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★★★★★ Songs! ★★★★★

It’s like the meta-meta-Good Part.
While 1.96E6 milliseconds (~32.75 minutes) would still get into “Mega” territory, I am loath to call this a “Megamix“ as cuts are pretty much kept in roughly chronological order by original appearance for ease of potential future consultation, even though a part of me thinks everyone probably SHOULD go through all 50 episodes to find bit context as a regular aural exercise. Because it WOULD be nice to sort all the Tom Waits stuff together, right? I’ll leave it. 

(Scrubs for intra-episode cuts; Fanfares for inter-episode disambiguation.)

I think I got the embed right this time! ¡¡¡ !!!
[I’ve already noticed gaps, so it’s not exactly comprehensive.  But it couldn’t be anyhow, not with certainty. (i.e., MAYBE the last eppo is gonna be all singings, eh?  Many many singings.  I’m in no rush.  That’d be okay by me.) I love it.]

[20130813.1749–Ed.: One of you made dropbox a very sad panda.  Maybe this will work, pro-temp. (So solly) I have a thing to deal with before I can fix this.]


Exactly 2 years ago today I was in Egypt, feeding the camels*. 
(I worry I watched that corner of the video a little too intently.)

Half my immediate family is there right now.  In solidarity (or, maybe, really because I was feeling a little better and the band of my sister’s sister-in-law was playing a gig there and I was looking for a surrogate family feeling), yesterday I hung out in the Egyptian exhibit’s “contemporary Egyptian living room” which was basically a statistical average of every living room I’ve ever been in where Arabic was spoken.  It’s spot-on homey.

I had heard another song about the week between in an ad the other day, but it is relatively terrible. 

(*…not a euphemism.)

Although it can be understood by members of other species, it is extremely difficult for those with non-Wookiee physiology to speak. Conversely, Wookiee mouthparts physically cannot create the sounds of Galactic Basic, thus while Wookiees such as Chewbacca can understand characters speaking Basic, he cannot speak it. In Timothy Zahn’s “Heir to the Empire”, Leia Organa Solo encounters a Wookiee with a speech impediment which conveniently renders his Shyriiwook pronunciation much easier to understand by Leia.

Galactic Basic ≈ Wookiee Lisp 

0/3 of the proposals, 0/10 of the letters, and 0/2 of the manuscripts I came here to write/edit/rejigger have been touched.  I’ve got 5 hours before I have to go anywhere.

Upside: I feel like I’ve learned a whole lot today, maybe about myself being a little too proud of a quip about programming.  

(Appropriately enough, I actually did return a book about basic to the library earlier.  I’m less of a liability every day.)

Our Lady of the Eternal Flame.

On one hand, there was a moment of “I don’t want to lose this feeling” that got stuck in my head. And I do enjoy the Bangles—I sometimes whistle the hook of WLaE when entering rooms.

On the other hand, the thought of “Our Lady of Constant Resurrection” made me choke on my dinner. That probably crosses some lines into almost offensive though.

I’m not sure I have the skill to do this so they look as they do in my head, but the whole exercise is a tarmac idea, and it’s a cool summer night, so I’m not super sweating it.

"JEEVES: MAN OF THE PEOPLE." Or, "Text-Based Girl-Talk: Farts, Burps, TV, and the OED."
  • DRM:Also, Louie last night was not as good as the season premiere. bloo bloo bloo.
  • CMC:Well, you can't have an episode whose sole purpose is to lead up to a 42 second fart EVERY week. ;)
  • DRM:I contend one can.
  • CMC:Maybe a burp. But not a fart.
  • DRM:there was a period of time in which my brothers and I communicated primarily in pictures of bowel movements. I may be the worst person to take up this argument with.
  • CMC:I almost just google-searched 'burps are better than farts' but I remembered that I am a) at work and b) a semi-functional member of society? B is clearly up for debate.
  • DRM:The only reason I am not looking it up right now is that I don't even want to put that kind of idea out there. You also like mayonnaise, don't you? Blech: Also, the fact that you wrote "google-searched" is adorable and I will immortalize it somehow. If I WERE to do so, I would surely log-out first. And then Ask Jeeves. Is that still a thing?
  • CMC:I don't like 'googled'. I don't like verb-izing (confession: I first wrote 'verbalizing' because that seems like the word for turning something into a verb, but it's actually a real other thing! Which I remembered when I typed it!) brand names. It seems wrong. We were searching for things before Google came around! Who do they think they are!? Yeah. Totally Ask Jeeves. He'd know. He's a man of the people. P.S. MAYONNAISE ROCKS.
  • DRM:See, I think I might put a finer point there: I LOVE the manufacture of words from other words. HOWEVER, I too am mindful about avoiding brand metonymy because sometimes one doesn't know for sure which brands are ubiquitous enough to be reasonable. BUT, as "Google" has been in the OED 5 full years now, it's probably okay. I feel we've lost the original thread here though: farts as a feasible endpoint for 22 minutes of programming. Think of it in terms of South Park: you knew Kenny would likely die, but that didn't make it less ...amusing.
  • CMC:I am conflicted. Farts are gross. Burps are funny. BUT, if one ended every episode with one or the other, at some point it would get escalated to the next step-- the farts would turn to poop, and the burps would turn to vomit. And someone pooping their pants is way funnier than someone throwing up. So. I'm puzzled.
  • DRM:I suppose my inability to burp as a kid led to my finding belching interesting and impressive as opposed to especially funny. But, to the point, I think one can do a lot given limits, and the limit of 1 delightful fart every episode would not be a hard limit to deal with.
Billy Joel
  • Billy Joel
  • WNYC Radio
  • Here's The Thing

