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[ARTICLE] Female K-Pop Acts Spice Up Summer With New Music: BoA, Apink, Blackpink, Mamamoo & More

June is coming to a close, and South Korea is still looking for a few good songs of summer. Luckily, female K-pop stars are saving the day.

To perk things up, many of the industry’s most popular female acts – plus a few newer ones – dropped new music in the final days of the month just in time for summer to kick off in earnest. Check out a few below.

Apink - “Five”

One of the most popular female groups in Korea even as manyestablished female acts are crumbling, Apink returned for the summer with the breezy synth-pop track “Five” to show off their girlish charms. Emphasizing the member’s vocals with melodic surges, the single’s chorus features a earworm of a hook in the form of “one-two-three-four-five.”

Blackpink - “As If It’s Your Last”

Barely a year old, Blackpink are proving formidable. The girl group dropped their first single of the year last week, and promptly began charting. The breezy banger brought the group to No. 15 on the Social 50 chart. Their fans also helped the song’s music video become the fastest K-pop video to see over 10 million views, in just 17 hours, surpassing BTS’ record from earlier this year when “Not Today” achieved the milestone around 21 hours after its release.  

BoA - “Camo”

The veritable queen who launched K-pop’s popularity throughout much of Asia, BoA returned with her new single on June 26. Her first true single since 2015’s “Kiss My Lips” and “Who Are You?” combo, though she’s had a few other releases including this year’s “Spring Rain,” “Camo” wastes no time delivering up a dance track to reintroduce one of Korea’s most legendary performers. With a static bass beat providing much of the song’s sound, BoA’s vocals shape the melody before a synth-driven chorus surges and acts as a venue for her charismatic dance performance.

Heize - “Don’t Know You”

If you don’t know Heize, you’re probably not alone, considering that the singer-songwriter-rapper was relatively under the radar until she surged to popularity in 2016. Like many of her other tracks, “Don’t Know You” is a groovy alt pop track, that blends melodic vocals with a pounding hip hop-laced rhythm. It’s a little bit indie, but currently the No. 1 song on many Korean music charts.

Lee Hyori - “Seoul” feat. Killagramz

Like BoA, Lee Hyori is of iconic status in Korea, where she grew to fame as a member of ‘90s girl group Fin.K.L before pursuing an extremely successful solo career as a singer and television personality. A hazy pre-release track ahead of her upcoming album, “Seoul” is a mellow tune that attempts to capture the sound of South Korea’s capital through sleepy synths, a whistling bridge, and some soft rock elements; Lee’s breathy vocals bring it all together.

Mamamoo - “Yes I Am”

Like all Mamamoo songs, the group’s latest single is focused on the member’s powerful vocals, and it doesn’t disappoint with a seemingly haphazard song production. Just as the quartet sings about being confident in their uniqueness,, “Yes I Am” revels in an atypical song format as it shifts between different tones and melodies. At points, the singles  goes from full on '80s-inspired electropop before popping in with a R&B bridge and chanty rap breakdown, with the group’s cheeky delivery bringing it all together.

Several other female acts, including 9Muses, whose Muses Diary Pt. 2 Identity EP is currently No. 15 on the World Albums chart, and Stellar, who crowdsourced their “Angel of the Sephiroth” single and received over $94,000 in funding.

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(🔪- Suffering from a stab wound.)

It had happened too quickly for Shockwave to process what was happening.  Space- and/or groundbridge tests were always risky, especially when you’re operating out of what is essentially a back alley laboratory with limited-at-best resources and safety protocols.  Sacrifices had to be made, and Shockwave had attempted to cut as many corners as he reasonably could.

He knew it would eventually come to a catastrophic failure.  That was inevitable, given how many safeguards Shockwave had been forced to bypass in order to try and conserve energon while still keeping his lab fully functional.  The variables were which experiment would end up being the failure, and Shockwave had miscalculated.

The only warning he got was the strange whistle the opening bridge made - giving Shockwave only enough time to turn slightly towards it and raise his cannon arm up slightly so it was in front of his chest before the groundbridge vortex collapsed.  An all-too-familiar roar of energy breaking free of its restraints echoed forward as the explosion ripped through the metal of the lab.

