whistle for willie


In honor of the last day of Black History Month, a selection of children’s books from the Barbara and Bill Yoffee Collection.  In 2009, the Yoffees gave the library a large collection of literature that includes works from African American authors.  From the top:  Ezra Jack Keats. The Snow Day, 1962.  Ruth Morris Graham, The Happy Sound, 1970.  Hugh Lewin, Jafta - The Journey, 1983.  Muriel Feelings, Moja Means One, Swahili Counting Book, 1971.Gerald McDermott, Anansi the Spider, Tales from the Ashanti, 1972.  Jacob Lawrence, Toussaint L'Ouverture, the Fight for Haiti’s Freedom, 1996.  Ezra Jack Keats, Whistle for Willie, 1964.  Phil Mandelbaum, You be Me, I’ll be You, 1990. 

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Never quite realized how expressive Mickey can be until more recently, especially in this short, both in voice and body language.