Between BJ’s Mr. Bergstrom-esque real-time lyrical dissection and AB’s “I hate it, it’s a fraud,” which I will–with surprising frequency–suddenly remember and laugh-weep about, of course I’m listening to it again.


Jim Cramer’s best song about sitting on one’s own hand? 

(Favorite part: the spelling of “Tokyo Dome” in the video title.
Least Favorite part: missing whistle based outro.  Which I’m pretty sure exists.)

Whiter Shade of Pale
  • Whiter Shade of Pale
  • Protocol Harem
  • Protocol Harem


While my opinion on such things doesn’t matter much, Protocol Harum is probably my favorite baroque rocking protocol droid.

(I don’t know the weighting, but Protocol Harum’s voice sounds like a rough average of the Cellos, Zarvox, and Good News MacOS system voices.)

Turned into:

“Protocol Harem” is my Procol Harum cover band made up entirely of weirdly sexy protocol droids.

Maybe the manuscripts will be easier now.


Per our previous discussion:
The gasless* 5 minute mile
(It’s fine if you got the time)
If I mounted a camera to the dash instead of to the wheel, while video quality would probably be better, it would probably not pick up driver whistling. So….
I should probably do that.

(“* Until I rolled my window down, 1k.”)

FUN FACT: “La Grange” is an almost perfect anagram of my last name, 1993-1997, between when we got rid of the hyphen and when we got rid of the space. I think there’s still a hyphen on my passports, because I am not great at paperwork. The E and the N should be capitalized, not the L and G, that’s what makes it less than perfect.


The best part about having had the recurring Richard Preston dream is that I’ll be humming this all day.

Tiny Details

Because I am generally wary about potentially losing my hearing, I watch TV with the volume pretty low and closed captions on.  (IT’S TOTALLY SENSIBLE)  And so it was that I noted the final caption in “The Empire Strikes Back”

(Note, there are several different ways that R2D2 gets captioned over the course of the film, which vary in level of amusement and potential usefulness for a hearing person and a hard-of-hearing person, respectively.  This is relevant because the last caption is of his audio.)

Anyhow, that last caption was:


I happened to be cutting through the library the other day when mailbot turned the corner and crossed the threshold into that wing of the building and the loudness of his beeps gets suddenly attenuated by ~75%.  SO CONSIDERATE!  I, on the other hand, gasped loudly enough that one of the librarians scowled in my general direction.  They’re still not fans.


The sheer number of memories built off of the tenuous scaffolding of associated playlists are the kind of meta-data that makes any biographically sorted music library almost impenetrable.

“This song is primarily associated with the finest mattress I could never bring myself to sleep on.  And the period of time right around when I was filing my thesis.  And a weird night 3000 miles away from and 10 years before there and then.  But mostly the mattress, mostly.  It was probably really comfortable.”



It’s a weird thing to realize that some people who’ve known me for years still have no firsthand data for what I am like without the sword of Damocles hanging over my head.

This manuscript will totally go out in 2012.

  • Masterswarm
  • Andrew Bird
  • Noble Beast

This song contains perhaps one of the most egregious gaps from the whistled compilation posted the other day (“the other day” being yesterday–I have a terrible sense of time), AND, likely the loveliest reference to “radiolarians” in popular music.  However, not the loveliest of radiolarians references(Maybe it is the 3 cups of coffee I consumed this morning, but my stomach is upset by how jealous I am about how lovely those are. Ooh, the Germans.)

Fun fact: Radiolarians comes from the late Latin radiolus or ‘faint ray,’. Masterswarm is right next to Golden Master in the search based playlist which comes from a different ray altogether.  Which can take us back to Bacon Numbers.  The winding is incredibly tight these days.