Fortunately, Shockwave was sturdy enough to weather the blastwave with little to no injury.  Unfortunately, the blastwave was followed by a substantial amount of shrapnel.  Yes, Shockwave’s armor was thick.  Yes, he was turned at an angle that protected his spark and processor from the worst of it.  No, he was not invulnerable, and shards of sharp metal moving at a high velocity are dangerous to anyone.

When the dust cleared, Shockwave was still standing, but his cannon was hanging limply to his side, main servo motor for that arm torn apart by a piece of metal that had passed completely through his arm.  It wasn’t leaking as much as it could have been, Shockwave noted, reasoning that his frame had probably cut energon supply to that part of his frame.  The next thought in his processor was “I am likely in shock.”

He turned and found himself faced with confusion as the world seemed to turn and his relatively undamaged side collided with the ground.  Ah.  I have fallen over he thought, trying to look to see what had caused it.  There was another shard of shrapnel in his ankle, that was probably part of it, and-


A piece of shrapnel about half as long as Shockwave’s forearm was sticking out of his side, and judging by the warnings popping up in his HUD, the other half of that length was embedded somewhere inside of him.  Every time he tried to move, a wave of nausea from pain washed over Shockwave, and his audials were finally able to process the soft dripping sounds as his own energon pooling underneath him.

Medical stasis was threatening him, and Shockwave fought it off to send a distress signal to the first frequency he could reach before his optic dropped offline and he went still, sparkbeat weak.

Woc Series: What a Feeling Part Two

This is the second part of my What a Feeling Imagine.  We still have a ways to go, so stick with it! Enjoy Xoxo




                              Whatever chains are holding you back

                           Holding you back, don’t let ‘em tie you down


 Three months.

It had been three months and still no word from Harry since that fateful night in London.  It was crazy the way time passed.  One year had flown by when you were with him, and now three months felt like an eternity.  It only took you a week after flying back home from London to realize that people weren’t the only cruel things in the world; time was too.  And there was nothing you could do about it when the man you yearned for was three months, and yet an eternity away.

“What did you think of that track?”


“Y/N?”  Zayn’s husky voice brought you from out of your reverie as he questioned you on his new song that you were supposed to be listening to.

“Yea, sorry.  What did you ask?”  You awkwardly asked him as you ran a small hand through your newly relaxed hair. You were in Zayn’s new L.A. home that doubled as his studio.  He had invited you over to listen to some of his tracks that he was working on, but you had found it hard to concentrate.  These days you seemed to zone out quickly and without warning.

“What did you think about my track?” Zayn repeated slowly.

“Uum…” You scrambled to think of something, but as you gave Zayn a sheepish smile you saw his eyes flood with disappointment.

“You’re thinking about him again, aren’t you?”

You gave him a hard blink before answering.

“No.  I was deep into the beat of your song.  What’s it called again?”


“That’s a little presumptuous, don’t you think?” You raised an eyebrow at your friend. The two of you had already been close, sharing similar tastes and characteristics, and you had found that you leaned heavily on him sense your break up.

He gave you a slight chuckle.  “That’s the point, love.”  This time you raised both of your eyebrows at him and blew out a small whistle.

“Burning down bridges, I see,” you joked although you were slightly worried about his nonchalant behavior.

“Just be careful and remember who’s been there for you…” You murmured carefully.  Zayn fixed you with a curious stare before nodding his head, agreeing with you.  Before either of you could dwell on what you said, Zayn quickly jumped up from his chair and clapped his hands with a note of finality.

“You still up for helping me graffiti my garden walls?” Zayn asked you with a hopeful tone in his voice, making him seem like a small child.  You checked your watch before looking through one of the various windows.  It was still a few hours until sundown as summer was now upon you.

You shrugged happily before standing up as well before running your hands over your black jeans.  “Sure,” you obliged, following Zayn out of the studio room and through his comfortable home.  The two of you reached his garden.  You laughed out loud as you noticed nothing growing, instead there were spray cans littered around his lawn in disarray.  Zayn looked back at you with a sheepish grin.

“Haven’t gotten to actually growing things yet,” he explained to you as you walked a few steps to pick up a blue can.  You shook it, hearing it rattle satisfyingly, and looked over at Zayn, raising your eyebrows at him, silently asking him if you could start.  He gestured with you to go ahead, and with a laugh you began to spray melodic, beautiful figures onto his wall.

You didn’t expect it, but you quickly got into it, letting yourself go, not allowing yourself to think.  You didn’t realize the passage of time, but not before long you looked up and realized the sun was quickly setting.  Shaking your head to bring yourself back to reality you stepped back to take in your work and nearly broke down in tears.

