he stared at the ceiling and tried to get his breathing under control. The shadows lengthened across his body as the sun began to disappear beyond the horizon.

He was overreacting, and he knew it. But his emotional state was not without cause, for once again his request to attend public school like all the other kids his age had been rejected, quite harshly.

You have all that you need here, his “father” had told him, not looking up from whatever he was doing. You don’t need those sort of people to taint your mind.

Those sort, Adrien recalled with a grimace. There are no sorts of people in Adrien’s world, there are only people. And Adrien currently resided among the ethereal, and yet not for a second did he consider himself one of them. He was almost a legal adult, there was no way his father could chain him down with golden chains forever. This halo glued to his head was slowly coming loose.

He dug his phone from his pocket, thumbing through his contacts absently. He needed someone to vent at. He couldn’t keep this emotion contained to himself, it simply would fester within him until he burst and did something he would regret.

He wasn’t close enough with the other models to consider them worthy enough to hear of his frustration. They, who had all worked hard to get to their position, would only see him as a rich boy and his first world problems. None of the people in his other activities were options either, as they consisted mostly of tutors (besides Nathalie, who, bless her heart, couldn’t teach him everything), instructors, and other essential personnel.

That is, until he reached the very bottom of the list, the innocent ladybug emoji hidden beneath the seemingly never-ending list of phone numbers.

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