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Of all the things to bring The Major out, you never expected it to be you getting wolf whistled as you waited for Jasper to pick you up. Honestly, Jasper himself had been a little miffed but no where near enough for The Major to appear. Or at least that’s what you’d thought at first.

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Although it can be understood by members of other species, it is extremely difficult for those with non-Wookiee physiology to speak. Conversely, Wookiee mouthparts physically cannot create the sounds of Galactic Basic, thus while Wookiees such as Chewbacca can understand characters speaking Basic, he cannot speak it. In Timothy Zahn’s “Heir to the Empire”, Leia Organa Solo encounters a Wookiee with a speech impediment which conveniently renders his Shyriiwook pronunciation much easier to understand by Leia.

Galactic Basic ≈ Wookiee Lisp 

0/3 of the proposals, 0/10 of the letters, and 0/2 of the manuscripts I came here to write/edit/rejigger have been touched.  I’ve got 5 hours before I have to go anywhere.

Upside: I feel like I’ve learned a whole lot today, maybe about myself being a little too proud of a quip about programming.  

(Appropriately enough, I actually did return a book about basic to the library earlier.  I’m less of a liability every day.)