You hadn’t realized but you were working on one large piece amidst smaller ones, varying in colors from blue to black to some rosier colors mirroring that of the pinking sky.  However, it wasn’t the colors that brought burning tears to your eyes; it was the picture itself.  It was a scene straight from what now seemed like a past life.  It was a replica of a girl, whose skin was a beautiful shade of brown, and a boy whose skin was tanned in the moonlight coming in from the far window.  They were cuddled underneath covers sharing cuddles and kisses.  They were happy, on the eve of a special anniversary.  As your eyes roved over the piece you noticed surrounding figures; a familiar, manly ring here and an airplane necklace there.

Memories were what you sprayed onto Zayn’s wall, and as you stepped back in horror an apology bubbled on your lips.  Zayn quietly walked over to you, taking in your piece, and with sorrowful movements he pulled you into his side.

“It’s okay, love.”  His words caused a cry to escape past your lips as you ripped yourself from his embrace and with tears blurring your eyes you ran out of his house and to your car, fumbling with the keys in your shaking hands.

Zayn didn’t follow you out and you mentally thanked him because you were quickly becoming unhinged.  As you drove home you nearly caused an accident, as your hands were shaking and your vision was blurry.

By the time you made it into your house you were heaving, fat tears rolling down your cheeks, and broken cries passing your lips.  You were too far gone to even realize that something was off in your home.  You should have recognized the signs that someone was in there with you, but you missed it as your eyes glanced past a pair of brown ankle boots; instead you slid down the closed door, crying heavily into your hands.

The truth was you were barely holding on, and every time you tried your best to do something to keep your mind off of Harry he creeped right back to haunt you.  You always had to keep your guard up, not allowing yourself to become too happy because you’d want to share it with Harry.  And yet you couldn’t be too sad because Harry’s arms were what got you back to your center.  You had devoted such a large chunk of yourself to him, and you forgot how to function on your own without having moments or memories of him.  You were lost; flung into the sea and slowly drowning one day at a time without him.  Suddenly everything became too much, and you nearly became hysterical as you realized your life was unraveling before your eyes.


You cried harder; now you were hearing his voice in your head calling out to you.  You were truly going crazy.

“Y/N!  Baby!” You shook your head in your hands, feeling your tears smear across your face.  You suddenly felt a pair of warm, familiar arms circle your shaking body. With tears still running down your face, you removed your hands from covering your eyes to take in the shoulder of the man that you loved.  He was holding you tightly in his arms, shushing you in a quiet manner.

“Y/N.  I’m so sorry, baby.  I’m so sorry…” Harry whispered in your ear, his voice getting caught.  You allowed yourself to lean further into him and with gentle movements he picked you up off the floor and into his arms carefully. You closed your eyes as you felt the sway of his walk.  You wrapped your arms around his sturdy neck and tried to breathe him in, something that always helped to calm you.  With cautious movements he set you down on your couch and you kept a firm hold on his shirt as you sunk into the couch.  You couldn’t let go of him.  You were so afraid that he would disappear like a dream.

“I’m here,” he assured you as you gathered your strength to take him in.

A part of you became sated at seeing him after three months.  His hair was longer now, reaching a little bit past his shoulders, and there were deep circles under his eyes, but he was Harry.  Your Harry.  He still had those intense green eyes, saddened now, but still able to see you for who you were.  He still smelled the same, and when he caught your eyes he still had that same crooked smile that lit up his whole face.

And yet somehow he was different.  He looked sadder, more rundown, and as you raised a hand to caress his face you saw that underneath it all he was scared.  Your boy who could perform in front of thousands with a charisma that rivaled the great rock stars looked so incredibly scared. Such a fact caused your face to crumble as he closed his eyes at the feeling of your touch.

“Haz,” you murmured more to yourself than to him, but he opened his eyes upon hearing his nickname fall from your lips.  You were sure you looked a mess.  Your tears were now drying on your cheeks, your eyes were red and puffy, and yet he looked at you like you were the most beautiful girl in the world.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N.”  Harry told you again, his gaze soft as he looked over you.  You tried to continue to steady your breathing as you nodded at him slowly.

“How did you get in my house?” You asked quietly.  It was the only thing you could even muster to say to him in the moment.  He cracked a smile at your question and looked down before looking back up at you.

“You didn’t change the locks..”

You frowned.  Surely you had, but as you thought over it more you realized that you hadn’t.  A deep part of you wondered if you had been hoping for this moment all along.  To come home one day and find the love of your life waiting for you.  Instead of saying anything, you leaned into Harry, encircling his neck with your arms once more, and laying your head on his firm chest.  You heard his heart beating from underneath his worn t-shirt, and somehow you felt your heart begin to match his beats.  For the first time since leaving Zayn’s house you felt like you could breathe again.

“Let me make you some tea,” Harry murmured down to you. You smiled into his chest, reveling in the fact that he knew you better than anyone else in the world.  Hot tea always helped to calm you whenever you were stressed, and of course Harry knew that.  You hugged him tighter against you, feeling his warmth radiate from his chest, warming you and making you feel whole again.  

“Yes please.”

“Care to join me?”  He asked you.  You wondered if he knew that you didn’t want to part from him, even if it was for a simple reason like making some tea.  You nodded and you softly got up and he did the same.  You looked over at him and realized that everything suddenly felt right; even the height difference felt perfect.  You had missed this boy so much, and suddenly having him back in your life was like breathing in fresh air after being locked up for years.  You didn’t want to dwell on how long it would last so you followed him into your kitchen, noticing his blue socks.  You drew your eyebrows in, suddenly remembering his distinct ankle boots as you walked into the house.  You didn’t know why you simply overlooked them, but for some reason it no longer mattered to you.

You sat down in one of the stools along your counter as you watched Harry make your tea.  There was something so domestic about this scene that you couldn’t help but smile to yourself.  Harry looked up at you and reciprocated your smile with one of his own, and you quickly looked away, feeling your heart flutter in your chest.

“Where have you been all day?”  Harry inquired as he put water in the kettle before setting it on the stove.

“You haven’t been here all day have you?”  You asked, slightly embarrassed.  You watched as he shook his head.

“No, just for the better part of three hours…” Harry grinned sheepishly as you brought up a hand to cover your small gasp of surprise.

“Yea,” Harry laughed as he took in your reaction.

“What have you been doing?” You were genuinely curious. Harry wasn’t the type of person to spend hours waiting on someone.  He was the type to always be doing something.

“Took me a nice nap,” he gave you a smirk as he splayed his hands out on the counter and leaned into it.

“Your hair’s different.  No more curls.” He changed the topic.  You nodded, feeling your straight hair swish across your shoulder blades.

“I wanted a change,” you murmured, suddenly shy and slightly afraid that he didn’t like it.

“It looks beautiful, love.”  You blushed slightly at his endearing words.

“But you look thinner… Have you been eating?”  His words were tinged with a worried undertone which made you swallow back your embarrassment.

“Just haven’t had much of an appetite these days..”

The kettle began to whistle and Harry turned his direction towards it.  With quick movements he grabbed a mug from your cabinet and a tea bag before pouring the hot water into the mug.  You watched as the steam came up from the mug as Harry put in the tea bag.

“Still don’t take milk in your tea?”  He asked even though you were sure he knew the answer. You shook your head with a small grin.

“Honey and sugar then?”  You smiled in response.  It made you feel so elated that he remembered something as simple as how you took your tea.  He gave you his famous smile and you felt yourself warm.  It felt like your heart was beginning to lessen in its burdening weight and begin to work again.

After a few minutes of contented silence Harry brought over the mug to you.

“Careful, it’s hot,” he warned you lovingly.

“Thank you, Haz,” you meant so much more than him making you tea.  You were thanking him for coming back into your life just when you needed him the most. Even when separated, you could still count on him.

You looked up at him with wide eyes as he stayed close to you, different emotions flashing across his face.  He took a deep breath to steady himself.

“Y/N.  I need to talk to you…”  His face was serious and it made you nervous.

“Let’s go back to the couch,” you offered as you took in a shaky breath.  Harry looked at you for a second before agreeing.  He helped you down from the stool, the both of you paying special care to not spill your hot tea.

Once in the other room you settled into your plush couch, drawing a leg underneath you.  You watched as Harry paced in front of you, his hands on his hips and his face drawn taut.

You wanted him to sit down next to you, but you knew he was too nervous to do so, so you let him pace as he gathered his thoughts.

Abruptly, he stopped and turned to face you with desperate eyes.

“I shouldn’t have let you run out that night.  I just stood there as you left me,” He started, his tone dripping with regret.  At the mention of that heart wrenching night you slowly closed your eyes and tightened your hold on the hot mug.

“I should have fought harder, Y/N.  I’m so sorry,” he confessed to you.  You didn’t know what to say as you listened to his words and the heartbeat accompanying him in your ears.

“Harry, I was the one who ran.  And I’m sorry for that,” you apologized.  Your decisions from that night still haunted you every night.

“I don’t blame you, kitten.  I really don’t,” Harry rubbed at his red eyes as he told you in a defeated tone.

You took a sip of your tea as you listened to him. You didn’t realize just how much you needed to hear those freeing words, but now that they were said a huge weight had been lifted off your chest.  You took a deep breath, breathing in air into your lungs, to let it out with a big sigh.

“There’s something else…”  Harry murmured to you, his eyes bearing into yours, trapping them.

He inched closer towards you before kneeling down in front of you, grasping your knee in both of his large hands.  His hands were warm, and you watched him take a deep breath with wide eyes.

“I want us to be together again.”

You sucked in a huge gulp of air as you felt your heart kick into overdrive.  You looked down at Harry in disbelief.  You hadn’t expected this.

“We can’t, Haz.  They’d just make us break up again.”  You couldn’t get your hopes up to have them crushed.  Harry shook his head in denial, and you saw just how tired he was again.

“In secret then.  Anything.  But I can’t keep doing this,” he breathed out quickly in desperation.

“Please, Y/N.  I’m wasting away without you,” his eyes became red as you saw them gloss over with tears.

You felt yourself come at a crossroads.  Were you strong enough to be in a hidden relationship with Harry?  Your eyes seemed to roam your living room as your thoughts ran wild in your mind.

“Y/N, please.  I’m on my knees,” Harry nearly cried out to you, and suddenly your mind became at peace.  You needed Harry and he needed you.  You couldn’t keep living the way you were, constantly crying and being reminded of a life that you had in every situation you were in.  Really it was simple.

“Your hidden girlfriend?” You asked for clarity. Harry nodded, knowing you enough to know that he had you.

“Okay,” you whispered.

You watched with a smile on your face as Harry’s face lit up.  He quickly jumped up before taking the tea from your hand and setting it on your coffee table.

“Hey use a coaster..” you whined, your voice having a newfound happy tilt to it.

Harry looked back at you with a dimpled smile as he followed your directions.  Then he was quickly back by your side and this time he plopped next to you on your comfortable couch.

“Come here,” he murmured to you with his arms wide open.

You bit your lip, hiding back a smile as you cuddled into his chest.

“I love you, Y/N.”  Harry kissed your forehead in a secret promise.

“I love you, Harry,” you murmured back as you felt your heart soar.

You hadn’t heard those words in three months, and suddenly they seemed to mean so much more than before.  And as you snuggled deeper into Harry’s arms you reminded yourself that everything would be alright as long as you were in the arms of the man that you loved.

Autumn Fog Over the Spring River. October 2016.  (No edit)

“Poetry is a section of river-fog and moving boat-lights, delivered between bridges and whistles, so one says, ‘Oh!’ and another, 'How?’” Carl Sandburg

I’m Going on an Adventure || Angel & Jules


Hanging up the phone, Jules couldn’t help the goofy grin that spread across their face. While the whole situation was worrying and suffocating, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if Angel was around for the ride. The chef had never seriously considered dating, let alone marriage and the thought that, soon, they would be someone’s spouse was overwhelming. 

It wasn’t something that they wanted to focus on just yet, however. Instead, Jules wanted to get to know their partner and have some fun. They had a rough idea of what they wanted to share with Angel but knowing the fair haired human, their plans would change. Ice cream was a good place to start, however, and they were only a short walk away from one of the best ice cream parlours this side of the Brooklyn bridge. 

Whistling to themself, Jules stretched, tilting their head back to enjoy the feeling of the sun on their face - despite the hat they wore - before turning to expose the skin of their back - on show thanks to the open back of what looked like a plain, oversized black t-shirt. The skin felt warm on their back and for a moment, they wished they were at the beach and they itched to just leave but that wouldn’t be fair for Angel. As fucked as they both were in this situation, they needed to be a team. Straightening up, they tightened the flannel shirt tied around their waist and looked around to meet the eyes of Angel Rodriguez.